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Antifa: Globalism's Street Enforcers

August 23, 2017

(Armed Antifa Communists at Trump rally in Phoenix Tuesday)

For all their anti capitalist rhetoric, Antifa demonstrates many signs of being sponsored by the (((corporations))) they pretend to oppose. They are the paid street thugs of the liberal establishment

by Jude Duffy

I came across a critic of Antifa on the internet today who accused the group of seeking to destroy capitalism. Really? 

That's what they say themselves of course, but what Antifa say and what they do are two different things.

If Antifa were out to wreck capitalism, why do they target the tiny and inconsequential Alt-Right and "Alt-Lite" movements, and not Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media, and most of all Big Banking?

Why, furthermore, does Big Business, in the shape of Big Tech, Big Banking and Big Media aid and abet Antifa by choking their Alt Right and Paleo-conservative enemies' ability to reach the public, or even to conduct business?

For all Anfifa's histrionic revolutionary patter, big transnationals and big banking seem remarkably unfazed by the movement.

Antifa, it's true,  claim to be anti-war and to oppose Israel, but their actions, or rather inactions, tell a very different story - especially if one believes, as they say they do, that direct action, not policy manifestoes, define a political movement.

Why, if Antifas oppose war, do they violently disrupt the rallies of anti-war groups like the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite, but never those of Neocon warmongering politicans such as the Bush clan, Mitt Romney, and Lindsay Graham, much less those of Democrat war-mongers, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?

Compared to the power and influence these politicians wield, the Alt Right is a piffling non-movement, with no money, no corporate backers and no mainstream media presence. Yet the supposedly radical Antifas devote most of their energy to violently harassing this tiny group, while studiously ignoring the big sharks of AIPAC and the Greater Israel movement.

If, as they also insist, "inaction is consent", they clearly consent to the permanent war agenda, regardless of their tokenistic Marxist gibberish to the contrary.

Antifa's refusal to meaningfully oppose the Neocon warmongers also proves just how phoney their anti-racism is. All the lynchings in the South put together make for a tiny  fraction of the non-white deaths caused by the wars of the Clintons, Obama, Blair and Bush.

Antifa stokes up deadly violence when police kill black Americans - regardless of the circumstances - but couldn't care less about the endless mass slaughter inflicted on non-whites by western invasions, not to mention the bombing campaigns, terrorist attacks, and death dealing sanctions western left liberal leaders mete out to non-white countries.

And that's not counting the many black (and white and Hispanic) Americans killed or maimed because of the Big Lie of WMD - a lie promoted by Hillary and Antifa's allies in the New York Times, the BBC and CNN.

Antifa also never meaningfully push back against the support left liberals like Obama, Sanders and Hillary give to the openly racist state of Israel.

Nor, for all their alleged concern for "wimmin's freedoms", do they oppose Obama and Hillary for giving billions worth of arms to the ultra-misogynist and Isis supporting Saudi state.


Antifas of course don't usually explicitly condone western aggression against the third world  - they dare not because they know that to do so would expose their true nature to genuine pacifist anti-imperialists who harbour romantic illusions of the Antifas as noble anti-Nazi street warriors. Nevertheless Antifa's refusal to engage in direct action against the forces that promote these wars is Sherlock Holmes' dog that doesn't bark. Coupled with their violent hostility to conservative and alt-right anti-war and free speech groups, it proves beyond doubt that at the very least they are de facto agents of the military industrial complex.

Often indeed Antifa's role as psy-op merchants is too obvious to be plausibly denied. At a protest against the G8 summit in London in 2009, several masked Black Bloc Antifa activists smashed windows of the Royal Bank of Scotland, while police officers stood watching them, and made no attempt to stop, much less arrest them. Even some in the corporate media felt compelled to express bemusement at this weird pseudo-anarchist street theatre.


The motive for all of this infiltration is clear: Discredit anti-war and anti-globalist movements by associating them with violence, and thus give western Zionist controlled governments the pretext to suppress all right to protest and to free expression. Even someone as mainstream as Jonathan Porritt, the leader of British environmental group Friends of the Earth, has acknowledged the Deep State provenance of Black Bloc.

After Black Bloc caused several violent affrays at anti-globalist and anti-war protests in Britain in the early 2000s, the British police began to "kettle protesters", i.e. bottle them up in one location for most of the day and prevent them from leaving the area.

Who wants to go on a protest when you can't leave it for many hours - even for a toilet break or to buy a snack? Unsurprisingly numbers at anti-globalist events tanked after this. Presumably Lord Rothschild sent Antifa  leaders a congratulatory telegram for work well done.

So on the one hand Black Bloc Antifa seek to unman right-wing opponents of globalism and Zionism by macing them, bashing their heads in with nail filled sticks, and by hurling poop, acid and piss in their faces. The corporate media and Neocon politicians then finish the job by blaming the victims for the crime and by painting the Antifa as noble warriors against resurgent Nazism.

On the other hand the Antifa infiltrate genuine environmentalist, anti-war and anti-globalist activism with a view to disabling left-wing oppostion to Zio-globalism.

With both wings of dissent thus hobbled, the globalists are free to proceed with their agenda of total surveillance and total obeissance to Big Trans.

Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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Germany's Spirit Has Been Broken

August 22, 2017

weimar-germany.jpgIn America, there is a semblance of cohesive resistance to 
Marxist influence that Western Europe lacks entirely.

"The spirit of this country has been destroyed by the bludgeoning 
of its youth with the sins of its ancestors."


(abridged by 

Before my month in Dresden, I often told my American compatriots who spoke of the certain demise of Europe that they failed to see the more pressing situation unfolding in America, where the white population was closer to being an outright minority. Once I witnessed first-hand how degenerate German society had become, I had to retract my statement entirely.

While "American values" are often defined to suit the audience, there is nevertheless a semblance of cohesive resistance to Marxist influence in America that Western Europe lacks entirely. It could be the greater religious presence in America in which God acts as a shield against the nefarious influences of post-modern culture. The only God left in Germany is environmentalism, where recycling is substituted for weekly sacraments, perfectly pruning one's garden is a form of prayer, and fields of sacred windmills are erected like shrines.

Dresden lies in the Free State of Saxony, and has been noted for its rallies for organizations such as PEGIDA and the Alternativ für Deutschland political party. One shouldn't be fooled, though - this city is still dominated by Marxists. There is graffiti everywhere, and the theme is uniform. "FCK NZIS," "FCK PEGIDA," "FCK AFD," "No people are illegal," among other pro-Antifa slogans are plastered on nearly every street.

Germans don't just have a taste for putting graffiti on their streets, either, as a large portion of the German youth are covered in tattoos (sometimes extending to their jaw-lines), and disturbing lobe-gauging earrings are another popular practice. The number of women with dyed hair is obnoxious as well, and it seems there is a general consensus that once a woman has eclipsed the age of 35, she must sport a short haircut suited only for punk rockers and bull dykes.

A professional dancer connected to the local drug scene told me that ketamine was the drug of choice in this city, and added, "You would be amazed at how many drugs a German has to take to open up to you." On any given night, one can stroll through the city's region of bars and clubs and find people littered about the street drinking amidst roaming packs of Africans and Middle Easterners sending their kids out with cups of change begging for money.

In the clubs, men outnumber the women by a staggering ratio, which made sense after seeing how many girls were packed in the university library. German women are extremely career-oriented and don't need to blow off steam about their impending demographic time bomb.

An overall view of the people reveals a population that is childless and growing very old. Seeing German babies is a rarity, and when you do it is usually a sole child being pushed in a stroller. Middle Eastern men spending time with their children, lounging in the grass, or playing soccer was a much more frequent sight. 

The root of this phenomenon was perfectly captured when a lone, thirtyish German woman covered in tattoos and wearing the appropriate blue-dyed, dyke haircut stepped on my bus, followed by a Middle Eastern man tending to his three young children. It was almost poetic how perfectly this moment captured the inevitable demise of German society.

The central issue in understanding the modern, passive nature of the average German is in the level of trust he places in his media. While even average Americans now know that their media is fundamentally anti-American, the Germans live in an entirely different world. Imagine an America where CNN is relied upon for accurate depictions of world events for a better understanding of the German's complacency. This has also resulted in Germans harboring an embarrassing obsession with Donald Trump very similar to American liberals.

The spirit of this country has been destroyed by the bludgeoning of its youth with the sins of its ancestors, and the collective choice to extinguish the possibility of such a mistake being repeated is an understandable tragedy. Obviously, each region of Germany experiences this cultural phenomenon to a different degree (Berlin being the epicenter), and one cannot question the industriousness of the average German. One can question why they would feel the need to be industrious, however, when the fruits of their labor will ultimately be passed on to foreign peoples. Herein lies the nihilistic heart of childless, Cultural Marxist decadence.

It is obvious that the foreign cultures residing in Germany should have little respect for this society, just as I have little respect for the present condition of the German world. I do have sympathy, though, simply because I share common ancestry with these people. The fundamental Islamist will have no sympathy, and he certainly will have no urge to join this cultural degeneracy. And so the central question concerning Germany's fate should not be, "When will foreign elements conquer these people?" but rather, "Why haven't they already tried?"

First Comment from Julia, a German ex-pat in US:

What the author observed is pretty accurate. Every year I visit Germany, I feel more and more like a stranger when I stroll through my home town.

You can see a lot of black Africans, mostly young men, riding on their bikes through town. They are bored but have no inclination to attend language classes. It's so ridiculous, Merkel said one time a few years ago that we needed African people to fill in vacant jobs. Too bad these people have a different work ethic and only come because they get generous support from the government.

My generation (who was born at the end of the 60s), has reservations about the many immigrants who do not want to adapt. But most people I know still believe obediently what is in the newspaper and do not question authority. What is interesting, while the older generation has some reservations about the foreigners, the offspring of my generation are high school students who are indoctrinated in school to welcome these foreign elements with open arms. A friend of mine and her 15 year old son have hot debates at her house about how to handle the situation with the never ending influx of strangers. She told me she gave up trying to get some sense into his brain for the sake of the family peace. It's a sad, sad story.
At the same time you see a lot of German girls and women going out with these Africans. There is a shortage of German men interested in the the traditional marriage. I heard a lot of stories where men need to go see a psychologist. Some of these may be in a relationship, some may not. But it is appalling to see that men not even 50 years old cannot manage their own lives and need advice from psychologists. And these are well off people. Maybe the demands of their female partners drive them crazy. It"s not uncommon for men to make dinner and make themselves useful in the household when they come home from work, while their better-halfs watch TV or go shopping on the internet so Amazon can deliver packages all week long. Should they have kids, they entertain themselves with electronic devices for most of the day. When I was a kid my parents could not get me in the house because I wanted to play outside all day long. Nowadays you cannot get kids out of the house. From my own experience I can tell that raising kids in this day and age is not easy. The digitalization makes it hard to get a true connection to your kids. They want to live a life in virtual reality and are distracted constantly, while they can"t solve easy real life situations.

Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Germany's Spirit Has Been Broken "

Peter R said (August 23, 2017):

Many countries had the cream of their crop killed, but left alone after the war, they gathered their spirit and went back to work, under their own culture.

The Germans didn't have the benefit of that. The re-education programs the money printing parasites perpetrated on the Germans were beyond this world. They were executed mainly through the money printer surrogate nations Britain and USA, and often managed by Jews. As a result, many Germans became the most brainwashed people in the world, even worse than the Americans today.

If the above report is accurate and also true elsewhere in Germany, it is a very sad story but not surprising. To call it the revenge of the money printers, that are mainly Jews, would not be incorrect. One of their henchman, a psycho called Theodore Kaufman, had a plan called "Germany Must Perish". He would have done away with Germany altogether, sterilized all Germans, plowed over the whole country, and parcelled it out as agricultural land to surrounding nations.

The good thing is that the psychos have only partially succeeded, and that the German spirit is not completely dead. There are still good Germans who know what they are up against. The civilized world should help them to prevail.

Jerry said (August 23, 2017):

To read this article brings up the question of just how much does the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 play into the destruction of Germany? It is an important and vital question because no other nations in the world have been demonized more so than Russia and Germany. Back before WW1 most preachers couldn't stop talking about the end of the world and blaming these 2 nations for it all. I often wonder what if, what if the true teaching about this prophecy that it occurs after the 1000 year millinium and that it has nothing absoloutly nothing to do with either Russia and Germany or even Israel for that matter and if these 2 nations would have suffered so terribly?
It is interesting too Chris Hedges speech on the death of the liberal class {} and how the powers that be destroyed the many popular movements and the demonization of Russia and Germany by saying and I quote from "the dreaded Hun to the dreaded Red." 18:13 mark
To me this makes for an important connection because at that time prophecy plays an important role in the minds of many and all these lies just continue to this very day. Too many I dare say have innocent blood on their hands. Instead of being caught up in the emotional aspect they should have been more intellectual and asked the right questions which by the way the bible gives us as in the City with Seven hills Chapter 18 of Revelation. "Here is the mind that has wisdom' Only two cities fit that description Rome and Washington, DC. Now I'll leave it to you to determine which the book of Revelation is talking about.

Tony B said (August 23, 2017):

Tony B:

I find it unkind that so many, when describing what has happened to Germany, never mention that in one century it was twice destroyed with the cream of its crop murdered twice by the same evil forces and for essentially the same reasons. I doubt if the citizens of other nations who describe this decay would find their own homes any better, if not in worse shape, had they suffered the same mass destruction of both body and soul.

Both WW1 and WW2 were engineered out of the British Isles. For the British controllers at the top the reason was that the little island's rulers rightly understood that there was no way it could compete commercially in the world market with Germany so, motivated by greed, they wanted Germany destroyed. Both times dragging in the Americans to do their dirty work as Britain was incapable of success against Germany in war.

With the Rothschild cabal the true reasons were more sinister and they saw to it that Germany's manufactured enemies were sufficiently financed to win the contests in the cabal's ongoing agenda for world conquest. Whomever they see as opposition they will do all in their power to destroy. At present it is not only Germany but all of Europe - at the least, all of western Europe.

Wade said (August 22, 2017):

My Grandparents were born in Germany and immigrated legally to the USA.

The author of today's article is correct.

Here is what I see...there will be a revolution in the USA between Marxist, communist, progressives and traditional, manly Christian leaning patriotic conservatives. I think Russia has already given up on their almost heroic efforts over the past decade at diplomacy with Washington.

I believe that in the middle of chaos and civil war within the USA Russia will feel she has no other choice but to defend herself and attack the US with nuclear weapons.
I also believe that both Russia and China are convinced that a nuclear first strike against them has been the strategy of the Pentagon for many years. The tension between nuclear powers in this world has NEVER been as high as it is now.

Trumps promises during the campaign have been check mated. With the most recent evidence in the firing of Bannon and Trumps reversal on Afghanistan. Would I rather have must be joking! In order to get back on track Trump would need to fire Jared and Mc Masters, and stop listening to his daughter!! I don't see that happening.

Unless God gives this Nation and the world a miracle...I don't see any way around the scenario I have laid out above. Henry If all this unfolds as I have predicted...remember that this enlightenment came from God's Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. The time is short. All this could take a different route, however I believe the world will not get past 2018 without a catastrophic event that will totally change all our lives.

Below-Charlottesville Stinks of a Democratic Party Psyop (scroll down)

Canadian Football Brainwashes Fans in Globalist Agenda

August 20, 2017

CFL quota system is affirmative action for white males. 

In an insidious campaign of social engineering,
the Canadian Football League
is actively promoting "diversity." 
Yet, the league has a racist and nationalist quota system 
that shuts out Americans, 
impacting gifted Black athletes 
most severely of all.  

"The founding peoples of the West are under vicious attack. The "alt-right" is not delusional." 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The Canadian Football Leagues' "Diversity is Strength" campaign is social engineering designed to change Canadians' perception of themselves from an homogeneous European-origin nation with a large coloured minority to a polyglot hodgepodge of races and cultures with no common identity. I resent that this insidious globalist Masonic Jewish agenda is imposed in this devious manner without any discussion or election mandate. 

(Left, CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie, and player Chad Owens) 

For the past week, coaches and sidelined players have been sporting "Diversity is Strength" T-shirts. But as far as Canadian football is concerned, diversity is not strength, it is weakness. As a longtime CFL fan, I can tell you that the best players in the CFL are Americans, and most of them are Black. 

They are spectacular athletes but "diversity" is restricting them to only half of the roster. The other half must be Canadians. If it weren't for this racist nationalism, masquerading as "diversity," Canadian football would be twice as good as it is today. Diversity is weakness as far as Canadian football is concerned. 


In general, sports should not be used to promote a political agenda of any kind. Players refusing to stand for the national anthem is killing the NFL. They should be booted. There ought to be places like the dinner table where politics do not belong. 

(left, Justine Trudeau, Canada's first genderless Prime Minister called Canada a "post national" country. Can't be expected to defend borders.) 

Every country with a Rothschild-owned central bank will inevitably become Communist. Communism is a central banker monopoly over everything -- power, money and especially thought. Sports aren't going to be spared. They'll be used to promote the "progressive" agenda which is dedicated to reengineering humanity for servitude by dynamiting the four legs of human identity: race, religion (God), nation and family (gender.) "We will destroy every collective force but our own," said The Protocols of Zion (16-4) 

The CFL actually stepped up this campaign in response to the Charlottesville psy op, a response to "racial hatred" in the US? Protecting your racial identity is "hate" if you're white. It's OK if you are Jewish or Black or Asian. 

(Orwell actually wrote "Ignorance is strength." Is diversity ignorant?)

"Diversity is Strength" is the kind of propaganda commonplace in Communist police states like Cuba, China and the old USSR. What's next? Billboards that say, Diversity is our Strength, War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery?

What are the chances we'll see a CFL T-shirts that say "Individualism and Free Speech are Our Strength?" Yet, these are the values that built Western Civilization. 


Meanwhile, Haitian "asylum seekers" are being allowed into Canada from the US on the odd chance that Trump some day might deport them. They are jumping the queue, just barging in ahead of thousands who immigrate legally. I'm all for legal immigration. I just don't think it should follow a secret globalist agenda to dilute and even destroy (partly through miscegenation) the white race.

This agenda is proceeding apace with attacks on "white privilege" and the cultural record of Western civilization. BLM says hand over all your property! It is happening in the media and advertising where colored men and women are subtly accorded a higher status. The founding peoples of the West are under vicious attack. The "alt-right" is not delusional. They chanted "The Jews will not replace us," in Charlottesville. The Cabalist Jews (The Illuminati i.e. Communists,) are the real "haters."

Clearly, Canada's globalist government is determined to change the demographic makeup of this country. The new opposition leader, Andrew Scheer, is oblivious to this, proof that politicians serve the international bankers, not the voters.
However popular resistance is growing in Quebec, where the French Canadians have a better sense of their national identity.  
Why doesn't Canada reach out to white refugees, like the Afrikaner in South Africa? Why does the Canadian government care so little about preserving their European Christian heritage? Because it marches to the banker's drumbeat. 

Of course, "diversity" also includes gender confusion. Football is a test of physical strength. It is no place for women. But in their satanic need to invert nature and truth, Cabalists pretend male and female are identical, better to debilitate and control us.

So here is another  CFL commercial implying that girls should be playing. It depicts an East Indian girl looking longingly at boys playing football, and finally being invited to join. Is there nowhere left on earth just for males? Apparently the bankers find them threatening. 

As you may have guessed, I actually support the current CFL quota system. It is a nice balance between raising the standard and giving Canadians an opportunity to play. It's affirmative action for white males, and I'm down for that! I just point out that diversity is not a strength. It is a subversive Illuminati agenda. We are being coerced and brainwashed.

I support the things the Communist central bankers hate ---nation, race, religion (God) and family (gender.) I oppose the Communist banker agenda to enslave humanity. Does that makes me a fascist?


Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Canadian Football Brainwashes Fans in Globalist Agenda"

K (who is Chinese) said (August 22, 2017):

Are you a Bell customer? Two flyers running now - there was a happy mixed family - white male, black female and mixed race kid, and this time a happy mixed couple watching TV. I went to the movies the other day to watch a Jewish film (Menashe - about a single dad, whose rabbi wants him to re-marry - strange how the rabbis interfere in the private lives of their members) and there were 3 trailers of films with mixed couples. I saw an interesting film on Orthodox Jews in Quebec. The young wife was thoroughly bored with her life. She finally runs away with a Quebecker - with her little girl - and the film ends with their enjoying life in Venice.

Yesterday on the subway I ran into an actual mixed race family. They looked American. White father, black mother and two unattractive mixed race kids. It wouldn't be so bad - for the kids - if it had been a nice blend - but it wasn't. They looked freakish, poor kids.The worst mixture I have ever seen was a Chinese-German. She had red hair and a Chinese face - big girl - on a motorcycle. Awful. Another time, I saw a girl with a Cantonese face and ebony skin. She looked striking! But I am sure she had problems fitting in.

Focus on the Fed! Tony B

August 15, 2017

Focus on the Fed! 

by Tony B

All the billions of words about Trump are meaningless.  Unless and until people are willing to actually think, which means getting outside of the box created by the world owner criminals to corrupt their brains, there will only be more confusion. 

To understand the U.S. political situation people must be willing to understand that AMERICANS DO NOT VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT, nor for many other high offices when not convenient to our owners.  At least one of these arrogant bastards, several decades ago make the unguarded, because true, statement:  "AMERICANS ARE TOO STUPID TO ELECT THE PRESIDENT, WE DECIDE WHO WILL BE PRESIDENT."  Until you face this simple fact you cannot understand politics because you are forever searching for what exactly it was that got this person the vote and not that person.  

Note carefully the following:  IN THIS COUNTRY (and undoubtedly most others) THE PARTIES ARE NOW OWNED OUTRIGHT BY THE ROTHSCHILD CABAL SEATED IN ITS CITY OF LONDON.  NO ONE CAN BE NAMED ON A BALLOT WHOM THEY DO NOT OWN.  ALL "VIABLE" CANDIDATES ARE THEIR PROSTITUTES.  ALL, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Is everyone too brain dead to see that no matter who is put in what office the direction of the politics NEVER CHANGES?

It is no minor detail that Hillary had been promised this office by that cabal for decades.  Have all forgotten that early on in the last election this woman, who could not fill a small room with supporters, was being handed a fake "landslide" victory?  The lying media was handing her states almost before the voting began. 

As opposition to her, the tactic decided upon, and publically acknowledged, had been someone who would spout "right wing fanaticisms" as, believing their own deceitful lies or else their success in selling them, the people would surely be turned off by this noise.  It should be obvious how that succeeded from the huge audiences Trump attracted while Hillary had to resort to depraved but highly promoted entertainment to fill a room.

Then there was an odd election day happening.  Someone or some group, real unsung heroes in some ways, began dumping to the public extremely damaging information about Hillary and Co. involvement in child trafficking, child sex, child sacrifice to the devil.  ALL VERY TRUE. 

 This leading UP THE LADDER OF WORLD CONTROL, not down it.  To an extend that the cabal, the central promoter of this satanic hell, realized they may all shortly be hanging from lamp posts in their various nations if they did not stem the exposures which they had to know concerned their No 1 satanic choice as president.  The were actually forced to change their choice, a first since they grabbed power.

THEN THERE WAS A SUDDEN REVERSAL OF THE MEDIA "VOTE COVERAGE" and those states so happily handed to Hillary were grudgingly pulled back and became "not sure" and finally given to Trump.  

So what actually happened?  Did the people vote for Trump?  Well, maybe but that doesn't matter at all.  WHAT MATTERS IS THAT THE CABAL FELT FORCED TO DUMP THEIR CHOICE AND PUT IN THEIR SECOND STRING PROSTITUTE.

So what is all the constant blather about?  True, from the campaign fanatical flight to Trump of the populous and flight from Hillary, Trump likely was the intended choice of probably 95% of the voters.  But does it matter?  HE IS OWNED BY THE SAME CABAL THAT OWNS HILLARY, ET AL.  HE WILL DO AS HE IS TOLD.  UNTIL THE CABAL IS ELIMINATED NOTHING WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.  PERIOD.  

Why waste time, energy and resources on a president, any president, who will never be YOUR CHOICE unless you work to get rid of the Rothschild cabal.  The number one requirement for this to happen is TO FORCE YOUR GOVERNMENT TO CREATE AND CIRCULATE REAL MONEY AS THE NATION'S MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE INSTEAD OF THE INSANE BORROWING OF NON-EXISTENT "CREDIT" FROM THE ROTHSCHILD FRANCHISES SUCH AS THE FEDERAL RESERVE, the real seat of the satanic power of this cabal..

This is what racism looks like

August 13, 2017

This is what racism looks like. When people are condemned by virtue of race rather than by individual behaviour or belief. 


Its simply amazing how many jews are involved in false flag hoaxes!

Its almost like your satanic bloodline was created to do evil, and yet, you (((truth tellers))) calling each other out really will never turn you into saints, since your "exposure" of your bloodlines evil is tainted and full of bitter half truths and lies and continues to prop up what victims you are as you stab gentiles on the back!

Talk about chutzpah!

Henry Makow <[email protected]>
8:18 AM (11 hours ago)

to Andrew 

I am no more ruled by "bloodlines" than you are. I am ruled by my conscience just like you. 

7:17 PM (1 hour ago)

to Henry 
jews don't have "conscience". See. I knew you were a fraud. And you prove it.

The Circle-- Does this movie legitimize the surveillance state?

Does this movie legitimize the surveillance state? 

The Circle is a movie about a company that looks like Google 

A review of movie THE CIRCLE.

by David S

From the internet, this storyline: "A woman lands a dream job at a powerful tech company called the Circle, only to uncover an agenda that will affect the lives of all of humanity. Secrets are lies. Sharing is caring.  Privacy is theft."

From the book's jacket: "When Mae Holland is hired to work for the Circle, the world's most powerful internet company, she feels she's been given the opportunity of a lifetime. The Circle, run out of a sprawling California campus, links user's personal emails, social media, banking, and purchasing with their universal operating system, resulting in one online identity and a new age of civility and transparency." 

This universal operating system is called TruYou-( from the book) "one account, one identity, one password, one payment system, per person." Also from the book a description of their  healthcare: A deceptively input sensor by drinking a smoothie, "it'll collect data on your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, heat flux, caloric intake, sleep duration, sleep quality, digestive efficiency, on and on. ...It measures, the pH of your sweat, ...It detects, your posture....Blood and tissue oxygen, your red blood cell count, and things like step count. "Whatever, they have you monitored inside and out.

IMHO, the movie, THE CIRCLE with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson is an agitprop: (from an online Merriam-Webster dictionary), propaganda, especially political propaganda promulgated chiefly in literature, drama, music, or art. In addition, propaganda means the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.

My thought:  The movie, THE CIRCLE, is an affirmation of the subjugation and/or subordination of all individuals to the corporation. In other words, it's a one-world government or in Bush's words, A New World Order. Put in another way.....Mae battles between good and evil represented by her boyfriends: Good is represented by Mercer, her pre-Circle boyfriend and evil by Ty, the guy who invented THE CIRCLE.

While we are relaxing and being entertained, the movie, THE CIRCLE, helps uphold the case of "Corporate Big Brother" is watching and is okay and is necessary, and at the same time, injures our traditional values of independence and privacy: don't bother me, I won't bother you. 

The movie overwhelms us to a number of ideas that are simply not true: everyone is being watched over for our benefit (so one doesn't hurt oneself), everyone conforms to society's rules, no one is ostracized, ( they just hint 'you better conform'), everyone could/should accept corporate healthcare as it will cure everyone even if one has multiple sclerosis,  everyone must/will register and vote because it is more democratic, the people have control, THE CIRCLE Corporation is glorified, the employees are all happy, and everyone is totally "loveey doveey", and, added to that, ad nauseam, subliminal messages across the scene, most of which I could not read.  Whew! If you got the full impact of that last sentence, congratulations. The tools created by THE CIRCLE (from the book, "actually manufacture unnatural extreme social needs."

I believe we are being monitored already but not for our benefit. It's for the benefit of selling more and more products by watching and knowing our habits or addictions. The movie shows that this Huge Monolithic corporation, through the new, ubiquitous, 'everyone can afford one' camera, called  SeeChange,  eventually wants to know and see everything about everyone using millions of these small, 'hardly can see them',  cameras. "ALL THAT HAPPENS MUST BE  KNOWN" is their mission. That in the future there will be absolutely no privacy and that following the crowd is the only way to conform. And as previously mentioned, all your bodily functions are monitored. Where does our own responsibility fit in and where does our God/nature intuitiveness go?

My opinion of THE CIRCLE is based on my Vietnam experience (69-71) working for the Army's ASA and then Stateside NSA, where I worked with sophisticated technology that spied on the enemy and friendlies, I believe the story about THE CIRCLE is a not so far-fetched, futuristic story to remind us that we are being watched and you better get used to the "Big Brother" idea, because THE CIRCLE is an even Bigger Brother. Think, of the combination of combination of Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook and NSA with small cameras placed everywhere for anyone to see anything anytime.

However, there is one redeeming value of the movie. And that is: there are so many mixed messages that you walk away confused and not knowing what you saw:  a perfect example of propaganda,feeling helpless against the corporation.