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British Stopped Hitler's Removal in 1938

January 18, 2019

(Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. Is this hand gesture the explanation of German generals' docility?)

In August 1938, the German General Staff 
informed the British that they were ready to oust Hitler.
All the British had to do was resist Hitler's demands. 
Instead, at Munich, they handed Czechoslovakia
to him, further proof that Hitler was an Illuminati agent.

"Overall, no man has done more harm to the
present and future of the white race than Adolf Hitler." 
-Geoff Ferguson   

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." FDR

"A panel of psychiatrists was even prepared, under the chairmanship of the eminent professor Dr. Karl Bonhoeffer, 
who would certify the Fuhrer as insane, so that he could be immured in a lunatic asylum...

'By the beginning of September,' [Chief of Staff, Gen. Franz] Halder would write, 'we had taken steps to immunize Germany from this madman.'" (156)

(Updated from November 2, 2014)

by Henry Makow PhD

In May 1938, when Hitler announced his intention to invade Czechoslovakia, the German General Staff feared a world war that would destroy Germany. They decided to place Hitler in a mental asylum.

All they needed was confirmation from England that it would assist Czechoslovakia. The British dithered. Instead of taking a stand, they sabotaged Germany's resistance to the Nazi plague.

Ludwig Beck, the Chief of the German General Staff observed: "Through yielding to Hitler, the British government will lose its two main allies, the General Staff and the German people."

The simplest and best opportunity to avoid calamity was lost. The Illuminati wanted world war to increase their power and wealth, and to destroy Germany in advance of their satanist World Government. The Illuminati were not going to allow their creation, Adolf Hitler, to be overthrown. 

"You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism," Churchill is quoted as saying, "but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest." (Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace p. 145) 

spychiefcover.jpgTHE COUP

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Chief of the Abwehr (Military Intelligence) was part of the conspiracy to overthrow Hitler which is described in Richard Bassett's Hitler's Spy Chief: The Wilhelm Canaris Betrayal (2012). pp.150-160.

Canaris and General Beck sent Ewald Von Kleist to London August 21 where he met Sir Robert Vansittart, the chief diplomatic adviser to the cabinet. Kleist told him that Germany planned to invade Czechoslovakia Sept. 30, 1938.  If England drew a line in the sand, the generals had plans to make an end of the Nazi regime. These plans were well advanced. But all Kleist could secure was a general statement from Winston Churchill, who was not yet in the cabinet.

Nevertheless, the plan proceeded. Richard Bassett writes: "Several generals commanding troops were prepared to enter the conspiracy. By 14 Sept. General Von Witzleben, commander of the Berlin area, had made arrangements with Gen. Franz Halder (New Chief of Staff) and others to arrest Hitler as he returned from Berchtesgaden to the capital.

 Count Helldorf, the Berlin Police Chief, would arrest the other party leaders while General Hoeppner, in command of the Third Panzer Division, would march on Berlin at the signal from Witzleben.  Count Brockdorff-Ahlefeld, in command of the Potsdam garrison, would support Witzleben while Count Fritz von der Schulenburg, son of the German Crown Prince's former chief of staff, would secure the government sector of Berlin...." (156)

adolf_hitler630_pxlw.jpg(Left, In Munich, Chamberlain greenlights Nazi aggression.)

However, the entire conspiracy was predicated on England stating it would intervene in the event of a German attack on Czechoslovakia. But instead of taking a stand, Chamberlain announced Sept. 14 he would fly to Berchtesgaden to treat with Hitler. The optics suggested capitulation. In those days, statesmen did not fly to meet each other. Chamberlain had never flown before.

Bassett: "Both Chamberlain's message to Hitler, noting 'I shall be ready to travel as of tomorrow morning' and Hitler's immediate acceptance, imply a mutual understanding that the stakes on a personal plane were high."

When Canaris heard the news at dinner, he lost his appetite. "What! He...visit that man?" Canaris exclaimed. Many prominent Germans were horrified. The coup was postponed indefinitely. How could they overthrow Hitler when he was effortlessly getting his way?

Chamberlain's decision to visit Hitler spared Hitler and his gang from immediate arrest. Publisher David Astor wrote that the failure to act on the Kleist mission was "the saddest missed opportunity of the whole hellish experience leading up to World War Two." (Balliol Record, 1982)


tmb_person_henderson2.jpgRichard Bassett writes: "Canaris ... had opened his hand to the British and they had ... betrayed... his entire stratagem. ...It is not improbable that in arranging Chamberlain's visit so rapidly and secretly [British ambassador to Berlin Neville] Henderson, left had obliquely impressed on the Fuhrer his knowledge of Hitler's vulnerability and the need to act swiftly...Did forces in Britain in a subtle way want a war with Germany?  Did they fear a restoration of the monarchy and the generals who would prove no less menacing to the balance of power?" (162)

Canaris is often described as a "wily old fox" but apparently, he didn't have the big picture. The Illuminati Jewish banking power based in London wanted a world conflagration. Hitler was their arm's-length agent.

Regardless of what the British did, why didn't Canaris and the generals act independently?  Why didn't they simply overthrow Hitler? That would have defused world tensions and saved 60 million lives. Canaris and the generals may have been tied to the Illuminati themselves. They may have been Freemasons and looked to London for leadership. Apparently, there was a branch of German Freemasonry that was not shut down by Hitler. These people may have been betrayed by their fellow Masons in England.

Canaris had ties with Illuminati bankers and arms merchants like Basil Zaharoff. On one level, the Abwehr served the Nazi cause admirably. But on another level, Canaris worked hard to ensure an Allied victory.  He supplied advanced warnings of every Nazi attack. He censored intelligence reports both of Allied weaknesses, and strengths like compromised communications and agents (ULTRA and Double Cross System.) He schooled Spain's Franco and Romania's Sturdza on how to remain neutral.

Hitler was undoubtedly aware that Canaris was a traitor but Hitler was a traitor himself. When SD Chief Reinhard Heydrich was about to arrest     Canaris, the British had him assassinated. Heydrich was the only high-level Nazi official ever assassinated. Czech agents injured him, and according to Heydrich's wife, Hitler's doctors finished him off.

Freemasonry may control the world's intelligence services. But these services, and Freemasonry in general, function on a need-to-know basis. Their members don't know Hitler served the British cause. Thus, Wilhelm Canaris, who was hung by the Gestapo in 1945, and other well-meaning Germans were sacrificed

Mankind is in the baneful grasp of the Illuminati central bankers. The Second World War is usually depicted as a struggle to save "civilization" from Nazi barbarism. In fact, the war had a satanist end in itself, a horrifying degradation of humanity designed to advance a tyranny more subtle than the Nazis, but not totally different.

Related: Look at a film on the aftermath of WW2 in Europe. The victims are all white.

Makow -- Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati 

"Canaris and the generals may have been tied to the Illuminati themselves...Apparently, there was a branch of German Freemasonry that was not shut down by Hitler. These people may have been betrayed by their fellow Masons in England."

It's documented that Canaris sent MI6 his notes from a general staff briefing with Hitler before the invasion of Poland in 1939. He was a mole already as early as 1938.  He even secretly met with his British intelligence contact during official trips to neutral Spain.  Once, a visit to a convent was the cover. Inside he was debriefed by the chief of MI6 in Spain.   

How could such a high profile figure in the Wehrmacht establishment carry on like that, literally face to face with Heydrich and Himmler without discovery?  Perhaps his confidence came from connection with an even more entrenched and formidable pre-existing intelligence network.  High Masonry, that of nobility and the elite - not the visible lodges of the proles that Hitler broke up in 1934.  

As for how he got away with it so long, Himmler knew Canaris was a double agent for a long time, but he kept him alive in order to use him as a liaison in Himmler's secret surrender negotiations with MI6/OSS.   It's of interest to note that Himmler also had secret back channels to British intelligence. [5]

I noticed the hand sign Canaris posed in his portrait photograph.  It sure resembles the Masonic sign of 'sacrifice'. 
 In 1779, Benjamin Franklin was elected Worshipful Master of the Lodge of the Nine Sisters in Paris, and in 1782 he became head of a lodge of the Grand Orient de Paris. This painting hangs in the Green Room of the White House. 

"A number of dictionaries of symbols state that the hand placed on the neck signifies sacrifice. Now sacrifice can have at least two meanings--one, the continuing threat of the penalties to be applied to punish those adepts and initiates who so impertinently reveal the secrets of the Order; and two, the willingness of the individual performing the sign to sacrifice himself for the good of the Order, or for the good of the cause or Great Work of the Illuminati."

Canaris was connected to another intelligence organization:  the Chabad Lubavitcher organization.. "One notable person he is said to have assisted was the then Lubavitcher Rebbe in Warsaw, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn." [1]  

In 2009, the Lubavitchers promoted recognition of Canaris as a 'Righteous Gentile' by the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.[2]  Yad Vashem rejected of the request, stating: first, that Canaris did not risk his life to save Jews; second that Canaris was chief of a Nazi intelligence organization that helped condemn civilians to SS and Gestapo executioners. Dr. Ephraim Zuroff, director of the Wiesenthal Center in Israel called Chabad's request "problematic." [3] 

Yosef Kaminetzky's reply sums up Chabad's sentiment,  "He saved the Rebbe, why shouldn't he be recognized as a righteous gentile?"

Here I have to mention that soon as Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn arrived in New York in 1940, he solicited large sums of money from American Jews supposedly to help fund efforts to save Jews from Europe.  Instead, he spent it to set up his new Yeshiva and Lubivicher headquarters in Brooklyn.  He didn't lift a finger to save the Yeshiva students he abandoned in Warsaw.   Neither did Admiral Canaris. 

I don't want to digress, I'm just adding for detail that when the Rebbe's elder cousin Levi Yitzchak Schneersohn's papers were captured by the Stalinist NKVD in Ukraine in 1939, extensive correspondence with none other than Leon Trotsky was found. 

"The rabbi led an underground community of "exiles, deportees, convicts, and refugees" and died in Almaty in 1944." [4]   I mention only to point up that Trotsky by his own admission in his autobiography "MY LIFE" was a high ranking Mason along with Lenin.  

In conclusion, I think "the case is open".  The full story of Canaris' willingness to sacrifice himself remains an open question.  

[1] Altein, R, Zaklikofsky, E, Jacobson, I: "Out of the Inferno: The Efforts That Led to the Rescue of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn of Lubavitch from War Torn Europe in 1939-40", page 160. Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch, 2002 ISBN 0-8266-0683-0
5] "According to British war cabinet minutes released in 2006, Winston Churchill advocated Himmler's assassination. In response to Himmler's attempts to open peace overtures with the Allies in 1945 through Count Bernadotte, Churchill enquired if they should negotiate with Himmler and bump him off later. 'Quite entitled to do so', said Churchill. This suggestion met with some support from the British Home Office." 
Doward, Jamie (1 January 2006). "Hitler must die without trial - Churchill"The Guardian Online (London: The Observer). ISSN 0261-3077OCLC 60623878. Retrieved 21 June 2012.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "British Stopped Hitler's Removal in 1938 "

Anonymous said (January 18, 2019):

Britains intel services in the late 30s thought Hitler a good man to have in place.

he was seen as a bulwark against the march of communism, the Jews took Russia in 1917
and they were a threat to Europe and this is why people like Henry Ford and others supported Hitler.

The factions in the UK were the Rothschild /Churchill alliance against the anti-communists who supported Hitler, this is why Churchill had the heads of British intel replaced or as with naval intel chief Barry Domvile imprisoned or with Vernon Kell murdered. It was this group that Hitler sent Rudolf Hess over to negotiate with.

But when Hitler took the economy away from the jews and made a success of it, it meant all the Jewish run countries coming together, this is known a the grand chessboard, and Russia the USA and UK, all joined until Germany was destroyed then became enemies on paper for the cold war.

Tony B said (January 18, 2019):

"Overall, no man has done more harm to the present and future of the white race than Adolf Hitler."

Henry, I can think of lots of "white" men who are responsible for more harm beginning with most any Rothschild who once served as leader of the family. Think Eisenhower. And Churchill. What about those responsible for the slaughter of between 60 and 80 million Russians in the last century? What about those slaughtering as many people as possible in the Middle East this minute - and I don't mean the ISIS Muslim Arabs who aren't "white" but they are tools of those giving them the means to kill? It really doesn't take much digging.

Hitler was actually anticommunist. How insane was that?

Martin said (March 14, 2017):

Henry, I think that the Rothschilds controlled the U.S. , Germany, Russia, certainly Canada ,Australia, new Zealand and India. For them a war is like a multidimensional, 3D, Chess Game where they plot out every move that everyone will make , and they have their Masonic agents in control of all governments . Look at Roosevelt, Churchill, King,Stalin , almost all of them Masons.And all of them of necessity liars to their own countries. They took down the Catholic Church through Masons, look at John23rd , a mason,and up to Francis 1st, masons ,homosexuals all Satanists. Look at the different countries major Corporations, probably run by Masons as well. He got rid of a lot of Masons in Germany but that was just to fool people and hide the connection to the Rothschilds. The Media of all of the countries that fought world war 2 was mostly controlled by "their people".After 10 years of Depression they knew that many unemployed men would flood into the war eager to sign up just to end their poverty and boredom and misery. They had worked out all the behavior al kinks of the ordinary men and knew they were ripe for "action". How Satanic is all this.

I think you have proven, at least for me, that nothing happens by accident and Bormann was England's man because he was Hitler's paymaster. Keep digging, this teeter totter will soon flip to the other side. No one who was part of the Allied cause would like to think that they were tricked in to going to war , that their whole life was a meaningless waste of time.

Germans as well were conned into war as well. This is what happens when usury runs riot. It is totally satanic from the beginning. And is the major reason why war happens. and now we are heading for World War 3 and the Rothschilds can't wait till they control the whole world with their phoney anti-christ sitting in Jerusalem "roaring" at the world pretending he's the "Lion of David.

Brendon O'Connell said (March 13, 2017):

The only thing I disagree with Henry is that Hitler was to lead Germany to destruction. No. He was to stop at the Polish border with the new Soviet Union and contain Stalins push for a June 1942 invasion of western Europe - read Constantine Pleshakovs, "Stalins Folly". Stalin was out of control and not doing what he was told. A bit like China now...

With the threat of the Bolshevik athiest, Christian killing Soviets, Europe would hastily form a "United States Of Europe". The called The European Union.

Hitlers handler was Herman Goering. Hitlers path into the elite European banking and royal families. Hitlers Adjutant stated that Goering and Hitler would fight. Goering would end it with, "Why must we risk everything!" Meaning, "your supposed to stop now! Not take out the Soviets! Our financiers in Wall Street and City of London will be pissed!" You can say much about Hitler - but he was sincere. He didn't work for anyone but he took their money. Like Saddam did.

It looks like a repeat unfolding. Savior Trump?

I don't blame people for voting for him, but people are deifying a very flawed and very tainted character. People should step back a little.

Anonymous said (November 3, 2014):

His hand Sign is the masonic distress signal over the heart "I cannot tell a lie" is what it means even when he lies.

Mike B said (November 3, 2014):

'Canaris worked hard to insure an allied victory. He supplied advanced warnings of every nazi attack' etc.

'Thus, Wilhelm Canaris, who was hung by the Gestapo in 1945, and other well-meaning Germans were sacrificed."

I suppose it is a part of the social engineering of Zionists and Freemasons to see betrayal of jobs they have been entrusted with as being justified morally because a supposedly higher purpose is being served. But a useful idiot like Canaris would be responsible for the deaths and suffering of his own fellow countrymen whom he is sworn to serve. Calling such a traitor 'well meaning' is indefensible. He is not a good fellow because of secretly serving what someone thinks is the right side. I'm sure he well deserved hanging from a meat hook with piano wire wrapped around his neck, as does anyone with that mindset.

Overthrowing a government is not treason and not dishonorable. But to suggest anything honorable about someone like Canaris is spreading a poison into social thinking.

JG said (November 2, 2014):

Henry, you've done a lot of good work and I've learned so much from your site and especially your comment section.

This "beast" that we continue to follow and analyze is full blown and out of control now. It is becoming fruitless to uncover it's true identity because it's designs have become so embedded in the public's psyche that a lot of them can't even begin to understand it's presence.
I'll continue to reference your site but will refrain from commenting.

As Paul tells in 1 Cor:8 we really don't know anything in the spiritual tense. Worldly knowledge and spiritual knowledge are two different things.

I've recently discovered that we don't gain spiritual knowledge through the accumulation of worldly knowledge. We can't enter the kingdom through the back door.

below- Gillette Campaign Directed by Lesbian? (scroll down)

Solzhenitzyn - Have No Illusions about Communist Threat

January 17, 2019


Have been reading Solzhenitsyn's history of Jews in Russia.
His message is simply that the Russian Revolution was not an
uprising by the proletariat as we have been led to believe, but
a barbaric takeover and rape of a Christian country by organized Jewry.

As he notes (left) "the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators."
The same can be said for most institutions in the West: Education, Business,
Government, Military. All are de facto Communist, controlled by the Masonic Jewish banking cartel through Organized Jewry and Freemasonry. This is becoming clear as the above adopt a "progressive" (i.e. Satanic) agenda and attempt to disarm Americans. The Demon rats and to a lesser extent, the GOP, are Freemasons/ Communists, spiritual descendants of Bolshevik murderers. Quite simply, Satanists are waging a race war against God and man. This is why these traitors push suicidal gender and migration policies.

by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
(excerpt by 

The February (1917) Revolution was a Russian revolution: no matter how headlong, erroneous and pernicious it was, it did not aspire to burn down the entire pre-existing life, to annihilate the whole pre-revolutionary Russia. 

Yet immediately after the October [Bolshevik revolution], the Revolution spilt abroad and became an international and devastating plague, feeding itself by devouring and destroying social order wherever it spread -- everything built was to be annihilated; everything cultivated -- to be confiscated; whoever resisted -- to be shot. 

The Reds were exclusively preoccupied with their grand social experiment, predestined to be repeated, expanded and implemented all over the world. From an easy, quick blow, the October coup snowballed into a fierce three-year-long Civil War, which brought countless bloody calamities to all the peoples of Russia. 

The multi-nationality of the former Empire and the cannon recoil from the Great War complicated both the inhumane Bolshevik plot and its implementation. Unlike the French Revolution, which unfolded on the territory of mono-national France and did not see much foreign intervention apart from a short incursion of hostile troops, and with all its horrors being a national affair from beginning to end, the Russian Revolution was horribly aggravated by its multinational madness.

("Social revolution"? Satanic he should say. Using "equality" to dispossess others.)

It saw the strong participation of Red Latvians (then Russian subjects), former German and Austrian prisoners of war (organized into full-blown regiments like the Hungarians), and even large numbers of Chinese. No doubt the brunt of the fighting for the Reds was carried out by Russians; some of them were drafted on pain of death while others volunteered in a mad belief they would be fighting for a happy future for themselves. 
the Russian Jews were not lost in all that diversity. The politically active part of Russian Jewry, which backed the Bolshevik civic regime in 1917, now just as boldly stepped into the military structures of Bolsheviks. During the first years after the October Revolution in the midst of the internationalist frenzy, the power over this enormous land was effortlessly slipping into the hands of those clinging to the Bolsheviks. And they were overwhelmed by the newfound immensity of that power. They immediately began using it without a backward glance or any fear of control -- some, without doubt, in the name of higher ideals, while others -- in the name of lower ones ("obstinacy of fanaticism in some and ability to adapt in others"1 ).

 At that time, nobody could imagine that the Civil War would ignite enormous Jewish pogroms, unprecedented in their atrocity and bloodshed, all over the South of Russia. We can judge the true nature of the multi-ethnic war from the Red pogrom during the suppression of the Kronstadt Uprising in March 1921. 

A well-known socialist-revolutionary and sociologist Pitrim Sorokin writes: "For three days, Latvian, Bashkir, Hungarian, Tatar, Russian, Jewish and international rabble, crazed by alcohol and the smell of blood, raped and killed without restraint."

Or here is another recollection from ordinary witnesses. During the feast of the Epiphany in 1918, an Orthodox Sacred Procession stirred forth from the gates of the Kremlin in Tula - and an "international squad" gunned it down. 

Even with the ruthless international squads, the force of the "Red Guard" alone was no longer sufficient. The Bolshevik regime needed a regular army. In 1918, "Lev Trotsky, with the help of Sklyansky and Jacov Sverdlov, created the Red Army." "Many Jews were fighting in its ranks. Some units were entirely Jewish, like, for example, the brigade of Josef Furman."

The Jewish share in the command corps the Red Army become large and influential and this trend continued for many years even after the end of the Civil War. This Jewish involvement has been researched by several Jewish authors and encyclopedias. In the 1980s, Israeli scholar Aaron Abramovich used many Soviet sources (including The FiftyYear Anniversary of the Soviet Armed Forces, The Soviet Historical Encyclopedia, volumes of Directives of the Front Command of the Red Army) to compile detailed nominal rosters of highly ranked Jewish commanders (exclusively Jewish ones) in the Red Army during the period from the Civil War up to the aftermath of Second World War. 

Let's skim through the pages allocated to the Civil War.4 This is a very extensive roster; it begins with the Revvoyensoviet, where Abramovich lists L. Trotsky, E. Sklyansky, A. Rosengoltz, and Y. Drabkin-Gusev. Trotsky ordered the "establishment of fronts with headquarters, and formation of new armies," and "Jews were present in almost all the revvoyensoviets of the fronts and armies." (Abramovich lists the most prominent individuals: D. Vayman, E. Pyatnitsky, L. Glezarov, L. Pechyorsky, I. Slavin, M. Lisovsky, G. Bitker, Bela Kun, Brilliant-Sokolnikov, I. Khodorovsky). 

Earlier, at the onset of the Civil War, the Extraordinary Command Staff of the Petrograd Military District was headed by Uritsky, and among the members of the Petrograd Committee of Revolutionary Defense were Sverdlov (the chairman), Volodarsky, Drabkin-Gusev, Ya. Fishman (a leftist Socialist Revolutionary) and G. Chudnovsky. In May 1918 there were two Jews among the eleven commissars of military districts: E. Yaroslavsky-Gubelman (Moscow District) and S. Nakhimson (Yaroslavsky District). 

During the war, several Jews were in charge of armies: M. Lashevich was in charge of the 3rd -- and later, of the 7th Army of Eastern Front; V. Lazarevich was in charge of the 3rd Army of the Western Front, G. Sokolnikov led the 8th Army of the Southern Front, N. Sorkin - the 9th , and I. Yakir - the 14th Army. Abramovich painstakingly lists numerous Jewish heads of staff and members of the revvoyen soviets in each of the twenty armies; then the commanders, heads of staff and military commissars of divisions (the list of the latter, i.e., those in charge of the ideological branch of command, was three-times longer than the list of Jewish commanders of divisions). 

In this manner, Abramovich describes brigades, regiments and separate detachments. He lists Jewish heads of political administrations and revolutionary 138 military tribunals at all levels, noting that "especially large percentage of Jews can be found among political officers at all levels of the Red Army...." "Jews played an important role in the provision and supply services. Let's name some of them...." "Jews occupied important positions in military medicine as well: heads of sanitary administrations of the fronts and armies, senior doctors of units and bodies of troops...." "Many Jews -- commanders of large units and detachments -- were distinguished for their courage, heroism and generalship" but "due to the synoptic character of this chapter we cannot provide detailed descriptions of the accomplishments of Jewish Red Army soldiers, commanders and political officers." (Meticulously listing the commanders of armies, the researcher misses another Jew, Tikhon Khvesin, who happened to be in charge of the 4th Army of the Eastern Front, then -- of the 8 th Army of the Southern Front, and later of the 1st Army of the Turkestan Front. ) 

(He continues to list Jews in critical roles.)  
pp. 118-119

 In another article David Aizman thus elaborated his thought: "Jews must secure the gains of revolution by any means ... without any qualms. Any necessary sacrifice must be made. Everything is on the stake here and all will be lost if we hesitate... Even the most backward parts of Jewish mass understand this." "No one questions what would happen to Jews if the counter-revolution prevails." He was absolutely confident that if that happens there would be mass executions of Jews. 

Therefore, "the filthy scum must be crushed even before it had any chance to develop, in embryo. Their very seed must be destroyed... Jews will be able to defend their freedom." Crushed in embryo... And even their very seed... It was already pretty much the Bolshevik program, though expressed in the words of Old Testament. Yet whose seed must be destroyed? Monarchists'? But they were already breathless; all their activists could be counted on fingers. So it could only be those who had taken a stand against the unbridled, running wild soviets, against all kinds of committees and mad crowds; those, who wished to halt the breakdown of life in the country - prudent ordinary people, former government officials, and first of all officers and very soon the soldier-general Kornilov. There were Jews among those counter-revolutionaries, but overall that movement was the Russian national one.

RelatedLinks to buy the heavily suppressed book "Under the Sign of the Scorpion":

Under the Sign of the Scorpion. The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire.

James Perloff    Do Americans Face a Red Terror? 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Solzhenitzyn - Have No Illusions about Communist Threat "

David C said (January 17, 2019):

Your articles related to "Jewish" people are interesting to me, being part Jewish myself. My maternal great-grandfather came over from Russia/Poland (was both during his lifetime) in the early 1900's, about the same time your Jewish paternal great-grandparents did. I wasn't raised Jewish, we went to Sunday school and church, didn't even understand my mother was Jewish, or what that meant (still not sure!), until after growing-up and leaving the nest. It wasn't until mother divorced my father and got into her Jewish roots, when I realized she was a Jew. After researching the subject thoroughly during the last 20 years I'm still not sure what it means to be a "Jew". The concept of being Jewish because your mother is, that doesn't make sense to me, since being a Jew isn't a race. ...

Thanks for another illuminating article Henry, your scholarship about this subject has helped me have a better understanding of Jews, and secret societies - which I believe are the real power used by the international cabal that controls the world. If all the "Jews" in the world died today, I believe the same cabal would still control everything tomorrow. Blaming Jews is exactly what the satanic parasites of humanity want people to do, and I still don't understand what the definition of a "Jew" really is. I think it's an artificial creation, used to create a scapegoat entity to take the blame, hide behind, then take the blame again later.

Anonymous said (January 17, 2019):

Russia had been heavily depleted financially by the Russian Japan War (1904) and WW1(1917). Many Russians were starving which made the multi million foreign financed communist led revolution appealing to those who were ripe to be had for the political sham of communism.

The scope of Communist Red Terror was not restricted to Russia. This was an international plan to dispose of the ruling state monarchies throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Christianity also has been a victim of communist terror around the globe especially in Latin America. Some of the Catholic Priests in these countries like Mexico are still being murdered.

Like it or not, Christianity evolved out of Biblical Old Testament Judaism.

Communism is a godless man-made religion that seeks the destruction of the Christian Faith. Communism deifies man and not God.

America had been a supporter and ally of the Communist nations in both WW1 and WW2. America then became Anti Communist starting with the Korean War and then ending with the dissolvement of the Cold War. America and Europe both lost a part of its national identity when no longer was a political divide made between Communism and Democracy.

Bill Clinton was then elected president and the NWO government was being implemented around the world starting with the bombing of Yugoslavia to put an end to their state sovereignty. And, the war against the nation states has been going on ever since.

Unfortunately for the American people, this same war against national sovereignty has reached their doorstep with the overthrow of the Democratic Party and the daily persecution of its elected Republican President, Donald Trump, who is seeking to preserve what is left of its Constitutional Republic.

Below-Sex has made us Stupid (scroll down)

Is Director of Gillette Toxic Masculinity Ad a Lesbian?

January 16, 2019

vulva.png Libresse, the feminine hygiene brand who shocked many with their #BloodNormal campaign last year, is back with a lighter tone and far more fun in this new spot from Somesuch director Kim Gehrig with post by Time Based Arts.
According to the release, the goal of the ad is "to contribute to a more open culture where women can feel proud of what they have, can feel OK about talking about their genitals, and can care for it without feeling ashamed."
But such ads tend to demystify and degrade women in the eyes of men.

Kim Gehrig who Gillette selected to direct the first commercial in a series making heterosexuality a pathology is a single mother and given her hatred of men and fixation on female genitals, likely a lesbian.
Below, a Reddit contributor looks at her anti-male work.
Happily, men no longer are tolerating this attack on masculinity which originates with the Illuminati bankers. "A brainwashed emotionally weak feminine man is much easier to control than a masculine independent man."

"On the 30th anniversary of its famous tagline "The Best a Man Can Get," Gillette is taking a fresh look at what it means to be "the best."  The company is introducing a marketing campaign and charitable program dedicated to celebrating the stories of men who are making a positive impact and inspiring other in the process. 

The program-leading short film, entitled "We Believe," was developed by Gillette's global advertising agency Grey and directed by Kim Gehrig of production company Somesuch. It showcases Gillette's POV of how we can work together to set the right example for the next generation of men and take positive actions that push back against bullying, sexual harassment and the "boys will be boys" mentality, changing the culture of "toxic masculinity." 

Additionally, Gillette has committed to donating $1 million per year for the next three years to non-profit organizations executing programs in the U.S. designed to help men of all ages achieve their personal "best," changing the conversation of modern manhood for generations to come."

This is the first time I post here. I've been following the MGTOW philosophy and I've decided to be on my own 2 years ago after a break up with my ex with whom I lived with for 9 years.

(Ad stigmatizes male overtures to women as crude and offensive)

The Gillette ad started out with the recent video depicting men as the only source of male violence and the only ones who can stop it. Especially in relation to how men treat boys.

This, of course, ignores the facts that 1) women commit most infanticides and 2) women are more aggressive to children and 3) a lot of boys are raised by single mothers and never see their fathers.

So, after watching this massive piece of crap, I looked into who was behind this stupid idea for a marketing campaign. Kim Gehrig was the Director who thought this was going to sell more razors to men.

(Gehrig, left)

I went and looked up her recent work. I was not surprised. And I'll post some examples of how she views men and women.

1st video: "Womankind"   Just watch the message, the words, and you'll find out pretty quickly that, in her world, women have no agency and are only the object of oppression (by men, we suppose). When talking about bras and breasts, she puts a radical feminist message - through words - on top of the image and sound.

This was made to address the rise in the use of steroids (or alcohol related violence according to a different source) in Australia, apparently. But how does she think those numbers are justified? Unemployment? Depression? Divorce? Increase in the cost of living in general? Women? Motherhood (single mothers)? Nahhh! Of course not.

The reasons, in this video, are: 1) Fathers that hit their children (boys) and 2) boys that are bullies.

You don't see a single female in the video who interacts with the victim. Not one. It stinks of misandry.

Well, here everything is straight forward. The ideal "man" for her is the soy-boy dude from the video, who's made fun of by the girl, treated like a joke, behaves like a stupid kid and is called a "man".


This is all, I guess. Maybe it's not interesting for you, maybe it is. I was interested to know who was behind the Gillette ad and I found exactly what I expected.

She's talented as a director, no doubt. But her views about men and women are fucking ridiculous and clearly from a radical feminist


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Comments for "Is Director of Gillette Toxic Masculinity Ad a Lesbian? "

Al Thompson said (January 16, 2019):

I suspect that shaving has been a tactic against masculinity for thousands of years. There is no benefit to shaving and it distorts God's creation.

Diana said (January 16, 2019):

Did you see the last boy in the screen shot ! Looks like a girl

Tony B said (January 16, 2019):

Ya' know, when all this crap about "Oh. the poor misused women" started after WW2 and men started dropping out after some criminal judge handed a greedy divorcee everything the ditched man had worn himself out to acquire for them as a family, plus pauperizing the man's future by stealing most of his pay and handing it to the selfish ex, who usually already had another man in her bed; more and more men began making statements such as, "Screw women, that's all they're good for anyway."

Now, thanks to miseducation and catered selfishness and greed as a life object of many women, these "feminists" have made such statements literally true. Do they really think men cannot figure out their total self-interest and thus simply use them as they use men?

They really are good for nothing else. Is any normal man really as selfishly calloused as a woman who murders her own unborn child for the sake of mis-considered convenience? What sort of man wants to bed such a self-centred murderess?

Most of today's women, western women anyway, are totally screwed up because they have no clue of what a woman actually is. They keep chasing rainbows that have nothing whatever to do with being a woman and wonder why they are never satisfied. The criminal courts and insane universities are doing no one any favours with this ludicrous, totally insane and obviously satanic garbage mislabeled "feminism," especially not women.

As you consistently note in these articles, "feminism" is an agenda to destroy the family, the rock foundation of civilization the existence of which depends totally on God the Creator's principles. Women deprived of family cannot exist as women as that is what they were created to sustain. Family is the very heart of women; without it they have no true reason for their existence, no focal point for their lives.

Mike B said (January 16, 2019):

Never in all of human history was there a time where mass and mass instant communication existed as it does today - telephones, radio, television, newsprint publications, "academic" writings, e-mail, twitter, f/b, 'social media', online publications of all sorts, etc., and etc.

Has any "identifiable group", other than boys and men, received such mass local and worldwide disdain, derision and utter contempt before and especially during our common era of instant communication? Name one, lurking doubters.

And, at the same time, lurking doubters - how dare you and others collectively treat defenceless boys and little boys in these such heinous of manners as mentioned above and discussed in this online publication? This ain't over yet and countless people have much to answer to.

Should Whites Retreat to Countryside?

January 12, 2019

Should Whites Retreat to Countryside?

by Wise Man

I think there will be no mass awakening of the population. The average Canadian is a candy-ass. There is no fight in them. I'm past sick of hearing the term "wake-up" or "waking up" the population. They don't want to be woken. You ever stop and watch a flock of Jets fans walking downtown in their jerseys during a home game? Small groups of highly motivated, disciplined individuals are the ones who effect change and this is the way it's been done throughout history. Populations adapt to and eventually support the changes these mavericks pave the way for. 
One thing to mention to those living in rural areas; do not sell your land! China is more a threat than the Muslims are. They buy up large chunks of farmland + the mineral rights to same. They've already bought many a vineyard in B.C. Chinese are the silent invasion. They've got money and they aren't stupid, and many are still loyal to the communist party back home.
 All these 3rd worlders are city dwellers. They tend to avoid rural areas. Whites will have to re-group by creating new planned communities in these rural regions far enough away from the big cities and let the immigrants have them. The committee of 300 / agenda 21 scum wants everyone in compact cities. I say fuck them and get back to the land.
As long as cops are mercenaries, they will not risk that $100k+ per year for anyone let alone their nation. Where else is someone with a 93 IQ to make that sort of money in this economy? Cops stand in the way of the natural demographic re-adjustment to normalcy and will enforce any law they're told to (unless it affects their salary). This means they will continue to carry the bags of invaders as they walk across the border.

Examining some Leonard Cohen Lyrics by Brabantian

January 6, 2019

Examining some Leonard Cohen Lyrics   

by Brabantian

Canadian-Jewish musical artist Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) is a profound and ambiguous character, with some clearly spooky elements. But there is an astonishing, unique amount of 'truth' in some Cohen songs - tho, of course, the insider cabal likes revealing much of what they do.
Interestingly, Cohen long ago riffed on some of the key issues of male-female psychology.
Cohen's most stunning 'truth' songs, both date from the same 1988 album. 'First We Take Manhattan' as above, is one of the most profound songs ever about the mind of a terrorist; and 'Everybody Knows', is maybe one of the best songs ever about the total corruption of society.
'First We Take Manhattan' was composed during the late 1980s transition between the classic Gladio era 'Gladio A' terrorism (mostly in Europe, some lesser similar events in Canada), and Gladio B that was just about to get underway, peaking with 9-11.
'First We Take Manhattan' is a dialogue between a terrorist and his girlfriend. She reminded him that she could have been one of the people he is about to kill. The song captures the lure of the 'rebel - bad boy - criminal' for the female hind-brain, prizing male aggressiveness to the point that mass-murderers in prison get stacks of love letters sometimes.
Great live version of this song from 1988 on German television - Berlin! - Cohen with multi-cultural female counterparts:

The woman's voice sings in the above:
You see that line there moving through the station?
I told you, I told you, I was one of those!
[She tells him he is killing people just like her, but she neither acts to leave him nor tries to stop him ... the terrorist replies:]
Well, it's Father's Day, and everybody's wounded
[Men are all wounded inside, but that doesn't stop them]
From the same point in Cohen's life, his haunting song 'Everybody Knows' is still cited as one of the ultimate musical statements on the corruption around us. Once again, Cohen also looks deeply into male-female sexuality; here, after political, rich vs poor statements, Cohen sings about how normal sexuality is being destroyed by modern society, how women now go loose to cheat for 'alpha dalliances', and how the surveillance & data-gathering world will make this all much worse.

Some excerpted lyrics:
Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the deal is rotten
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that you've been faithful
Ah give or take a night or two
Everybody knows you've been discreet
But there were so many people you just had to meet
Without your clothes
And everybody knows
Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
Are just a shining artefact of the past
Everybody knows the scene is dead
But there's gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose
What everybody knows

Fe-male Mutant Cannot Name any Positive Male Qualities by Michael Berg

December 18, 2018

Fe-male Mutant Cannot Name any Positive Male Qualities  by Michael Berg
Hope she is not typical but this
woman is psychologically troubled. She burst into tears after interview causing some males to intervene, ironically, in her defence.

by Michael Berg

The following video will SHOCK you to the core. A YouTube Channel named "The Sasha Show" interviews a normal White female student (who doesn't even look like a feminist from the outside) about the differences between Males & Females. This beautiful woman completely denies the differences between the sexes to a point when it is literally a sign of Schizophrenia or a mental disorder - complete disconnect from the REAL WORLD.

We already know that the illuminati (i.e. Globalism/Communism) brainwashes women to deny their own femininity and to deny the masculinity of men - i.e. complete denial that the sexes complement each other.

But women - especially White women - are brainwashed even more by the Feminist SJW agenda pushed in universities. The following video had completely blown my mind. I already knew that the brainwashing in the Schools and in the universities was bad, but I DID NOT IMAGINE THAT IT WAS THAT BAD - Not the extent of completely ignoring biological and physical reality and simple truths!!!

Now I understand why heterosexual relationships are in the decline, and why marriage are in a decline. White men are finding it increasingly difficult to find a woman who is feminine, honest, gentle, loving and supportive. Many of today's woman are simply not a "marriage material" due to Feminism. Their disconnect from reality, as well as their arrogance, selfishness as well as their extreme sense of Entitlement are simply too much for any normal man to bear (Marrying the following woman would be nothing more than a mental abuse for the poor guy) : 

Here's the video Henry; it is worth watching all of it, GET READY TO BE SHOCKED! : (There are also Youtubers that give an anti-SJW analysis to this video, you can find their videos in the "Up Next" section in YouTube):