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Alberta Adopts Draconian Measures to Combat Hoax Pandemic

September 26, 2021

COVID-19 in Canada: Alberta threatens rule-breakers with $100,000 fines, Canada 'well prepared' for large-scale vaccine distribution. Alberta is also temporarily adding 700 more peace officers who can enforce public health rules in the province.

Last week, Alberta introduced 20 pages of regulations covering how many feet Albertans must stand apart, how many house guests they can have (none), and forbidding them from congregating in groups indoors. Winter is coming.

"This pandemic has nothing to do with health and everything to do with controlling the population.-- Letter from an Alberta Nurse

"Do not believe the hype," she continues. "There is no crisis other than a staffing crisis that has been brewing for decades. Despite this, I expect to be terminated in the next three weeks for refusing to get the jab. I am a loyal, reliable employee that has not had a sick day in 2 years, yet I will be terminated."

(Meanwhile Norway says Covid is the common flu, and will treat it as such.)   Bubonic Plague in Australia, Ontario and Alberta. Common cold in Florida, Norway and Sweden. What gives? Globalist reach.


I am a RN working in a Northern Alberta County with approximately 10,000 citizens. We have had 3 COVID deaths in 2 years. I am personally familiar with 2 of these deaths and both patients had life threatening pre-existing conditions. One of the patients that died was fully vaccinated. The itital PCR test on this patient was positive and the second "rapid antigen" test was negative. These tests are not reliable and even the CDC said they should not be used. This is why there are so many people testing positive yet have no symptoms of illness.

I have also been watching acute care/ICU beds in the region and I agree that there is not a bed crisis.

shandro.pngWhat we do have is a staffing crisis. This crisis is due to an aging population of both patients and staff. We started the year out with 10 doctors in my town. 3 doctors have moved away. 2 doctors are over 70 and are not covering our emergency department anymore. So, we are down to five doctors to work in their private practice AND to cover the emergency department 24/7. To make matters worse, (Health Minister, Tyler) Shandro (left) capped the amount of patients the doctors can bill for on a daily basis. Sorry, but you can't expect these doctors to work for free.

Additionally, our county has a second small hospital that was staffed with 2 doctors and locums. One of those doctors has moved away so the doctors in our area will be forced to increase the patient load from this doctor leaving. The emergency department in this hospital has been closed at different times due to no doctor available to work.

I know of three nurses in our hospital that are over 70. In addition, our hospital administrator is retiring this month and one of the regional managers is retiring Oct 1st.

Do we have a crisis? Yes, we do but it has nothing to do with COVID. The crisis is from aging staff that have not been replaced with younger people. It is a problem of an aging demographic and poor planning by health authorities. During the "Klein cuts" of the 90's, 3 schools of nursing were closed in Edmonton alone. These were never reopened and we have lost 300 nurses a year because of this.

I do not work in emergency but I do work on a unit beside emergency so I can see the coming and going of patients. We are not overwhelmed with COVID patients. The other weekend I worked and went to the ER to speak with the on call doctor. He was not there and the ER was empty. No patients.

I worked the acute unit this week and we had one covid positive patient, double vaccinated. Half of the patients on the unit were double vaccinated.

Do not believe the hype. There is no crisis other than a staffing crisis that has been brewing for decades. Despite this, I expect to be terminated in the next three weeks for refusing to get the jab. I am a loyal, reliable employee that has not had a sick day in 2 years, yet I will be terminated.

In conclusion, let me say that I have purposely infected myself with a COVID positive family member and I did not become ill. This pandemic has nothing to do with health and everything to do with controlling the population.
Thanks to John B and Kat for sending this information.

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AHS CEO Caught Spreading Misinformation About ICU Bed Capacity Sep 25 Written By Wyatt Claypo

hinshaw.pngDr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's chief medical officer of health, said she is has heard some "disappointing" reports of Alberta Health Services (AHS) public health inspectors being "criticized" or "verbally abused" while doing their jobs.

* Everyone must be masked in idoor public places with a dozen exceptions ...see pp 8
* Albertans must remain 2 or 3 meters apart with the exception of their immediate household and ... see p. 10
* Everyone must work remotely. No house guests are allowed. p. 11
* No indoor dining at restaurants. Outdoors, only three people allowed at a table. People at different tables may not interact. p. 14
* Indoor group activities like gyms and theatre are banned unless all participants are intimately related. p. 15

Notwithstanding anything in this Order, the Chief Medical Officer of Health may exempt a person or a class of persons from the application of this Order. p. 20

Kat Meijer after visiting an Alberta hospital--

I was just sent to get a EKG/ECG done at a lab. My Dr told me not to go to the hospital as they were breaking at the seams and their lab is closed to the public unless you're in hospital. She also said they are almost at the point where triage has to decide who lives or dies.
I went to lab and was turned away as they DONT do STAT tests, and told go to hospital. I was fearful, what if I couldn't get in, my Dr suspected a heart attack. Also I was scared of catching Covid.
When I got there, there was NO ONE in the waiting room! I was brought back into EMERG in less than 10min. To my utter surprise it was dead! There were 4 patients including myself and NONE with Covid symptoms (you can hear everything it was so quiet). There was 1 Dr and 2 nurses.
It was like the twilight zone! My brain wasn't understanding, everything I'd heard and read about suggested that hospitals were overwhelmed and overflowing with Covid patients!
Weirder yet, as I left they asked me to put my phone in my pocket! There were signs all over stating that "Absolutely no pictures or recordings were to be taken in the hospital at all"
We are being lied to! The Fear Mongering from AHS top staff, the Main Stream Media, and our Elected officials, especially Justin Trudeau first telling us, then bribing, then shaming and now Threatening us fellow Canadians to get the vaccine because our health care systems are at max capacity in much of our Nation!
I've gone over my experience several times wondering if it was just that hospital, until I started seeing other people stating the same things about their hospitals. Now I know the truth, and watching this "lady" lie about how many ICU beds and the most we've ever had in ICU ever....... I can't help but to feel ashamed of my countries leaders, and the lies they stand for, and force others to lie for and with them, for whatever the crazy agenda is, that they have and are implementing.

CW wrote-

As an Albertan, I am ignoring the latest round of hysteria from Dr. Deadbeat Henshaw and the Albertan "government".  Their recommendations and restrictions mean absolutely nothing to me.  My family will not be cancelling Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other gathering because this is all a lie.  Only reason there's a crisis in Alberta is because the media and government want one.  As the government and media continue to use any reason to force the kill shot on people more and more people are being damaged and killed by the "vaccine".  Eventually enough people will have family and friends injured that finally they will realize they've been duped.  What's really needed in Alberta and Canada right now is armed and trained militias ready to do battle to preserve democracy.   Mainstream media and government need to be removed by whatever means possible to end this insanity. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Alberta Adopts Draconian Measures to Combat Hoax Pandemic"

Robert K said (September 27, 2021):

Kat Meijer's description of her hospital visit is a nearly exact description of my own in March 2020. I had had a mild pain for months and was thinking of getting it assessed but had decided not to go to Emergency because of media reports of hospitals overflowing because of the COVID crisis. However, I happened to be speaking with a doctor socially who told me that in fact his hospital was so quiet that inactive emergency care doctors were being sent home! So I went to Emerg and found it to be as dead as I had been told.

I had to deliver a sample to the hospital the following day, which I did at a side door where some staff in hazmat suits were prepared to receive COVID cases. I didn't see any patients, the ambulances were immobile and the parking lot was almost empty.

RH said (September 27, 2021):

Part 14 - Exemptions under Alberta Government's Restrictions Exemption Program
14.1 Notwithstanding anything in this Order, the Chief Medical Officer of Health may, pursuant the Alberta Government's Restrictions Exemption Program, exempt a person or class of persons from the application of some, or all, parts of this Order.
Part 15 - General
15.1 Notwithstanding anything in this Order, the Chief Medical Officer of Health may exempt a person or a class of persons from the application of this Order.

The Alberta Public Health Officer put in at the very end of her 20 page list of orders, the above exemption clauses for whomever she deems can be exempt from these orders. Perhaps she exempted herself, Premier Kason Kenny and a gaggle of minions and puppet masters. I would love to see this list of people, wouldn’t you? And for what possible reason could she medically exempt people, if the virus does not discriminate against anyone?

Doug P said (September 27, 2021):

Back in January 2020 during the beginning of the big scare I had to go to the hospital a few times for a thumb injury. I'm in Belleville Ontario. I met nurses, administrators and doctors. Of course the doctors just say "we follow public health guidelines" and that's it. I didn't meet a nurse or administrator that believed any of this garbage and one of them started in on it and sounded just like me. I was in and out in minutes, despite our trusted MSM news sources saying hospitals were busting at the seams. It's so hard to believe that anyone still goes to TV for news. I should also add that the emergency dept at the hospital had a BIG sign "No HCQ prescriptions will be given here" or something to that effect.

Below--Why are Hospitals Firing Staff During a Pandemic? (scroll down) -----Twitter block vaccine news Get it on

Vatican Trillion$

luciferian-vatican.jpg(No surprise that the Vatican has gone over to Satanism)

Matt 6 21 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

I am a great supporter of the
traditional Catholic church
but I was not aware
that the Vatican is second only
to the Rothschilds in worldly wealth.

This is the Catholic Church I know and love:

Francis is a Freemason, a Satanist and an Imposter

Pub. 1983


The Zionist Luciferian Jewish Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823 and purchased Jerusalem in 1829.

Today the large banking and financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system interlocked with the Rothschilds and the rest of the International Banking system Rothschilds control in addition to their own fortune (estimated at over half of the wealth of the entire world.) The immense liquid resource of the Catholic Church is second only to the Rothschilds' in wealth and power.

"The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others.

"The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, T.W.A., etc." (...)

"In a statement published in connection with a bond prospectus, the Boston archdiocese listed its assets at Six Hundred and Thirty-five Million ($635,891,004), which is 9.9 times its liabilities. This leaves a net worth of Five Hundred and Seventy-one million dollars ($571,704,953). It is not difficult to discover the truly astonishing wealth of the church, once we add the riches of the twenty-eight archdioceses and 122 dioceses of the U.S.A., some of which are even wealthier than that of Boston.

"Some idea of the real estate and other forms of wealth controlled by the Catholic church may be gathered by the remark of a member of the New York Catholic Conference, namely 'that his church probably ranks second only to the United States Government in total annual purchase.'

"Another statement, made by a nationally syndicated Catholic priest, perhaps is even more telling. 'The Catholic church,' he said, 'must be the biggest corporation in the United States. We have a branch office in every neighborhood. Our assets and real estate holdings must exceed those of Standard Oil, A.T.&T., and U.S. Steel combined. And our roster of dues-paying members must be second only to the tax rolls of the United States Government.'"

(...) "The Catholic church, once all her assets have been put together, is the most formidable stockbroker in the world. The Vatican, independently of each successive pope, has been increasingly orientated towards the U.S. The Wall Street Journal said that the Vatican's financial deals in the U.S. alone were so big that very often it sold or bought gold in lots of a million or more dollars at one time." (...)

"The Vatican's treasure of solid gold has been estimated by the United Nations World Magazine to amount to several billion dollars. A large bulk of this is stored in gold ingots with the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, while banks in England and Switzerland hold the rest. "But this is just a small portion of the wealth of the Vatican, which in the U.S. alone, is greater than that of the five wealthiest giant corporations of the country. When to that is added all the real estate, property, stocks and shares abroad, then the staggering accumulation of the wealth of the Catholic church becomes so formidable as to defy any rational assessment."

--Vatican - A revealing little review of their decline & new master, Lucifer.

Pope Paul VI, who built the hall pictured above,  was a known Crypto Jew, a homosexual and a Mason.

zombie-stare.jpgFirst Comment from RM-

People's inability to see - their REFUSAL to see - their state of being wilfully uninformed, if not downright ignorant - is astonishing. We have Catholic (Vatican II) churches looking just like Masonic temples, and a snake of an impostor as "pope" spewing gobbledygook and heresy from what is unmistakably built to resemble a serpent's head. And when I call Vatican II adherents on it, I get fluoride stares and fluoride silence.

Al Thompson wrote-

There hasn't been any legitimacy in the Catholic Church since the beginning.  I could be wrong but in looking at the results present in the current society.  Officially, the RC is a group of oath-takers who instigate the corruption by their evil deeds.

In the book, the Council of Trent 1545 which is one of the major foundations of Roman Catholicism, it states the following: "Wherefore, we urgently exhort and admonish in the Lord and also strictly command in virtue of holy obedience, and in virtue also of the oath which they have taken,...".  Oath taking is forbidden in the Bible and I think the act is the ticket to hell.  A lot of things would improve if everyone abandoned the oath and carried on with life.  Oath-taking is really asking for it.  Abandoning the oath would be a very easy thing to do and it wouldn't be cursing our lives.

The world governments are already operating a "new world order" from at least 1215 AD.  How I think it works is that because King John I abdicated Great Britain to the Pope at the time, the governments of the world operate on the system of suzerain.  Which means that the Great Britain can control their domestic issues themselves but the pope calls the shots regarding foreign policy.  It's been quite a few years since I studied all of this.  It is a feudal system with the pope as the overlord.  I believe that the Normandy invasion was called "Operation Overlord."  They are telling us how it works.

I grew up a catholic and went to their schools right up until the end of high school.  And I can confidently say that the church is a very bad cult.  When you see oath taking, it is a satanic cult.  The reason for that is that oath-taking by any man, woman, or child is the act of lying.  No one knows whether or not they can fulfill the oath as they can't predict them future at the time they are swearing an oath; thus it is a form of lying.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Comments for "Vatican Trillion$"

Steve said (September 27, 2021):

I was raised as catholic and always thought it was weird, perverted and now satanic that the church shows Christ in defeat on the cross. I
think it is the worse representation of Christ, I always like when Christ was shown with children and saintly. What other religion does
that, not even satanism. It clearly shows the domination of evil in the church. Many good catholic people but the church elite are the devils spawn.

And the mass is definitely a black one using the crucifix and eating flesh and blood of Christ. Really weird again.

ML said (September 26, 2021):

Ed Hendrie was born into Catholicism. graduated Notre Dame and a Jesuit law school. He exposes the truth about Catholicism in his brilliant books Antichrist: the Beast Revealed and Solving The Mystery of Babylon the Great. We can find no better nor more thorough exposition of the truth about historical Catholicism than through this man's brilliant books. His Murder, Rape and Torture in a Catholic Nunnery is more of the same kind of truthful exposition and rounds out this study, along with Rome's Responsibility For the Assassination of Lincoln. We all could do much worse than have these books under our belts.

Eric B said (September 26, 2021):

His real name was Teofilo Lucifero Gardini, before he officially changed his name he sometimes used his brother's name; Angelo..
He hated the modus operandi of the unholy roman empire/ Italian fascism. His perception of the Vatican wealth is often correct. The logo of the FED ofcourse is a (vatican)phoenix same as on top of the flagpoles of the US flag. After the Oslo Accords East Jerusalem came under Vatican control.

David C said (September 26, 2021):

The word “Vatican” literally means “Divining Serpent, worshippers of the serpent. When speaking in the Paul VI Audience Hall, the Pope is speaking from between the fangs, can't get much more in our face than THAT - eh? The "Jews" who work with the Vatican, are Papal court Jews like the House of Rothschild - not real Jews descended from the Hebrews/Israelites. The 13 Papal bloodlines created the Roman Catholic Church, and control the fake Jews too - both apparently work together controlling the world using Freemasonry, and other secret societies. As for who is the richest - I assume the Papal (satanic) bloodlines are, because have had a parasitic relationship with humanity for millennia, feeding on negative emotions created by satan's orchestrated evil. The Pope, Queen of England (and other Black Nobility), and House of Rothschild are all obscenely rich, but they aren't the top of the pyramid of power - somebody, or something created and control them, I believe it's satan.

Texe Marrs states the following in his foreword to Edward Hendrie's book on this subject: (snip) Edward Hendrie has been given a very special gift of discernment, and I believe his book provides evidence of this. For centuries the saints have sought to uncover the symbolical secrets of the Great Harlot and the Beast of Revelation. Who is Mystery Babylon? What is the meaning of the sinister symbols found in these passages? Which city is being described as the "great city" so full of sin and decadence, and who are its citizens? Why do the woman and beast of Revelation seek the destruction of the holy people, the saints and martyrs of Jesus? What does it all mean for you and me today? Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great answers these questions and more.

This book helps illuminate the truth about how the Roman Catholic Church and Cabalistic-Zionist (satanic fake Jews) control the world, using Freemasonry, and other secret societies. This book helps explain it in detail.

Michael S said (September 26, 2021):

I highly doubt this, even considering the undermining of the Papacy and the Church in the years 1958-1965. It seems to me to be the old anti-Catholic bias on the part of some who would link the Church to the globalist cartel, without making the distinction between the true Church and the false "Babylon" which has grown out of the newchurch founded by antipopes Roncalli (John23) and Montini (Paul6) from 1958. Making this distinction just might save you.

Of course before 1958 the Church has had to deal with banks and other secular institutions to manage day-to-day operations. Then there are plenty of expenditures such as founding hospitals, schools, charities, etc. Running a clandestine world-wide money laundering scheme on their part is at the least, cynical, and more perjorative. And this 1823 financial operations takeover ... ??

No, the new Babylon church will get its wealth and power when the globalist cabal allies itself with the new, fallen Vatican (they don't know it yet, because their master has this double-cross planned for them, as part of his plan to lead the world to the antipope in opposition to the true religion, and to perdition [Apoc. 13: 8 and 17: 8]):

17:12. And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, who have not
yet received a kingdom: but shall receive power as kings, one hour
after the beast.

17:13. These have one design: and their strength and power they shall
deliver to the beast.

Below-- Pharmacist's Tips on Ordering Ivermectin (scroll down) -----Twitter blocks vaccine info. Follow me on

Why are Hospitals Firing Staff During a Pandemic?

September 25, 2021

image-9.pngBy firing health care workers for
refusing a covid vaccine,
globalist governments are
showing their hand. There is no
"health emergency."
Their first priority
is simply to make
everyone take the jab.
There will be one as flu season arrives
and the vaccinated
start filling hospital corridors.

Vaccine mandates in hospitals - gross incompetence or deliberately creating a crisis?
by CR

Across Canada, as well as in many states, healthcare workers are quitting, being fired, or being threatened with termination due to covid vaccine mandates.

Despite the fact that lockdowns were officially intended to to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, governments and hospitals have decided that further increasing the chronic shortage of healthcare workers is a good idea.

There is a massive backlog of surgeries and other procedures that were postponed due to lockdowns, on top of endless covid hospitalizations and many workers leaving the profession due to stress, burnout, and poor work conditions. Firing unvaccinated healthcare workers at a time like this doesn't make any sense unless there is a hidden agenda.

After the failure of vaccines to prevent new "variants," it was certain that we would have another wave of infections and hospitalizations.

However, across Canada the federal and provincial governments did nothing to increase hospital capacity.

Hospitals in Canada have been chronically understaffed and over capacity for years. The province of Ontario is the home of "hallway medicine", with patients being kept in hallways, offices, and storage rooms due to a lack of actual hospital rooms. It was already a disaster long before covid, with most hospitals over 100% capacity on a daily basis, but nothing was done about it due to a lack of funding.

image-11.pngOur worthless PM Justin Trudeau has been running deficits in excess of $400 billion for 2020 and 2021 to provide financial support during lockdowns in addition to corporate bailouts, media subsidies (all Canadian mainstream media is in his pocket), and funding for special interest groups. He could have invested some of that money in fixing the healthcare system so there would be no need to ever lock down again, but common sense is a rare thing in Canada.

Just this week, hospitals in Kingston and Windsor, Ontario, both fired over 100 employees each.

The Quebec government is refusing to back down from firing unvaccinated healthcare workers, which total approximately 20,000 people.

No other employer would consider such a thing unless they are well equipped to compensate for the loss of thousands of workers, but that is not the case here: "Quebec is offering up to $18,000 in bonuses for full-time nurses to prevent more of them from quitting the province's struggling health-care system...  pandemic-induced stresses that have contributed to a shortage of 4,300 nurses in the province" struggling-health-system

The shortage of 4,300 nurses doesn't include other healthcare workers, which are in equally short supply.

Alberta is threatening to fire around 30% of healthcare workers, and is currently in a state of emergency due to the number of covid hospitalizations and failure to expand hospital capacity.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is not a recipe for success. One only needs to look to New York to see where this is heading. The Lewis County general hospital is "pausing" the delivery of babies after 30 employees quit over vaccine mandates.

The question here is whether government officials and hospital management are really so stupid and incompetent that they believe firing a large proportion of healthcare workers when they are already short-staffed will somehow improve overall public health outcomes.

I find this hard to believe, and the only logical alternative is that they are intentionally creating a crisis that will cause the already fragile healthcare system to collapse.

Perhaps they want to justify the unconstitutional vaccine passports. Maybe the unvaccinated will be denied medical treatment.

France has already banned the unvaccinated from hospitals for non- emergency treatment, it could happen here too. We have been living through a manufactured crisis since March 2020 and if this is allowed to continue it will only get worse. The worst part is that hardly anyone questions the obvious inconsistencies, as though they were under some kind of spell.

If we don't start speaking up and pressuring the government to change course then we are going to have a disaster this winter.

Hospitals are already full in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and it's only the first week of fall.

Makow comment- A hospital is the last place I would go if I were sick.
First Comment by Anonymous from

I worked in hospitals for many years. I would rather die in the car park than enter any private hospital, and will be taken to a public hospital only if unconscious or bleeding out from trauma. After leaving the Emergency room, where care IS given, and falling into the clutches of the medical Mafias, you are in very great danger, particularly if you trust the system and its practitioners. The higher up the medical hierarchy, the more florid the psychopathy, greed and power lust.

Al Thompson wrote-

My take on this is that the medical profession is a Satanic cult and the purpose of "medical" care is to kill as many people as possible while looking as if they are there to help.  The purpose of satanism is to destroy mankind and everything that is good.  There is a reason why they put the symbol of the snake on their organization logos.  That's your warning as they have to disclose who they are. I suggest that the reader go on the reviews of popular websites such as; then go to hospitals, and then read the reviews. There you'll see mostly bad reviews.  The problem is that hospitals are being paid by the government and insurance companies.  There doesn't seem to be much quality control.

I was with a group of people talking about the hospital and one of them was an MD.  She looked up and said: "Don't go to the hospital; they will kill you."  See?  They are telling you who they are and what they are about.

A hospital is like going into hell.  I have another friend who has been in the hospital for over 30 days and he told me yesterday that all of the things I told him about the medical industry is much worse that what I described.  He's 81 years old and went in for what he thought was a heart problem.  He contracted Covid and now has pneumonia.  They've also put him on a morphine drip just like my other friend who died almost 2 years ago.

Whether these hospitals are understaffed is not important in my opinion because they are corrupted businesses.  My guess is that more people will live because of this and I think a new medical system could arise that is much better than what we have now.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Why are Hospitals Firing Staff During a Pandemic?"

Doug P said (September 26, 2021):

I wonder what percentage of doctors are formal members of these suicidal death cults or is this internal peer pressure driving this agenda? This Kovid narrative is beyond plausibility for anyone having an IQ a few points above a bag of rocks. What is going on when there are medical professionals agreeing to take this vaccine? Are the ones that agree to take it on the "inside" and just get fake but legally real papers?

LW said (September 26, 2021):

This manufactured crisis isn’t going to end well. I have had to write off (permanently) some friends and family that have been blinded by this psy-op, it is the only thing one can do in order to save their own sanity.

Some are wavering… I’ve done what I can to support them, but, on this issue, we ultimately will have to stand alone. There are worse things coming down the pipe.

A firm believer in scripture, there will be a test that will involve one’s personal survival. Now, whether or not the COVID hoax is that test, remains to be seen.

The “mark” that a fallen society has to receive before it’s fall could well involve a threat to remove all basic privileges and rights, (including the right to live) as this ‘pandemic’ has already provided in terms of the public vilification non-compliant’s have and are receiving.

Again… all I can offer, here, is support in that you are, in fact, right! I do not waver in any respect, despite the sorrow I witness with those that I thought were friends and loved ones, caving-in on almost a daily basis.

Keep the faith… society, as we have known it, will probably not survive this, but, the individual has hope in a government to come.

JG said (September 25, 2021):

There is no responsible rationale as to why Covid Government who has illegally seized power is willing to let the hospitals in Canada crash. They want the entire population to take the jab and that's all there is to it. They have spent trillions of dollars worldwide on monetary stimulus and MSM media brainwashimg.

And, they are not ready to let truth, reason, or individual resistance get in the way of their master plan.

The Covid Government is going for broke on this one and that's exactly what will happen to them.

V said (September 25, 2021):

My friend, had a bad motorcycle accident last week and was recovering from broken bones at UCLA Ronald Regan Hospital. I went to pick him up and while I was waiting, I asked the security guard and check in attendant a few questions.

"Wow, its so packed is this normal? Is this the Covid Pandemic?”

The staff person told me that they have closed a number of hospitals, and so everyone is coming to this UCLA Ronald Regan Hospital.

Humm... wonder why they closed the other hospitals…. Is the medical staff refusing the jab? So now they are consolidating into one hospital for multiple counties?

Jerry said (September 25, 2021):

The culling has only just begun, they do it because they can, control everything, do as you please.

Will never take the vaccination, will die before I am made to take it.

My only way of fighting back,

HR Pro Provides Tips for People Facing Termination for Refusing DNA-Alteration

September 24, 2021

fired.jpgHR Pro Provides Tips for People Facing Termination for Refusing DNA-Alteration

My name is Sheri and I have been working as a Human Resources professional for about 12 years. In seeing all of the posts recently about folks fearing for their jobs, I feel compelled to help. I thought it might be easier to write my own post rather than trying to comment on everyone else's. This is a long one, consider copying & pasting into a word doc for easy reading.

If you or someone you love are being told that you must get v'd in order to keep a job, read on for some (hopefully) helpful information. I am not by any means a lawyer, and every situation is unique. But generally, these guidelines below can help get you started.

First, let me start by saying there is a very good reason why these mandates were not imposed on employees... and quite simply, it's because the gov doesn't have the authority to implement company policies. Oh sure, they can tell businesses that must have a policy ABOUT something, (like you must have a drug and alcohol policy, according to OHS regulations) but they can't tell businesses what the policy needs to SAY or what to mandate in their workplace. In their announcements, it was stated by our lovely health authorities that businesses can decide on their own policies and should do their "due diligence". This is because a HUGE amount of businesses (if not all) would be challenged to legally mandate a v. Let me explain...

In order to make something discriminatory (like this v) a "condition of employment", an employer needs to be able to prove that it is a "bona fide occupational requirement" (BFOR). Google that term. The Supreme Court of Canada has clarified that there is a "test" or set of standards that must be met in order to qualify something as a BFOR;

1. It needs to be directly related to job performance (you need to meet this criteria in order to safely perform critical aspects of your job) 2. It must be adopted in good faith (it wasn't intended to be discriminatory - like "we don't hire women because they're not strong enough to lift boxes in the warehouse") 3. It's reasonably necessary (this is the big one, and it basically this means there is no other reasonable or less invasive way to do the job), and employees who feel discriminated cannot be accommodated or it would cause "undue hardship" to the business. I'll explain this more below.

Here is a great article from go2hr that explains this in simple terms;

So how does an employer determine if the v is needed in order to safely perform a job? Well they better do a very thorough and well documented "Job Analysis" - Google that too. A job analysis would require an employer to break down every job task and assess the risk level. The risk must be "measurable" or "quantifiable". So simply saying that it's a risk to the public to be un-v'd would probably not fly. Your employer would need to show this. With stats. They would then need to show that the risk cannot be mitigated by other measures (ie, masks, barriers, social distancing, working from home, etc.)

If my employer came to me and said I must get v'd by a certain date, or face disciplinary action (up to and including termination) then I would definitely ask for that in writing, and I would request that they also provide a copy of their documented Job Analysis with that letter. I would cary on working (business as usual) until I received that information.

Once I receive my written notice, and job analysis, I would ask my employer to clarify for me (in writing) which aspects of my position are dangerous if I am not v'd. I would then ask them to explain (in writing) what accommodations were explored, and why they determined that those accommodations would be considered "undue hardship".

Undue hardship is not an easy thing to prove as it is - you can't just say something like "it costs more money for me to accommodate you"... no, it needs to be bigger than that.

Fauci by a Reader's son

September 22, 2021

Fauci by a Reader's son

Jacques Atalli Predicted Scamdemic & Genocide in 1981

Globalist Planner Jacques Atalli Predicted Scamdemic & Genocide in 1981

"Euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good. 

"We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their  own." 


For those who still doubt that the fraudulent, genocidal, Communist-style tyranny of Covid 1984 was planned long ago, prepare to have your illusions shattered. 

The following statements made in 1981 by Jewish globalist Jacques Attali are taken from Interviews with Michel Salomon - The  Faces of the Future, Seghers edition when Attali was  a senior adviser to French President, Francoise Mitterand: 

"In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with  the old, because as soon as it exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than he produces and costs  society dearly, then the weak and then the useless who do nothing for society because there  will be more and more of them, and especially the stupid ones. 

"Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our  future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good...

"We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic  crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn't matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. 

"We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own." 

Finally (and perhaps especially), since no war can be won unless the peoples waging it believe it just and necessary, and unless the loyalty of citizens and their belief in its values are maintained, the chief weapons of the future will be the instruments of propaganda,  communication, and intimidation." 
Jacques Attali (born 1 November 1943) is a French economic and social theorist, writer, political  adviser and senior civil servant, who served as a counselor to President François Mitterrand from  1981 to 1991 and was the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in  1991-1993.   In 2009, Foreign Policy recognized him as one of the top 100 "global thinkers" in the world.