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Gary Barnett - The False Promise of Normality

March 5, 2021

Left. Red Pillers chased by pod people in "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers"... Today they'd be wearing masks.

"Society is happy to toe the line of tyranny because they actually believe that they might gain permission from their masters to simply live. These are the fools among us, and they make up the largest part of society, and this does not bode well for our future." -Gary Barnett

Makow- We neither have the intelligence to understand our predicament nor the courage to confront it. The covid hoax is the culmination of a centuries-old conspiracy by Cabalist Jews to destroy Christian Western Civilization. Wars, depressions, homosexuality, feminism, migration, sexual liberation, pornography, miscegenation, dumbed-down education etc. were all designed to undermine and deliver Western society to Communism. (See: What is Communism?

Thanks to the Cabalist-owned MSM, we believe this ongoing satanist assault represents "progress" rather than suicide. Essentially, we have been inducted into a satanic cult. Satanic cults control and exploit their members by making them sick (i.e. vaccinations) or think they're sick.

The whole Western political, business and cultural establishment are traitors, second-raters who advanced their careers by selling their souls to the devil. The central bankers handpicked these opportunists to execute their agenda, i.e. enslave and dispossess humanity. Hence, "You will own nothing but you'll be happy." (Certainly this doesn't apply to Bill Gates & his banker buddies.) 

What H.W. Bush said to Sarah McClendon in 1992, "If the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the street and lynch us," is quite literally true. Luckily, most Americans are too gullible to see the truth.

Below, Gary Barnett comments on the peoples' passivity in the face of lockdowns. 
They think they are temporary until vaccines take effect. They are not listening to the World Economic Forum which states plainly that the covidhoax is designed to reorganize society, i.e. enslave humanity. They state explicitly there will be no return to normal:

In COVID-19: The Great Reset, Klaus Schwab states: "Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never. Nothing will ever return to the "broken" sense of normalcy that prevailed prior to the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory."  ...

"If you force yourself to be the same as everyone else. It causes neuroses, psychoses, and paranoia. It's a distortion of nature, it goes against God's laws, for in all the world's woods and forests he did not create a single leaf the same as another."   --Paulo Coelho

By Gary D. Barnett
(abridged by 

As I watch this takeover of the people of the world, and understand the insanity of it all, I have to pause in order to regain composure, and to continually guard against consorting with a mass population that seems to be a type of pod people straight out of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." 

One need look no further than the sea of masks to understand this phenomenon, as all expression is hidden, and all look the same. This is a modern twilight zone, but it is one where the people not only look the same, they are the same.

We are facing what some might refer to as Armageddon, and they are not far wrong. This is most certainly a battle of good against evil, and at this point, evil has the upper hand. Every day, many out there continue to claim that people are beginning to fight back, and that the tide will be turned. 

In my opinion, this is simply not true, and in fact, any major resistance still appears to be mostly absent from view. The reasons for this mistake in judgment are not due to what people actually say or believe, but in how they act in concert. 

Yes, many know that these draconian measures are not necessary, but the bulk of society is happy to toe the line of tyranny because they actually believe that they might gain permission from their masters to simply live. These are the fools among us, and they make up the largest part of society, and this does not bode well for our future.

Living in constant fear, fear that is baseless and ridiculous, can only destroy the minds of those that are little more than frightened sheep at this point. 

Once the state narrative is accepted, once the masses turn to total obedience in order to accommodate the ruling class in exchange for false promises, all is lost. 

Those of us willing to risk all for freedom, to stand up to these totalitarian monsters, and to refuse to bow down to any illegitimate authority, face censorship, police brutality, incarceration, and at some point even possible death. Large numbers of true dissenters could crush this state assault, but those numbers do not exist in this current environment.

The state's mandates, pronouncements, threats, & incessant executive orders are going on as scheduled, and have become relentless in nature, and more restrictive every day. This could not be happening if there were any legitimate pushback from this pathetic population. 

Although some of us continue to fight against this dictatorial plot, it is not enough to stop or even slow down the agenda-driven invasion that has already destroyed nearly all of our freedom. The continued propaganda is sinking into the brainless segment of this population which is ever growing in numbers. 

By wearing these deadly oxygen stealing masks, by testing with a PCR that is being used to deposit foreign elements in the brain, by taking this RNA/DNA, gene altering concoction falsely called a 'vaccine,' the ability to think is systematically being destroyed due to the insertion and injection of toxic pathogens. The more that fall into line and do everything they are instructed to do, the less chance there will be for any remedy to this global reset and takeover of the minds and bodies of the American people.

With time, and people complying with all state orders, it will eventually become impossible to change this course we are on because part of this conspiracy is based upon implanting toxins in the body, controllable nanoparticles in the brain, bioweapon 'viruses,' and any number of other poisons. 

These injected operating systems are meant to allow control of large populations, and this technology already exists, much of which is still unknown to the average citizen, and most others as well. In addition to all these things, many millions could die from the very adverse effects possible from these invasive pathogens that could cause great harm for months and years to come, virtually crippling the entire population and future generations as well.

Under these circumstances, population control through democide, which has already begun, will become more evident in the not too distant future, and all will be blamed on one or another fake 'virus' that will be said to have mutated, giving rise to continuous injections of poison. Eugenics never had it so easy, as people are lining up to die.

Hysteria has set in, children are being destroyed mentally and physically, and mass depression is now common. With this comes despair, suicide, aggression, and of course psychosis. This is certainly a "new normal," but it is the state's creation of a new normal so that the ruling class can take all and control all.

There is no real danger, there is no 'virus,' there is no pandemic, but there is extreme sickness and death due to all the state's mandates that generate mass fear, and decimate our immune systems. 

The government's fascist partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry, the military industrial complex, the tax-free foundations, the technology giants, and their control over all monetary policy, have allowed these few evil tyrants the ability to capture and terrorize over 300 million people in this country, and nearly 8 billion around the world. 

If this sounds as ludicrous to you as it does to me, then maybe instead of voluntarily being an obedient slave, you will have an awakening, and finally decide to protect yourself and your family from this marauding scourge called government.

Things will never change unless you change them!

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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Encore - Hitler Murdered His Niece, said his Sister

March 4, 2021

hitler-geli.jpgHitler murdered his 24-year-old niece Geli Raubal due to a bisexual love triangle involving the Nazi leader and his Jewish chauffeur-bodyguard, Emil Maurice

(Disclaimer: This partly depends on research by Michael Dean. His original article is no longer available. I believe this is credible but the circumstances of Raubal's death are still shrouded in controversy. Make up your own mind.)

Hitler's First Murder
(Updated from Feb 16, 2017) 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

To say
Adolf Hitler was a psychopath and killer might seem redundant, but few know that he murdered his first victim with his own hands. It was swept under the carpet and has yet to see the light of day. Western historians are as determined as Nazis to protect the Fuhrer's reputation. 

On Sept 18, 1931, he shot his beloved niece Geli Raubal, 24. The murder was ruled a suicide by the Bavarian Minister of Justice, a political ally.

(Time Magazine's Man of the Year for 1938)

However, Raubal's body was badly bruised and her nose was broken. An unfinished letter indicated she was leaving her uncle's apartment to go to Vienna. She was buried in a Catholic cemetery that would bar suicides.  (The M√ľnchener Post, 20th September 1931)

Hitler's sister Paula said Hitler killed Geli: "The only thing that keeps me from publicly accusing him is the memory of our mother. I would accuse him of the deliberate murder of Geli. And don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying he drove her to her death, caused her to commit suicide, or anything like that. I mean to accuse him of shooting and killing her...I have enough proof to convince a fair jury that Adolf should be convicted of murder."

"He was in love with his own niece...I begged Angela [her mother] to send Geli to me in Vienna. According to Angela, the gun went off by accident when the two of them were struggling. It was in Adolf's hand." 

She said Geli was not pregnant. The story was circulated by Goering to give her a motive for suicide. Paula attributed the information to an Austrian government investigation. "The evidence collected by Fritz Gerlich was well known to them." (The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler, pp. 172-173.) 


The bisexual love triangle that led to Raubal's murder reveals the true perverted character of a man that many "patriots" still worship.

Although a homosexual, Hitler still enjoyed the company of buxom young blonds and brunettes that fit the Nazi mold. Raubal was the daughter of Hitler's half-sister and cook. Nineteen years his junior, she was an unselfconscious extrovert who brightened every room she entered. Hitler seemed to relax when she was around.

"I love Geli and could marry her," Hitler told his friend Heinrich Hoffman. [But] "I want to remain single. So I retain the right to exert an influence on her circle of friends until such a time as she finds the right man." (Hoffman, Hitler Was My Friend, 1955.)

Hitler's rival was his own bisexual, Jewish chauffeur, and bodyguard, Emil Maurice. In December 1927, Hitler prevented his niece from marrying Maurice and fired him. The following year, Raubal wrote to Maurice: 

"Uncle Adolf is insisting that we should wait two years. Think of it, Emil, two whole years of only being able to kiss each other now and then and always having Uncle Adolf in charge. I can only give you my love and be unconditionally faithful to you. I love you so infinitely much. Uncle Adolf insists that I should go on with my studies." (Dec. 24,1928)

HITLER-MAURICE.png(The Jewish-looking Maurice and Hitler in Landsberg prison,1924)

EMIL MAURICE (1897-1972)

In Mein Kampf, Hitler describes a fracas at a beer hall when Communists tried to break up an event. He marveled at how his "storm troopers,"  although bloodied, "swept the enemy literally out of the their head, my splendid Maurice."

Maurice was a pioneer member of the SA and later the SS. He and Hess took Hitler's dictation of Mein Kampf; and like Hess, Maurice was one of Hitler's lovers. After their release from prison, Maurice became Hitler's personal bodyguard and chauffeur. He accompanied Hitler during the 1934 Purge and personally dispatched people who had become liabilities.

"It is absolutely inconceivable that Maurice was not known as Jewish," Dr. Judith Reisman writes. [Considering] "his appearance, his family, and the very high probability of his circumcision...homosexual lust easily overpowered anti-Semitic hate."

maurice.pngWhen it later emerged that Maurice had a Jewish great grandfather, Hitler made an exemption for him and his family. Since one-sixteenth Jews were already exempt from the Nuremberg Laws, Maurice, who became an SS general, was probably more Jewish than that. Nazi race laws were a matter of expediency, mostly designed to persecute non-Zionist Jews and justify the formation of the Jewish State.

Despite his prowess as a bouncer, Maurice, a watchmaker by training, had an artistic temperament and played the guitar at Nazi gatherings. Raubal, also a  musician, took a fancy to him during her visits to Landsberg Prison in 1924, at age 16. Thus began a passionate romance that blossomed over the years.


gelinude1.jpgFor his book, Hitler and Eva (1974) Glen Infield interviewed Wilhelm Stocker, a SS Guard at Hitler's apartment. Stocker said that when her Uncle Adolf was away, Geli had many suitors.
Because he kept her secrets, Geli told him
"that at times Hitler made her do things in the privacy of her room that sickened her but when I asked her why she didn't refuse to do them, she just shrugged and said that she didn't want to lose him to some woman that would do what he wanted."

Gregor Strasser, a Nazi leader who had a fling with Geli said she told him the Nazi dictator forced her to urinate and defecate on him. Strasser was one of the Nazi leaders who met in Hitler's apartment after the murder to decide on a story. Hitler wanted it called an "accident." But the word had already gone out that Raubel had committed suicide using Hitler's gun.

Strasser was murdered in the 1934 Purge.

hitlergeli.jpgRAUBAL'S MURDER

Michael Dean reports that after leaving Hitler's service, Maurice sued the Nazi Party for unlawful dismissal and won a tidy sum. He opened a watchmaker shop a few blocks from Hitler's apartment and resumed his affair with Raubal.

Apparently, she became pregnant and wanted to go to Vienna to have the baby. Hitler was furious at this betrayal and refused permission. When she defied him, he killed her. The cook testified after the war that Geli lay in her own blood for three days, which blurs time of death. This blows Hitler's alibi that he was not present when she "committed suicide." 

It is not clear which betrayal was greater to Hitler since he had feelings for both Raubel and Maurice.

In any case, Hitler's relationship with Maurice proved resilient. Maurice became a senior SS official and Hitler protected him against rivals resentful accepting orders from a Jew.

The take-away is that before Hitler indirectly killed millions of people, Jews and non-Jews alike, he first bloodied his hands on the young niece he supposedly loved. Millions of people chose to follow a murderer and psychopath. Nothing has changed.  


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The Hidden Hitler

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Encore - Hitler Murdered His Niece, said his Sister "

David C said (September 28, 2020):

World leaders promoted to positions of importance by the satanic cabal are sexually deviant psychopaths, so it makes sense Hitler was too, and I find his effeminate mannerisms in videos telling. It was also said Hitler had a homosexual relationship with his Jewish roommate while attending art school, and had a police record for being a homosexual prostitute in Vienna. Since world leaders all seem to be sexually deviant psychopaths - it may be a requirement for the job?

in the past, I've traded emails with Mike King at the "tomato bubble" website, who is a Hitler/Nazi worshipper. While Mr. King seems to be an excellent researcher, he seems to have a blind spot when it comes to that subject. Ironically, when I mentioned your name to him, Henry, King said he thought you are an excellent researcher but have a blind spot for Hitler/Nazis! There is more than enough evidence to convince me Hitler was a sexually deviant psychopath, with a narcissistic personality disorder, leading to becoming megalomaniacal. We seem to be living in Weimar America now, similar in many ways to Weimar Germany in 1932, as shown here:

It seems like we have two possibilities: "Weimar America" becomes either "Nazi Amerika", or "Bolshevik America". God help us!!

George said (February 17, 2017):

The hypothesis that Hitler was impotent makes plenty of sense. It would explain the allegations that he engaged in perverse practices exclusively.

Edgar said (March 21, 2012):

It should be remembered that black magic and the satanic evil groupings underlying all governments and secret services.

Someone having adhered to their one-world-totalitarian mindset, having been initiated in Vienna long before the first WW, with the hypnotic powers he openly displayed, would never have seen "sex" or "love" in any normal way.

Those are acts to recharge the batteries of evil, to thrive on fear and often pit different people against each other out of simple spite. So, Adolf, Jacob or whatever, definitely an agent for various diabolic secret organizations, called "clubs" then, would have had all kinds of relationships that did not involve any normal human feelings.

No wonder, as a great-grand child of Solomon Rothschild of Vienna, he was singled out very early. This character is not to be taken as a human. Those "people" are agents of entropy, of evil.

AF said (March 20, 2012):

Another angle that is rarely visited is the body-double issue, which clouds who the real Hitler was. The initial Hitler was most likely the deviant who lived in the Viennese flophouse and was the illegitimate grandson of a Rothschild. He was groomed and was a complete puppet.

However, as this man's nature, history and actions became better understood, and the recruiting and hiring of "bull" homosexuals reached its peak, there were certainly numerous Prussian / German men of intellect and power who could no longer tolerate the intentional destruction of their Fatherland.

Mainstream history tells us there was essentially one assassination attempt on Hitler that failed, but I contend there were many and at least a few of them succeeded.

I also contend that a few body-doubles were thrust into the limelight and perhaps controlled by forces other than the "central bankers / Illuminati" for short periods of time.

In other words, the persona of Hitler was always a puppet, but controlled by different hands at different times. Greg Hallet's book, "Hitler was a British Agent," details Hitler's (which one?) dental work, which was supposedly configured as a wireless receiver, accounting for his "divine" inspirations. Whoever had access to that wireless set-up controlled the Fuhrer.

From analysis of photographs, there were at least 4 Hitlers who were used publicly as far as I know, but I am unaware of any detailed voice analysis that might shed light on how many were reading his speeches. Churchill had his primary doubles (Norman Shelley and Leslie Howard) who made appearances and speeches, and there is some speculation that the original may have died (or was it Leslie Howard?).

Regardless, an important question becomes, what Hitler (if any) escaped from the bunker in 1945? According to the Russians, there were 3 or 4 body-doubles found dead in the bunker and evidence that someone of prominence escaped. If the real Hitler was killed years earlier, why rescue a body-double? Did the rescuers know? Was it Borman who escaped instead? Surely, Borman had doubles too and would not have been in a bunker as a sitting duck (the man controlled billions worth of loot, after all).

Strange times indeed, but the body-double strategy is still playing a huge part of history and politics as evidenced by the Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden debacles. Understanding World War 2 is crucial to understanding what is happening all around us today, but it's a very hard nut to crack...

V said (March 20, 2012):

I love Clifford Shack's comments to "Hitler First Murder". So true.

Hitler was a 'sick' individual but he was not the greatest monster of the century that media makes him out to be. He knew how to take orders and follow them. If he didn't his Anglo/Jewish handlers on orders from Rothschild & Sons would have gotten rid of him and r replaced by another dupe. Hitler should have hung just for the one murder of his poor niece.

Hitler helped fit the role of the events of WWII which created a crisis thereby causing a massive Jewish migration to Palestine.

WWI had the British occupy Palestine. Millions of men, women and children died in both world wars to create the present state of Israel by the Rothschilds and other London banking families (Jew and gentile).

It will take another 'Hitler' to precipitate WWIII which will crown Jerusalem as the worlds seat of global government where the centuries old Jewish messianic plan for world dominion over the goyim will finally take hold.

MS-reply to C Shack said (March 20, 2012):


You said "Hitler didn't kill millions"...proof? If the best that you can come up with is the old "Hitler was just a puppet" argument, then you need to be schooled about human nature. Does a rapist need to be prompted to rape? Does a murderer need to be "nudged" in the right direction to murder? Obviously, the answer is no.

No, I propose it's easier to believe a bunch of faceless "bankers" pull everyone's strings to accomplish a fiendish end rather than an obvious homosexual madman who's mental equilibrium is unbalanced at best. Because of his hatred of God and all things decent, he chooses to murder the things that threaten his defiled ego whether an innocent niece or a race of Torah honoring and fearing Jews.

Clifford Shack said (March 20, 2012):

Hitler didn't murder millions, he murdered one person, his niece. The millions were murdered by London bankers. Hitler was a tiny cog in the wheel. He had as much to do with WWII as Oswald had to do with the JFK assassination.

Hitler was a recruit. He played his part well, no doubt, but he didn't fart unless he received instructions from his handlers who in turn received their instructions from the coordinated intelligence efforts of London and Washington.

Orders were filtered through various channels. Why do you think there were so many double and triple agents on all sides? Orders to Hitler were transferred through a spy network akin to osmosis.

There are stories of Hitler locking himself in a room for days until he received Divine inspiration. In reality, he was waiting for orders. WWI & II were not fought...they were orchestrated. To fight a real war requires real enemies. The Illuminati have a talent for staging wars.

As for Hitler, he was a real murderer. He murdered his niece. Don't give him more credit than that. He was a vegetarian for God's sake. People can't accept Hitler the puppet. If they do they would have to accept the truth. People hate the truth.

Banned from Twatter again for seven days for a link in which 1500 medical professionals advise against the vaccine. FOLLOW ME ON GAB

"Aquarian Conspiracy" Presaged Present Nightmare

The central bankers regard humanity as so much unnecessary baggage and have begun to eliminate it. This 1980 book presaged the heartless dystopian measures being imposed today. Key is the portrayal of man as just another animal, only more harmful to "nature" than all the rest. 

The  "leaderless but powerful network working to bring about radical change in the United States" is the Judeo Masonic conspiracy that has rotted out and destroyed every social institution making it possible to execute a hoax of the magnitude of Covid-1984. This book played an important role in that process of degradation. 

The book "openly boasted that what had been occurring over the last two decades was the work of a deliberate "open conspiracy" -- "A leaderless but powerful network is working to bring about radical change in the United States. Its members have broken with certain key elements of Western thought .... This network is the Aquarian Conspiracy. . . . The great shuddering, irrevocable shift overtaking us is not a new political, religious or philosophical system. It is a new mind, the ascendence of a startling worldview."

by L. Wolfe
(abridged by

 In May 1967, a "war council" in Tavistock's battle against western civilization was convened in DeauvilIe, France under the auspices of the Scientific and Technological Committee of the North Atlantic Assembly and the U.S.¬≠ based Foreign Policy Research Institute, headed by U.S. NATO Ambassador Robert Strauz-Hupe. 

With the title "Conference on Transatlantic Technological Imbalance and Collaboration," it featured the participation of Harland Cleveland, a future NATO ambassador and leading coordinator of Tavistock's futurist networks; Willis Harman, of the Tavistock-connected Stanford Research Institute (SRI); and Trist collaborator Fred Emery. 

Also participating were Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the future Carter national security ad viser then working out of the State Department Policy Planning Council, and Dr. Aurelio Peccei, the future head of the Club of Rome, the leading Malthusian organization, and then-chairman of NATO's most important think-tank, the Economic Committee of the Atlantic Institute. 

Sir Solly Zuckerman and Sir Alexander King, top advisers to the British Crown, were also reported to be active participants. According to participants who were interviewed later, the conference served to update the Tavistock network on various "works in progress," and to help further define them. 

Emery reported on the work of Trist and himself on "social turbulence" theories. Harman discussed the ongoing SRITavistock "The Images of Man" project, which sought to define the new paradigm in terms and methods developed by Kenneth and Elise Boulding a decade earlier. 

A general consensus reportedly was achieved on certain "principles": 

1) The promotion of the rock-drug-sex counterculture would, over a span of little more than a generation, lead to its becoming the dominant global culture; this would mark the end of western Christian civilization, ending what was referred to as the "Age of Pisces" and ushering in the "Age of Aquarius." 

2) "Scientific progress," as defined by man's successive mastery of ever-higher laws of the universe, giving him dominion over nature, was to give way to man reduced to being part of nature, whose laws were unchangeable and unknowable. 

3) The term "science" was to be substituted with the loosely defined term "technology," which was to be given a meaning separated from physical economy. 

Hence, Harman and Emery both spoke of "science" creating a new "technological age," in which man was no longer bound to the production of material goods, but in which "information" and "ideas" were the new "commodities." 

4) Systems of government, founded for the previous, industrial and pre-industrial paradigms, would no longer function in this "post-industrial" New Age. Government would have to give way, nation-states fall aside, as man found new, more "empathetic ways" to deal with each other. 

Taken as a whole, the reports from participants and the conference documents are a statement of a new "ethic" for the post-industrial age, or, as Boulding and Harman referred to it, an "image" for the coming Age of Aquarius.

 Under the psychological pressure of the terror of the Cuban missile crisis, the Kennedy assassination and its coverup, the Vietnam War, and the assault by the rock-drug-sex counterculture, the shift to this new paradigm was already well under way. 


In 1968, Brzezinski published The Technetronic Age, an almost unreadable work which, in its more lucid passages, argues that the new "technetronic age" will lay the basis for a "benevolent" dictatorship by a world elite. 

(banker bum boy)

Society, he states, will be characterized by an "information revolution," "cybernetics," and the replacement of "achievement orientation" by an "amusement focus," based on "spectator spectacles (mass sports and TV) providing an opiate for increasingly purposeless masses ... 

New forms of social control may be needed to limit the indiscriminate exercise by the individual of their new powers. The possibility of extensive chemical mind control. . . will call for a social definition of the common criteria of restraint as well as of utilization." 

...Brzezinski's declarations are echoed in The Chasm Ahead, a book by Aurelio Peccei, the man assigned by Tavistock to create the Club of Rome, the super-organization for the worldwide promotion of Malthusianism. 

...In another ideological document for the Club of Rome, titled The Human Quality, Peccei argues in the same vein as does Prince Philip, that man has too high an opinion of himself. Man is part of nature, and but an animal, who, through his arrogance, places all of nature in danger. 

Man, says Peccei, is "the enemy or tyrant of most forms of life .... Man invented the story of the bad dragon, but if ever there was a bad dragon on earth, it is man himself." 

Man must reject "technology" as a solution, since it is technology that has created this "problem"; he must find new systems, new ways of understanding himself, and must accept his subservience to "nature." ...


Six years later, in February 1980, Willis Harman had the Images of Man report reworked into a popularized form and published under the name of his assistant, Marilyn Ferguson, under the title The Aquarian Conspiracy. The book, heavily promoted by the media, became a bestseller; 

.. Wrote Ferguson: "Our crises show us the way in which we have betrayed nature. We have equated the good life with material consumption, we have dehumanized work and made it needlessly competitive .... Our support system is breaking at every stress point. . . . ". . . We can intentionally realign ourselves with nature for a rapid remaking of ourselves and our collapsing institutions.

 "The paradigm of the Aquarian Conspiracy see humankind embedded in nature. It promotes the autonomous individual in decentralized society. It sees us as stewards of all our resources, inner and outer .... Only through a new mind can humanity remake itself." 

The 1980 LaRouche campaign pamphlet warned that what the Aquarians were proposing was to rob mankind of its sacred soul, man's inner sense of true human identity, his belief in his powers of creative reason, and to replace it with an artificial "pseudo soul"-the Aquarian paradigm. 

"The very existence of our nation-perhaps all of western civilization-stands in immediate jeopardy unless we rid ourselves of the Malthusian forces reflected in Zbigniew Brzezinski's 'technetronic' obsessions," LaRouche wrote. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for ""Aquarian Conspiracy" Presaged Present Nightmare"

DD said (March 5, 2021):

This institute has been around since 1921. the study of human relations. they were a big influence in the rock & roll culture. they promoted the beatles. too. what a way to control the minds of kids; through decadent music & drugs making it look like peace & love. i agree with jg about woodstock. what garbage. it fooled a lot of people. this is one of the greatest ways satan uses to control our minds. they, the rock musicians, have witches cast spells over the master copy of a record before release to the public. even david crosby will say that. you get a nice load of demons to take home to listen to. another attack of the anti-christ spirit.

JG said (March 4, 2021):

Yes, it was right around 1967 when the devil was let out of the bottle in America. Drugs all of a sudden became easily available in the schools and they were promoted by way of "pshycodelic rock" music.

Woodstock was a disgrace. Open air sex, drug overdoses and hard rock brought nothing but sin and shame to all who participated. What was accomplished at Woodstock? Nothing!

The "generation gap" was an engineered divide by the MSM and it's bosses to get young Americans to turn on their parents and their Christian values.

The new sexual Psy-Ops are even more immoral and destructive. The mutilation of young kid's bodies in the name of equality is a total satanic heresy.
It wont be long before God unleashes his wrath.

RH said (March 4, 2021):

Wow, I grew up in west-central Minnesota in the 1960s and what I remember clearly is many of us were very poor. Not just a family here and there, but many farm families struggled and often the parents worked off the farm to make ends meet.

I remember people saying they just bought a "new" could easily be a ten-year old used one. And they were often one mile from being put in a junkyard. That was "new."

At our high school, we had one good "game ball" for basketball...the practice balls were all worn out and actually a hoot because you learned how to dribble a lopsided ball! It did get better about 1969...we got new practice balls.

I remember some children coming to school with just butter and bread as their sandwiches; reduced cost milk was just being introduced to us in the States. We were all vaccinated however!

So, at the same time this is going on, we have these "bubble heads" in the '60s speaking about a new technological age???

Who truly were the spoiled ones in "nature"?

And this was after WWII, which my father was drafted and made into a Navy SEABEE in Okinawa. What for, again?

These people never fail to disappoint.

Bankers want a New System by Mario

February 27, 2021


Bankers want a New System

To achieve a digital world currency,

"a "crisis" must first be made up so deep, so long and so unbearable that the "solution" with the 3 ingredients would be acceptable (just like the 1913 introduction of the Federal Reserve)."

By Mario

The inception of the Federal Reserve System cartel was preceded by a long series of artificial "crises":

In 1913, America was ready, fried as a well-done steak, for a "solution to put an end to all crises". That was the Federal Reserve, a private money monopoly that first locked America up and then the world in a "debt" prison.

The current money system gives the major bankers all the tools they need to grow or shrink the economy. 

Our economic freedom is limited because the owners of the money system determine how much money and debt is carried by the economy. But there is still freedom within this system to determine how an entrepreneur organizes his activity, or for a consumer in the choice of his purchase.

This minimum economic freedom is too much for the big bankers. They want a new system to fine-tune every purchase and determine per individual: What can be bought, for what price, from whom, how much, and so on. 

All decided based on power distribution, social credit, AI/Machine Learning with total control over every and each individual thinking and doing. 

And just like in 1913, this new system will be presented as "necessary" to prevent new "crises". New motivations will be that "it is better for the environment", "it is to secure our pensions", "better for society" and more of such nonsense. The "solution" will be based on 3 pillars:

- the blockchain technology;
- artificial intelligence logic, big data;
- the human body hosted chip - 666

To achieve this, a "crisis" must first be made up so deep, so long and so unbearable that the "solution" with the 3 ingredients would be acceptable (just like the 1913 introduction of the Federal Reserve).

The world must expect unprecedented harsh economic times, when we will be again well done fried and be made ready to accept an even tighter control over our activities than the actual money system imposes on us. This is why the current system is disposed of with negative interest rates.

Anyone who is worried about his pension or savings should first research the emergence of the current money system, the true purpose of Federal Reserve, and then understand the appearance of the logically inexplicable negative interest rate and identify its finality.

Thanks John B!

the COVID-19 "vaccine" alters your genetic makeup by Chris

February 19, 2021

the COVID-19 "vaccine" alters your genetic makeup

So you took the vaccine and didn't die. Wonderful news. I didn't take the vaccine and I didn't die either! Let's pick this back up in several years, when I'm still human... and God knows what you are.

by Chris

The people say. "I've had my vaccine and I feel fine."

This is the uneducated and ignorant defence from anyone that has taken the vaccine and uses it as proof that the vaccine works. If that's your defence, then you haven't listened to a single word anyone has said, including science itself.

It's an mRNA vaccine. Innovative medicine. Completely untested. Unlike any other vaccine. In fact, it steps out of medicine and firmly into genetics. Let me explain.

What is RNA? RNA is Ribonucleic Acid. And if you went to school, you will have heard of DNA. This is deoxyribonucleic Acid. And if you know anything about DNA, it contains the genetic makeup of any organism.

Both are very similar, yet have their differences also. But, more importantly, let's talk about their functions.

DNA replicates and stores genetic information. It is a blueprint for all genetic information contained within an organism. RNA converts the genetic information contained within DNA to a format used to build proteins, and then moves it to ribosomal protein factories.

The mRNA vaccine is a synthetic "messenger" RNA strand, that converts genetic information within DNA.

Now, they've told you that they do this to produce proteins to in order to strengthen the immune system to fight the Covid virus, but if you really look at the bigger picture here, it might leave you quite numb to understand the potential reality of the situation.

If you have had the vaccine, rest assured that your DNA is now changing. Do you have any idea of the implications of that? Your genetic makeup is mutating.

You are under extreme pressure to take a substance that changes your genetic makeup, all because of a virus that has a 0.03% fatality rate. 

A virus that is parallel with the flu (which has mysteriously vanished since the arrival of Covid.) Not to mention that the FDA have not approved this as a legitimate vaccine as yet, but have only approved for emergency use. This means that it's being tested on you! Most "vaccine" companies don't even refer to this as a vaccine, but as an "operating system." I'll assume that Mr Gates likes to call it this!

If you tell me that I am selfish to want my DNA to remain intact, at the risk of somebody's life, who already has underlying conditions and probably would have died from the flu or any other ailment, due to they're own failing immune system, then you are completely insane.

I see people stating that "if it's the only way to get back to normal, then I'm having it." I'm just gobsmacked. These people are more than prepared to risk change of the very fabric of what "life" is, just so they can get their "life" back?

If you think I'm talking shit, then you are a fool. Go and have the vaccine. Hopefully, you wont have to regret your decision, should the time come.

This information is readily available for you to read. If you are ignorant enough to roll up your sleeves with your eyes completely shut, then maybe you have no idea on what the meaning of "life" actually is, and you're chasing a complete fantasy.

You think it's about saving lives. You think it's as clear cut as "life or death." It's not. It's not dying from a vaccine that I'm scared of. It's living with its potential long term effects. As opposed to the 99.97% survival rate that will see the back of the effects of Covid in about a week. I'm not a betting person, but those odds look sweet to me!

So you took the vaccine and didn't die. Wonderful news. I didn't take the vaccine and I didn't die either! Let's pick this back up in several years, when I'm still human... and God knows what you are.

Good luck.  Please do share. This is not scare mongering. This is scientific fact. Not even scientists can ultimately know what this is doing. People really need to understand what they are lining themselves up for... or more to the point, understand that they "don't" know what they're lining themselves up for.

It's All Fake by Mike Stone

February 4, 2021


It's hard to be real
when everything 
is fake.

It's All Fake  

by Mike Stone

Fake ballots. Fake votes. Fake election. Anyone who tells you different is a fake.

Fake virus. Fake pandemic. Fake health officials and doctors peddling a fake vaccine.

Fake news. Fake experts. Fake people pretending to be journalists.

Fake research. Fake science. Fake global warming.

Fake shootings. Fake victims. Fake calls for new laws.

Fake racism. Fake hate crimes. Fake solutions to every fake problem.

Fake terrorists. Fake hijackers. Fake weapons of mass destruction.

Fake politicians. Fake laws. Fake leaders in every area of life.

Fake Pope. Fake clergy. Fake Christians fooled by a fake church pretending to be Catholic.

Fake conservatives. Fake patriots. Fake friends who will sell you out for 30 pieces of fake silver.

Fake free markets. Fake capitalism. Fake corporate welfare.

Fake lawyers. Fake judges. Fake laws.

Fake movies. Fake books. Fake celebrities.

Fake food. Fake vitamins. Fake water filled with fluoride.

Fake diseases. Fake health. Take this fake drug instead.

Fake economy. Fake money. Fake gold no longer in Fort Knox. 

Fake history. Fake excuses for war. Fake moon landings.

Fake schools. Fake text books. Fake teachers peddling fake educations to the children of faked-out parents.

Fake sports. Fake athletes. Fake entertainment on every level.

Fake human rights. Fake consent. Fake choices.

Fake breasts. Fake tattoos. Fake women.

Fake muscles. Fake masculinity. Fake men.

Fake advertising. Fake products. Fake everything.

Are you real or are you fake too?

Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.