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Insider -- Feminist Witches Actively Target Individual Men

August 20, 2018

(Nixon & Ocasio-Cortez are rumored members. Other possible names include Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayer, Hillary Clinton and NY Sen. Kristen Gillibrand.)

"Wiccan Satanists count as their members almost each and every powerful female/feminist within the US Government, especially in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles and other major cities. "

They target prominent men. Is this partly behind the #MeToo movement? 

Confessions of a Wicca Feminist Satanist in NYC
by Anonymous 

I write this article at great risk and peril to myself, because if the Women that I associate with, henceforth herein called the "Wiccan" pagan witches movement, learned my identity, my entire life, work, family and children would be taken away from me, and I could possibly wind up  "suicided."

Wicca is inherently Satanic, and was developed and founded in England during the first half of the 20th century formally but is obviously much older than that. Think of the Freemasons men's group which was formally organized in England in 1717 but has more extensive origins thousands of years older than that. The British love to organize and codify organizations that are much older - think of the King James Bible drafted in the early 1600s but obviously going back at least 5000 years. 

Wicca draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and hermetic motifs for its theological structure and ritual practices.
Its traditional core beliefs, principles and practices were originally outlined in the 1940s and 1950s by [Gerald] Gardner and Doreen Valiente both in published books as well as in secret written and oral teachings passed along to their initiates. 

There are many variations on the core structure, and the religion grows and evolves over time. 

Wicca worships a Goddess and a God (Satan). 

These are traditionally viewed as the Moon Goddess and the Horned God respectively. 


Wiccan Satanists count as their members almost each and every powerful female/feminist within the US Government, especially in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles and other major cities. 

They include federal and state judges, senators and congresswomen, police officers, district attorneys, FBI Agents, school teachers, child protective service workers, family court judges, and anyone you can possibly think of. It's a very tight-knit sorority that protects their own, and destroys anyone that is adversarial to them, even using illegal and murderous methods to do so.

An organization called "The Wing" in New York City, only one of our "business fronts," has actually hosted and had speeches from such notables as NY Governor candidate Cynthia Nixon, Hillary Clinton, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. These women, and tens of thousands more in high influential positions can be called upon at any time to break or bend the law to serve our members.

Several times per year we engage in rituals wherein we designate and choose certain notable or powerful men to "sacrifice," that is we create a whole host of elaborate rituals wherein we all agree to target and destroy that powerful man, as a gift to our Moon Goddess and Satan.

To that end we select certain members of our organization, in certain selected professions, and proceed to destroy and ruin that targeted man in every capacity - his work, livelihood, family, children, health, reputation, set up false criminal traps all over the place with our prostitute/escort agents using false criminal charges, rape accusations, domestic violence allegations and other methods.

We also extensively spy on our target using our agents posing as dates or girlfriends to gather and glean copious amounts of evidence or documentation to destroy that person legally - even if the allegations are false - tax evasion and tax fraud are our favorites as we can gather that type of information while they are sleeping or when we are in their homes.

(left, NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand) 

We do thousands of times a year all over the United States and in the Western world to low-level or "under the radar" men, but we target high level, high visibility men/celebrities only a few times a year during our ritualistic times beginning in October, the time of the "harvest," i.e. "harvesting mens' souls" for the Moon Goddess and Satan.


The classical ritual scheme in British Traditional Wicca is: 
Purification of the sacred space and the participants
1. Casting the circle
2. Calling of the elemental quarters
3. Cone of power
4. Drawing down the Gods
5. Spellcasting
6. Great Rite
7. Wine, cakes, chanting, dancing, games
8. Farewell to the quarters and participants

(Kathy Griffin's gesture now takes on new meaning) 

I sincerely hope that this organization is investigated and dismantled, but it probably will not because it is protected under the guise of "womens' rights," "feminism," "protecting women and girls," ending "human trafficking," and other such nonsense designed to scare off anyone criticizing or investigating it.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Insider -- Feminist Witches Actively Target Individual Men "

Chad said (August 20, 2018):

At the end of the day, these women are only committing suicide.

In nature, bees pollinate flowers. They go from flower to flower carrying pollen. Bees are part of the sexual cycle and reproductive process of many plants. Men do the same for women. We can look at males as a necessary propagator for women. Women breed men as protectors and multipliers. The core of the man is the woman. The man has breasts which a decision very early in the conception process, decides to turn the female into a male, based on the needs of species. You can assume that males, while appearing superior, are actually fulfilling an inferior role.

This requires a shift in the paradigm thinking that places the female in their proper role. We males are expendable. We are sent to the fields to toil and labor. As with any hive, we are sent to war to attack and defend, only to be sacrificed and die by the thousands. Not because we are smart and strategic. It’s because we males are the pawns in the larger game of species survival. Males, in a sense, in fact, serve women.

These Feminists are cutting their own throats when they “target” us. We are their protectors and pollinators. At the end of the day, these women, the flowers, are only succeeding in killing off their bees. But that must be part of the Illuminati plan. They destroy mankind by first destroying womankind.

JJ said (August 20, 2018):

Recently I've had to engage in spiritual warfare with a feminist witch who would like to destroy my life. There is one big factor that puts her on the winning side. She is on welfare.

This is the big problem with socialism and countries going into debt. It gives (these) women money to exist so that they can spend all day performing seances so that the hard-working guy/taxpayer will lose their job.

Will the witch lose her livelihood/food/shelter etc. Nope. We need to get rid of socialism. These women are either on welfare or are welfare workers or welfare advocates or working for some feminist organization.

None of these jobs are real. We don't need these jobs. Men have to realize that when they also want free stuff (women love free stuff by default) they hand power over to someone else over their lives. Men have to take leadership of their business communities and their families and their political choices.

Below -- How Men Should Relate to Women (scroll down)

Masonic Jewish Conspiracy - Last Moment of Lucidity

August 19, 2018


We can't even acknowledge our calamity without being "politically incorrect." 

It makes us nostalgic for that brief shining moment 98 years ago 

when the mainstream media could still mention the most pressing issue of all time.

In July 1920, the staid Tory newspaper, The Morning Post published a series of 18 articles saying there has long existed, "like a canker at the heart of our civilization, a secret revolutionary sect, mainly of Judaic origin, bent on the destruction of all Christian empires, altars, and thrones." They were

later published in booklet form under the title "The Cause of World Unrest" (1920) introduced by H.A.Gwynne.

Nesta Webster was one of the contributors. 

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

(from April 1, 2012)  

After the Bolshevik Revolution, Christian nations briefly stirred in their sleep and recognized that the "Jewish Conspiracy" was not the figment of a bigot's imagination but rather the key to understanding the history, current events and the human condition in general.

History is the product of a long-term occult plan by Cabalist (satanist) bankers to subjugate the human race using war (genocide), revolution and financial collapse as their main instruments.


In 1920, no less a figure than Winston Churchill felt emboldened to write:

"From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxemburg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide revolutionary conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing."

Churchill apparently didn't know that both Zionism and Communism were tentacles of the same Luciferian conspiracy, one he later came to serve.

In his book "The Decline of the West" (1918) Oswald Spengler noted that almost an entire generation of the ruling classes of Germany and England had perished in WWI.

"Thus the Anglo Saxon race had entered a period of irreversible decline in which it would inevitably give way to another more vigorous race, probably from the east."

In the rise of Communism and the mass migration of Jews to the United States, many identified this conquest with the Jews.

s-l300 (5).jpg

In July 1920, the staid Tory newspaper, The Morning Post published a series of 18 articles with an Introduction by its Editor H.A. Gywnne. It said there has long existed, "like a canker at the heart of our civilization, a secret revolutionary sect, mainly of Judaic origin, bent on the destruction of all Christian empires, altars, and thrones."

In the first article, an expert on the occult, Copin Albancelli, stated that "the occult power which works behind Revolutionary Freemasonry is the secret government of the Jewish nation."

The article quoted a |Jewish convert to Christianity, Abbe Joseph Lehman, as saying that "Hebraic antagonism to Christianity had led the Jews to utilize secret societies." From the time of Moses, a secret cabal was the custodian of the "most sublime truths of the Hebraic religion" and, unlike the average Jew, was hellbent on world domination.

The Morning Post then affirmed that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is not a hoax. Its goal was to establish "government of the world by a king of the blood of David."

The Protocols linked Jews with Freemasonry. There was " an inner or Jewish Masonry, the true governing power, and an outer or Gentile Masonry which blindly follows [the direction of the former.]

According to the Post, the Protocols took credit for the French Revolution: "On the ruins of the natural aristocracy of the goyim, we have set up the aristocracy of our educated classes, headed by the aristocracy of money."

The Morning Post tied the Protocols to the Russian Revolution. It acknowledged Cabalist Jewish backing of socialists, communists and anarchists under the ruse of the bankers' "alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes."

After an engineered financial crash, the goyim "will be compelled to offer us international power that will enable us to gradually absorb all the great forces of the world and to form a super-government."

Sound like the NWO? The Gentile cattle will work for their Cabalist Jewish masters. A system of education will erase "any recollection of their former state" from the minds of the goyim, and "establish the Jewish religion as the universal faith."

The alarm sounded by The |Morning Post echoed one by the Times of London. In May 1920, Lord Northcliffe, a part-owner of The Times, printed an article about the Protocols of Zion entitled "The Jewish Peril, A Disturbing Pamphlet, A Call for an Enquiry. " It concluded:

"An impartial investigation of these would-be documents and their history is most desirable...are we to dismiss the whole matter without inquiry and to let the influence of such a book as this work unchecked?"

But the alarm largely fell on deaf ears. As Hillaire Belloc explained in The Jews (1922), the British Empire was largely the product of an alliance between Jewish Finance and the British aristocracy under the rubric of Cabalism i.e. Freemasonry. The Cabalist "Jew" World Order is nothing but an extension of British imperialism.

As Douglas Reed described in A Controversy of Zion, Lord Northcliffe was declared insane and poisoned in1922. Howell Gwynne, the editor of the Morning Post survived until 1937 when the paper was bought by Rothschild allies and merged into The Telegraph. With the upcoming ruse called World War Two, the Rothschilds were taking no chances.




At present, the world represents the near-consummation of plans laid centuries ago and voiced in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Democracy is a charade. We are controlled by a satanic cult. The Cabalist bankers own the politicians left and right. The majority is besieged by migrants and immigrants who do not reflect it. Education dumbs us down. The mass and social media release toxic venom into the cultural bloodstream. Children are sexualized and told to question their gender.  

We are taught to embrace homosexuality. Cattle need to be gelded and domesticated.

We can't even acknowledge our calamity without being "politically incorrect." It makes us nostalgic for that brief shining moment 96 years ago when the mainstream media could still mention the most pressing issue of all time.


Note- This article is indebted to the book, "On a Field of Red- The Communist International & the Coming of WWII" 1981

by Anthony Cave Brown & Charles MacDonald. pp. 202-204

Makow - First World War- First Christian Holocaust

Jim Stone in The Prague Cemetery  Is it happening at street level?

Related - How the Maranos Saved England

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Masonic Jewish Conspiracy - Last Moment of Lucidity"

Marco A said (August 20, 2018):

“...a secret revolutionary sect, mainly of Judaic origin, bent on the destruction of all Christian empires, altars, and thrones.”

I wouldn’t consider this statement an example of a shining moment in history. This appears to be more of a nostalgic old elite lamenting over the fact that they were losing power to a new world order, or its just a ruse to divert hatred to the Jewish scarecrow.

Cabalism infiltrated the ruling families of Europe in the Renaissance, and centuries before that there are many indications that occultism was actively practiced ie. The Knights Templar, satanic aristocracy murdering and raping children etc.

These monsters weren’t Jews. There is something far older, blacker and deeper that cannot be explained away as ‘Zionism’.

We are entering what you always aptly put as a Satanic belief system. Satanists have no faith, therefore the idea that the “Jewish religion as the universal faith” would be established is ridiculous to me. There is to be no faith and we are to be utter slaves with no God, Zionism is to die as well as per Albert Pike’s letter.

My earliest memories as a child were of traveling to Italy and seeing all the castles and torture chambers that our ‘Christian empires, altars and thrones’ used to terrorize Europeans for centuries. There were no Jews back then.

On top of all the media, the governments, the roundtable think tanks, the corporations, and the lodges, I wonder how many ancient dynastic names we would find that is not of Hebraic origin but instead remind us of the cruel old world elite.


Yvonne said (August 20, 2018):

This is an outstanding article Henry. Your historical references underline the reality. The common people are exponentially being indoctrinated into the soulless, arbitrary morals of the elite. Society is hardly recognizable from only a few decades ago.

Christ called this satanic system "the World". To succeed in it we need to forsake love and embrace its values. Christ said that at the nearing of the end of the age "the love of most will grow cold." (Matt. 24:12)

Many are finally "waking up" because of the recent fires and internet censorship. Bilderberg had the topic of "Populism" on its agenda this year. You're right, they're creating an uprising. Those who still think this is about "right" or "left" have drunk the Koolaide.

Yvonne said (August 19, 2018):

This is an outstanding article Henry. Your historical references underline the reality. The common people are exponentially being indoctrinated into the soulless, arbitrary morals of the elite. Society is hardly recognizable from only a few decades ago.
Christ called this satanic system "the World". To succeed in it we need to forsake love and embrace its values. Christ said that at the nearing of the end of the age "the love of most will grow cold." (Matt. 24:12)
Many are finally "waking up" because of the recent fires and internet censorship. Bilderberg had the topic of "Populism" on its agenda this year. You're right, they're creating an uprising. Those who still think this is about "right" or "left" have drunk the Koolaide.

Paul said (April 2, 2012):

On the subject of the talmudic attempt to take over the world, are you aware of "Education Day USA" Henry? Read this fully, and know one thing, no one sees The Monarch coming ;)

A search through will have you find the con-gressional bill, as Orwellian as they come.

R said (April 2, 2012):

After reading your article with interest, I like to mention this documentary on YouTube: Juri Lina - In the Shadow of Hermes.

Sad to say, that it takes so many years of ones life to discover the Truth.

I believe the PTB know this and are taken every precaution to prolong the lies and deception until the 'young Lion' is no longer ferocious and too old or poor to fight.

John said (April 2, 2012):

Adding to your evidence, I quote from Waters Flowing Eastward The War Against the Kingship of Christ, L.Fry. 1999

"The authority of the Jewish leaders, originally derived from the ten commandments delivered to Moses, had already in the time of Augustus been widely extended by a learned but unscrupulous priesthood over an ignorant, superstitious people. In that age, when a struggle was going on between two rival sects, Pharisees and Sadducees, certain political clubs were formed which concealed under a religious mask the grasping arms of a clique." "...during the siege of Jerusalem by Vespasian, they won, by the betrayal of the Jewish cause, the favour of the Roman conqueror and were subsequently entrusted by the imperial government with the administration of Palestine...By interpreting, altering, and augmenting the rules and ritual these texts contained, and by a system of espionage and assassination, the new rulers established strict control over the daily life of their co-religionists...this clique easily placed its laws above the ten commandments, and formed a government whose control over its subjects was absolute. This government henceforth became known as the Kahal. The dispersion of the Jews which followed in 135 A.D., instead of destroying the Kahal served on the contrary to set it on a new and firmer basis, on which it has continued ever since." (pgs. 19-20)

Tony said (April 2, 2012):

I'm happy to see that you have done your homework. You see the picture more clearly than almost any in these latter days of massive and often very persuasive propaganda.

Protestantism is, indeed, another key and a very important one at that, to Talmudic world conquest. It took me until old age to figure that one out although I have long known that Protestantism was not right. Simply because there are so many sects, all taking different roads yet all claiming to be the true religion, for one reason. If that is not mocking God I don't know what would be. Reading Catholic documents (pre Vatican II) cleared up the fuzz in my thinking quite a bit. It is still refreshing to read simple truth. Not blaming others when not due and putting the blame on itself when it is due, for instance, is something I NEVER encountered in Protestantism.

below- Israel- US High Tech Parasite (scroll down)

How Men Should Relate to Women

August 18, 2018

With all the noise and confusion over gender and sexual harassment, with women's heads so inflated, men need a reminder of how to approach a woman.
Essentially he must have a role for her in his life, and he has to enlist her. This role must be in her best interests too. 
Ultimately, in a long-term relationship, women trade power for love. Men want power. Women want love. Heterosexual marriage is an exchange of the two. A woman can have power or love but she can't have both. Women love by acquiescing. Men love by vindicating this trust. He consults her wishes but she must concede the power to grant them, or not. Women want men to take charge.
With perfect submission comes perfect love. Perfect love is never oppressive, domineering or cruel. A man wants his woman to want to be his.
Lisa Schmidt (below) is a woman who gets it.  She recognizes
that female "empowerment" is neutering women, making them squander their best years, and reap loneliness & bitterness. This is the Illuminati banker agenda, to depopulate and undermine society by subverting marriage and family. 

by Lisa Schmidt 
Podcast Host & Coach for Women - who want a no BS approach to life, business and relationships 

Call it nature vs. nurture, neuro-biological differences or perceived societal roles. The fact is that the sexes are opposite for a reason. His strong nature and ability to problem solve, or his aptitude for compartmentalizing is hard-wired into his brain. Her nurturing capabilities and emotional charges are the counterbalance to his competitive soul. We are meant to complement each other in order to secure the longevity of the human race. Hunter and gatherer bring home his kill or the spoils of his riches to the protected and provided for, so to speak.

(left. Lisa Schmidt) 

Since the dawn of man, it has been more or less understood that there were roles in relationships. As times have changed over the past thousand years or so, those roles have been redefined numerous times. Women's liberation, feminism, the rise in single-parent homes, have all changed how we look at perceived roles. Here we are in 2014. Women are CEOs, highly educated and sometimes the sole provider and protector of their family. While it is amazing and a huge leap forward for women in general, in our modern society it blurs the lines in relationships.

Stop fighting! Quit raging against men and embrace the differences.

I want to share a secret with you that will save you from disappointment and heartache.  You are woman and yes, you should roar. Your thoughts, wisdom, and accomplishments are not only noteworthy - they should be celebrated!  But at the end of your life, when you look back and are reflecting, do you want to see life and the relationships you had as a struggle?  Will it be more important that you let go of the nonsense and discovered true happiness, or did you absolutely need to fight against men to prove that you have evolved past the days of caveman?

Willfully submit to your nature when it comes to "being" in a relationship. Now I don't mean submit in the sense of giving over complete control of who you are. I mean to submit to allowing yourself to be feminine and leaving the bitch and your baggage at the door.  A man wants to fall in love with a woman who is confident yes, but whom also is happy and authentic.  Coming in with the ghost of boyfriends past or the preverbal chip on your shoulder is a relationship murdering attitude.


(l. Cruel Hoax 2007. If Western society wasn't thoroughly subverted by the central banking cartel, this book would not be self-published and virtually unreviewed.) 

[Schmidt quotes me.]
Contrary to what we have been taught, women need to be possessed by man's love. Similarly, men have a fundamental psychological need to possess a woman with his love. Men want power; women want love. Heterosexual marriage is an exchange of the two, sanctified by an exclusive sexual union. Women need to experience power as love. Men need to express love as power. The exchange of female power for male love is at the heart of the heterosexual relationship. Courtship involves winning female trust so she can surrender power. The male presents her with a vision of life together. He is basically saying: "Follow me. Become one with me. I will use my power on our behalf." Women love by trusting. A woman gives her husband power and he uses it to love her. This is reflected in the sex act. With perfect surrender comes perfect love. ~Henry Makow

So what are you willing to surrender as your perceived sense of power to find and keep love?  Are you able to let go of struggle and welcome exchange to really know and love another person at their very core?

Can you visualize it?

Imagine a picturesque home with a well-manicured yard. There's a white picket fence, an adorable porch swing and sounds of happiness coming from inside. You step through the gate because you cannot help but to be drawn to the appeal of this inviting scenario. You make your way up the path leading to it. Now is where you stop. You must make a choice. Do you walk up to the door and knock, asking to be invited in or do you stand on the porch peering through the window wishing that was your life? More importantly, why have you stopped?  Ask yourself why!

Maybe you don't believe you deserve happiness. Maybe you are terrified of the leap of faith it takes to trust this new life moment. Maybe you are just too angry to see this for what it is.  Let it all go right now. If you can never let your guard down and accept the exchange, you will always be at that gate or standing on the porch, watching other people have and live the life you want.

-------------------    Having Sex is Not Making Love 
-----------------------------       Reclaiming Male Power

First Comment from Jennifer

It sounds wonderful -A Trustworthy Man -enlists her, in her best interests for a long term monogamous relationship. He is not oppressive, domineering or cruel.
Well, my girlfriends and I have never met such a man.  We meet men who don't want long term monogamous relationships; don't want children;
or men who hold out a carrot stick of this illusive future of a monogamous marriage only to discover years later that he has issues-- fear of commitment; sex-addiction-cheating-porn; drug-alcohol-anti-deprssants; mommy anger resentment issues; and /or double life - homosexual or Freemason occult secrets. 
And then when The Man wants to disengage from the charade relationship he created, he becomes very cruel, oppressive and 
domineering -gaslighting her so she will leave and he's off the hook.  

Is the problem feminist women not wanting to give up power? Or is it men not wanting the responsibility of monogamous relationship in her best interests !
It is not in any woman's best interest to be with a cheater, porn viewer, drug addict, Freemason etc, etc.--these issues are epidemic today. 
I meet so many men today in their late 40s -50s and 60s who confess how horrible they were to women in their 20s and 30s and only as washed up senior men looking back, do they realize/regret their life decisions, women and opportunities they squandered. 

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "How Men Should Relate to Women "

Essel said (August 18, 2018):

This exchange of power against love (tenderness, fidelity, etc.) is indeed at the heart of marriage in its natural component. However, there must be two conditions without which we run to failure.

1 ° / The spouses must pursue the same natural end (to found a family and educate the children) and supernatural (love and serve God to enjoy the beatific vision after death: to see de visu the truth, the Good, the Beautiful, etc., which they have aspired here). This last point being absolutely fundamental in the education of the children. Faith is transmitted through teaching AND example and a disagreement between parents on this point would be devastating.

2°/ The spouses must have received a solid moral education, and I would even say, the husband even more than the wife since it is he who will direct the boat.

If these conditions are not fulfilled, it may be possible to achieve a lasting relationship with no gaps or bursts if the husband's grip is strong enough and the woman's submission sufficient but it falls into a vulgar mafia type relationship from dominant to dominated (which finds a certain temporal security), Deceptive security of course. Or at best, a dual selfishness.

The moral value of an act is judged on its end. But the aim of human acts can not be in the power of man. For this to be so, it would be necessary for man to be master of his being, to be dependent on nothing. Which is obviously not the case: he is contingent, he has a superior and a "maker" (usually called God!) And it is this Lord and Master who dictates to his creature what he must to make life that He has granted to Him free of charge.

Alas, this is totally unknown today and, when pointed out to people who can understand, they flee or get angry, because, as has often been remarked by M. Henry Makow, they find there a certain advantage to the ambient error, which makes them complicit.

This teaching of truths necessary for life has been systematically destroyed by whom we know. Better, it has been replaced by its opposite.
In terms of male-female relationships as for the rest, the purpose of life is now "to enjoy". Running in vain after an ectoplasm called "happiness (earthly)".

Sandra said (August 18, 2018):

Lisa's philosophy of power/love in the man/woman relationship is based on her incorrect notion that a man's judgment is always better than his wife's and therefore he must have the final say in the end - that he will listen to her input but ultimately get his way. This can be disastrous. We are not talking about what colour carpet to buy. Sometimes important, critical issues are at stake. No household can leave these decisions in the hands of one person. Men can be very, very wrong at times and use their power to ruin the household and family because of poor judgment based in character flaws that don't show themselves until after the couple has been married for some time.


Nobody is right all of the time


Tony B said (August 18, 2018):

You write that men WANT power. I see it differently.

Men are born with power; especially power over women. It has been common knowledge since the beginning of time. Not even two full centuries have passed since machinery has largely nullified man's power over the workplace. If a job was still WORK women would shun jobs because they could not do the necessary WORK. Because of machinery, most jobs today are activities, not work. Those jobs that still require hard work are still held exclusively by men.

There is one other major factor, in the "west" at least, that, even more than machinery, has neutered man's power over women. That is mistaken, unnatural law. These purposely subversive laws, by application, automatically make the woman a victim and the man a criminal in every problem that arises between them. Women have not been slow to realize the gigantic advantage this gives them at every turn and they use it without compunction. Such upside down, anti-human laws have created a destructive form of insanity in the male/female relationship and society at large.

Neither is going to change over the next few generations. The only present counter possible to correct our destroyed society is, as you suggest in your article, for women themselves to understand the sorry results of their misuse of both so as to quit using these handed-to-them advantages selfishly.

Z said (August 18, 2018):

There's a natural sexual order: Man obeys God, Woman obeys Man and Children obey their Parents. Men do not need to exchange power for love from a woman as it is NOT love but Lust (with capital L) they get.

Real Love (with capital L) has a lot more to do than simple men-women relationships. The two sexes only come together to procreate and raise children. That's all.

The rest is an illusion supported poetry, romantic movies, music, etc. When a man tries to please a woman or have a fair exchange with her, she always ends up eating him up. Because every woman instinctively inherits this black widow spider knowledge—tempting her man and sucking out his juices. A woman craves the genes of the strong and independent Alpha man but if he stays for too long with her she'll suck his juices too.

Have you noticed that Jesus only talked about the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit - no woman, no mother, no goddess, no daughter. He came along and said - “I am the sacrifice. You don’t have to sacrifice flesh –of the boy or the ram who represents the boy – anymore.” And through his crucifixion he both fulfilled and put an end to the cult of Astarte, the Great Mother Earth - the feminist cult at the time.

That’s why Christianity has been so successful even though it was corrupted when the Romans adopted as a state religion. Nowadays, we seem to have made a full circle and the Feminine/Goddess/Satanic power rules the world once again. Women behave as if they are all Goddesses and men have been hypnotized to serve them for the mere exchange of a pussy and nothing more.

Boys are born out of woman, Men are born out of the Fatherly spirit. Every time men try to relate to women they slide back to being boys. Again and again, this phenomenon can be seen in families where a man who might be all-powerful and mighty outside his family, always regresses back to the little boy and his wife rules over him.

Men today need to realize that women will never willingly follow the natural sexual order, especially in times of abundance and comfort. Only when the time are harsh she would be willing to cooperate as her survival depends on it.

Sordid Stats on South African Legislators

August 14, 2018


Sordid Stats on South African Legislators

Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics: 

29 have been accused of spousal abuse 
7 have been arrested for fraud 
19 have been accused of writing bad cheques 
117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses 
3 have done time for assault 
71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit 
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges 
8 have been arrested for shoplifting 
21 are currently defendants in lawsuits 
84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year 

373 in total or approximately 70% 
Can you guess which organization this is? 

Give up yet? 

It's the 535 members of the SOUTH AFRICAN PARLIAMENT - 
(The same group of morons that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line!) 
You gotta pass this one on! Far and wide! 

This is where the hate is coming from

August 11, 2018


Homemade Dogfood Advice from a Chef

August 10, 2018

YES, people are poisoning their pets with low quality packaged food, 
and by using allopathic 'medicine'.

by David C 

As an animal lover, I'm appalled at the junk food most dogs and cats are fed, which as noted in this article, include some disgusting ingredients.  Most packaged pet food doesn't provide a healthy diet - even the most expensive varieties are lacking in many vital nutrients.

 As a chef, I use my culinary talent to make my own pet food, which has become my specialty.  Dogs are omnivores like us, and evolved eating leftovers from human meals, and to a lesser degree - cats have too. 

 My dog gets homemade organic food, which I prepare in large batches every few days, filling quart ziplock baggies with meal-sized portions.  There are a few foods humans eat that are bad for dogs, for instance: grapes, chocolate, and onions.  Most foods we eat are healthy for dogs, however, they can't tolerate too much sugar, salt, or fat in their diet, or too many spices. 

Foods that would be healthy for a baby are usually fine for dogs and cats.  I use a coffee grinder to grind various kinds of seeds: flax, hemp, camellia, chia, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, etc. Various vegetables can be lightly cooked, or used raw, shredded so they can digest them: carrots, kale, chard, parsley, squash, beans, sweet potatoes and yams, etc. 

 For animal protein, a source of vital B-12 and high-quality protein, we use eggs, salmon, sardines, tuna, and liver or other organ meats from grass fed, free range cows, lambs, chickens, etc. Raw bones are good for keeping their teeth and gums healthy, as are cowhide chews, or cow and pig ears. Molasses is a good source of iron, and micro-minerals, plus it tastes good: I dissolve molasses in warm water, "blooming" chia seeds in it, then pour that over the food mixture, letting it "set".  

After the water is absorbed and the food solidified, then I remix it again, to break it up into smaller pieces that are "al dente" (toothsome). Texture is important, so I like to add something crunchy into the mixture too, like oven toasted corn tortillas broken into little pieces, but go easy on grains, and starchy vegetables like potatoes.  

Beans of various kinds are a good addition, as are squash - my dog loves butternut squash and pumpkin, much of which I grow organically.  

Dogs can eat a diet similar to baby foods, as they too need to have their food prepared so they can digest it without chewing.  I have a book on organic homemade baby food, which I use for ideas. Besides being much healthier for your pet, preparing organic homemade dog and cat food and treats, also saves money - pet food has gotten VERY expensive.  

Veterinarians are allopaths, treating symptoms instead of the cause of health problems, so you don't want to use them except for emergencies, which hopefully never happen. 

 Vaccines and drugs are poison in almost every case, so we avoid using them.  We can usually treat our pets health problems using holistic medicine,  prepared ourselves inexpensively.  By using a healthy homemade diet and holistic medicine, you can keep your fur babies healthy and happy, while saving money.  Dogs and cats have a much better sense of smell than we do, and eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life for them, so it's saddening to see how most people feed their beloved pets a horrible diet of packaged food, often at great expense, and later pay even more money to veterinarians for treating debilitating diseases caused by the horrible diets.  

Do yourself and your fur babies a huge favor, and learn to prepare your own organic homemade food, treats, and use holistic medicine.  They will love you even more because you do that for them, and you'll love the way they are healthier and happier, alert and playful.   Bon appetit...!