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CIA Manufactured Modern US Literature

August 24, 2019

ErnestHemingway.jpgLeft. Ernest Hemingway was an intelligence agent. The CIA admits this on their own website . See Mathis' full expose .

Miles Mathis says that modern culture is essentially
mental programming by the CIA, an arm of the Illuminati
banking cartel. The systemic destruction of traditional art
is intended to promote "alienation," the satanic view
that human life is inherently meaningless, incoherent, trivial and ugly.
The Satanist is the origin of the modern "anti-hero" -
the man who denies the moral order and therefore 
feels an outcast in society and in the universe. We live in
a matrix created by Satanists. Our freedom is an illusion.
(See Dan Butler's comment below.)

Satanism is the inversion of all spiritual ideals- 

Mathis: "By a constant stream of top-down propaganda, writers were convinced that being solipsistic, quotidian, and creatively modest were artistic virtues. As with painting, science, politics, and every other category, the inversion of the thing was sold as the thing itself."

Makow comment-
Mathis is a brilliant and prolific writer. Although his claims that many sensational murders were faked seem outlandish, his assertions about modern culture are credible.  As a Ph.D. in literature, I always felt modern culture was fraudulent. This confirms it.  I feel betrayed by the education system and society. A highly organized satanic cult has re-cast Western society in its image.   Contrary views are not funded or publicized. Sometimes you lose your livelihood. Another example of de facto Communism, and how we have been unwittingly inducted into a 
satanic cult.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

from May 26, 2017 

by Miles Mathis
From Theosophy to the Beat Generation
(excerpt by

A reader alerted me to an article just published at the Chronicle of Higher Education by an English professor at Providence College, Eric Bennett. This article is about the Iowa Writer's Workshop, at which he was a student from 1998 to 2000.

riteofpassage.jpgHe admits that the writing programs at the University of Iowa have long been underwritten by the CIA, via the Farfield Foundation, the ACCF, [The Artists and Community Collaboration Fund] and the Rockefellers.

The sentence in the article that is most useful here is this one: Creative-writing pedagogues in the aftermath of World War II, without exception, read Partisan Review, The Kenyon Review, The Hudson Review, and The Sewanee Review .

They breathed the intellectual air of New Critics, on the one hand, and New York intellectuals on the other. These camps, formerly enemy camps--Southern reactionaries and Northern socialists at each other's throats in the 1930s--had by the 50s merged into a liberal consensus that published highly intellectual, but at the time only newly "academic," essays in those four journals, all of which, like Iowa, were subsidized by the Rockefeller Foundation.

As we have seen and will see, they were also subsidized by many other CIA front organizations. The government used the purse-strings to exert control over these programs, keeping them in little pens that Bennett says serve "to venerate and fortify the particular, the individual, the situated, the embedded, the irreducible."

Or, in other words, to keep them small and disempowered. By a constant stream of top-down propaganda, writers were convinced that being solipsistic, quotidian, and creatively modest were artistic virtues. As with painting, science, politics, and every other category, the inversion of the thing was sold as the thing itself.

A 2012 Salon article by Joel Whitney tells us the Partisan Review and the Paris Review [were linked to the CIA] as well.  

Peter Matthiessen, the magazine's founder, has now admitted that in interviews, such as this one  ... that he was recruited by the CIA right out of Yale in 1953, and that the Paris Review was his "cover." That information has been added to the Paris Review page at Wikipedia, but it is a bald admission with no commentary as to how it must affect everything to do with the magazine.

plimpton.jpgBoth Matthiessen and George Plimpton, left, have tried to maintain that Matthiessen was the only one who knew, but--given what we now know from the CIA itself (see Tom Braden)--that isn't believable in the least. When various writers were pleading ignorance back in the 1960's and 70's, Braden flipped the leak, outing them .

He said that all these writers and artists knew exactly what was going on, and [Francis Storer] Saunders' book [The Cultural Cold War] confirms that over and over. So does the article at Salon , which outs both Plimpton and Nelson Aldrich as members of the  [CIA-front] ACCF.


Salon also tells us the CIA backing was a problem: "By funding a magazine with a New York office that was distributed in the U.S., it was engaged in propagandizing to the American public, which was illegal ."

Unfortunately, Joel Whitney at Salon unmasks himself at the end--if not long before--by saying this: None of which is fair to attach to the Paris Review , if not for Matthiessen's claims that the Review 's ties ended before the ugly stuff, or for Plimpton's failure to disclose the ties that remained.

So in his summation, Whitney is telling you to your face that the greatest crime here is failure to disclose and other white lies? You have to be kidding me! What about the fact that all this was illegal? What about the fact that nothing was what we were told it was?

William Styron said in the first issue, "I think The Paris Review should welcome these people into its pages: the good writers and good poets, the non-drumbeaters and non-ax-grinders. So long as they're good."

goethe.pngWe now know that was total, malicious misdirection since the whole point of all these magazines was drum-beating.

What about the fact that, all told, at least 9/10ths of 20th century American literature and criticism should now be suspected of being manufactured?

If all these people were working for Intelligence, what is to prevent us from assuming everything they did was Intelligence work, including the novels, poems, and essays?

What is to prevent us from re-reading everything published in that time period, combing it for covert propaganda? You may not think that is necessary, but I for one do.

As you will see in upcoming papers, I have found evidence that is exactly what has happened. It is not just the Beats that are fake, it is almost everyone.
Thanks to Bill for the tip! 

Communists have controlled US Discourse since the 1930s
Mathis Website
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Mathew- "Catcher in the Rye" a CIA PsyOp
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---------   How the Illuminati Control Culture

First Comment by Dan Butler (1955-2018):

The fact that 20th Century American "Literature" had a hidden agenda explains the cognitive dissonance most young readers felt while reading it.   This website reviewed the mysterious J.D.Salinger's 'Catcher in the Rye' [1],  one of the most disappointing reading experiences of all American high students that were forced to read it.  That's one of the most obvious cases of a crappy novel with no redeeming qualities at all remaining the 'Best Sellers' list for decades, lauded by reviewers. Evidently, the only students who couldn't put it down were the twin assassins of 1980, John Hinkley and Mark David Chapman.

I read Miles Mathis' The Stolen Century this morning.  I give it A+.  'Modernism' was concocted by Marxists.  Marx wrote that 'cultural hegemony'(dominance) is the key to taking over. Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) developed strategies for unseating the 'traditional' intelligentsia and replacing them with "organic" (subversives).  This is when the arts became strictly political vehicles of cultural subversion.  Trotsky became the grandmaster of what Marxists later termed the "Long March" through the society's institutions, in order to flip cultural hegemony from the 'old world order' to the 'new'.   It's called the Long March because it takes time - a long time.  They've been at it for over century, and now they've moved on from Modernism into "Postmodernism".  

I understood the fact that the publishing industry has this hidden agenda far too late in life.  30 years ago I read the New York Times Book Review every Sunday - religiously.   With retrospect, it's plain as day how the 'best sellers' all my quasi-intellectual friends regurgitating over quiche and Chardonnay corralled our worldview, our opinions, and even our self-image.  

We all read the same books, saw the same movies, listened to the same bands and singers, watched CBS news and listened to National Public Radio and thought we were oh so smart.  The whole thing was sold on "snob appeal".   That's how these things were marketed.

It took the 911 stunt to finally crumble that worldview they constructed in my "open mind" for forty years.  I had to go through a year of dealing with "everything I knew was WRONG", but when you can throw off all that conditioning, you get to reconstruct a worldview based on observation of everything as a mature, objective person.

One learns to discern.   Eventually.   I quit going to Hollywood movies about ten years ago,  threw the TV out of my house seven years ago, and now most of the books I read were published before Modernism took over.

[1] Illuminati Dust Off the J.D. Salinger PsyOp

Decrypting The Catcher in the Rye 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "CIA Manufactured Modern US Literature "

Tim Fitzpatrick said (June 2, 2018):

The anti-hero narrative of the Judeo-masonic occultism pervading literature and entertainment these days is perhaps no better epitomized than by the recent destruction of George Lucas’ Star Wars saga. Granted, the Star Wars saga is fundamentally kabbalism; however, the original trilogy at least respected the pro-hero plot, the sanctity of love, and was a cinematographic masterpiece with brilliant accompanying classical music (by John Williams).

Now, J.J. Abrams and Rien Johnson have destroyed the legacy of Star Wars by rewriting it to fit the petty wishes of social justice warriors, especially feminists. It has become a mockery—anti-hero filth, with little to no value other than for thrilling special effects. Even it’s core actor and classic hero type Mark Hamill shows plenty of signs of disgust with the direction of the story. You can find interviews of him denouncing the movie right in front of the directors. He knows that something is inherently wrong with it all. His face reveals much while he sits through the interviews. What does it say when first- and second-wave liberals are disgusted with the trajectory of things?

Modern literature and cinematography are no longer about inspiring, providing hope, or showcasing beauty. They are about political indoctrination, with cheap thrills, poor comedy, and titillation thrown in as a bonus.

Sheri said (June 2, 2018):

Of course this revelation jolted me as each awakening revelation has. This does not and cannot compare to the revelations of Satanism, slavery and the children.

We have work to do collaboratively, on a wide platform; and we do have this platform in the web. It will be exciting and it will force us to rethink our opinions of the literary work and world of this period. But more importantly, it will force us to delve deeper into history and reprint "lost books" of all types from those who have been storing the writings of the past.

It is our job to forensically examine the origins of the "matrix writings" based on life at that time, the attitudes and ultimately their affect on the wider populace.

Having been a young person who had no time or even access to the "great writers" as they were called, gives me now at this point in my life an unbiased attitude toward them. I will be putting their puzzles together backward - as opposed to those who carried these works in their lives.

My hope is to work in the literary world to disseminate writings and books which will have a direct impact on education in the world.

Doug P said (June 1, 2018):

Great article, no doubting its truth. We see the nihilism everywhere in the tattooed skin of young people, a sure sign of nihilism. I won't read anything that is less than 100 years old, but I read philosophy and law. I can't seem to get interested in even the novels by Solzhenitsyn or Dostoevsky. Crime and Punishment was done by the BBC, I watched that. I wonder how close it is to the book. It would be interesting if someone who knows something about lit to compare the BBC movie with the book.

Allen M said (May 27, 2017):

The "literature" is all pagan-lie-ridden-abominable- and filthy. Per the " Protocols". ALL the 'public' schools are a 666 LIE. Perpetual dumbing down accomplished via satan's boyz- the ones who sell themselves for naught.

Thank you, Henry, for another fine article. The majority of 'men' became "Freemasons" are are CLEARLY not men. A man stands for TRUTH. The "secret" they boast in makes them perverts- and that is what the US is.

My little brother was ritually 'done' when he was 9. It ended his life, and the "church" defended the Mason who did this evil. Now it is evident why the US is the satanic enabler. Like Sodom-mind-controlled via ritual abuse as children.

Sid Green said (May 26, 2017):

I can only enjoy Russian literature, I guess because it comes from a genuine culture (Christianity) and isn't an artificial attempt to sling dung at all beauty.

Kundera and other wanna be French people are seductive to unstable adolescents but their message is sensual, empty, and damaging. The unbearable Lightness of being should be called the unbearable lightness of the author's mindset.

There's a bunch of French crap across all Europe including Nabokov (wanna be french) and French stuff is always pure Frankism ( I see that now)
Russian literature is the only genre with genuine works, it seems the rest were either literally contracted by the illuminati, or at very least, the author was sucking up to the Frankfurt school by pathetically attempting to make everything seem absurd, making for crappy reading and spiritually and mentally damaging ideas
I never read Catcher in the Rye I just wrote down what the teacher said on the tests.

It strikes me now that most of literature class was actually just extremely bad advice class on how to not care and ruin your own life. I was almost directly told to drop out of school as a "life style choice". They do not know how to teach Russian literature because it transcends their degenerate minds. Much western European "literature" is no better than Frankist demonic ramblings of a disturbed mind. Camus was a profligate degenerate. We should look to Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and not the likes of Nabokov for inspiration

Tony B said (May 26, 2017):

Wow, Henry, this article brought out thinking people.

In my school years I was more interested in words - reading and writing - than in anything else. However, the school English literature books largely repulsed me and I refused to read what seemed stupid and meaningless to me. Now I know why. It truly was as repulsive as that moronic trash labeled "modern art."

Early on, I took all published anything with a grain of salt if it was promoted. Much later I learned from Mike Piper, whose "Final Judgment" on the Kennedy assassination outsold anything the establishment brought up on the subject by fantastic numbers, that the advertised "best sellers" were always a flat, likely CIA, lie if you thought that meant the highest volume sold or read.

It was not until I began reading pre Vatican II Catholic writings that I found straight, non-propagandistic historical, as well as truly moral, information concerned with true humanity. Post V2 writings, however, have exactly the same brassy ring as the protestant readings of most of my life. It is laughably tragic that people in the English speaking, heavily talmudicly influenced, protestant run, massively masonic, extremely monopoly capitalistic greedy, world, blame Catholic anything for their problems.

Shawn said (May 26, 2017):

Great article on the CIA and modern literature. Of course only a handful of Publishers exist to filter and censor content. But who really reads anymore? Thus the Intel Literati Octopus has downsized and diversified. Schmancy Tom Clancys behind the Games, Social Media, and indeed-all pop culture... and sub-culture as well. Literati to Technorati in 20 years for the Gatekeepers.

Greg F said (March 30, 2015):

Whenever a wealthy elite dominates society, which is practically always, of course the services of the intellectual and professional class will be purchased and controlled by the wealthy elite.

The form of government is irrelevant to this process – all that is needed is for the rich to dominate the society, and the intellectuals and professionals will be at their beck and call.

Naturally, nearly everyone wants to work for the people who possess the wealth. The only remedy for this is the flattening of the wealth pyramid.

The wealthy have used their control of the media, the entertainment industry, and the educational system to brainwash the poor into thinking that a flattening of the wealth pyramid would be unethical

Below- Communists Have Controlled American Discourse Since 1930s (scroll down)

Amazon Fires: Brazilian Readers Defend Bolsonaro

August 23, 2019


Commies Use Fires to Demonize Bolsonaro

Globalists accuse President Jair Bolsonaro of tacitly condoning the farmers, 

by insisting that Brazil should open up more of the rainforest 

to business interests like farming and mining. 

Roughly 60% of the rainforest is in Brazil. Readers rush to his defense. 

From Marcio:

After reading the silly Zero Hedge article about wildfires in the Amazon, you have retweeted, as a Brazilian, I beg you not to let yourself be deceived by the commie press. In short, please do not be naïve and do not help the globalists you are supposedly trying to fight.

Firstly, superpowers are not concerned about either Indians' welfare or the Amazon jungle or the world climate or the air quality, or else they would have pressed China to stop pollution and to wreck its industry. 

They are only interested in the wood (which many of their NGOs smuggle out of Brazil to environment-conscious Europe, Japan, Canada, and the USA), (gold, iron, copper, etc - some of the iron mines could be explored for over 400 years!) ore, the jungle pharmaceutical essences (extremely valuable!), drinkable water (some foreign ships smuggle that as well) and...farming for export to prevent them from starvation, especially after a nuclear war (South America and Africa are known as "reserve land" from which food would be imported and where the elite has property - for instance, Norwegian, Dutch and British Royals own lots of land in the Amazon, as well as many well-off people from other parts of Europe, Japan and North America). 

The Amazon is very profitable and the globalist elite wants to keep the profits to themselves (as they do in impoverished Africa), and, if they are not to be taken through corruption, they will take them by military force. We lose trillions of dollars due to smuggling of such resources, most of them carried out by such Amazon "saviors".

Secondly, President Bolsonaro has always been a fierce enemy of socialists of all shades of red. He has survived an attempt of murder committed by a socialist party activist (he nearly died!) and he has been defamed by the globalist-run press. 

The communists have lost some of their grip on Brazil and its rich resources (which helped enrich and keep dictatorships in Cuba, Venezuela, Angola, Mozambique, China, Russia, Nicarágua, Bolívia, etc) and now they want to portrait Bolsonaro as a new Hitler, which is untrue. 

He wants to rebuild Brazil, wrecked by over 20 years of socialism. Then, his realistic approach against  crime to decrease its soaring rates (nearly 70,000 murders yearly, mostly through urban crime fostered by drug-dealing gangs, but no one seems to be concerned about such war-like slaughter) has been sabotaged by foreign and domestic NGOs,  as well as by corrupt politicians in the Parliament (National Congress), a.k.a. foreign agents disguised as congressmen and the press in order to destabilize the nation and to propose "public policies" (more socialism) for the most glory of the world tyranny.

Thirdly, we are in the dry season from May until October - wildfires break out nearly everywhere. Besides that, there are rumors that those "kind" NGOs have set more fires than farmers (have you ever heard of Hybrid War?). The Amazon itself, according to a map displayed in the ZeroHedge article, has burned much less than the rest of the country. It is a huge place (like about half of the US Mainland area). Surveillance investments (and others as well) had to be cut down as the socialists drained the public funds through corruption and funding of socialism all over the world. Most of the fires are environmental crimes; however, there is a lack of resources to fight them.

Fourthly, as President Bolsonaro is not like the previous bankers'  puppets who used to be bribed by globalists before, I am afraid the Amazon will be stolen from Brazilians by military force. Lots of Indian Reservations were created and most of the NGOs encourage separatism and succession through the UN and foreign powers pressure under the excuse of "genocide and self-determination of Indian nations". Actually, the Indian population has grown more than the rest of the population; the government ensures they get all necessary support (good medical care, schools, welfare payments, tax exemption, etc) so that they are not seduced by foreign interests there. Nationalists are in peril!

Nevertheless, the press urges the UN and those foreign states to save the Amazon from Brazilians. I guess the next step is to foster a proxy war between Indians (coincidentally living in very resourceful areas) and the Brazilian military (as intelligence officials have long warned the government) - and then another Yugoslavia-like NATO and UN intervention will be on the way to ensure Brazilians will stay away from THEIR own resources in order to guarantee international companies profits. In short, they want us to lose sovereignity over our own territory - something the UK, the USA, France, Norway, Germany, Japan, Russia, China, etc would never accept, nor would the European protesters who recently vandalized Brazilian embassies in London and in Berlin. 

Marco writes:

I told you the globalists would not rest until they get rid of Bolsonaro and return Brazil to a socialist, subservient status in the NWO. Using fake pictures, fake data and incomplete analysis of the situation, and full support of the left, they are attacking the government that is doing the most to protect the environment. NASA just stated that fires are below average. 

This is an unusually dry season, and half the fires are outside the forest. Much is located in Marxist Bolivia, an all-time record, where the government promotes forest clearing for farms. The  NGOs eco-mafia, the big European farms, they have a lot to lose with a strong Brazil. Also, the left: today the Car Wash police operation disclosed another US$ 1.5 Billion corruption scheme from the prior socialist government. They want attention away from that. European leaders also regretted the free trade agreement with Mercosul, which will expose the fragility and dependency of European (polluting) farms on subsidies. 

They can't compete with Brazilian agriculture, so they want to destroy it. Perhaps the wish is to starve the useless eaters of the world? The plan is to label Bolsonaro as an enemy of the environment and a risk for the planet, apply sanctions and put some globalist-leftist puppet back in power in a neutered, submissive country. Then, give them a pass to destroy anything they want without complaint, as they did in 15 years of socialism here. Seed the Amazon with leftist NGOs, bribe Indians and local politicians, and steal the biogenetic material, minerals and land.


First Comment from Martin G

Yesterday I read a report provided by you written by a fierce Bolsonaro supporter I suppose.

If you allow let me share this short note to show things from a distinct perspective.

While the former terrorist Bolsonaro is blowing the victim´s pipe for something he encouraged by dismantling the regulatory government offices who look after the environment In addition the Brazilian president tried without success to relocate the Indian Protection Agency taking it from the Ministry of Justice and subordinate it to the Agricultural ministry. Only a Brazilian supreme court decision impeded him to sign it into law (link).

In the meantime, Bolívia governed by "an" unaligned Indian president took practical measures to fight the fire in its country´s jungle by renting a huge fire extinguishing plane until it's over.

Today "an" Brazilian idle sitting minister of defense complained that after Mr. Trump called its Brazilian counterpart offering assistance the US has done nothing (link). Fact is, that the Brazilian military has no clue how to organize its staff to perform the fire extinguishing activities it is supposed to do. The "primitive" Bolivian Indian has a much better-advising staff than the military Brazilian president so proud of his strategic skills.

BTW pointing out the rumor spread by the Bolsonaro aficionado that wrote to you recently, about foreign ships stealing Brazilian freshwater this is not true. What happens is that ocean ships that unload in a river harbor as Manaus, need, once they are without enough payload, to pump water into their tanks in order to remain maneuverable. He´s obviously talking about something he has absolutely no clue of! Unfortunately Brazilian freshwater in the Amazon is frequently contaminated with Mercury coming from the illegal gold mining activities...

Just in time the Brazilian president allowed "an " extra cash of 7 US$ million for the Amazon fire combat (link)! (the Amazon in Brazil comprises "an " área of 2,000,000 square miles). Not really much!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- "Anti-Jewish" Conference (1882) Conceded Defeat (scroll down)

Communists Have Controlled American Discourse Since 1930's

August 22, 2019


(Left, John Dos Passos left, and Hemmingway, center, in Spain)

During the Spanish Civil War, novelist John Dos Passos realized that Communism is a Jewish banker scam to gain totalitarian control by pretending to champion have-nots. 

His friend Ernest Hemingway shot back: "Civil liberties, shit. Are you with us or against us?"  

Then, getting no reply, Hemingway lifted a clenched fist to Dos Passos' face: 

"You [quit] and you will be finished, destroyed. The reviewers in New York will absolutely crucify you. These people know how to turn you into a back number. I've seen them do it. What they did once they can do again."

The Red Decade Redux

by Harry Stein

(excerpt by

The case of Dos Passos is especially telling. In 1936, as a man of the Left, he was among America's leading novelists--arguably Hemingway's closest rival, having just published the third volume of his USA trilogy to wide acclaim, including a cover story in Time. It was thus understandable that he was among those recruited, along with Hemingway, to travel to Spain to make a film in support of the Republican cause. 

However, while there, Dos Passos began making inquiries about a close Spanish friend who'd unaccountably vanished, and eventually learned that Stalin's secret police had murdered him. Belatedly, his eyes were opened to the bloodcurdling reality behind the myths so artfully propagated at home. Worse, he refused to stay quiet about it.

Lyons recounts the episode only briefly, making the point that, as a result, when the celebrated author's next book was published three years later, critics discovered "that Dos Passos had never really known how to write." 


(Illuminati rentboy Ernest Hemingway with Justin Trudeau's father)

The story was told in greater depth by historian Stephen Koch in his book The Breaking Point. With access to Dos Passos's unpublished notes, he includes a chilling account of Hemingway's last meeting with his onetime friend. Dos Passos plaintively asked, "What's the use of fighting a war for civil liberties, if you destroy civil liberties in the process?" 

Hemingway shot back: "Civil liberties, shit. Are you with us or against us?" Then, getting no reply, he lifted a clenched fist to the other's face: "You do that and you will be finished, destroyed. The reviewers in New York will absolutely crucify you. These people know how to turn you into a back number. I've seen them do it. What they did once they can do again."



Another figure who makes a brief appearance in The Red Decade is screenwriter Morrie Ryskind, and his example speaks to the influence that his leftist foes would continue to wield years after The Red Decade's publication--even during the blacklist years of the late 1940s and early 1950s. 

One of the industry's most successful writers, he had numerous credits, running from the Marx Brothers' Animal Crackers and A Night at the Opera to My Man Godfrey and Stage Door. Ryskind broke ranks in 1947 by testifying in open session about Communist influence in the film industry. 

"In the twelve years prior to my testimony," he'd write in his memoir, I Shot an Elephant in My Pajamas, "I was consistently one of the ten highest-paid writers in Hollywood. I turned down, on the average, at least three assignments for everyone I accepted, and I feel safe in saying I was welcome at every studio in town. After I testified against The Hollywood Ten, I was never again to receive one single offer from any studio."

Few today, and fewer still in Hollywood will summon up much sympathy for those like Ryskind. In the contemporary view, as expressed in books, movies, and PBS documentaries beyond counting, outspoken anti-Communists of that era were the equivalent of Salem's fanatics, paranoids fixated on a nonexistent international Communist conspiracy, while those who refused to cooperate (and paid with their livelihoods) were heroic martyrs to free speech and free thought. 

Morally complex as that moment was, there were those on each side who fit these characterizations, and, of course, there's no question that the anti-Communist crusade swept up a great many more of Lyons's credulous Innocents than actual or even potential subversives. Yet it's also true that there were at least a handful who'd long since dispelled all doubt that their overriding loyalty was to the Stalinist state and, in some cases, had proved their ruthlessness in advancing its aims. And one can only shudder at what might have happened had their ilk achieved political power equal to their cultural influence.


History didn't play out that way. To the contrary: the fall from public grace of that era's radical activists was so steep that for those growing up in the postwar years, the very word Communism was all but synonymous with barbarism and the crushing of the human spirit. For all Americans' internecine quarrels over that time and the doubts sown by Vietnam and Watergate, for five decades few questioned who were fundamentally the good guys and who were the bad, in the grand scheme. As late as 1989, in the jubilation following the fall of the Berlin Wall, it would have been hard even on American college campuses to find many who didn't believe that a profound evil had been defeated.

That's no longer the case today. From the Soviet gulags and the brutal crackdowns in Hungary and Czechoslovakia to children turning on parents during the Cultural Revolution and the Cambodian genocide, much that was once common knowledge seems to have been forgotten or gone unlearned. How many schools still make Orwell required reading? How many college history majors have even heard of the masterwork of his fellow prophet, Arthur Koestler, author of Darkness at Noon?

In today's Hollywood, where the 1950s blacklist stands as the great modern cautionary tale of the human capacity for evil, those with less than exemplary progressive politics routinely feel impelled to hide the fact from even close friends, and one can only guess at the grim fun Lyons would have with Tinseltown's ever-changing victim power ratings. Whose heroic struggle for justice constitute the hottest properties this week: women, African-Americans, gays, transgenders? Never mind that their box-office appeal is likely to extend no more than five miles beyond the studio gates.


RelatedClash of Forces: Masonic and Communist Intrigues in Spain   (Juri Lina)  Thanks K!

First Comment from Ken Adachi -

Wow, what a terrific article. Harry Stein deserves a great deal of credit for bringing this amazing information forward. I had no idea of the fall suffered by Dos Passos and Ryskind before reading it here.

I have great respect for Hemingway the writer, but I also recognize the importance of the information brought our in this article. Hemingway, it should be noted, like Fidel, came from a wealthy, well-to-do family.  Such people usually can "afford" to play sympatico with the Left. They don't have to live in the dirt when push comes to shove (their position and wealth allows them an out to the harsh consequences suffered by most victims of communist savagery)

And while Hemingway drove an ambulance in Italy for a while during World War I, he was already a famous author and well known war correspondent during the Spanish Civil War, so he could come and go as he pleased and didn't have to fight or risk his life as did those in the Lincoln Brigade. He also thought of himself as a champion of the common man, whether in Spain or Cuba, and chose to view the essence of the Spanish Civil War as a struggle between the evil Franco-Fascist Haves and the courageous 'revolutionary  Have Nots. He expressed this romanticized theme flawlessly in his novel, For Whom the Bells Toll (and brilliantly portrayed in the movie with Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman). I don't think he wrote the book to glorify communism, but rather viewed himself as the heroic, but doomed, demolition expert, Roberto.

So while it's true that he portrayed the communist gypsies as heroic and courageous, I don't feel it's quite accurate to label him a covert communist propagandist. After World War I, Hemingway first fell in Love with Paris but soon formed a lifelong bond with all things Spanish following his visit to the bull run at Pamplona in 1923 I think.  Hemingway always felt sympathetic towards the poor, largely uneducated Spaniard with whom he drank at local taverns and sundry watering holes.  A certain percentage of these poor people fell for the Anarchist (communist) Party line of the early 1930s and jumped in with both feet, thumbing their nose at the rules and restrictions of both church and state, believing that they were 'liberating' themselves undoubtedly from oppressive, conventional rules. They just didn't realize Who was conning them and Why.

It's shocking to read what he said to Dos Passos, but it sounds like typical boozy, Hemingway machismo. He wasn't the polite, sensitive type. He drank ALL THE TIME, He was egotistical, combative and competitive by nature. He often deprecated other important writers and was mocking and cruel in writing towards Ezra Pound, who was not only his mentor but his intellectual and literary superior by a wide margin.

After publishing The Old Man and the Sea in 1952, Hemingway became a national hero to every Cuban who has ever lived or will ever live. They adored the guy. He could have continued to live in Cuba whether Bautista or Fidel ran the country.  It didn't matter. He was a national treasure and he was treated like a king. You expect him to go back to Idaho because the state department doesn't like him living in Castro's Cuba?

Hemingway's books are a product of his passions and his imagination; not communist ideology. He was a great writer who drank too much and couldn't adapt to the reality of growing older and losing his virility and attraction to younger women. He wanted to be Nick Adams forever, but life doesn't work that way.  Sadly, he blew his brains out at age 60, a few months after his good friend Gary Cooper, had died of lung cancer. May they both rest in peace.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Comments for "Communists Have Controlled American Discourse Since 1930's "

NH said (August 24, 2019):

Thank-you for this wonderfully "literate" and eye-opening historical article, Henry. I credit you with the concept that "Literature is a trick" (and you should patent it). Literature is exactly what a bunch of kosher Baphomet-worshipping banker war-criminals say it is - and not one thing more. Of course, Communism is a master trick, antisemitism is a dirty trick, Hemingway was a trickster, the Spanish Civil War was Stalin's trick, Canada is a trick "country", my planned-obsolescent crapola vehicle is a trick, the money-from-thin-air mortgage on my wooden piece-of-junk house is a trick, it's all a trick - we live inside of one big fraud/scam/con/fake/trick

. Obviously that's the "matrix". It's all an outrageous lie. I call it "Rothschild's World" but according to Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins, our world has been this way for at least the last 5000 years - that is, the Hebrew "tribe" has, since the early Babylonian empire, infiltrated, subverted and betrayed every major empire in history (save one). And we are now witnessing the betrayal phase of the American empire. By all appearances, our entire "history" is fake AF.

I ponder it. But it is very hard to come up with something (anything) that is NOT a scam or trick. My Womens-Liberation-3.0 wife was certainly a trick. My education was a hat trick. My stock market investments were a trick. My career as a programmer was a trick (replaced by a college grad - I am the epitome of the cartoon character Dilbert). In the U.S. Army (draftee, Viet Nam era) they told me: "Don't worry about dying, that's what you're here for" and "Don't worry about women, if we wanted you to have one we'd issue her to you." That's it, everything is issued, it's fake, it's a lie and it's a trick. And we are all just cannon-fodder for "them" and their manufactured wars and other nefarious projects that are always reminiscent of a bad B- sci-fi movie plot.
I tell people this: "there is not one blade of grass that is out of place on this Earth to the illuminati. For example, the junkie on your street-corner was created precisely as a market for the heroin TPTB are bringing in from Afghanistan. They deliberately created this whole sorry-mess-of-a-world using the power to counterfeit money, and what you and I see is just them continually re-making it to their further convenience, profit and satisfaction."

But man, we cannot ever forget about John Dos Passos and Morrie Ryskind. They fought back at great expense to themselves. We owe those guys.

Essel said (August 23, 2019):

My remarks relate to Ken Adachi's comment.

1°/ It is clear that E. H. was an atheist materialist, and therefore a communist at heart.

2°/ Ken, who seems to know the characters and the historical context well, says that E. H. was selfish. Now selfishness, which is defined as the disordered love of oneself, is at the source of all vices and all disturbances. As proof, we are told that he was an alcoholic. But there are worse things. Ken tells us that he was looking for worldly praise, to create a posture, in which he would appear to be a "good" according to the categories of the world (in the pejorativ sense of Saint John).

3°/ Even if this was not necessarily his intention, it is concluded from the two previous points that his work is subversive in nature and has no real historical value. For proof: E. H. appears in the literature programmes of all countries (de facto communists) and all major cities have streets to his name. Nowhere are there any Aristotle or Thomas Aquinas streets, which were of a completely different intellectual scope!

4°/ Ken concludes with "May they both remain in peace.". Of course we must wish it, but this prayer is likely to be in vain because, unless he has repented and converted in articulo mortis (but we do not see how he could have done so), suicide, which is a murder, the murder of himself, will earn him eternal damnation.

The unfortunate one thought he was only a matter, and, logically with his error, he thought he was neutered to end it all when he missed the material satisfactions. Unfortunately, he was mistaken and this error is now the norm.

I thought I had to make this correction in order not to make this behaviour a possible choice.

Feminism isn't New---Aristophanes - Assembly of Women

August 21, 2019

41yoIQNTEnL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgFeminism isn't new
A specter is haunting Athens, the specter of communism. This premise animates the plot of Aristophanes' comedy "Ecclesiazusae" (or "Assembly of Women"), wherein the heroine Praxagora leads a conspiracy of hags dressed as men to vote themselves into power. Fresh from her victory, Praxagora unveils her plan for a brave, new world where all property, children, and sex are held in common. What follows is an uproariously funny, shockingly vulgar, tremendously insightful satire of communists and the logical consequences of their ideology. Mayhew's translation and introduction would make for a perfect adjunct to any discussion of Plato's *Republic*, especially in an introductory Greek Lit & Civ course. 

First, Aristophanes has arguably innovated aspects of communism that would later influence Plato. Second, the play contains so many allusions to contemporary events (helpfully explained by Mayhew), that it provides a useful introduction to ancient history, political philosophy, and dramatic literature. Last, the comedy is funny enough for anyone (particularly sophomores!) to enjoy, and if it's the only play they actually read, they'll know something important about ancient Athens, thanks to the guidance of Robert Mayhew. (Amazon Review)

A Few Random facts about the LGBTQ "Community"

July 19, 2019


Jewish National Poet Confessed to Penetration of Christian society by Crypto-Jews

July 18, 2019

Confessed penetration of Christian society by Crypto-Jews .

Hayim Bialik - the Israeli 'National Poet' and Zionist, stated in a speech given at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, May 11, 1933 .

"Judaism, which was destroyed politically (following the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD), went to the big world and adapted its goods to its wanderings as an army going to war, a 'moveable state'." The Jews were forced to smuggle their goods from border to border, so they chose abstract goods, easy to smuggle, which allowed them, despite the ghettoes and restrictions, to penetrate everywhere.

Such penetration was not without the deliberate connivance of the Jews in the form of assistance provided in a thousand ways, means and disguises.It has been affected in great measure by crypto-Jews, who permeated Christianity and spoke through the mouth of Christianity.  

By these means, by the Jewish will and by the power of their Jewish blood and by instinct of 'reprisal', it is they who, in principle, are the creators of the Renaissance (reason displaces faith in Christ), liberalism, democracy, socialism and communism.

All this was done mainly by unknown anonymous Jews, secret Jews, crypto-Jews who mingled with the Gentiles and fed great thinkers or by the influence of the Jews who, in the great crises of freedom, stood behind the scenes or through Jewish teachers and scholars of the Middle Ages.They were disciples of Jewish teachers who led Protestant movements."