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Rudolph the Hooked-Nosed Reindeer

December 9, 2018

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, written by Robert May, a Jew, was inspired by how Jews were ostracized because of their big noses. Santa plays the role of God, choosing Rudy to lead the other reindeers

The Christmas song-staple illustrates how Christians gradually have been stripped of their religion and inducted into a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Freemasonry).

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Judaism is a satanic cult where God is replaced by his "Chosen People," led by the Masonic Jewish central bank cartel. 

A documentary Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas (2017) brought home how the West has been inducted into this satanic cult (Cabalism). Most of the most popular Christmas songs  were written by Jewish songwriters and are really Jewish. These include Dreaming of a White Christmas, Silver Bells and Let it Snow. Through banker control of the mass media, Cabalist Jews have removed Christ from Christmas and replaced him with snow and consumption. 

As the video embedded above explains, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was written by a Jew. Robert May, left, was inspired by how Jews were ostracized because of their big noses. 
Santa plays the role of God, choosing Rudolph to lead the other reindeers.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it glows
All of the other reindeer
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in any reindeer games
Then one foggy Christmas Eve
Santa came to say
"Rudolph, with your nose so bright
Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"
Then how the reindeer loved him
As they shouted out with glee
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
You'll go down in history" 

May's "Christmas" song is about Jewish supremacism. That's what "modernity" is all about.

Cabalist Judaism involves abandoning absolute standards and imposing a false reality that advances Jewish banker interests instead.  Through their control of the mass media and suppression of the truth, they have converted most people to "Judaism." We are satanically possessed. We are all Jews now. 

What do Cabalists believe? Just ask, what do you and I believe? They are our common values. We believe in buying-low-and-selling-high. We believe that after money, sex is the best thing in life and the more partners the better.  We believe in despoiling pre-puberty children with "sex education" and gender dysphoria. We pursue social causes like migration and civil rights if they can be used to weaken our perceived rivals. We believe in Greater Israel and endless wars against her perceived enemies, no matter how many people are killed or maimed. 

Freemasons are known as "Jewes." They run the world for the bankers. They create mental reality. They program us. We are all "Jewes" to some extent.  


Compare "Rudolph" with one Christmas song not written by a Jew. The lyrics to "Do You Hear What I Hear" was written by a Christian, Noel Regney, who was raised as a Catholic. His wife, a Jew, wrote the melody but his lyrics celebrate the birth of Christ.

Said the little lamb to the Shepard boy
Do you hear what I hear
Ringing through the sky Shepard boy
Do you hear what I hear
A song, a song
High above the trees
With a voice as big as the sea
With a voice as big as the sea
Said the Shepard boy to the mighty king
Do you know what I know
In your palace wall mighty king
Do you know what I know
A child, a child
Shivers in the cold
Let us bring him silver and gold


Cabalism is a reality-creating cult that believes thinking and saying something makes it true. It is a religion of deception, not revelation. Its god is Lucifer.  Naturally its practitioners have gathered the instruments of mass deception into their hands. This is the mass media and education. 

The story behind "Rudolph" illustrates how Christians gradually have been stripped of their religion and inducted into this cult.

 It's not just Christians. I had a Jewish friend who wrote a popular tv show set on an Indian reservation. 

"What do you know about Indians?" I asked him.

"I just write them as Jews," he replied.  

If you have time to watch "Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas" , you'll see how this subtle remaking of reality at work. Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda is another example. We assume the "chic" attitudes promoted by the mass media without even knowing it. People want to conform and belong.

Cabalist Judaism has made Cabalist Jews, Freemasons, Communists, liberals, Neocons and Christian Zionists enemies of God and man. 

It's time they rejoined the human race and Made Humanity Great Again.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Rudolph the Hooked-Nosed Reindeer "

Robert M said (December 10, 2018):

I've always been aware of, and have never liked, a key aspect of this song, unusual in a Christmas song - the audience being lectured, taught a morality tale, about inclusivity and prejudice. Just like movies and TV shows in the 70s, even some of our favorite shows from the old days that were still on, started lecturing us about male chauvinism and racial prejudice.

JG said (December 10, 2018):

I remember around Christmas time I use to go to this bar in a working class Polish neighborhood to play pool and listen to their Christmas songs on the juke box. I remember the good cheer that was in that bar this time of year. That bar today is long gone and the neighborhood is no longer working Polish. You might get your car stolen or worse if you were to go to that place today.

It's the people who make the community what it is.
A multicultural third world America and Europe are in the making and the results will be devastating as it already is in many cities.

We all have to be thankful that we once lived in a time and experienced what life can be and not what life shouldn't be.

Below- Men are Increasingly Hostile Against Women (scroll down)

Conservative Catholic Media Shills For Anti-Catholic Masonic Hate

(Cardinal Francis George (1937-2015) tried to resist Jewish pressure. Conservative Catholics helped crucify him.) 

"Catholic traditionalist movement" exerts a subtle but devastatingly masochistic influence on the wider Catholic culture. Indeed, if the Catholic trad movement didn't exist, the globalists would have had to invent it. Then again perhaps they did." -Jude Duffy

 By the early nineties, so called conservative Catholic journalism throughout the Anglophone world had well and truly become Neocon occupied territory.

by Jude Duffy

In 2007, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago responded to calls from organized Jewry for the Catholic Church to abandon  its prayer for the conversion of the Jews, by suggesting that the Jews themselves might consider removing anti-Christian passages from the Talmud (I). 

A short time later Cardinal George found himself accused of "covering up" sexual abuse in his diocese. As coincidences ago, this is right up there with the former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, dying suddenly weeks after writing in the Guardian that "Al Qaeda" was just another name for the CIA's Arab assets (2). 

Predictably, right-wing traditional Catholics saw nothing fishy about the timing of the accusations against Cardinal George. Traditional Catholics, you see, are avid tinfoil hat coincidence theorists, and never see anything fishy about media targeting of Catholics. Like these media, they long ago abandoned the very traditionally Catholic principle of innocent until proved guilty, and are more than happy to play the role of Judas goats leading committed Catholics to the New World Order slaughter.

But hang on, I hear you say, surely the trad Catholics are right to blast the Church over its cover-ups of heinous crimes? Well, yes, when the crimes have been proven in a court of law - not, as in the case of the recent Pennsylvania hysteria - when most of the cases have never been tried at all. 

There's an absurd contradiction at the heart of traditionalist and conservative Catholic denunciations of bishops and the "Catholic establishment" over the clerical scandals: in many of the cases they condemn the bishops for "covering up", it is the bishops and their bureaucrats who have summarily found priests - living and deceased - guilty, without a proper investigation - much less a trial - ever having taken place. 

Thus, on the one hand, the trad Catholics unquestioningly accept the utter nonsense of men and women who have no authority or expertise whatsoever to adjudicate on criminal matters, pronouncing the guilt of priests who have never been tried in a court of law. Then the same trads hysterically chimp out about the bishops and bureaucrats "covering up" the crimes of priests - when the only authority they have to substantiate these priests' guilt is the word of this same Catholic bureaucracy.

So which is it? Are the bishops and Catholic bureaucrats corrupt enablers or not? And if they are corrupt enablers, why do trads take their completely unqualified pronouncements of priests' criminal guilt as the legal equivalent of holy writ?  

It's safe to say that most folk, including most Catholics, know nothing, and care less about the "Catholic traditionalist movement". But that doesn't stop this "movement" exerting a subtle but devastatingly masochistic influence on the wider Catholic culture. Indeed it's not going too far to say that if the Catholic trad movement didn't exist, the globalists would have had to invent it. Then again perhaps they did.


Take Malachi Martin, a great hero to Catholic traditionalists in the 1980s and 1990s. An Irish Jesuit, Martin wrote a series of books decrying the modernist takeover of contemporary Catholicism. Surprisingly, given their radical right-wing conspiracist content, these books always found mainstream corporate publishers.

Maybe, though, it wasn't such a surprise after all. Though he modestly kept it to himself throughout his latter day career as a super-trad Catholic, Martin, knew the anti-Catholic conspiracy from the inside. According to Robert Blair Kaiser, Time magazine's correspondent at the Vatican Council in the early 1960s,  Martin received large sums of money from  the American Jewish Committee to use his influence to get the Council to alter Catholic teaching on the Jews - teachings which up to that point had held the Jews (the religion, not the race) culpable for Christ's crucifixion. Kaiser also alleged that Martin seduced Kaiser's wife, using the funds he received from the AJC (3) .

Martin still has his defenders within Catholic traditionalism, but no one seriously disputes that during the Council, writing under the name 'Michael Serafian', he place the blame for historical anti-semitism directly at the door of the Catholic Church - thus echoing the anti-Catholic discourse of the Judeo-Masonic establishment of B'nai Brith and its offshoot, the Anti-Defamation League (4).

In the 1970s and 1980s, Martin reinvented himself as a fierce traditionalist Catholic critic of post Vatican II liberalism in the Church, but even in this role he often hinted at distinctly un-Catholic facets to his character. The Canadian Catholic traditionalist, Bernard Janzen, conducted a series of taped interviews with Martin in the mid 1990s, in one of which Martin claimed to be personally acquainted with elite New York Satanists, whom he extolled as highly respectable men "whose word was their bond" ( see 'The Deep Descent': Malachi Martin interviewed by Bernard Janzen: Triumph Communications). Maybe Martin was indulging in Mitty-esque fantasies, or maybe he really did hobnob with Satanists, but either way his statements should have led Catholic trads to treat his narratives about the Church and the world with extreme caution. 

Not a bit of it. Far from shunning Martin, trads exalted him to the status of a modern prophet - the more lurid his tales of Satanism and rampant homosexuality in the higher echelons of the Church the more they lapped it up.

What was Martin's game? Surely a Zionist/Masonic anti-Catholic agent in the Church would espouse liberal modernism rather than traditionalism? Not necessarily. In truth the Church's enemies viewed the capture of the conservative and traditionalist wings of the Church as the grandest prize of them all, since they knew that many practicing Catholics saw liberal-left Catholics as CINOs - Catholics in name only. A Judas goat can't lead the lambs to the slaughter if they know he's a Judas goat. Just as crypto-Trotskyist Neocons took over the right-wing political parties of most western nations by posing as hardline anti-communists, Neocon Catholics took over both the conservative and traditionalist wings of the Catholic Church by posing as old-school anti-modernists. 

Hence in the 1990s, Zionist oligarchs bought up conservative Catholic publications such as Crisis in Catholicism (renamed 'Crisis' at the oligarchs' insistence), and turned them into Neocon propaganda journals (5). In 2005, the former editor of the Catholic New Oxford Review, Dale Vree, revealed that a Jewish businessman had offered to fund his publication on condition that it promoted a Neocon foreign policy and neo-liberal economics (6). Even in Ireland, the right-wing Catholic magazine, The Brandsma Review, mixed articles promoting the Latin Mass and the anti-abortion cause, with arguments in favour of mass immigration, Milton Friedman's economic theories, support for the Iraq War, sanctions on Iran, and Israel's 2006 invasion of Lebanon. By the early nineties, so called conservative Catholic journalism throughout the Anglophone world had well and truly become Neocon occupied territory.

The same applied in Catholic broadcasting: EWTN, the Catholic religious TV and radio network, formed close ties with Freemasonry via the Knights of Columbus (7) - ties reflected in the station's de facto ban on any criticism of Protestantism, Zionism or Masonry.  
The Neocon Catholics  and the Remnant (a leading Catholic trad publication) style trads had their differences - mostly over Pope John Paul II (the Neocons loved him, the trads were less than keen) but tellingly the one thing they always agreed on was that dissent from the media's version of the Catholic clerical sex abuse scandals was forbidden.

Indeed if anything defines the modern right-wing Catholic media, it is the unswerving dogma that Catholics must never even imply that Zio-media coverage of the scandals is in any way anti-Catholic or disproportionate. How very fortuitous for those who hate the Church, to have the most ostensibly hardcore Catholics of them all singing from the same Masonic anti-Catholic songbook as the Southern Poverty Law Centre and the New York Times. What greater example of full spectrum dominance could one find in the modern world?

Significantly in recent years the trads and the Catholic Neocons have drawn much closer together. Thus, Austin Ruse, a Catholic convert and arch-Neocon, who once called the Zionist war criminal George W.Bush, "America's first Catholic President" (8), recently expressed strong support for the traditionalist movement (9).

Another raving Neocon, Elizabeth Yore, left, writes hysterical tirades attacking the Church over the clerical scandals for traditonalist Catholic outlets like The Remnant, and regularly appears in similar Catholic bashing vein on EWTN's current affairs show, "The World Over', hosted by Raymond Arroyo. Yore, it should be noted, boasts of being a former "children's advisor" to pro-abortion New Ager Oprah Winfrey, and used to work for the UN - an organization not renowned for a blameless record when it comes to the exploitation of children.

Like Yore, Raymond Arroyo - in the company of his fellow Neocons Fr Gerard Murray and Robert Royal - habitually denounces the Catholic Church over the clerical scandals, but slavers like the proverbial lovesick puppy in the presence of trashy Hollywood celebs - behaviour which, if nothing else, indicates that his outrage over institutional tolerance of sexual abuse is rather selective. An unabashed Israel Firster, Arroyo has also outspokenly defended British and U.S. torture of War on Terror prisoners, and vitriolic-ally denounced the Obama administration's lifting of sanctions on Iran. 

As with their Neocon political counterparts, the pioneers of Neocon Catholicism often turn out to have had distinctly left-wing pasts: The late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, a convert form Lutheranism, and advisor to war criminal George W Bush, was a left-wing activist in the 1960s, while the late Michael Novak, another EWTN favourite, led the American liberal left Catholic dissent against Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul's 1968 encyclical condemning contraception. As if that weren't enough, Doug Keck, the President and Chief Operating Officer of EWTN, used to work for the Playboy Channel!

EWTN these days spends much of its time urging Catholics to masochistically cheer on the secular media's anti-Catholic hate campaign, but no one on the network ever mentions, much less condemns the MSM's longstanding cover-up of paedophile rings in the secular establishment and Hollywood, just as no one queries why these corporate outlets suppress all news about sexual abuse among rabbis and clerics of mainline Masonic Protestant denominations.

When the British police stated that accusations of sexual abuse against the late former British Prime Minister, Ted Heath and other UK political big-wigs, were highly credible, the same media that treat every accusation against Catholic clerics as self-evidently true, ferociously attacked Heath's accusers as paranoid fantasists, and mocked the police as publicity hungry charlatans. Quite incredibly, some right-wing "Catholic" outlets joined in the smear campaign against the cops (10).

Anyone who believes sexual abuse is a predominantly Catholic problem lives on Planet Zog. In his memoir of his childhood, 'Surprised By Joy', C.S. Lewis recalled that at the English Protestant boarding school he attended in the early 1900s, sodomy of pre-pubescent boys by adult males was not only insitutionalised - but treated as completely normal and the chief topic of conversation in the school to boot (11). After his death, Lewis's brother, Warnie, who attended the same school, posthumously rebuked C.S. for blackening their school's reputation - not because he denied his younger brother's claims, but rather because he said he had discovered in conversations with officer colleagues in the British army, that most British boarding schools were much of a muchness in this regard (12) . 

Don't however hold your breath waiting for the MSM - or indeed the curiously philo-Protestant Catholic right - to call for inquiries into historical sexual abuse at Anglo-Protestant schools or institutions.

As for the trads, they have shown themselves to be very quick learners when it comes to regurgitating the Neocon anti-Catholic script. Not so long ago The Remnant regularly published pieces championing the writings of Fr. Denis Fahey and Fr. Edward Cahill, two 20th century priests famous for their critiques of Judeo-Masonry and Anglo-Protestant Masonry. Even though both men insisted that racial hatred against Jews was gravely sinful, and that ordinary Jews were themselves victims of the machinations of Judeo-Masonry, the modern liberal elite have long excoriated these priests as raving anti-semites.

In 2007, the Southern Poverty Law Centre put The Remnant on a hate map of the US (13), after which The Remnant never mentioned Fr Fahey and Fr Cahill again, and its editor Michael Matt had a $20,000 security system installed in his home to protect against attacks from Antifa. A prudent precaution on his part no doubt, but notice how the trads - with just cause - fear the thuggery of the rabidly anti-Catholic far left, but yet actively collaborate with these thugs and their globalist sponsors to reduce the Catholic Church's name to mud. If that isn't religious Stockholm Syndrome, what is?

A couple of years after the SPLC debacle, Matt and his lawyer sidekick Christopher Ferrara, both wrote articles excluding those who had any truck with "wacky conspiracy theories" about things lke 9/11 and JFK's murder, from membership of "the traditionalist movement" (14) - thus formalising Catholic trads' role as right-wing gatekeepers for the anti-Catholic Zio-establishment. Apparently anti-Catholic conspiracy theories are the only conspiracy theories trads will tolerate these days.

Not to be outdone, the once very radical traditionalist critic of modern globalism, Robert Sungenis, in response to pressure from Zionists, deleted all conspiracy and anti-Zionist content from his site a few years ago. In an exchange with Dr E. Michael Jones in Culture Wars magazine, Sungenis argued that given the scandalous behaviour of Catholic clerics in recent times, Catholics no longer had any right to point the finger at Jewish tribalists or other non-Catholics over the state of the world (15). 

How very convenient: if you can't beat the globalists, join them in bashing the Church. After all, unlike the globalists, the Church doesn't lock you up for hate crimes and doesn't send Antifa goons to hurl bags of urine and HIV infected shit at you. To paraphrase Stalin, how many divisions of masked thugs armed with mace and diy flame-throwers does the Pope have? 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Conservative Catholic Media Shills For Anti-Catholic Masonic Hate "

Essel said (December 9, 2018):

his article, however, which raises a hare of importance is unfortunately seriously tainted by the equivocality of the term "catholic traditionalist".

Without even mentioning the historic "traditionalism", heresy conveyed by De Bonald, Joseph de Maistre, etc., condemned by Rome at the end of the nineteenth century, the term "traditionalist Catholics" now covers very different and logically incompatible meanings.

Of course, the forces that occupy the Church of Jesus Christ since the death of Pius XII, have from the beginning of the promulgation of Vatican II, sought to set up controlled oppositions: elementary, my dear Watson!

There is, as a first approximation, a very simple way of recognizing them: they recognize the current occupant of the siege of St. Peter as an authentic pope. At the same time, these movements will criticize new practices more or less explicitly.

This is the case of the "Fraternité Saint Pie X" founded by Mgr. Lefebvre, who, while recognizing the "pope" as true pope, disobeys him and criticizes him. It also recognizes the validity of Vatican Council II, but does not apply the decrees, including the "new Mass" imposed in 1969.

Still in this category of false oppositions we find the "Brotherhood of St. Peter", so-called "rallied", which is totally united with the current nominal popes but retains some ancient usages as the mass of St. Pius V.

There is also, always cataloged as "traditionalism", a real opposition, whose priests and faithful agree to be ostracized and who, as it is mentioned in the Acts, prefer God to men. Such is the case, for example, of the Mater Boni Consilii Institute of Verrua in North Italy or in the United States, the ecclesiastical society headed by Mgr. Sanborn. There are several others, which differ on the interpretation of the current deprivation situation of Authority ("sedevacantism"), as the society led by Mgr Dolan.

Finally, the term "conservative Catholics" refers to the followers of Vatican II, in full communion with the current occupants, but who have a sometimes sincere nostalgia for Latin and ancient rites.

The case of Martin Malachi is complex and can not be tackled validly in a short article like this one. It is besides object of polemics difficult to slice.

CAD said (December 9, 2018):

We all agree there’s big trouble going on in the Catholic Church. Two problems in particular jumped out at me from this long discussion. First, it was Pope Pius X who first decried modernism in the Church, coming down from the very top. However, the single most virulently anti-Catholic website out there is run by Most Holy Family Monastery! It is a sedevacantist site, which claims that the Chair of Peter is vacant, and has been ever since Paul VI. Thus it is both heretical and schismatic.

Pope Benedict actually called for nonbelievers to simply be ‘honest’ and leave. Look around you, it is happening as we speak, and note the natural deaths of the baby boomers. Prior to his papacy, as early as 1979, Benedict saw clearly the impending crisis, and prophesied the result, which will soon be a much smaller, yet much holier Church.


Brian said (December 9, 2018):

This is the article i have been waiting for.
Some years ago under strange circumstances i befriended a Rabbi.
he told me that the destruction of the catholic church was a jewish priority, he said they brought it to the people and soon it will be destroyed, he said that jews would put 1000 communists satanists and homosexuals into the church. At the time i put it out of my mind
but many theologians claim that the last secret of Fatima, was that the church would be destroyed from inside by homosexuality, which is what has happened.
But catholics see Bishop Williamson as the only real catholic today,

his vids on youtube are fascinating as he teaches the truth

RL said (December 9, 2018):

Interesting piece Henry, many players many things to think about , but for the few of us that are real Roman Catholics like Mel Gibson’s father says he is and not a so called traditional catholic , we are suppose to be ( Roman Catholics holding fast to all the traditional teachings of the true Catholic Church ,Dogmas ,doctrine and Etc.the players you mention in the article in my opinion are not Roman Catholic there a heintz 57 variety of believes,opinions and they own make up religion, yes the enemy who has taken over Rome is enjoying the entertainment provided by these poor souls ,all theater he said ,she said not one of them have talked about God and salvation not one note about Mary his mother or about believing right do and acting right , next in regards to the traditional movement well it is there but it is a very very small percentage ,the majority are a cocktail of norvus order and so called traditional mixing up there own religion and telling heaven this is what you get take it out leave it , there are so many teachings and rules Being broken my head spins every one has become a theologian . Even the clergy are not on the band wagon on many subjects thus making it more confusing

Mike Stone said (December 9, 2018):

Very interesting article by Jude Duffy. It corroborates some of your own writings about Bella Dodd and the communist infiltration of the Catholic Church. What poses for the church today is a sham and not true Catholicism at all. The only traditional Catholic organization that I know of that actually preaches true Catholicism is Most Holy Family Monastery in New York. They've been writing and making videos about the infiltration of the church for years now and their material is irrefutable.

JB said (December 9, 2018):

Honestly, most Traditional Catholics have left/never joined the Novus Ordo church because as Father Heidt said: "I don't know if going to some of the Novus Ordo masses are a mortal sin, or not, but they are at best, the near occasion of sin." (Something like that -- paraphrased.) He was referring to the balloon and cookie "masses" at that time.

But it's important to remember that Father Heidt was a very good and obedient priest and tried, for a short while, to make the Novus Ordo work. Instead he retired with the intention of saying the mass for himself, until more and more people kept showing up for the Traditional Mass at his house.

As far as claiming Traditional Catholics being a blip on the radar, that nobody ever heard of. First off -- you don't rant and rave about people "you never heard of". Secondly -- of the Catholics who actually go to Mass, a huge percentage are Traditional Catholics. Around ten or fifteen years ago, I read a mainstream story that more people actually went to the Traditional Mass than the Novus Ordo mass in France.

About the same time, an influential, Vatican newspaper had an article entitled: "The Problem With Traditionalists" (all of this is from memory). "The problem" was that Traditional Catholics tended to have large families and Novus Ordo families didn't. So, they were afraid the Traditional Catholics would out-populate the Novus Ordo Catholics. (Yes, this was a Vatican newspaper, bemoaning large Catholic families.)

I don't know anything about Jude Duffy, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was once a Traditional Catholic and got his nose bent out of shape about something.

JB said (December 9, 2018):

Honestly, most Traditional Catholics have left/never joined the Novus Ordo church because as Father Heidt said: "I don't know if going to some of the Novus Ordo masses are a mortal sin, or not, but they are at best, the near occasion of sin." (Something like that -- paraphrased.) He was referring to the balloon and cookie "masses" at that time.

But it's important to remember that Father Heidt was a very good and obedient priest and tried, for a short while, to make the Novus Ordo work. Instead he retired with the intention of saying the mass for himself, until more and more people kept showing up for the Traditional Mass at his house.

As far as claiming Traditional Catholics being a blip on the radar, that nobody ever heard of. First off -- you don't rant and rave about people "you never heard of". Secondly -- of the Catholics who actually go to Mass, a huge percentage are Traditional Catholics. Around ten or fifteen years ago, I read a mainstream story that more people actually went to the Traditional Mass than the Novus Ordo mass in France.

About the same time, an influential, Vatican newspaper had an article entitled: "The Problem With Traditionalists" (all of this is from memory). "The problem" was that Traditional Catholics tended to have large families and Novus Ordo families didn't. So, they were afraid the Traditional Catholics would out-populate the Novus Ordo Catholics. (Yes, this was a Vatican newspaper, bemoaning large Catholic families.)

I don't know anything about Jude Duffy, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was once a Traditional Catholic and got his nose bent out of shape about something.

JG said (December 9, 2018):

I was blessed to grow up in the Catholic Church at a time when people were God fearing and were regular church goers.

The priests I had for catechism were strict and were men to be feared and respected. The nuns were strict also. The gospel and salvation was a serious matter. The disobedient were not catered to but rather scorned. Without fear and respect what do you have ?

The church gave you a moral structure and a believer's identity. Could you possibly ask for a better upbringing?
Sex scandals within the church were unheard of back then, especially in the church I grew up in. This was the very kind of Catholic Church that the leftist secular globalists wanted destroyed.

I don't believe in mixing politics with the church. Politics is of the world and the church is of God. Once politicism creeps into a church the doctrine becomes compromised. It then slowly becomes a worldly church. This is known as apostasy. Sorry to say but many churches have gone this way.

As for the New Age people, I ask, what makes you think yoy can you get to heaven without Jesus? It's his kingdom.

Below- Young Men Cowered While Young Women Were Massacre (scroll down)

Men are Increasingly Hostile Against Women

December 8, 2018

Mark: Womyn Reap What They Sow 

"If women want to be independent, they can defend themselves, Mark, a middle-aged Scottish forester, said in response to  "Young Men Cowered While Young Women Were Murdered"

His complete response below and others, (see JJ's) reveal  a backlash against anti-male propaganda, laws and the general feminization of society. An anger is building against women, but better directed at the people who brainwashed them in the magnificent psyop called feminism. 

by Mark

You state: "These women said they were not feminists but no man came to their defence. This is truly emblematic
of our decline. For example, have European men come to the defence of women and children in places like Germany and Sweden?"

Why would they?

For the last 50 years, feminism and the "I need a man like a fish needs a bicycle" mantra has been rammed down men's throats. How many young men have seen their fathers destroyed by women in divorce courts? How many young men see men destroyed in the msm, ridiculed, laughed at, always made to look the fool in TV while women are lauded and magnified? How many young men have seen fellow men's lives ruined from false rape allegations, with nothing, whatsoever, happening to the women responsible? 

The reality is that men have been conditioned to not see themselves as the protectors and the providers. Had men decided to get up to protect the women, it would have sent out a message that men are stronger than women, something that the MSM and academia do its best to extinguish. Feminism, for example, has been saying that men and women are not different at all.  Therefore, Henry, it is clear that women should not be given preference, over men, when it comes to hostages and those needed rescuing first. To do so would be a sexist act promoting women to be inferior to men.

Feminism is not a case of 'pick & mix'. You either believe in feminism fully or not at all. You can't say "women are stronger than men" and then when the going gets tough resort to "I need a man to put himself in the line of fire to protect me".

The reality is that any woman who chooses a career over motherhood and dutifully obeying her husband is a feminist, regardless whether they say they are not. An independent woman is a feminist and having a career is being independent.

As for Sweden, well, if you were a man there, literally being pilloried and lambasted for being a man, by a dominant matriarchal society would you really go to the aid of a Swedish woman, who had voted to allow mass immigration into her land? I for sure wouldn't. 

"So shall they sew, so shall ye reap" as the saying goes and Swedish women voted for their own demise the minute they decided to think mass immigration was a good idea, along with taking unnatural authority over a man. I have also read that in Sweden, they are even grading rape. To show just how pathetic the feminists are, they now state "indigenous Swedish male rape is worse than immigrant rape."


Henry, this divide between men and women was clearly planned as you and I both know. And yes, this started all the way back with the Pankhurst's suffragette movement of the late 19th century. It should also be known that the Pankhursts, along with many of the leaders were Fabians.

This is an extreme reaction to feminism. It is going to get a lot worse. You have heard of MGTOW and this will not only have a disastrous effect on birth rates in the west, but also the economy. The 'love' industry generates billions every year and more and more men are walking away. The #Metoo movement, clearly a witchhunt is now beginning to backfire. Men no longer want to mentor women. Bosses no longer wish to hire due to very likely future sexual harassment suits. Men are no longer alone with women colleagues in the workplace for fear of rape allegations...

In a nutshell, women have dug their own graves. Ridiculing men for not stepping in to save these women is no different to shouting at a horse to get up off the ground after you've broken its legs.


The reality of feminism and men's reaction to it is on a par with the universal hatred of Jews. We know of all the wrong done by, as you like to state, 'Cabalist, Masonic Jews' but where is the outcry by the 'clearly' majority Jewish population to their wrongs? 

Where for example were the calls, by Jews, to have Noel Ignatiev, professor of art at Massachusetts College, when he called for an end to whiteness and effectively promoting white genocide? Why was he allowed to remain in a position of authority and influence? We know clearly that were it a white man/woman speaking of Jews and non-whites as Noel did, they'd be out of a job asap, their career ruined and possibly up on some hate crime, courtesy of Jewish intervention. It's the same with feminists. Where is the backlash from the non-feminists? Where for example is the opposition to no-fault divorce by women? Where is the backlash by the non-feminists for the #Metoo movement amongst many other feminist, misandrist ideals? 

It's about time women woke up to the clear indoctrination of them and to see they are being used, by the establishments to utterly destroy the civilization, men built for them with their blood, sweat and tears. It seems to me that John Calhoun's 'Mouse Utopia' experiment is beginning to happen in the human kingdom.


Makow Comment - If we give up on women we are giving up. If we're quitters, we deserve our fate. These women are stupid. Take pity on them. Defend them. Show them what they're missing. Women experience God's love through a man's love.  Feminists are interfering with the basic alchemy of the universe. But feminism is Communism, is Satanism, and that's what Satanists do.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Men are Increasingly Hostile Against Women "

CAD said (December 9, 2018):

It takes something like a natural disaster to bring women to their knees so they understand the need for men. I would like to see more coverage of the recent hurricanes and their aftermath. Those men who make it are those who are ready for the ordeal —they are physically fit, able to handle the danger, able to overcome the disarray.

In a natural disaster, since a man would have to rescue himself, he would do even better if he strived to include others. It has always been this way. Throughout history, the game was about personal survival and a man realizing that if he saves himself, alone, it was not enough. In Genesis, God said “It is not good that man should be alone.”

There’s nothing new under the sun. When virgins first come across raw male power, they may cower at the show of strength, and may fear his domination, but that gives way to a mutually beneficial bond. It is a genuine seduction, far removed from today’s context of a contrived economy, superficial relationships, and hookup culture.

Robert M said (December 8, 2018):

For quite a while, I, and, I'm sure, many other old-timers, were disgusted by the lack of response among German men during the New Year's Eve sex attacks. Modern European men are a disgrace, I thought. What would their male ancestors think of them? They must be turning over in their graves.

But the more I thought about it, the less I blamed the men, the more I realized there's a different dynamic to the relationship between the sexes in the West today, to make the understatement of the age. Public policy has for half a century been directed at making women free from any dependence on men. Men are supposed to make an exception in the case of assault and throw themselves into the breach? Men's instincts are no longer even the same regarding women.

Tony B said (December 8, 2018):

it's gotten to the point wherein you are preaching to the choir on feminism. The preaching, by everyone, must be redirected to those who are in control of THE LAW. THEY must see the light OR SUFFER FOR THEIR MISDEEDS. Were it not for the insane twists of law to allow women anything they want without cost, and men to suffer and pay for whatever women wish on them, there would be no feminism. Period.

Give a woman any slight advantage and she will massage it for every last bit she can squeeze from it. It's natural to the female just as being easily manipulated by praise, true or false, is natural to her. That's exactly why women, down through the centuries until now, had been kept in their place, not allowed to destroy what God created as proper. Following the enlightening example of Eve, that is.

Brendon O'Connell said (December 8, 2018):

The robots are coming Henry. Smart Cities to be filled with the meek masses.

We can keep talking about it or ask questions about why this is being done.

The population cull.

People should watch Human 2.0 Henry.

Was Huawei Exec Arrest Designed to Undermine Trump?

December 9, 2018

Was Huawei Exec Illegal Arrest Designed to Sabotage Trump's Trade Talks?

by Brabantian

Legal principles here involving Ms Meng Wanzhou are the following:
(1) 'Lex injusta non est lex' - 'An unjust law is no law at all', a legal principle going back at least to the 4th-5th century Christian Augustine. The alleged 'crimes' of Bobby Fischer and Meng Wanzhou are not viewed as 'crimes' by most of the world's peoples.
(2) The "general principle in international law that one state cannot take measures on the territory of another state by means of enforcement of national laws without the consent of the latter", along with "non-interference in the internal affairs of states" and the "political independence of any state" per the United Nations charter.
(3) The principle against 'selective, arbitrary, and political prosecutions'. There has apparently never previously been a case, where the USA requested a 3rd country to arrest and jail a foreign citizen, for violating a USA sanctions law. There have been charges against companies with monetary fines and settlements the USA extorted, but apparently never an arrest or extradition request. The criminal indictment of Bobby Fischer was egregious enough, but he was a USA citizen, so the USA was at least trying to enforce laws against its own.
And God knows there are endless crimes in the USA which are not prosecuted, because the criminals have superb political connections, so the USA prosecutors avoid fulfilling their legal obligation to present the evidence of crime to a grand jury, when the criminals have political clout that the victim lacks.
(4) The 'proportionality of law', which demands that penalty for any said 'crime' needs to be proportionate to the offence, and not draconian, 'cruel and unusual', per the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Canada and Trudeau have intentionally jailed Ms Meng with the expectation of shipping her off to perhaps life in prison (multiple 30-year prison terms), for activity that harmed no one and which most people in the world do not find unethical.
Chinese lady Ms Meng Wanzhou is accused of 'bank fraud' but this is a misnomer, as it is not the defrauding of a bank or client of its funds, but rather fibbing about bank activity as being un-related to the sanctions, in other words a fib to suit the reality that most Chinese and most people in the world do not consider commerce with Iran to be illegal or unethical. Just like fibbing about the whisky a Canadian drove into the USA in 1931, or fibbing about having given a USA citizen Fidel Castro's favourite Cohiba Corona Especial cigar.
There is a further aspect here, that the sadistic arrest of Ms Meng, a clear political act, was also designed as a total international humiliation of President Donald Trump, who was apparently uninformed by his Deep State tormenters filling the government around him, although, very bizarrely, Canada's premier Justin Trudeau did know about it. As one extreme-right commenter put it:
"Kidnapping this woman is a dastardly, devious act that in the current world climate can only be viewed as an attack on Trump's attempts to negotiate a trade deal with China. ... This is the people who actually run the [USA] government once again announcing to the world that Trump does not run the government. And of course, Trump doesn't want to come out and say "Actually, I don't even run my own government, sorry," so instead he's forced to just go along with this stuff." (Andrew Anglin)
President Donald Trump is being degraded before China, before the world, and before his own supporters, as an 'empty suit' who cannot even save one elegant woman, the daughter of a fellow billionaire, from an unjust jailing. It is a similar shame for Canada's Justin Trudeau.
Justin Trudeau needs to put aside his pink pull-over and pussyhat, man up as a Canadian gentleman, and have the Mounties ride out to that Canadian jail, release Ms Wanzhou Meng, and let her go home to her family.

Don't Give Up on Women By Michael Berg

December 8, 2018

Don't Give Up on Women 

By Michael Berg

Excellent Article Mark, But I agree with Henry that we should not be giving up on women (even if it means taking their "rights" away). Women ARE our own flesh and blood - the complementary part of our biology. Women aren't the problem. It's the system that empowered them and gave them "rights" that's the problem. We need to clean the schools, the university system, the feminist media, and the government from Feminism. Feminism creates a divide between the sexes. Feminism had made women the way they are today. Women are as much victims of this evil agenda to destroy male-female love as anybody else. I am a 33-year-old male. Married. I am a father to 3 beautiful little girls (who have my looks:). I cannot give up on my daughters - they are my flesh and blood!. The problem isn't women. The problem is the SYSTEM. women were poisoned - they are victims of it too..

Regarding fertility, Studies on fertility including feminists confessions themselves show that Feminism is a tool they use to "combat" what they call "overpopulation" by destroying marriage and family (What they really do is make Europe's native White population wiped out and replaced with the third world). All the data and the statistics show that Feminism (female empowerment)  is THE cause for the decline in marriage and fertility in the west and NOT porn & video-games as some mindless traditionalist cucks claim. For them, everything is men's fault. These cucks will never stand up to Feminism & to women's demands. These cucks ally themselves with feminism which means many men will have to depend on porn & prostitutes for sex since Feminism had destroyed the marriage contract.

Women are gatekeepers of sexuality. THEY are the ones who decide if to accept the male offer or not. Today they are encouraged by the system simply not to. Causes for the decline in marriage and fertility: 1) Feminism fuels hypergamy which means the avg men isn't good enough for many women (unless you have a degree and you make twice as much as them). 2) Empowered women are by definition "economically independent" which means they have less incentive to marry a man to be supported (Even feminists - below- admit this). 3) The divorce and marriage laws which according to the latest poll made 25% abandon the very idea of family and marriage due to the risk involved. 4) The fact that the laws and the mood in society, in general, are against men. Now thanks to #MeToo everything now days is "sexual harassment" - even talking to a girl and courting her (What an INSANE anti-Nature, anti-Life world we live in!!. How can a species even survive like that when even courtship is regarded as a "sexual offence"?!) 

Links :
Also type in google : "Overpopulation women's rights" to see how there are many studies that show that the way to destroy fertility (and thus marriage) is to "empower" women and make them less depended on men and marriage :

My point I meant in a mini article

Mark adds:

 MGTOW is not a rebellion against women. It's a rebellion against the system. All intelligent MGTOW know that women have been allowed, unfettered gynocentric authority through feminism and thus unnatural power over man. We know that we cannot fight this in any court in the land. It would be nothing more than a kangaroo court from the get-go. We know that the only way we can combat this is to simply leave the 'plantation'. We know that by concentrating on ourselves, working hard, saving our money, buying property and remaining single, we won't have everything removed from us, by a woman, granted to do so by a corrupt state. 
We do not allow ourselves to be in situations where a woman can charge us with a false rape or false sexual harassment allegation. 

We are simply 'ghosting' women today. We have become John Calhoun's 'beautiful ones', not through hatred of women, but through our God, given right to self preservation.

Forgive my pessimism, but after all a pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist. I'm merely reading societal trends here. I cannot see any positive outcome to what's happened within society. I see a dark age approaching, which never should have been allowed to in the first place.

Les Sachs, US Dept of Justice Whistleblower on Outrageous Arrest of Huawei Exec by Trump's Canadian Lap Dogs

December 7, 2018

Les Sachs, US Dept of Justice Whistleblower on 
Outrageous Arrest of Huawei Exec by Trump's Canadian Lap Dogs

David Martin, Miller Thomson, Vancouver BC, lawyer 
representing arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou

His Excellency Lu Shaye, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Canada
7 December 2018, by fax and e-mail, from Dr Les Sachs, consulting to European governments & on US extradition requests
Legal notes, to halt USA extradition of Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng
What needs to be done for Ms Meng Wanzhou of Huawei, is to go all-out in a Canadian court presentation, with the same material that has helped to stop other extraditions to the USA.
With support by Chinese media and diplomats, this would make it near-impossible, for Canadian judges to rule against Ms Meng, just as the same material had an impact with judges in Great Britain -
With all the evidence of corruption in USA federal courts and US Justice Department, proving that DOJ & USA judges are too tainted by corruption, extortion, intimidation and bribery, especially against foreign targets.
(Les Sachs at EU Parliament) 

As shown in the recent US Dept of Justice Inspector General filing on crimes involving Robert Mueller, in the targeting and terrorist harassment of an EU citizen, as part of a scheme in which Mueller's law firm friends joined in apparent bribery of two USA federal judges, the filing discussed recently on Canada's Henry Makow website:
It is clear that a politically-targeted foreign citizen cannot have a fair trial in the USA under current circumstances ... US federal court perjury is being welcomed by suborned US fed judges and DOJ high officials ... honest DOJ officials and FBI agents at lower levels are being silenced and quashed by higher-up DOJ gangsters
DOJ officials have been selling we-won't-prosecute 'comfort letters' to their bribe-paying friends committing terrorist and court fraud felonies against foreign citizen targets
Lawyers are being intimidated, extorted, and threatened, from presenting a defence of USA legal system political targets, losing their law licences and worse if they disobey ... Racism and anti-foreigner malice amongst high DOJ officials and USA federal judges, is not punished
Major USA legal system participants obscenely laugh about 'Bribed American judges!', and how 'orders to Google' are being generated to hide their own crimes ... which all passes for 'cleverness' in USA 'justice', as noted in the Mueller filing:
Please please share this note with those who can most directly help Ms Meng.
Dr Les Sachs, Brussels, Belgium