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Poland's LGBT-Pride Events Use Paid Actors

October 15, 2019

Poland's famous historic Madonna and child portrait gets an LGBT rainbow

A few days before the Polish national election Sunday which the anti-LGBT conservative party won handily, the main Polish national public television channel, TVP 1 Polonia, released a highly charged, anti-cultural-Marxist investigative show, 'Invasion'.

by Brabantian

Using hidden cameras & microphones, Invasion reveals that the LGBT & gay pride street demonstrations throughout Poland are being funded by devious political manipulators. The paid 'Pride' participants bussed into various cities and towns ... and in fact, with the same LGBT characters, continually appearing at the different events across Poland, in staged cultural Marxist theatre.
Hidden cameras & microphones also recorded the LGBT sponsors confessing to the need for 'trickery' in order to promote the LGBT agenda, pornography, masturbation techniques, and gender dysphoria to children in schools. Polish leaders and academics describe this effort to shape children's minds as 'criminal'
In the Polish elections, the ruling PiS (Law & Justice) party retained power on a strong limiting-LGBT platform. PiS party leader, non-office-holding Jaroslaw Kaczynski, left, promised to protect Poles from an "LGBT offensive" that he said seeks the "radical destruction of the moral and cultural order ... We are defending, and we will defend the traditional family."
The coalition even further far-right, Konfederacja, apparently broke through the 5% barrier to enter the Polish Parliament for the first time. For Poles age 18-29, support for far-right Konfederacja, rockets to over 20%, according to 'Europe Elects'.
Jewish groups are asking for as much as $300 billion in new reparations for World War 2 crimes - half of Poland's annual GDP - a sum that would essentially bankrupt still-economically-fragile Poland
« Language such as the "Holocaust Corporation" - the notion that the contemporary Jewish community tries to profit from the 20th-century mass killings - betrays anti-Semitic sentiment in the ranks of PiS, Konfederacja, and the All-Polish Youth. 

Konfederacja co-leader Janusz Korwin-Mikke  said that Jonny Daniels, the Israeli-British founder of the Holocaust commemoration group From the Depths, was a foreign agent "sent here to spy, perhaps working for Freemasons."
In January, Gdańsk Mayor Paweł Adamowicz, a defender of migrants and the LGBTQ community, was murdered ... the All-Polish Youth movement issued a fake "political death certificate" for the pro-European politician, listing the "cause of death" as "liberalism, multiculturalism, and stupidity."


Note- In a televised debate, Polish Konfederacja politician Konrad Berkowicz, snuck up behind his opponent and held a kippah over her head, to lampoon her pro-Jewish-reparations positioning

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Poland's LGBT-Pride Events Use Paid Actors"

JG said (October 16, 2019):

I don't blame the leadership in Poland for not wanting to turn their youth into a bunch of "jerk offs".

The LGBT perversion offensive in Poland is designed to break down the moral fiber of it's young Catholic population by attempting to steer them away from their traditional culture and Christian beliefs.

All of the "free world" needs more leaders like the ones they have in Poland.

BELOW -Rafael Corea is a Crook; All Socialists Are (scroll down)

Anthony Migchels: Return to Gold Standard Spells Disaster

October 14, 2019


(Left: Mark Carney, top Kingpin of the vipers enslaving and destroying the West and the World.)

"The Bankers have routinely switched between Gold and Credit-based systems, and it's always the same: credit if they want to create debt and inflate, Gold Standards when they want deflation and associated depression."

by Anthony Migchels


There we have it folks. The next round in the Crunch is here, and Central Banks have suddenly started saying that a Gold Standard will be necessary to start anew.

The Gold Standard will force an excruciating deleverage, austerity, deflation, and depression, and bring immense pain to the masses.

The Real Populists have been warning against the coming Gold Standard as the Banker Master Plan to destroy America for decades. The Libertarians in the Truth Movement have a lot of explaining to do, for continuing selling the Banker Plan to the uninitiated.

Consider the events of the last few weeks.

First Mark Carney, boss of the Bank of England makes an incredible speech, simply announcing the end of the US Dollar's reserve currency status, and succession by an IMF generated and controlled World Reserve Currency. He went on to say the coming crises would be used to facilitate the transition.

Then two weeks ago, the FED's repo rate suddenly spiked to 10% (!!). It's supposed to be sitting at about 0%. The Banks weren't lending to each other, that's what caused the crisis. The FED had to dole out $75 Billion to get things under control.

Then over the weekend, the FED suddenly announced it would start Quantitative Easing 4.0, even though they don't want to call it that, as they don't want to admit the gravity of the situation. But it was pretty much an open secret that it would be inevitable.

And now major Central Banks are saying that we will need a Gold Standard after a reset.

Now have a look at this graph, courtesy David Jensen:

This is the trend of M2 growth over the last few decades. As you can see, the money supply has stopped growing, while it needs to grow quite substantially to keep the interest-charges payable. As a result, there is less and less money available in the real economy, and this is hammering economic activity.

It is the result of the FED's tightening policies, raising rates and so-called 'tapering', taking the cash they injected to keep things going after the 2008 crash out of the economy again.

As we can see, the results have been disastrous. We're now at 2008 levels of money growth, and a major crash is all but unavoidable and has already begun.

Of course, this is not caused by 'incompetence'. The FED knows exactly what it has been doing, and many commentators have been pointing it out. Even Trump was on their case about it. 

In fact, it must have been quite unnerving for them, to do it while all the initiated saw it clear as day. On the other hand, the effects of this must not be overstated. It's over for the FED, they will be soon replaced. They will get the blame for everything, and everybody hates their guts, and the FED's owners have had their successor ready for a very long time now. The real managers and owners of the System will, of course, remain the same, they're just conveniently changing their vehicle, as they have so many times, in so many countries throughout Modernity.


The Bankers have routinely switched between Gold and Credit-based systems, and it's always the same: credit if they want to create debt and inflate, Gold Standards when they want deflation and associated depression. 

They went paper-based money in 1914, to finance the War. Their man Winston Churchill reinstated the Gold Standard for the Bankers in 1925. It duly led to a scarcity of money and a terrible crash. Germany left the Gold Standard in 1931, but only under Hitler and Schacht did the economy get reflated, something that only happened in the US and Britain when the War started.

After the War, all currencies were tied to the Dollar, which in turn could be converted into Gold. This was mainly to drain America's Gold Reserves, and this worked like a charm. When America lost most of its Gold, it closed the Gold window, and since then Gold convertibility was over. And now it's back to Gold again.

Of course, the Gold Standards of the 19th Century were all Rothschild controlled: Rothschild controlled the Bank of England, which ruled through the Pound Sterling as World Reserve Currency. The same people are obviously behind the FED and the coming Gold Standard.

The Twenties are going to be terrible. The West's free fall will escalate. America is the main target and will get hit beyond belief. Before the decade is over, the American Empire will be gone: they simply won't be able to afford these 800 foreign bases and $1 Trillion fighter gadgets, and $8 Trillion Middle Eastern extravaganzas anymore.

But rest assured the Pentagon will demand Social Security, State Pensions, and Food Stamps must go first. And that they will get their way.

The Empire's demise will leave a huge power vacuum and will create only vastly more chaos all over the World.


This is the big one. We all know it had been coming. Mark Carney simply spelled it out and was kind enough to give a time table.

The West is facing destruction, it's an all-out war against us by the Money Power.

There will be huge confrontations between the Peoples' of the World and 'elites'. Nobody will be able to deny anymore that we face an existential war against the Plutocracy. We can't afford to be distracted by the losers (migrants, for instance) anymore.

And the truth is that our owners have been preparing for centuries for this. They will have a few tricks up their sleeves, doubt it not.

It is going to be us, the Peoples of the World, the working people, the normal people everywhere, or it's going to be the hyper-rich. There is not a place for both of us. We can have a world where everybody does his bit, and shares in the rewards, or we can have a few parasites marching all of us off into debt slavery and annihilation.

The sooner we make peace with this, the better it is. Because it is the Truth, and things have been out of control for really way too long already.


Anthony Migchels is the founder of De Florijn, the first fully-fledged interest-free, privately operated currency in the World. His website is Real Currencies.   

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See More replies from Linde, Jimmy and S Here: Linde: "Migchels is right. They are building up to a crisis."

First Comment from Chris Pirnak:

I read the article and it really is just another gold shill article. It does a terrible disservice to those who embrace it. I never invest and predict future events based on a remote outlier event. The author takes stuff out of context.

I just ask one question; Why would the globalists move to a gold-backed currency? They would intentionally destroy the economy and world system for decades AND GET THE BLAME. They would create such chaos that they wouldn't be able to control. The NWO is being implemented while the people continue to underestimate it.

They can keep this current system all the way to war. War will provide the force majeure to move to the next step. Based on the status of the ChiCom and Russian military, we are at least several years away.

The elites will never arbitrarily move to another system. There needs to be a catalyst. War always has been that catalyst and war will be once again. The elites are very predictable.

The globalists want to change but need a force majeure. The pain from changing the monetary regime is too great for the world at this point and only an exogenous type of catastrophe (exoplanet crashes and destroys the world, global conflict, etc.) qualifies as the catalyst.

 I wrote an article earlier today that I think may help a few of your readers who are tired of the shilling in the alt-media

Investing based on our beliefs instead of reality; A lethal philosophy - Know Your Adversary

CK writes-

Yes, bankers switch between money (gold) and credit systems periodically to maintain their iron grip on the money system and line their pockets. However, cheating and swindling with an honest gold money system is more difficult to manipulate than is a fake money credit/debt system. All markets are manipulated, that's a truism because when you buy or sell you move the price up or down unless there is a big backstop in the way providing market liquidity.

Gold is what they are after and it's drained out of the system through paper price manipulation using futures contracts, forward sales and rehypothecation, none of which require physical species.  Play the three-card monte long enough and they'll take the gold.

Never forget the William Jennings Bryan "cross of gold" speech. Gold is not perfect, but it remains in people's hands under their control.  This was the reason for the US gold confiscation in 1933.  Gold over 5 ounces in personal possession and all gold certificates were turned in under penalty of 10 years in prison or a $100,000 fine.

Even gold-backed US Treasury notes require honest accounting, or we could see a repeat of what the privately owned Federal Reserve did to gold certificates from 1913-1933 when they issued fractional reserve gold certificates and ended the fiction of gold redemption by going purely fiat.  The gold confiscation was a bailout of the Fed.  They had turned hard money into fake paper, a fractional reserve scheme to defraud the country.  They had printed 5-6x more gold certificates than the gold on hand.  It's only a matter of time before greed and bad luck end a Ponzi scheme.

More here (this article is worth making a copy)

When the decision was made by the Fed to deflate and deflate hard in 1929, people started redeeming their paper gold certificates for real gold.  This run on the bank would have exposed the fractional reserve nature of the gold certificates and exposed this criminal scheme. Fortunately for the Fed, arch-criminal FDR kicked over the moneychanging table and whipped the poor citizens who were getting their savings stolen.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Anthony Migchels: Return to Gold Standard Spells Disaster"

Tony E said (October 15, 2019):

The golden rule "Those that own the gold make the rules"

The .0001% own it and exchange it between themselves, their economy differs from that of regular folks. Gold is not freedom from the banker's death grip it is as Anthony illustrates just another tool to maintain control. Look at the new $100 BILL, chock full of gold imagery. Predictive programming for sure.

I don't know the answer but I will say that 1938 Time magazine's "The German Miracle" arresting Victor Rothschild (whether genuine or not) more than likely the bankers engineered the military build-up of Germany only to drag them back into war. Establishing Germany's economy based on production and trade along with the issuance of debt-free money appears to be the best solution, of course, this hinges upon the premise that the executors of this system are uncorrupted, which understanding human nature is only possible for the short term.

Tony B said (October 15, 2019):

Right away I wanted to write a reply to this. Not to Anthony, who is exactly on the dime here, but to those who JUST WILL NOT DO THE HOMEWORK ON MONEY but act as though they have all the answers. Really gulls me. But I also think more often than before - What the hell's the use, few listen anyway.

The Rothschild cabal has been so efficient at confusing people about money that they are like protestants - each is his own pope concerning money while almost none of them ever study the subject, as is evident in their comments.

Or they think they are studying it when they take the college courses that end as a degree "qualifying" them as "economists." They don't even ever learn the true meaning of that word. Nor do they learn the simple fact that no economy can survive using debt as an exchange medium, only the owners of the debt will survive.

Of course, it is always possible that some of the commenters are "speculators" who don't want to lose their easy life connected to the "debt pretending to be money" scam which screws all but the insiders, causing upwards of 90% of all the misery in the world by dint of our bogus "money" while they get super-rich from their outright criminal actions dealing in this debt at usury.

Gold, paper, dog shit, it doesn't make any difference what money is made of, what changes it values is the ratio of it in circulation to exchanges needing to be made. But gold, being scarce no matter what is an easy thing to use to create depressions without accepting the blame for doing it on purpose for gain through the unavoidable failures of those owing the manufactured phony debts.

That is everybody other than the creators of the debt when the money is created as debt at usury. Scarce "money," no real way for most to buy and sell, therefore closures, etc., so the criminal owners of the debt steal all property they can from those who cannot meet loan payback, end of the story.

BTW, don't these gold lovers, who want this "stable" money, ever ask themselves why the hell this "stable" commodity is listed every day on the stock market with its latest price per ounce?

JG said (October 15, 2019):

I read an article a while back that said the reason President Nixon took the America dollar completely off the gold standard in 1971 was because of a large draw on the US Gold Reserves by many of the foreign banks. With all the internal garbage going down in America at that time they believed America might not survive and started demanding gold for their American dollars.
It was then that Henry Kissinger made the US dollar the reserve currency of the world. With the cooperation of the Saudis, only American dollars would be accepted as an international currency for the purchasd of oil.
According to Harold Rosenthal in his interview 'Hidden Tyranny', he said that the Federal Reserve demanded gold as repayment for the money they printed and loaned to the US government.This also was a big draw on the American Gold reserves.
I also read that under President Reagan an attempt was made to audit the gold in Ft. Knox. From what I recall they weren't too pleased. Just like Harold Rosenthal explained, it said that a lot of that gold was now property of the Federal Reserve.
As written in 'Protocols', all economies that were tied to the gold standard eventually failed.

Today debt levels are at an all-time high that will eventually devalue the dollar. I also do believe that there is a good chance that we might have an IMF International Currency based on a gold standard. Even digital money has to be backed by something.

The game of monopoly is almost over with the House of Rothschild victorious once more. However, the next game that will be started will have very few winners and many losers.

Below- My Lifelong Struggle With Freemasons (scroll down)

Trudeau's Key Adviser is Former WWF CEO

October 13, 2019

(Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau-Castro, at McGill in the 1990s) 

Like most Illuminati errand boys, Justin Trudeau has a limited resume
No substitute drama teacher could become Prime Minister
of a great country like Canada if he did have an Illuminati bloodline. He
is obviously in over his airhead.
His homeboy Gerald Butts, 49, does the thinking.  According to Wikipedia, "As ... Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Butts was praised as the architect behind the entire Liberal Party of Canada platform that led to their victory in October of 2015 ..."  From 2008 to 2012, Butts was President of the Illuminati World Wildlife Fund. 

by Henry Makow PhD

Justin Trudeau is likely a mind-controlled Illuminati puppet,   His friend Gerald Butts seems to do all his thinking. The proof is that Butts was reappointed as Trudeau's brain in July just four months after he resigned for his role in the SNC Lavalin affair. 

Gerald Butts is a political operative. He has an MA in English. He cut his teeth advising the disastrous Ontario Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty. 

He was appointed Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister on November 4, 2015.

On September 21, 2016, The Globe and Mail reported that Butts charged $126,669.56 in moving expenses to Canadian taxpayers to relocate his residence from Toronto to Ottawa. In the wake of the controversy, he apologized and said he would repay $41,618.62.


On Sept. 2, 2008, Butts became president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada and resigned in October 2012. For me, this is "the tell."

(left, Prince Philip and the Queen - protecting wildlife.) 

The WWF is one of the organizations behind climate change hysteria. Under the guise of protecting animals, its real function is to "conserve" the planet for the exploitation of the one percent who own it.  This is why the rich love "Conservation" etc. so much.

The WWF was started in 1961 by Prince Philip who wanted to be reincarnated as a virus and "cull the human race"    and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who founded the Bilderberg Conferences where Rothschild Upper Management meets annually to receive instructions. Both these men are avid hunters. 

The other 99% of humanity is expendable. They are useless eaters consuming the world's resources like a plague of locusts. To preserve the planet for the wealthy, the WWF has established huge nature reserves and expelled indigenous populations without compensating them for their homes and lands.  "In the name of conservation, indigenous peoples have been evicted from their land. They are accused of "poaching", even though they are hunting to feed their families. They are even accused of poaching when hunting outside protected areas."

Survival International writes that 'This "green colonialism" is destroying lives and is illegal. It is also harming conservation. Scapegoating tribal people diverts action away from tackling the real causes of environmental destruction in the Congo Basin: logging and corruption.'


Trudeau's re-election problem is that he sold himself as Leftist peoples' champion but was exposed as a servant of the corporations in the SNC Lavelin affair. Similarly, Gerald Butts, as Canadian WWF President, Butts eloquently decried tar sands development. 

Then, without any warning, he pulled the plug on WWF opposition in 2010. 

(left, Gerald Butts)

Climate analysts Keith Stewart and Rob Powell were in charge of the WWF campaign.   "Stewart says he heard that some members of the [WWF] board of directors grew increasingly anxious. The board was populated by CEOs, corporate lawyers, and bankers, as well as future Liberal cabinet minister Seamus O'Regan. It also included Blake Goldring, a member of the Business Council of Canada, who had previously donated $500,000 to WWF-Canada. He was the CEO of investment firm AGF Management, which advised an Oil Sands Sector Fund worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He would not rejoin the board in 2010, for reasons unknown. (He did not respond to questions about this.) All that remained was for Gerald Butts to exercise his widely-praised skills in reading the tea leaves.

Powell says support for his work from his direct superiors at WWF-Canada suddenly vanished. Every new campaign idea was rejected. "It was rather strange, when you have put a lot of effort in, and you have something to show for it," he says. "Wiping it from the map seemed a very odd choice." 

At the same time, in the spring of 2010, Stewart came into the office to discover that all signs of the tar sands campaign had vanished from the WWF-Canada website. Some staff demanded answers. One never came from Butts, Stewart says, but a director quietly told him: "We're not doing that anymore. Priorities have shifted. The focus will now be on corporate engagement."


The Illuminati regard humanity as squatters on their planet...."useless eaters."  Society is under constant assault. We are lied to constantly. Our gender identity is under attack. Public schools groom our children for pedophiles. Our countries are inundated by economic migrants who are totally alien but whom we must support generously while neglecting our own homeless and veterans. Our "leaders" serve the central bankers
not the voters. Their role is to deceive the voters. Have you heard any "leaders" telling the truth about 9-11? 

We should not make the mistake of thinking that scions of the Illuminati and servants of the superrich are going to protect us.  

Related- WWF Exposed -   Must watch 

First Comment from Frank

Vivian Krause is a researcher and writer who is critical of environmental charities. She writes a blog called fair questions.  She wrote this open letter in 2017 to Gerald Butts, as he refused to answer any of her questions about his shady financial past with the WWF.  Krause backs up her inquires with financial documents and other pertinent information.

She asks why he was paid over $360,000.00 in severance? (when he voluntarily left the WWF)

Why was Butts paid 3 times more during his second year as CEO? (Much more than the previous CEO)

She questions what happened to a 2 Million dollar donation to WWF, just shortly before Butts left to work for the Trudeau campaign?

Krause asks how did some foreign contributions to WWF, which were political in nature, facilitate government commitment to area-based management?

and many other questions...

Krause asks why Trudeau changed charity laws for activists - Calgary Herald

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Trudeau's Key Adviser is Former WWF CEO"

George said (October 14, 2019):

Good analysis of WWF. I smelled a rat while I was subscribing to high-end nature conservation magazines and noticed the unmistakable sponsorship by big banks. It was obvious that they wanted the nationalized parks as collateral for loans.

JG said (October 13, 2019):

Like the rest of the countries left in the "free west" Canada is at the crossroads. This upcoming election for PM will be a chance for Canadians to choose the candidate who will best serve their sovereign national identity and preserve what's left of their cultural heritage.

Enough is enough! Canadians and the rest of the citizens in the nations of Western Europe are fed up with the cultural hijacking by NWO order agents and their multiple non-governmental organizations taking over their elected officials and their judicial institutions to subvert the will of the majority.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, "we either hang together or hang separately".

Reply to Anthony Migchels: Return to Gold Standard Spells Disaster from Linde

October 15, 2019

(left, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney) 

from Linde and others

Your regular contributor is right.  In Yuri Bezmenov's stages of subversion, there is 'the crisis' and the veiled reference to the central banking cartel: 'never let the Shmucks bring the nation to crisis'.

They have been setting this up for awhile now.  The migrant invasion - all welfare dependant and on message with the 'racial narrative', the 'white privilege' narrative, the 'Islamaphobic' narrative - is still being inserted through the Global Compact and Kalergi social engineering - as mandated from the top.  What do people imagine is going to happen if a financial crisis  were to see the cancelation of their raft of benefits and entitlements?   About this time, The Owners will bring down the whole Potemkin Village of 'multi-polar' world and reveal the strength and unity of the Communist world - its Soviet, its gulags, military and weapons.

Let us hope that people who will contend for their basic necessities against the hordes of claimants in the Chaos will quickly learn what is wealth.  That is only ever what the Money scam has been about.  Americans even when they were using the colonial script knew that wealth is what the people on the land and using the resources of land can build, design, invent and make and do.  If they can build places where others want to come and live and work for the goods of life - then you have a community.  If they can create the kinds of goods and services that others want to trade for - then you have an economy.  Once there is trade above the level of barter, these transactions must be able to be converted to liquidity. Only the sovereignty of the people invested in their government can create liquidity for the economy of that population and denominate it in terms of the goods and services produced by the economy.  The sovereignty has two choices: it can create liquidity as debt to itself and monetize it - essentially loan the liquidity at interest to the population.  Or it can create liquidity as an investment in the population and its economy and spend into the economy.  The sovereignty will then receive return on the investment by way of taxation, tithe, dividend or some measure of profit.  So for the sovereignty either usury or profit becomes basis of the economy and its liquidity.

At present, the West labours with the worst of all possibilities.  A parasitic and traitorous sovereignty [read the Freemasonic Order of these revolutionised, deracinated republics] has abdicated the legitimate role of the sovereignty and empowered a vampire bankster supremacy as a third party to issue the liquidity as debt to itself, to its supremacy.  Not only is usury the basis of the economy - but the sovereign debt goes to a private interest that is Luciferian and  Talmudic in its world view. This is the interest that has been empowered to drain the lifeblood, the land, labour and resources of all nations through the monetization of debt - namely the currency issue.

The Roman Catholic Church, now in eclipse,  should turn off the latest outrage of the captured hierarchy down in the Amazon and thank God that now and at last we are coming into the totality of the eclipse.

The same mind that was in Judah Maccabeus should be in us.  Confronting the Syrian army, he went out to them with a "small company.  And when they saw the Syrians coming to meet them, they said to Judah: 'How shall we, being few, be able to fight against so great a multitude and so strong, and we are ready to faint with fasting today'.  And Judah said: 'It is an easy matter for the many to be shut up in the hands of a few.  There is no difference in the sight of the God of Heaven to deliver with a great multitude or with a small company.  For the victory of war is not in the multitude of the army, but the strength comes from heaven."  1 Machabees 3:16-18.

The coming victory has been aborning for some time now.  St Michael the Archangel revealed the new in hoc signo vinces at Fatima in 1917  for anyone who cared to pay attention.  This is the union of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts - for the triumph of social kingship of Jesus Christ:  omnia instaurare in Christo.    The enemies of the nations are crass materialists.  They do not see, because they can not see the strength of heaven now massed against them - a strength that has steadily been building over the decades out of the holocausts in the Communist-controlled power blocks of ZOG West and ZOG East.  As Corneliu Codreanu taunted his foes before he went to his execution: "The victory of the Legion is in the resurrection."


Jimmy M writes:

The Kazarian Mafia owns all the money printing rights. That is all the fiat krap. The make the duped citizens responsible for all the money as debts, yet the KM prints and uses for their benefit only. These grand criminals have printed 700 Trillion dollars + 300 Trillion of other currencies. Remove their rights to print, must include accountability for all the phony (Babylonian Debt Scheme). Their phony money must be given back to them in payment of their manufactured debt. All the stolen assets, companies insitu resources, etc. must then be returned to every country where stolen.

Yes, this will cause a huge collapse while the KM is totally displaced. Painful to everyone without any hard assets. The world will see/suffer 60 to 90 days of disruption. By them, daylight without debt will settle most. All debt is forgiven because it was based on sleight of hand. Every country will print its own sovereign currency, limited to its asset base, markets, resources.

If the KM is allowed to be any part of the "new" system it will never work.

Tough times will be a part of the reset. But destruction of the World is the alternative. We are seeing that option now and it is ugly.


S writes-

1. Two of the essential goals of Karl Marx and his ultimate handlers (the Rothschilds) was centralisation into the international and state controlled credit.

2. The 1988 revelation in the Rothschild controlled Economist magazine to "Get ready for a world currency".

3. After the financial crisis in 2008 there is an ongoing narrative to paint the worlds private banks as villains. Exposed money laundering. Tax evasion. FX manipulation. Metals manipulation. Benchmark rigging. Huge fines.

4. Massive global new banking regulations with Basel II, III and IV including the recovery and resolution framework (BRRD) have been implemented. This is primarily an assault on smaller local private banks to force further centralization of credit creation. Smaller banks will be a problem as they will be harder to brand as villains in the coming public money/credit debate.

5. Private banking secrecy strongholds such as Luxembourg and Schweiz are "forced" open by new regulation.

6. Bitcoin was invented or released to the public in 2008. Central banks seemingly allowing the competing cryptocurrencies, dabbling in cryptocurrencies themselves.

7. George Soros (György Schwartz) start controlling the narrative on money/credit with the organization PositiveMoney in 2010 and Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

8. In 2014 the central bankers, starting with the Bank of England, finally admitted or revealed, after fiercely obscuring the truth for over a century, on how money or credit is created by private banks themselves out of nothing.

Their hand may have been forced by the 2013 empirical test and subsequent paper by the economist and banking expert Richard A. Werner.,

9. Alan Greenspan talked favourably on Gold at the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) in October 2014

The board has been prepared for the next Hegelian crisis...

-The private banks and their decentralised money creation privilege will be blamed. The private banks will not be in a healthy position to argue their case in the public discourse even if they wanted to.
-Gold will be interim money once again.
-He who controls the gold have control when all credit has failed.
-He who controls the gold can launch the new credit.
-The new money/credit creation power will be limited to a global entity since the problem and crisis will be global.

Rafael Corea is a Crook; All Socialists Are by Marcos

(Rafael Corea, 56, President of Equador from 2007-2017)

Rafael Corea is a Crook; All Socialists Are 

by Marcos in Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Rafael Correa is a communist and a corrupt thief, Henry. Educated in a Jesuit school, with ties to Jesuits in Belgium. A disciple of elite frontman Stiglitz, educated in the US. He took millions in bribes from Brazilian construction company Oderbrecht, the one which was used by Lula to finance the leftist revolution in Latin America. He also sold a huge part of the rainforest to the Chinese and went to the IMF for money. Also, he was a partner of Chavez and an ally of the narcoterrorists from FARC. Former president of the Unasur, the communist Latin America Union of Communist Republics. Same old Cloward Piven strategy: distribute subsidies and grants until you consolidate power and become a dictator before the State goes bankrupt. Sometimes it works, such as in Venezuela, sometimes it doesn't.

 Now Moreno has to deal with the consequences.  Remember that the Indians hated Correa. Everybody in Latin America knows who he is. I am amazed at how people in the US and Canada who say they hate Hillary, Alexandria Cortez, Trudeau, and Bernie Sanders cant see that people like Correa are exactly like them. Is it because if the exotic factor?

All Latin American leftists are crooks, with no exception. Take it from me, I see it every day. Correa was selling the country to China, and he was together with the Forum of Sao Paulo mafia, stealing billions of dollars while pretending to help the poor.

I found some links:

Even El Pais a Marxist newspaper, acknowledges Correa was bribed by Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction company used by Lula to fund leftists all around Latin America. His election expenses were paid by Odebrecht.

Ecuador is bankrupt not because of the IMF, but because it owes $ 6,5 BI to China and can't pay them back. 

The Forum mafia is such a huge story but nothing is said in the international media. The former leftist president of Peru (and three before him) was also getting bribes from Odebrecht. The new President that shut down the corrupt Congress and Supreme Court now has 79% support from the population. People are tired of Marxist lies. When I say Venezuelan people would welcome an American invasion to get rid of Chavez, it is true.

The Judaic Imperium (in Response to "Andrew Joyce- The Four Pincers of Cabalist Control")

October 3, 2019

The Judaic Imperium  (in response to "Andrew Joyce- The Four Pincers of Cabalist Control"

The Pincers of control are not abstractions or qualities or influences but
 institutions, policies, and Agentur.  What Joyce is talking about, 
essentially, is the Judaic Imperium - the latter term being a term in 
Roman law that designates the investiture of sovereignty and command.  

by Linde

In ancient Rome, this was, of course, in the state. The precise term for this Imperium is Judeo-Masonry.

With the Judaic Imperium, we are talking about the central banking cartel which owns the state, specifically the nation-state as an asset of the cartel.  In the West, this is called monopoly capitalism.  In the East, it is called Communism.  (The central bank is the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto).   

The JI owns the consols of the central bank as a private, dynastic interest and monetizes that ownership to the state as a credit issue loaned at interest.  This can never be repaid; it is the sovereign debt.  Thus Usury is not a practice as such among contracting parties, it is the foundation of the state and its economy.  And above the government, there is no separation of Synagogue and state.  The population/s of the nation state-owned by cartel are bonded entities.  The United States - all apparatus of government - has been owned as an asset of this cartel since 1913 and even provided itself with a new constitution 1871 in anticipation of this ownership.  This is what World Bank whistleblower Karen Eudes means when she says the US has two constitutions. (the United States Code Title 28, 3002)

The Judaic Imperium owns the Revolution inaugurated in France 1789 - the Republican phase was established for the overthrow of the entire ancien regime of Europe - which it did.  The Owners inaugurated the Communist phase of this Revolution in Russia in 1917.  The Bolsheviks (financed by the cartel) seized the organs of the Russian state in Moscow and the United States Marines sent by Woodrow Wilson fought the Russian army and prevented them from marching on Moscow and removing the Bolshevik Cabal, just as General Marshall and the marines were posted to China after WWII to deal with General Jiang Kai Chek who was mopping up Mao Ze Dong.  Can't have that.   

The Communist phase of the Revolution is for the conquest of entire continents and this was achieved in the twentieth century and two world wars.  The Owners will, of course, need a third to consolidate.

The Judaic Imperium owns the large tax-exempt foundations and enterprises and intelligence agencies.  These are established for the socialist reconstruction of the nation-states owned by the cartel.  Through these foundations, we have hybrid warfare.  For example, the  Rhodes Scholarship Foundation was set up by Rhodes to supply the think tanks, councils, foundations, endowments with the best and brightest for not only the reconstruction but also the creation of the ZOG policies for the Imperium's global hegemon.  

Nicholas de Belleville Katzenbach, for example, Under Secretary of State 1966-69 crafted the no-win war strategy for the US and South Vietnam wherein the US would hand the Indo-China peninsula to Communist China utilizing the US military in a 'screw-up' capacity.  [This policy was also for the demoralization of the American ZOG - basically a two-fer ].  Katzenbach was (no surprises) a Rhodes scholar at Balliol and Bonesman.  

Cecil Rhodes was financed directly by Jacob Rothschild as he states in his will.  Thus, Rhodes is the godfather of the US Trilateral Commission and CFR (ZOG governing class and political elite).  These are in charge of the culture wars and psy-war on the population.  This includes the  schmaltzification and corruption of the American national culture together with the creation of pseudo-cultures of alienation, sterility, despair.  

The Long March through all institutions - will enlist the schools, the churches, all media, and the arts and letters.  It will undertake the subversion of all pillars of human identity: gender, family, national heritage, race, and religion.  The foundations fund the Activist cadres and their astroturfing which are organised around the ideologies and official narratives like : climate catastrophism, UN Global Compact on Migration, Kalergi ethnic cleansing of European ethne, feminism, marriage equality, the race narrative, the civil rights narratives, the  anti-War movement of the 1970s, the Hippies, the Yippies etc.  

The whole schmazz of bleeding heart liberal causes, Victim Status brigades, enraged and alienated dysfunctionals are deployed here.  They vacuum the useful idiots into their causes and demonstrations.  The supreme narrative is, of course, the anti-Semitic narrative.  Jewish Privilege defines 'anti-Semitism' through the official organs of its Imperium: the ADL, JDL etc and dictates to the ZOG whatever is the current definition.  It is ZOG's job at all levels of government to criminalize 'anti-Semitism'.

All corporations and businesses are financed through the cartel.  The corporate predations of Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Pharma and its health care model, Big Abortion, Big Whatever creates the corporate and business culture of the ZOG and roll out the program through the official narratives and mantras.  In ZOG East - these are agencies of the state.

The services of the Gentile Masonry to the Imperium for the socialist reconstruction of the world can not be overstated.  They are responsible for schmo screen maintenance and conceal the racial supremacy of  the Judaic Imperium.  They work out the statecraft of the Imperium and middle manage the goy plantation throughout all institutions of the ZOG below a certain level.  They are Overseers of the nation-state that is an asset of the central banking cartel.  In fact, Masonry itself, as a religion, is the basis of the social order on the goy plantation.  The United States was founded upon Masonry and the principles of Masonry / French Revolution in the same way that in England, ( when the tribes were baptized as ethne and their little kingdoms united to form the monarchy and its state), the basis of the social order was the Church of Western Nova Roma.

The agents of the High Cabal like Christian Rakovsky acknowledge this role of Masonry as Agentur, as does The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.   The Roman Catholic Church (not the Novus Ordo 1963 - ?) acknowledges this and always uses the correct term: Judeo-Masonry for the Imperium, its ruling elite, and its masonry.  The best exposition may be found in La Civilta Cattolica vol VII, no XIV (Oct, Nov, Dec). English translation 1998.