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Below- Tony Fauci's Record -- Phony Pandemics & Deadly "Vaccines" (scroll down)

July 5 - Dutch Resist WEF Plan to Curtail Farming

July 4, 2022

(Meanwhile they're growing crickets in Canada)

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 Thousands of Dutch farmers gathered in the central Netherlands to protest a move by the Dutch government to forcibly close farms across the country in an attempt to reign in emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia. The Farmers, driving tractors and other farm implements, shut down major highways with a series of roadblocks. Anger began rising earlier this month after government officials published nationwide climate change targets which would result in thousands of agricultural workers losing their jobs. Officials said the emissions standards were part of an "unavoidable transition" to save the planet and protect nature.

This is an attack on our food supply. Holland is the second largest food exporter in the world, after the USA


Dutch Protesters Pour Manure On Government Offices Over Industry-Killing Regulations

Dutch Uprising: fishermen block ports across the Netherlands

cows-dutch.jpgTOTAL NONCOMPLIANCE: Dutch Farmers Show The World How To Protest The WEF One World Government PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE Power Grab

Distribution centers and supermarket chains are blocked everywhere. The shelves are almost empty. No farms, no food. Dutch farmers wins.

Brad Salzberg

Majority of Canadians Believe Trudeau Has Fractured Society, Damaged Democracy

To substitute race and gender for "class warfare" is to discover that communism lies at the heart of Justin Trudeau's woke revolution. 77% of survey respondents said Canada feels more fractured than ever. 52% said Canada's democratic system is broken and "needs a major overhaul."

  Border restrictions for unvaccinated truck drivers continue wreaking havoc on farmers, consumers

Despite most federal vaccine mandates being lifted across Canada, truckers transporting food are still being turned back at the Canada-US border.  "They've opened up the House of Commons and airports to the unvaccinated, but they're not going to let truckers bring food into the country. That doesn't make sense," said Janet Krayden, a consultant at Crystal Clear Connections who works with agri-food farmers and processors.

"These restrictions are punishing farmers who can't afford to ship their goods, and it's punishing consumers at the grocery store with inflation. Although price of gas and diesel very high, The farmers are reporting that these restrictions are the number one cause of inflation for transportation, right now."


Indigenous Services Canada says the settlement is the largest in Canadian history.

OTTAWA -- The federal government says it has signed a $20-billion final settlement agreement to compensate First Nations children and families harmed by chronic underfunding of child welfare.

I expect this money will fill the pockets of the corrupt Native leadership


Lich jailed for breaking bail terms, which is enforce in her case only. Fidelito determined to turn Canada into a Gulag his father, Fidel Castro, would be proud of.

Trudeau government to ship Roxham Road illegal border crossers to Ontario

The Trudeau government has approved a plan requested by Quebec to ship asylum claimants who illegally cross into Canada via Roxham Road into Ontario cities such as Niagara Falls and Ottawa. Quebec authorities have pleaded with Ottawa in recent months to alleviate the stress the influx of migrants has caused for the province.


Reader--"Have you seen this video? Comedian Jim Breuer has some serious balls to call out Fauci and the Vax Nazi Brigade in a comedy routine. That's dangerous stuff today.   Just imagine if a whole bunch of performers did the same...what kind of affect that would have on the public psyche."


74.2 million people in the USA have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine, & another 157 million have refused a 2nd or 3rd dose according to CDC


Sri Lanka's economic crisis went from bad to catastrophic this week as the government ordered strict lockdowns requiring all citizens to stay at home and halted the sale of fuel to nonessential personnel for at least the next two weeks. Government authorities also shut down inter-regional transport within the country. Talks continued in the nation's capital of Colombo, with officials from the International Monetary Fund seeking a $3 billion bailout plan as China and India were asked to extend emergency funds to head off a humanitarian crisis. Colombo also dispatched envoys to Russia and Qatar to request desperately needed fuel supplies.


Only Leftists will get guns

NY Governor to require 3 years of good "character and conduct" on social media for gun carry permit


Rockefeller Foundation 'Reset The Table' Report Predicted COVID-Related Food Crisis -- 2 Years Before It Happened

Just a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic -- and almost two years before global health officials warned of a food shortage crisis -- the Rockefeller Foundation issued a report predicting the crisis and offering up solutions, including "shifts to online enrollment, online purchasing of food."


Confirmed: The CIA is running Ukraine's fight against Russia

"Much of this work happens outside Ukraine, at bases in Germany, France and Britain, for example. But even as the Biden administration has declared it will not deploy American troops to Ukraine, some CIA personnel have continued to operate in the country secretly, mostly in the capital, Kyiv, directing much of the vast amounts of intelligence the United States is sharing with Ukrainian forces, according to current and former officials."
Paul Joseph Watson - People losing interest in the pro-Ukraine Psy Op - West acknowledging Ukraine has lost

The horrors of transgender surgeries and the lives they ruin are finally being spoken about
The trans conveyer belt is pushing thousands down the path of castrations, mastectomies, and life-long drug use.


Airline chaos is due to pilot shortage caused by vax mandates

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- July 4 - It's Time to Fight for Freedom!

Tony Fauci's Record -- Phony Pandemics & Deadly "Vaccines"


(Tony Fauci makes Illuminati hand sign)

No self -respecting country would tolerate

being sodomized by the likes of Tony Fauci.

State capture is the term used when a criminal cartel

usurps the reins of government.

RFK Jr.'s The Real Antony Fauci shows that we have underestimated the evil of this Satanic so-called "doctor."

by Lew Rockwell

(abridged by

We can thank Dr. Fauci for:

  • "Dictating the draconian lockdown of America, putting the public under virtual house arrest, destroying the livelihoods of millions of our citizens, and driving many to despair and some to suicide, while killing others via denial of normal medical care to 'make room' for the millions of Covid hospitalizations that never materialized
  • Declaring hydroxychloroquine(HCQ) 'ineffective' thereby condemning thousands to death who never got this highly successful treatment
  • Pimping for Moderna and Pfizer experimental mRNA 'vaccines' that have already resulted in thousands of deaths-3,848 listed in VAERS as of April 2021--and an additional 44,606 'adverse events,' including stroke and paralysis."

It's safe to say that Fauci wouldn't win any popularity contests. But if we know all this, why read a book about him? It's like saying: "Here's a book you must read. It shows Stalin was a really bad guy!"

Screenshot-2022-05-13-135654-201x300.jpgThe answer is that The Real Antony Fauci shows that we have underestimated the evil of this Satanic so-called "doctor." RFK's subtitle gives us a good clue to the nature of his indictment against Fauci; "Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health." ...

Fauci's efforts to control us, if necessary killing vast numbers of us in the process, go back a long way.

"Dr. Fauci's take away from the 1976 swine flu crisis seems to have been the revelation that pandemics were opportunities of convenience for expanding agency power and visibility, and for cementing advantageous partnerships with pharmaceutical behemoths and for career advancement. Four years later the AIDS pandemic proved a redemptive juncture for NIAID [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] and the launch pad for Dr.Fauci's stellar rise. The lessons to be learned from orchestrating regulatory responses to the AIDS crisis would become familiar templates for managing subsequent pandemics." (p.131)

Fauci devised the pattern of operations he has used so many times during the AIDS crisis.

"Even all those years ago, Anthony Fauci had already perfected his special style of ad-fear-tising, using remote, unlikely, farfetched and improbable possibilities to frighten people. Fauci helped terrify millions into wrongly believing they were at risk of getting AIDS when they were not. . .The message people took away from these 250 rambling and obfuscating words [of Fauci's] 'Something less than truly intimate contact can give you this disease.' Translated into English, however, it's just twelve words of truth: There have been zero cases of AIDS spread by ordinary close contact." (pp.131-132)

Fauci did much more than stir up panic about AIDS. . He used fraudulent studies to promote a dangerous drug for AIDS victims.

"Dr. Fauci's fraud persuaded hundreds of thousands of people to take AZT. For many of them, it was a lethal choice. In 1987, AZT became the AIDS 'therapy' even though in the recommended dosage of 1,500 mg/day, it was absolutely fatal. Throughout the 1980s, the average lifespan of a patient on AZT was four years. . .The quality of life on AZT was universally pretty miserable. Many credible scientists argued that AZT was killing more people than AIDS. [John] Lauritsen estimated that AZT killed 330.000 gay men between 1987 and 2019. Many of the dead were perfectly healthy before beginning the AIDS regimen. Absent AZT, Lauritsen says, the vast majority of these men would not have died." (p.170)


Fauci also perfected another technique in his modus operandi. He ruthlessly crushed scientists who dissented from his views. Peter Duesberg, a world-famous scientist at UC Berkeley, was an early victim.

"On their face, Duesberg's incendiary queries seemed to create an irresistible bulwark against Dr. Fauci's HIV-only hypothesis. Even today, Duesberg's rationales appear so clean, so elegantly crafted, and so compelling that, in reading them, it seems impossible that the entire hypothesis did not instantly collapse under the smothering weight of relentless logic. .

But the AIDS cartel never attempted a reply. Instead, Dr. Fauci met this critical assault by simply ignoring it and by castigating anyone who credited it. He set about making Duesberg an example to discourage future inquiries. . .Dr. Fauci orchestrated a fusillade of withering and venomous attacks that effectively ended Duesberg's illustrious career." (p.214)

Fauci has since then expanded his nefarious activities world-wide, in alliance with mega-billionaire Bill Gates. "

Media recipients of pharma advertising dollars and Gates Foundation lucre like to characterize Gates as a 'public health expert.'

scary-bill-gates-vaccines-2033115883.jpgBut six years after Gates summoned Dr. Fauci to his Seattle mansion, two Los Angeles Times investigative reporters, Charles Filler and Doug Smith, employed the term 'White Man's Burden' to describe the catastrophic impact of Gates's medical meddling in Africa.

That title suggests that Gates's efforts to rescue the dark races from disease and famine mask all the familiar impulses for imperial control. The comprehensive study provides eloquent testimony to the lethal effect of Gates's natal arrogance on children.

Filler and Smith detail how Gates's systematic diversion of Africa's international medical spending to his high tech, high-price, and often untested vaccines is killing babies across Africa." (p.309)

Why have Gates and Fauci entered into this dastardly scheme? The answer isn't hard to find: there is money in it. "Real-world evidence, including his investments in pharmaceuticals, petroleum, chemical, and GMO processed and synthetic food, suggests that Gates's obsession with vaccines does not evince any genuine commitment to healthy populations. . .Gates owns investments in sixty-nine of the world's worst-polluting companies, His single-minded obsession with vaccines seems to serve his impulse to monetize his charity and to achieve monopoly control over global public health policy. . .And Gates's vaccine cartel has amassed Midas-like riches. . .And the key to much of that portfolio is having Anthony Fauci." (p.349)

With this background in place, we can understand Fauci's role in Covid-19 tyranny better than ever before.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Tony Fauci's Record -- Phony Pandemics & Deadly "Vaccines" "

DD said (July 4, 2022):

This man, no doubt, has to be a high ranking man to have such a picture as this. Hand sign, closed eyes, worshipful pose! He is in total allegiance to his god Lucifer. This is high up the Masonic scale. He is no less a 30th degree mason. All is revealed to them by that degree: purpose, agenda, order, all of it.

Albert pike was the grand master of the order over a hundred years ago & claimed to be in direct contact with Lucifer. I would understand that fauci knows this. This would explain why fauci is in the position he is now. He makes other Masonic hand signs as well.

RH said (July 4, 2022):

Re: “No self-respecting country would tolerate being sodomized by the likes of Tony Fauci.”

How true. It’s one thing for this creature to hurt his own (America) but he managed to go world-wide with his evil act.

Perhaps his is the best example of a supreme governing body that actually rules the Western world and that which requires our most attention.

Below -Democrat Gender Policy is Based on the Talmud - Scroll Down

Staying Sane in a World Going Insane

testpattern.png(Left. Test Pattern i.e. Keep the mind blank or focused on God/Christ/Consciousness.)


The planet is run by Satanists.

We have been programmed to chase money and sex instead of celebrate and obey God.

God is Consciousness, the Sweetness at the core of our Being, ideal love, beauty, truth, the plan for human and social perfection.

 We are mostly unconscious, asleep. Our challenge is to wake up!

 We create our own reality. We want a better world but we must first create one for ourselves.

It's not how long we live. It's how we live.

Disclaimer -  Is it not hypocritical to write about detaching from the world and yet provide a largely depressing daily feed about current events? I do this because most people are unaware of our real predicament. They are in denial and cling to the pretense that things are normal, that the ship of state can be righted. I hope they're right but in the meantime, we serve God by exposing the work of the devil.

I haven't mastered the wisdom below, that Aldous Huxley called The Perennial Philosophy, but it has helped me cope. 

Thinking is an Addiction (Updated from Jan 26, 2016 & March 18, 2022)

by Henry Makow PhD

When I say thinking is an addiction, I'm referring to the compulsive stream of fear, anxiety, judgment, argument, chatter, and trivia that usually fills our minds.

 I used to depend on the mass media for my mental image of reality. As a result, I was dysfunctional. 

Like sickness, war and poverty, dysfunction is systemic (inherent in society.) They are profitable.  
wallace.jpgIlluminati member Harold Rosenthal spelled it out: 
"We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are pawns in our game of world conquest. They are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants."  Harold Rosenthal The Hidden Tyranny 
Link isn't working-


 As Rosenthal says, our minds have been programmed to "be dissatisfied" and want more. The programming is in music, movies, TV and education.  There must always be striving, conflict. 

Tell a man he is a chicken, and he struts around and clucks and even tries to lay an egg. Thus, men go to war and die "to defend freedom." Look at the Vietnam War for example. "If Vietnam goes Communist," they told us,"all South East Asia will fall."

Didn't happen. Look at Vietnam today. Was that war necessary? Were Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria? Necessary only for profit and to impose the NWO.

hollywood7.jpg(Remember "terrorists" did this)

The Illuminati fabricate reality. Consider the JFK-RFK-MLK assassinations, 9-11, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, the COVID hoax and Ukraine. They determine reality simply by lying.  They created ISIS and are responsible for war crimes as bad as any in history.

They program our minds to adopt self-destructive behavior. 


Teachers can no longer refer to children as "boys" and "girls." Children are encouraged to change their gender and experiment with homosexuality. Women are taught that being a wife and mother is "oppressive" and promiscuity is "empowering."  Men are taught to seek sex and not love. Society is governed by depravity & nonsense.

Un-moored from the Moral Order, (i.e. God, the soul, intuition) the mind is malleable indeed!  "The first effect of not believing in God is that you believe in anything." -- GK Chesterton 

We experience our programming rather than reality.  For example, Hollywood presents romance and sex as panaceas and we actually experience them as such...until the illusion dispels like a morning fog. The Cabalists love hypnotizing us with their "magic." By themselves, our minds have no anchor in Truth. The mental world is a house of mirrors. 


The mind (ego) and the consciousness (soul) are two competing sources of identity. We have been programmed to identify entirely with the ego and deny the existence of the soul.

We need to experience ourselves as consciousness.  Consciousness witnesses ego. Empty the mind of thought and what's left is the real you.

 Turn off thought like a light switch. As we shift from mind to spirit, many "desires" fade away. They were mental in character.

The poet Henry More (1614-1687) wrote:
"When the inordinate desire after knowledge of things was allayed in me,  and I aspired after nothing but purity and simplicity of mind, there shone in me daily a greater assurance than ever I could have expected, even of those things which before I had the greatest desire to know." 

Like penguins stranded on an ice flo, mankind is an ape colony on a speck in the universe.  No one really understands what we're doing here.

The colony is infected by a parasite which, by "vaccine," war and social engineering, devours the host. 

We are here to realize the Creator's purpose.

God wants to know Himself through us.

But collective salvation is NOT possible without personal salvation. 

Most of us can achieve personal salvation. 

----NOTE  Christians complain that this is Raja Yoga and New Age. This shows how little they understand Jesus' message.

Matthew 6:26-34 New King James Version (NKJV) 26 Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? 27 Which of you by worrying can add one [a]cubit to his [b]stature?

28 "So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; 29 and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not [c]arrayed like one of these. 30 Now if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?

31 "Therefore do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' 32 For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Thoreau echoed this wisdom:

" I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavour. It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so to make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look, which morally we can do. To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts."

Eckhart Tolle:

"Can't stop thinking; can't stop drinking; can't stop smoking; can't stop eating; thinking is a greater addiction than any of these."

I recommend the YouTubes by Eckhart Tolle below.  "Find your identity in the present moment," Tolle says. He is referring to pure consciousness. With so many people spinning webs of crazy thought, we need an anchor in spiritual reality.

Related- Makow-- Is Cannabis the Answer for Burned Out Canadians?
--------------------No Statistics for Inner Poverty      
------------------- Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult 
---------   The "News" is used to program you
Eckhart Tolle   
How to Escape Prison of Your Mind   
Guided Meditation - This is his best explanation of the purpose of meditation. Deep.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Staying Sane in a World Going Insane"

Craig said (July 4, 2022):

Thinking is an addiction. I've attempted to meditate for 60 years and my mind is uncontrollable. A dog sitting in the back seat of a car, with its head stuck out the window, watching the scenery go by, has better concentration than me.

Anonymous said (March 18, 2022):

Smoking pot will not save the Canadians and it’s counterproductive to any serious meditative practice. Drugs in general distort the natural flow of organic energy or chi through our meridians. If meditation is to be functional the etheric body has to be awakened and flowing not disturbed by drugs. Drugs in general take our natural defence system down and invite energetic parasites.

People that smoke pot permanently feel as if they have a cold and lose all the ambition. I remember, few years back by mistake smoking a few puffs of a joint thinking it was a rolled tobacco and I lost ambition to even float in my pool.

In addition, drugs in general (pot less so) are portals and quick connectors to astral worlds but not the good parts of astral worlds but instead the trashy, unhealthy parts that are polluted with beings of questionable integrity. This is often a reason people experience bad trips.

Heavy drugs such as heroin are direct connection to extremely dangerous beings all the way to the boss. This is the very reason why heroin addicts are wrecked their families included. Meditation and drugs don’t go hand in hand at all. First thing I had to give up over a decade ago was drugs in general to be able to conduct daily and lengthy meditation, amplify my consciousness and cognise spiritual realities.

Guided meditation should never be the basis of building a subtle body and vehicles of vision. The proper way is to conduct a practice first thing upon waking up and before eating a breakfast. In total silence. For the best results the meditation should be done around the same time every morning same spot, and never in open space this is where spiritual forces find you easier. Meditation in nature after nuclear wars is not recommended either. Rishis could do this but we can’t. The whole point of meditation is a subtle body building which allows for spiritual vision.

Manfred said (March 18, 2022):

"Give away your life and you will gain it" said Jesus.

Steven Hawkins said something like this:
"The universe is because it is the only one you can perceive”. True?

My humble thoughts are that the universe is because it is the only one that you have created for yourself by your thoughts and actions.

Give away the thoughts and actions that create YOUR perception of the universe and you will experience a blessed ‘emptiness’ in your head which enables God to prompting actions and thinking in your heart (soul) and spirit so you can create a better universe.

Remember darkness it nothing else than the absence of light. So let your light shining.

Al Thompson said (July 11, 2021):

I found this piece when in prison and it has helped me a lot.


by Tertullian

Al Thompson said (July 11, 2021):

Once I completely understood that the governments are communist and founded on the principles of Satan, I am getting better at keeping my mind safe by ignoring the nonsense. When I find my mind drifting into the cesspool of politics and other issues, I simply switch my mind to things that exist in the natural order. This works every time and my life is improving. A Satanic organization has no authority to do anything. All men are responsible for themselves to remain within the natural order. When people go outside of it, they do the harm to themselves and others around them.

BH said (August 18, 2019):

The enemy is direct energy weapons, and media brainwashing.

'if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice,' for evil. In matters of the soul, one must not hedge. If for no other reason than
the cultivation of the soul is a life long endeavor. There is no time to hedge. If you are hedging, you've already succumbed to evil. The soul
is one area in which one must not be cagey. But, it's never too late, as late is better than never.

The Rush quote from Free Will above. Even the songwriter wasn't sure here or so it appears as the inner sleeve lyrics read:

'if you choose not to decide, you can not have made a choice.' :)

Begging the question, proposing the ponder, which is it?

One must not mistake falling for evil, for standing for something.

One must not do random, thinking they are doing something random, on a whim, when they are doing for evil, these placed, preconceived notions
mentioned above.

Being in control of one's own mind in this way - seriously considering it is a novel proposition to most. Seems too difficult. This too is because of brainwashing, and direct energy weapons, the above mentioned focal point of attack.

Barry (UK) said (August 12, 2019):

I recall many years ago listening to NWO researcher Alan Watt. He said, (paraphrasing) one of the greatest difficulties people will have in the future is holding onto to their sanity.” You can see it happening, particularly with the younger generation who seem rudderless and have no firm ideas on right or wrong. Of course this is part of the elites divide and rule strategy. Divided people with no shared understanding are helpless against a powerful elite who have a plan. A passage in the Protocols sums it up perfectly. “We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the Goyim by rearing them in principles and theories which are known by us to be false, although it is they that have been inculcated.” When you have control of the movie industry, television, the press and the education system, driving people crazy is a simple thing to do.

David said (August 11, 2019):

I can see how the elites have convinced themselves they are capable of replacing God as the supreme beings in the universe: they know our whereabouts via cellphone GPS (omnipresent); they know our innermost thoughts posted via email, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter (omniscient); they stage false-flag terror attacks and murder their enemies in full public view, yet never face justice in the courts of law (omnipotent). Their only weakness is they're mortal like the rest of us, but with their unimaginable concentration of wealth, I'm sure they're working on a solution for that.

Below- Staying Sane in a World Going Insane (scroll down)

July 4 - It's Time to Fight for Freedom!

July 3, 2022

july4.jpgPlease send comments and links to [email protected]
"They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other."-George W. Bush addresses the nation on September 20, 2001

It's not "Muslim terrorists" who hate America's freedom. It's George W. Bush and his sponsors, Organized Jewry (Rothchilds) and Freemasonry. They have been eroding freedom for a long time but Americans are slow to notice. The false flag mass shootings are designed to disarm and enslave Americans.

They hate America because it stands for freedom. Their contempt can be seen in their making Barrack Obama, a homosexual married to a tyranny, President. Then, they rigged the election and installed a senile pedophile, criminal and traitor, with a pervert pedophile son. Again Americans  have been slow to take umbrage.  Let "Independence Day"  mark an awakening of American patriotism and fighting spirit.

EU Caves Putin Wins; Transportation of Russian Goods to Kaliningrad Through Lithuania Will Resume


Michael Snyder

Are You Willing To Suffer Through A Recession For The Good Of "The Liberal World Order"? re. Jew World Order


The Haunted Wood: Secret Documents on Soviet Espionage's Golden Age in America - The Stalin Era 1999

Viewer- "You get more information from forty-five minutes here than you get  from four months of the MSM."

"The evidence is in. A crime is being committed of Epic Proportions. I've never seen anything like this in my life. It's a fraud to end all frauds." -
Edward Dowd

trump-sex-traficker.jpgTrump is as much a pervert as Biden

"We All Knew About the Trafficking"-The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1)

Trump was a pimp -


Refusing to back down, Dr Jordan B Peterson calls out the "woke moralists" as he deconstructs the tweet that put him in the censors' cross hairs.


 Dr. Madej gives us an update on the accident - Planes - Babies - Mass Animal Sacrifice - NEW WORD: Vaxxident!
Stephen Lendman --The Made-in-the-USA Pure Evil Ukraine Monster

Nazified Ukraine is a one-party state. Opposition ones were shut down and banned. Speech, media and academic freedoms are prohibited.
The Zelensky regime shut down 5 TV channels to silence views in conflict with the fabricated official narrative.

Your government is trying to kill You

Stephen Lendman--Devastating Reality About Kill Shots

Over three-fourths of households (77.4%) said they lost "someone" who'd been jabbed for flu/covid.
Based on survey findings, the US death toll from kill shots is around 750,000 and counting.
Based on CDC VAERS and European Medicines Agency data through mid-June:
Over 7.1 million jabbed individuals suffered adverse events from kill shots.
Around 105,000 died.

Adding humiliation to injury

Reader-- Does Vaccination Cause Incontinence??

1. My neighbour, Janet, told me that after she got the Frankenshot, she became incontinent. She said that she could not hold her urine at all out on her dog walks. She is about in her late 40s.
2. My brother, who died in a hospice 2 weeks ago, started complaining that at night, he had to pee every 15 minutes (after the shot). This continued while he developed 4th stage bone cancer practically overnight. His wife had to move her bed into his room and help him. He lasted only a few days in the hospice.
3. My brother came here to see Mom every Sunday for 5 years. After he got vaccinated, I found a clot in my underwear. I started to get the same problem Janet has. When I get up at night to go to the bathroom, I have no control over my bladder on the way to the bathroom.
4. In the Doctors' Data information, I read that one of the side effects of the spike protein was "frequent urination".

That problem is very introverting and causes social isolation

SELICK: If Canadians wanted to eat crickets, we wouldn't be forced to subsidize the cricket farm

People eat bugs primarily when they can't afford more appetizing forms of protein.

Canadian government following WEF diktat. Spending tax money to prepare us to east insects.
The "Opposition" party could make hay with this. Why don't they?

Good grub: why we might be eating insects soon


Davos Agenda 2022
5 reasons why eating insects could reduce climate change

    Our consumption of animal protein is the source of greenhouses gas and climate change.
    Insects are an overlooked source of protein and a way to battle climate change.
    The consumption of insects can offset climate change in many ways.
    Yet Another Life Insurance CEO Reveals Deaths Are Up 40% Among Working People
    "We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business - not just at OneAmerica. The data is consistent across every player in that business."

rick-steves-glass-of-marijuana-Cropped.pngRick Steves vows to donate up to $100,000 to support cannabis legalization in the U.S.

"The majority of the American public is with us ... we just need to smartly make our point to win at the ballot box"
    Documentary- Who is Bill Gates
     Doctors urge Ontario to open 4th doses of COVID-19 vaccine to all adults

Some 6 million Ontarians who've had a booster are ineligible for another under current rules


BANK SCAM in CHINA - $6 Billion In Deposits Vanished From Banks in China. 400k People Are Left with Nothing
July 3, 2022 3:29 pm by IWB

$6 Billion In Deposits Vanished From Banks in China
>400k people are left with nothing
>protest in front of the bank to get their money back
>get beaten by plan-cloth pigs
>health status suddenly turns "red" in their health passport - meaning they can't partake in society because "muh Covid"
This is a reminder to buy a safe for all your cash and life savings.

gravestones-tipped-over-in-jewish-cemetery.png70 gravestones pushed over in Winnipeg Jewish cemetery feel like a 'slap in the face' for community

Brother Nathaniel-

Jews pushed Russia into its current military op in Ukraine which completes a multi-polar world and the flop of the Jew-controlled West. It's a convulsion of history. Every wound needs a suture. Welcome to the future.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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VP said (July 4, 2022):

I've been following your work here in Brazil for some time now.
I really like your vision, which I believe is extremely lucid and insightful.

This week I had a serious discussion with a person who was walking in a mask near my house. I live in the city of Campinas, State of São Paulo. We have a forest reserve right next to our house that is very good for walks and hikes.

This person told me that he had lost several people in his family from COVID-19 and that's why he was protecting himself and others, but I didn't fall for his conversation, as he later said that the people who passed away already had health problems . I also ended up realizing that they died because the protocols used in Brazil are the same stupid protocols that are used by doctors all over the West.

The media in Brazil is extremely lying. It always was, but now it seems to have gotten worse, especially because we have a president who has acted very strongly against all the policies of the World Health Organization, which is why he is being persecuted by this media sold to national and international elites.

Brazil is a country that has always been under the wings of the United States of America, but not in a protective way, but in order to become what it is today: another American colony.

Universities, companies and public authorities still insist on harming people through mandatory vaccine mandates. I still hope to see these politicians, presidents and businessmen answering criminally about this.

Below- July 3 -- Saudi Arabia to Join BRIC? & E. Michael Jones - Overturning Roe Vs Wade Overthrows Jewish Privilege (scroll down)

Democrat Gender Policy is Based on the Talmud


( Courtesy Snippets & Snappets)

Left, The rabbis recognized six genders that were neither male nor female.

Still Don't Think We're Being Inducted into a Satanic cult called Judaism???

"The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart's blood of the Jewish religion.
Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe ~ whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists ~ we follow the Talmud. It is our common law." ~ Herman Wouk

Abortion and gender-bending are both part of Judaism

E. Michael Jones - Overturning Roe Vs Wade Overthrows Jewish Privilege

Roe v. Wade amounted to the imposition
of the Jewish "religion" (i.e. Satanism)
on every US citizen, no matter what his religion.

"Coverage of the summer of defeat in Ukraine is similar to coverage of the Summer of (abortion) Rage in America. In each case, the concoction of Jewish fables serves as a substitute for honest reporting about what is real.

Truth, it turns out, isn't the opinion of the powerful after all, because nothing is more powerful than what is real, and what is real is always the correspondence of mind and the thing. It is never the mind in lieu of the thing.

It means that Ukraine is losing the war, no matter how many flattering articles the Jewish paper of record writes about the Jewish piano player in the olive drab T-shirt. It means, finally, that the era of Jewish hegemony over our culture is coming to an end."


Protocols of Zion


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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BR said (July 3, 2022):

7. Idiotic 'leaders' e.g. US-UK at present.
8. Socialism/Communism/Feminism are vassalization thus under the Royal.
16. Also spy on oneself e.g. using smartphones.
21. 'hair-cuts' on sound investment i.e. on industrial bonds.
Additionally observable Clauses:
25. Destroy the family (revoke husbandry).
26. Destroy the races (mix these baselines).
27. Weaponize retards (anybody under IQ90, highschoolers under IQ110,
technicians under IQ110, Students under IQ120) aka 'afirmative action'.
That's the only real biological-weapon.
28. Narcotics.
29. Abolish the borders.
30. Demand-based (thus fake) currency (Crypto).
31. Inject and spray poison (floors, fields, skies).
32. Destroying the supply-chains (shutting down pipelines, burning down factories).
33. Fill the mA$$ media with Transexuals and other Coccinelles.

Below- Still Don't Think We're Being Inducted into a Satanic cult called Judaism??? (scroll down)

July 3 -- Saudi Arabia to Join BRIC?

July 2, 2022

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Saudi Arabia in Discussions to Join BRICS Coalition - The Outcome Would be Global Energy and Economic Cleaving & possible disaster for the $USD as reserve currency

Here is the money quote:

    [...] "China's invitation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to join the 'BRICS' confirms that the Kingdom has a major role in building the new world and became an important and essential player in global trade and economics," Mohammed al-Hamed, president of the Saudi Elite group in Riyadh, told Newsweek. "Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 is moving forward at a confident and global pace in all fields and sectors."

    [...] "This accession, if Saudi joins it, will balance the world economic system, especially since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of oil in the world, and it's in the G20," Hamed said. "If it happens, this will support any economic movement and development in the world trade and economy, and record remarkable progress in social and economic aspects as Saudi Arabia should have partnerships with every country in the world." 

Read more-


Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, two other physicians, sue FDA, DHHS for exceeding authority and interfering with doctors' ability to prescribe Ivermectin to patients


Dr-Vernon-Coleman-2023269006.jpgDr. Vernon Coleman: We Have Six Months of Freedom Left

"I'm not suggesting that we're all suddenly going to die by Christmas. What I am suggesting (and this is in some ways scarier) is that things are now moving so fast that unless we stand up and defend ourselves we will be too far along the road towards an existence built around the principles of social credit; too far along to stop progress towards the Great Reset. Everywhere you look there is evidence showing just how fast the conspirators are making progress."

The alarm is appreciated but what exactly do you think people should do?


Pandemic babies' with no immunity are ending up in intensive care across Australia with respiratory illnesses


olooney.jpgJohn O'Looney- UK Undertaker

"Some sort of white crap growing inside peoples' arteries." "His aorta was literally jam packed full of it"


Blaming vaccine deaths on gardening

GREEN FINGERS Urgent warning to gardeners as soil 'increases risk of killer heart disease'

moseley.jpgToo much gardening

Radiant' mum, 45, collapses and dies just days after returning home from holiday


Vinnitsa, Ukraine: Where Jewish-Led NKVD Terrorists Murdered 10,000 Christians And Blamed It On The 'Nazis'

Sweden's Birth Rate Dropping Precipitously Every Month

A very unusual pattern this year -- 9 months after young people vaccinated


canada-day.jpg(Children are suspected terrorists on Canada Day)

Brad Salzburg

Media Brand Canadian Flag A Symbol Of Far-Right & Hate

Speaking to thousands near Parliament Hill, Justin Trudeau focused on the Canadian flag and its adoption by far-right groups.

The Canadian government announced Wednesday it has extended its COVID-19 border restrictions through "at least" September 30, 2022. Under the current rules, unvaccinated people are allowed into Canada, if they submit to COVID tests and quarantine for 14 days.

The country recently removed a COVID jab mandate for domestic and outbound travel, meaning unvaccinated Canadians can once again leave the country (or travel domestically) by air, train, or sea. However, they are still subject to masking and testing requirements.

Mayim Bialik: 46-year-old Jeopardy! host reports being sick with COVID-19 despite being triple-vaxxed, and after trying to dispel rumors she is an "anti-vaxxer"


 COVID-19 vaccines utilized for the great culling

 Dr. Rima Laibow has revealed that the global elites are out to cull 90 percent of the population to gain power. She shared this revelation to Australian independent journalist Maria Zeee during a June 21 interview.

 The natural medicine physician recounted that one of her patients she managed to help told her that "the great culling" of "useless eaters" is about to begin. This patient defined useless eaters are the people who are consuming non-renewable resources. Under the great culling, around 90 percent of the world's population will be exterminated, Laibow continued.


Chris Pirnak opines-

"The only way the synagogue of Satan can toss the American constitution and its financial sovereignty into the trash bin of history is by diluting, polluting, and finally humiliating the amoral masses through a manufactured nuclear war. The first two objectives have clearly been achieved; only the nuclear take-out awaits. This is the humiliating force majeure that will kill many Americans and topple the dollar as the global reserve. EMPs and nuclear humiliation are up next for Americans.

I observe how Americans so easily succumb to the trauma-based mind control of the covid scam, fake racism, staged terror attacks like 9/11 and the Texas shooting, open borders in the name of humanitarianism, and the green energy fallacy, and know the adversary can essentially pull the plug any time. I have friends who think I am political whenever I talk about such issues, so I am convinced the goose is finally cooked. With that said, the USD still serves a vital function in the wealth and power consolidation of our adversary. Thus, the dollar reigns supreme (for now)."

florida.jpg US Announces New $820 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine

The Ukraine war is best understood as a boondoggle where Organized Jewry bankrupts the US by maxing out its credit.

Netanyahu: "Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away"   doesn't just apply to Israel

The coming collapse of the air travel industry

The parliament voted in favor of the extension of the COVID pass for another year  in plenary session in spite of the fact that the measure is wholly useless and unjustified - to say nothing of the fact that 99% of Europeans are opposed to it. Mrs. Anderson's explicit assessment on the matter was that EU's democracy is a sham and a fraud.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "July 3 -- Saudi Arabia to Join BRIC? "

BR said (July 3, 2022):

1. Saudia-Arabia joining BRICS is a death-blow to the Petro-Dollar,
especially now that Anglo-America declared total-war on Russia alongside Ayatollah-Iran.
2. Answering Dr. Vernon Coleman:

In 6 months from now there's no more maritime- or Eastern- Ukraine and no more Russian gas for Weatern-Europe (self-inflicted), perhaps also no more DNC in the house thus perhaps also not any more in the white-house and SCOTUS too. So what's the panic now for? If you want a stable financial system, then unwind the principle-sum when it is paid back - by means of paying it to a dedicated agency of this sort - the NRFA, which also solves for another 5 system-requirements.

Satanist Insider Declares, "You're Better Off Dead"

June 29, 2022

quote-satanism-is-not-a-white-light-religion-it-is-a-religion-of-the-flesh-the-mundane-the-anton-szandor-lavey-72-51-12-1546050893.jpgSatanist Insider Declares, "You're Better Off Dead"
"Aloysious (sic) Fozdyke said almost nothing new except for the little that's stale news and the rest of his missive is fudge or conjecture."
" Well, as we're claiming victory, I guess that leaves you with death. 'The Lord is my shepherd' - 'like lambs to the slaughter'. The expendable masses are a living travesty of and to themselves. Deep down, at least your subconscious knows you'd be better off dead. Satanists know how to play the game, because everyone else is a willing rube. "

Death or Victory: Carnival Showman, Devil Worshipers and Immortality

Dedicated to Oswald Spengler 

by Aloysius Fozdyke

Anton La Vey was big on dualism, as well as fetishes and sadomasochism. These three elements permeate his philosophy and works, but dualism is his central theme. And dualism is the basis of all manifestations of Satanism: self and not self, you and them, reality and conditioned response, non-conformity or the collective. From this, the politically incorrect self-differentiation between Satanists and their marks becomes increasingly and painfully clear.   

 "The Earth's energy grid was altered on Friday the 9th of December, 2011 by magicians working at energy points around the globe: Ayers Rock, the Flinders Ranges, Osaka, some megaliths in Wiltshire and other locations. This subtle, yet powerful, shifting will increase in effect, with time."Summer Valentine from a Satanist - 26th of June 2013.

 I remember how I was mocked, but anyone now prepared to doubt my statement? Or the fact that I knew the restructuring of society in a way which was unbelievable just those few short years ago? I told you "prison planet", hierarchical and technology-based feudalism, population reduction and so much more (which you missed, for now).

 In a more recent article I stated, "Bank branches everywhere are closing, because convenient, digital currency is coming quickly..." Anyone pick up on that word "quickly"?

I've given it to your readers - chapter and verse; good and hard - including that gold will be confiscated. I 'explained' the legal, political and economic basis of China's acquisition of Australia, New Zealand and Canada. No one else has. That's underway - big time. I told you we use Paradigm Magick, ritual and I named names no one else did.  

My Work is done. The future of the English-speaking western world is Chinese. And assuming you have any, your descendants will be just like you; that's deeply reassuring.  

I don't care what others opine.   



Insider warns that by fall 2022 food supply will be extremely reduced and prices will be insane.

June 26, 2022

Insider warns that by fall 2022 supply will be extremely reduced and prices will be insane.


Alfie Oakes who created the phenomenal Florida vertically integrated 'Seed to Table' started out at 18 running a road-side stand. He tells the story of his trials, tribulations, disasters and karmic luck in becoming one of the best loved Floridian 'pure food operations. He realized at a young age and through contacts he made that food security, both pure-ness and availability at affordable prices was paramount to sucess.

He built his operation up to 300,000 acres and being 'only pure foods' they did incredibly well. During the start of COVID he kept all his stores open and all employees working, none getting sick due to his bio-foods they ingested. They all drank his 'juice' concoction daily, that kept them healthy.

Last year 2021 he saw the writing on the wall, that not only had Mexico taken over 80% of the USA fruit-veggie supply chain (due to it being controlled by the drug cartels) but raw material costs that were going up each year, would sky rocket.

They had no choice due to a potential 17 million $ loss from cost increases of 40% to cut their operation from 300,000 to 100,000 acres, allowing him to keep all his employees working.

He gives the history, details and makes it clear; by fall 2022 supply will be extremely reduced and prices will be insane...he loves the concept of 'home glory gardens' everyone had in the old days....

Watch, learn the details on food from someone who knows, and understand to be ready for the 'storm' that is coming.....

Thanks to the Government Accountability Office, we now have a clear picture of just how much U.S. military equipment has fallen in to the hands of the Taliban by Fred

June 14, 2022

      Our worst ENEMY is not the Taliban, but the fool sitting in OUR White House

210901153941-01-kandahar-taliban-0901-super-tease-476922012.jpg Final account of USA military equipment and cash left behind in Afghanistan. Thanks to the Government Accountability Office, we now have a clear picture of just how much U.S. military equipment has fallen in to the hands of the Taliban, thanks to Joe Biden's bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan . Let's have a look...

 by Fred

Aircraft: The Taliban now ranks #26 in the world in total military aircraft, thanks to us leaving behind

             208 planes

             110 helicopters

             60 transport/cargo planes

             20 light attack planes

             18 intelligence/surveillance planes

             Vehicles: You've probably seen the footage of the Taliban riding around in our Humvees.

             We left a total of 75,898 vehicles:

             42,604 tactical vehicles

             22,174 Humvees

             8,998 medium tactical vehicles

             1,005 recovery vehicles

             928 mine-resistant vehicles

             189 armored tanks


   (If you understand that his mission is to destroy the US, he is not as stupid as he looks.) 

Weapons: Get ready for this..

            599,690 of our weapons are now in the hands of the Taliban:

             358,530 rifles

             126,295 pistols

             64,363 machine guns

             25,327 grenade launchers

             12,692 shotguns

             9,877 RPGs

             2,606 howitzers

              And you can throw a couple thousand night-vision goggles, surveillance drones, and communication devices on that list as well.

             Price tag: In total, it adds up to nearly $84 billion dollars in tax-payer-funded U.S. military equipment.

             Joe Biden just funded an army of terrorists in Afghanistan .


             Source: GAO analysis of Department of Defense data.

             PS Don't Forget "THE CASH", A ROOM FULL of "CASH".