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Old Timer Jailed for Threatening to Sue County

November 21, 2018

(Left, Rich Loomis) 

Rich Loomis,71, tried to live off the grid
but the long arm of government reached out 
to remind him that America no longer
respects individual freedom. 

 "I spent five weeks in jail before being able to post bond, 
most of it spent on the hard concrete floor with only a thin, 
packed-fibre mat, among other pleasures and benefits
 of a jailed existence."

By Rich Loomis

It may be of passing interest to you to learn of how my sometimes "big mouth" landed me in jail for 5 weeks earlier this year!

And even now I am threatened with a prison sentence of 2 - 6 years, plus up to $100,000 in punitive fines if convicted in my upcoming "criminal" trial in January. Being now retired at age 71 on nothing more than a very modest Social Security check, it would be quite the ignominious end for an otherwise law-abiding citizen and honourably discharged veteran. 

What did I do to deserve this situation? Well, I did what I had always promised myself that I would do.

 It is one thing to read accounts on the Internet (and elsewhere) about outrageous injustices done in some other part of the world -- or the USA in particular -- but it is a whole 'nother kettle of fish when one discovers a putrid stench originating virtually in one's own backyard. Having never been the sort to jump into my car and travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles, so as to insert myself into (for example) a protest against Monsanto, or perhaps chain myself along with the "greenies" to a tree somewhere, or climb the fence into a nuclear power facility along with a few nuns (who are now in prison for their act) no -- rather instead, my excuse had always been that a vital issue or incident would have to occur within my "every day" purview or experience, in order for me to get involved.

Well, it took 71 years for that to happen... though I may be too glib in saying so, for I surely must have simply "tuned out" other opportunities for meaningful activism... but regardless, the universe finally found the appropriate time and occasion to put my semi-conscious "vow" to the test.

Having saved little money over my working life, I opted to retire on an inexpensive 5-acre desert-like open prairie parcel located in Costilla County, Colorado. At almost 8,000 feet in elevation, one could seemingly pick diamonds out of the starry skies, whilst being regularly serenaded by coyotes and cautiously observed by wandering deer and antelope and other assorted critters on or near the property.

But the chief attraction for me, and for most others who settled in the region over many decades (relatively few, since the rather large county boasts only 2.8 people per square mile average) was the fact that there existed almost no building codes, so one might drive the dusty roads and see small wood or adobe brick cabins, tepees, yurts, dome homes, permanently-parked trailers, 5th wheels, motor homes, even families in tents, happily constructing a modest homestead on a pay-as-you-go basis, having hope at last of a "real" home (even in the desert) as opposed to living in their car or in a cardboard box somewhere in the big city. 

Yes, some of these "in-progress" living situations were very primitive, and would have given any regular big-city building inspector apoplexy, but these free citizens were harming no one, and most of them employed responsible waste disposal methods such as composting toilets, holding tanks or porta-potties (regularly dumped at the local RV park a few miles away) etc.

(Costillo County, CO)

I myself opted to live in an older model Holiday Rambler motorhome, as I "contemplated" whether or not to build a permanent structure on the limited funds available. As with most such settlers to the area, I had first personally interviewed the supervisor of the local Planning and Zoning Office at the county seat, and was assured that this sort of essentially permit-less lifestyle was not a problem unless abused in some egregious manner.


And so it was that I enjoyed several years of uninterrupted and peaceful retirement, until one day a black-and-white SUV with police logos, antennas, and armed deputies drove onto my property and informed me that I could no longer live in my motorhome; I was now REQUIRED to build a minimum 600 square foot house with $6,000 on-site septic and many other listed code regulations, etc.

When I objected to this sort of "retroactive" legislation that I could no longer afford in my retirement, I was told, "it's the law; do it or else." 

Eventually, since I had no financial means whereby to comply, I was given a date to appear in trial on the specified charges. I had a public defender who was worse than useless, but via my own research of the new ordinances and building codes, I was able to more or less force him to introduce my findings, which led to two out of the three charges being dismissed as faulty and inapplicable. The third charge on which I was actually "convicted" was relatively minor, a misdemeanour with an attached $50 penalty fee.

Following the trial, however, being suspicious of government incompetence (as was amply illustrated in the first two charges) I again conducted some very basic, cursory investigation and found that this last item was likewise in error, thus I wrote to the court that the verdict required reversal and acquittal. 

In response to the ensuing official silence, I posted two increasingly angry (but not abusive) letters, eventually promising that if the silence continued, I would invoke applicable legal remedy (such as a Class Action lawsuit on behalf of myself and hundreds of others, or involvement of the FBI by way of a "color of law" Civil Rights prosecution, etc) and it was from this last letter that all my subsequent suffering was to arise.

A few weeks later, two armed Sheriff's deputies (one prominently displaying a short-barreled carbine with extended-capacity banana clip magazine) arrested me at my property, claiming on behalf of the District Attorney that my letter had "effectively" threatened the life of a sitting judge! And from thence I spent five weeks in jail before being able to post bond, most of it spent on the hard concrete floor with only a thin, packed-fibre mat, among other pleasures and benefits of a jailed existence.


My daughter and her husband had already travelled from Austin TX at considerable expense to help secure my property, find a temporary home for my dogs, put vital documents and possessions into a commercial storage unit (thieves abound when no one is around to physically protect their property and I have in fact lost thousands of dollars of personal items while in jail.) 

After several days of significant labour on my behalf, they had to return to TX to maintain their employment, and thus could not be present at my trial. (In fact, not a single observer was in the court gallery, since the trial was not publicized in the press and most of those similarly abused by "the system" had long since departed Costilla County.)

As a condition of bonding out of jail prior to trial, I was forced to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and sign myself into a mandatory mental health evaluation. All of it at my cost, including over $270 per month fee for the ankle bracelet alone!

The jury at my eventual trial found me Not Guilty of the first charge (supposedly threatening the life of a judge) but they could not agree on the second charge to the effect that my mention of possibly invoking legal remedy if necessary "might" have constituted illegal "influencing" of a public servant in their duty. (This may even sound reasonable in some aspects, but in my own case, in pure legal theory it fails to meet the specific details and standard necessary for a conviction.)

Nevertheless, the District Attorney's Office, being denied their punishing will on the first charge, are now determined to try my case again on this second charge (with the same prison and fine penalty as the acquitted item) and so the "adventure" continues. I could have walked away from the whole thing by caving in and simply paying the measly $50 misdemeanour fee, but during the one year and two months that it took for me to be "convicted" of that misdemeanor, in the interim I had met several of the families in court with me for similar "violations" of the new ordinances -- being essentially thrown off their own land and denied their protected civil liberties, as in my own case -- and in seeing that most of them were decent, hard-working folk just trying to improve their lot in life, it made me angry on their behalf, as well as my own.

This caused me to reflect and pray deeply regarding my long-standing resolution that I would not walk away from evil in my own community, or on my own street for that matter! So it was that, with admittedly some measure of trepidation, I sent the offending letter... and am now paying the attendant price. 

Since many readers of "alternative" news sources are gradually becoming educated with regard to the underlying Masonic/Jewish/occult/Satanic power base active in world and USA legal and business affairs, it might be instructive to add that the original judge in this current case actually blurted out to the prosecutor during one of the preliminary court procedures (while on the record!) that she had read the letter and saw no element of violence therein!  

The attorney for The People -- after a few moments of stunned silence -- mumbled and stumbled and finally began to protest vehemently about some of the terminology in the letter as being much too "strong" blah blah etc, virtually pleading the prosecution's entire case -- during which the judge seemed to realize that she had perhaps strayed into territory that could affect her "good ol' boy" (or gal) standing in the close-knit legal fraternity, and she began to essentially recant her open sympathy for the defense.

Too late!  She quickly disappeared from my case, and they instead brought in a senior judge from the state capitol, who just happened to be -- who would ever guess! -- a very high-level Mason, having served as Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge in Denver, in 1998, per the archives found in the website of that lodge.

And let me tell you; he soon made it abundantly clear as trial commenced who he favoured HUGELY in the proceedings . . and it sure as heck wasn't poor little me!  ha

It's called "color of law" when police or courts etc assume they have authority, show up with guns and badges, and TELL citizens to do something for which they never had authority.  Judges, cops, DA's and other public servants are in jail as we speak as a result of citizen-brought or FBI-brought "color of law" Civil Rights violations precisely similar to what happened to me.  In the year 2012 alone (according to an Internet article on the topic) the FBI prosecuted 380 such cases against public servants (including judges and cops etc) many of whom were either heavily fined or disbarred or even serving jail time.  

I pointedly alluded to this in my "strong" letter to the judge and other culpable officials . . which is one reason for the arrogant knee-jerk "sledgehammer against the mosquito" reaction, designed solely to intimidate and dissuade etc.

So, how fitting that my unhappy little story now becomes yet another "distant atrocity" for others to shake their heads at . . waiting for something similar to appear in their own backyard, before acting?

Hang on, folks . . it may not be that long of a wait . . !

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Old Timer Jailed for Threatening to Sue County "

Marco A said (November 21, 2018):

This man just received an education as to how free he is. Americans are fools for entrusting their freedom to the Brotherhood.

When you are under the thumb of the prevailing system, you realise just how cruel it is. Losing your land is hard, but try losing your children because you refuse to vaccinate them or because of your political opinions. The control-freaks in government can make your life a living Hell.

The only thing keeping this system functional and some justice occurring are the competent and honest elements of certain organizations that haven’t been totally corrupted – like the FBI prosecutions the man mentions in the article.

The Masonic system is one of total control and they have no love for profane peasants who aren’t privy to the mysteries, so when you have them judge over you, I wouldn’t expect any justice; however, I would expect to suffer in the extreme.

I commend Rich’s energy and courage at 71 years old in standing up for himself and others as he has.
But I don’t think I am alone in thinking this is largely a losing battle and indicative of a totally broken system. When one man has to expend so much energy and suffer so much in the vague hope that someone competent will review his case and provide him with justice, it shows that the entire system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from scratch.

Good luck with that. First, we need to outlaw Satanists from the Earth.

One interesting thing he mentions in the article is how the original order against him was to build a septic tank and a home to increase the sustainability of his situation.
With Agenda 21 never being repealed, I would expect situations like this to only increase with federal government sanction in the future – regulations with the excuse of sustainability until it becomes financially impossible to survive rurally.

Below- Betty Friedan: "Mommy" was a Commie (scroll down)

A Woman Needs a Man's Love

November 20, 2018

(Left, Women want to be adored like goddesses by their husbands.) 
A generation ago, that title was a truism. Now it
it raises PC eyebrows. We are being socially engineered.

I googled, Ten Traits of Happily Married Women  
and found not one, a sign that
the subject of "happily married women," is an oxymoron in
our satanically possessed society, and has been shadowbanned. 

Happily married women have their husbands' ardor and devotion.

"Having sex" has replaced "making love." But physical intimacy without emotional intimacy is degrading and dehumanizing. 

That's why Satanists promote it.  Sexual intercourse is the Ritual of Creation. It is sacred.  Anonymous sex cannot hold a candle to married sex.

 ("Having Sex" is not "Making Love" -- Revised from August 14, 2016)
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When I was young in the 1960's, a man "made love" to a woman. 
Sexual intercourse had a sacred archetypical dimension.  A woman embraced a man's spirit represented by his seed. A child was the fruit. Love-making was the sacred ritual of procreation. Children were our organic growth. 

Sex was not an end in itself. A man expressed his adoration for his wife by giving her ecstatic pleasure. He "made love" to her. A powerful bond was established on the foundation of their sexual intimacy. But for this to happen, naturally, it had to be exclusive.

(Young women are flowers. Young males are bees.)

Most fertile young women are sexually attractive to most men. But anonymous sex is dehumanizing - it's about fleeting sensual pleasure and mutual exploitation. We are meant to rise above the level of insects.

God is Love. Male-female love is the closest most people will come to God. Satanists promote anonymous sex to pervert love.


The "making love" dynamic is deeply ingrained in the human psyche.  Women are looking for their Knight in Shining Armour, a man who will devote himself exclusively to her. They need intense love in order to blossom. 

She will surrender her body and soul to such a man. She will follow him. 

Men represent the power principle. Women represent love. Men want power. Women want love. Marriage is the exchange of the two: female worldly power for male power expressed as love. 

Women's sacrifice of power provides an example of love that inspires their husbands to love them and sacrifice for their family. 

Making love is the symbol of the marriage bond. It is an act of possession. 


Anonymous sex is humiliating for a woman. The message is clear.  The man wants your body; he does not want you.
You are worthless.

If women are possessed by men who don't love them, they are damaged.  Satanists promote it to remove love from the world. 

In The Psychology of Women (1944) psychiatrist Helene Deutsch said women are governed by masochistic and narcissistic principles. For sacrificing themselves to husband and children, they want to be adored as Goddesses. 

Women need sex as much or more than men. But they can't be truly satisfied unless they can completely surrender. In the Power of Sexual Surrender(1958), psychiatrist Marie Robinson writes that for a profound vaginal orgasm, "the excitement comes from the act of surrender. There is a tremendous surging physical ecstasy in the yielding itself, in the feeling of being the passive instrument of another person..." (158) 

A woman's unconditional love is the most precious thing in the world. It's the wellspring of harmony and happiness.  A loving woman is ike the sunrise. 

Instead, we've been trained to seek ersatz love, sex, a perfect body. But, in the act of love, all women are Perfect 10's. A perfect body is nothing compared to the tenderness and bliss of a loving face, an expression only her husband sees. 

Many women will have sex with you for a price. How many women can love you? 

What pleasure can a man get from a woman who is going through the motions? Casual sex is following a banal script that ends with - "boy that was great" when it just leaves everyone feeling restless and empty and degraded. Spiritual hunger can only be satisfied by spiritual food.

Lovemaking is how two people become one. For a woman to sacrifice power, naturally she must trust a man completely. She must have the conditions found in marriage: devotion, fidelity and commitment. 

Cabalist magicians attack woman's trust in men with a drumbeat of domestic abuse, sexual harassment and rape. They teach women to seek power instead of love and become masculine themselves in order to emasculate men. 

The Satanists want to destroy the divine heterosexual dynamic that brings love into the world. They want to re-engineer the human race to be their domestic animals, i.e. goyim.

We need to stop having sex and start making love again.


Related-  Hook Up Culture is Making Women Miserable  (Thanks Feminism) 

First Comment from Deirdre:

Great article.   I think a woman wants to be cherished for her sacrificial love....not looks.  I don't want to be adored like a 'goddess'.  I definitely don't want my husband to worship me at all in any matter.    Worship and adoration need to be saved for the only One Who deserves it--JESUS.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "A Woman Needs a Man's Love"

Asim A said (November 20, 2018):

It's not just women who need men's love, it's everyone! Males crave love, acceptance and affirmation from fellow man just as much, as manifest in the father-son dyad. Without this male, fatherly love, boys and young men are sentenced to death, albeit a slow one through pain, depression, loneliness, low self-esteem and suicide. It is the same love that a woman craves, but for her, love is physical and emotional. One cannot deny the power man has in his ability to make individuals feel valued and able to make sense of the world around them. We look to our so-called leaders -men-for stability; we turn to holy prophets -men-for spiritual sustenance and guidance, and we turn to our fathers, for those rites of passage into adulthood.

And I turn to you for your warmth and wisdom, as you are a wise old sage!! Your article Henry is merely one part of the struggle for seeking that love of fulfilment and satisfaction. The love a man receives from fellow man lays the foundation for him to pass that love to a woman with confidence, sincerity and attention.

Z said (November 20, 2018):

“Love making” is even worse term when it comes to describing sexual intercourse. Recreational sex is another form of masturbation. Love and sex have absolutely nothing in common.

Lisa Marie said (September 9, 2016):

Good article. USA men are devoid of knight in shining armor. They are sex crazed divorced 2, 3 plus times, throw women away culture. They lost all understanding of what honor is. And the funny part is they "believe" they are good people who deserve more. Gluttonous selfish nasty mean piggies who are unreflective and unaware of what they are. USA is Sodom and Gomorra and no one gets it. Lol

Lisa Marie said (September 8, 2016):

Good article. USA men are devoid of knight in shining armor. They are sex crazed divorced 2, 3 plus times, throw women away culture. They lost all understanding of what honor is. And the funny part is they "believe" they are good people who deserve more. Gluttonous selfish nasty mean piggies who are unreflective and unaware of what they are. USA is Sodom and Gomorra and no one gets it. Lol

AZ said (September 7, 2016):

Thanks for your very enlightening article about the influence of feminism on the male and female role patterns in relations, concerning the whole social and spiritual interaction between love partners. My whole life I have been attracting woman that had a dominant masculine character trait.

Always I felt this competitiveness between them and me. As much on the mental, emotional as specially on the sexual level of our relation. I have always been wondering about this. On the one side I know I attracted these woman due to the relation I had with my mother, who was a very dominating narcissistic person. Although I learned to feel compassion for her, because of her own harsh background. Furthermore I had some other masculine repressing trauma’s in my youth. But as I was looking into this theme on a more societal level, I learned to see what has been described in your article. It helps me to relieve my soul from the burden of being an inadequate man.


Thanks AZ

Men are not designed to fight women so you need to find a submissive woman, one who responds to your leadership because she loves you.


Dan said (September 7, 2016):

Here's the biological definition of sex.

"The biologic character or quality that distinguishes male and female from one another as expressed by analysis of the person's gonadal, morphologic (internal and external), chromosomal, and hormonal characteristics."

The sexes reason for existence is procreation. That's it.
What passes for 'sex' between homosexuals is actually mutual masturbation.

Same goes for heterosexuals that engage in 'hookups' strictly for orgasms.

It's "masturbation with somebody else".

Connie said (September 6, 2016):

About men and their mothers, what AA says below really REALLY resonates.

I cannot believe the cruelty I have seen mothers inflicting on their sons. At a tender age, I've seen sons being treated by their mothers like grown men. Mom's job is to coddle the baby in him and school him in love. It's Dad's job to show him a path to power, to make him a man.

Marco said (September 6, 2016):

You are preaching to a small choir Henry. The majority of people who are in 'love making' age aren't listening to; they are out listening to liars, and living the college life 'hook-up' culture where flesh is cheap and easy to come by.

And with Tinder ruling the dating sphere these days, hook-up culture is the dominant culture out there. A woman will find their 'knight in shining armour' only to swipe left and find a better one!

Young men listen to imbeciles like Roosh V and other 'manly' imposters, mastering the 'art of seduction' and becoming master pick-up artists (trying not to laugh). They spout sex on one hand, and then have the gall to preach 'Christian' civilization on the other. They are scum and hypocrites. Women are out listening to God knows who... probably some feminist drivel lying to them, telling them that they are goddesses.

The end result is that society is churning out soulless narcissists at an alarming rate.

The chances of someone finding a good mate in this day and age are very slim. The West cannot go back to a 1950's understanding of morality and courtship at this point, it is too far gone.

If any improvement is to be made, we need to eliminate the poison in this society and annihilate all Communists and saboteurs of Christian civilization.

Instead of young men endlessly running around looking to score their latest date, we would of needed young men meeting and creating plans to fight back against this subversion going on like many brave men did in Poland and Romania for example. But tough luck, that wont ever happen - thanks Roosh and ilk for confusing the definition of manhood!

We need to purge every institution in society from government bureaucracy, to universities and colleges. We either need a military coup or a miracle from God.

It is well known that one of the goals of Communist subversion is to destroy natural cohabitation between a man and a woman. Instead of some shadowy 1984 version of having all sex as taboo, society has been blind-sided and instead received over sexualization in order to destroy this relationship.

Below-"The World is Full of Negative Energy" (scroll down)

Betty Friedan: "Mommy" was a Commie

November 19, 2018


I reprise this key 2003 essay as a reminder of how 

Communists use deceit to subvert society. Their

appeals to "social justice" and "equality" are a con game.

Their real goal is to get rich by selling out the people. 

Nancy Pelosi is worth $100 million.   Bernie Sanders: $2 million

Obamas -- $135 million.   The Clintons -- $240 Million

Communism is Cabalist Judaism which is Satanism

We have all been inducted into this satanic cult. 

We are under occult attack.

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"Comrades, you will remember the ancient tale of the capture of Troy ... The attacking army was unable to achieve victory until, with the aid of the famous Trojan Horse, it managed to penetrate to the very heart of the enemy camp."

--George Dimitrov, Comintern General Secretary, August, 1935.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Betty Friedan, the "founder of modern feminism" pretended to be a typical 1950's American housewife who had a "revelation" that women like her were exploited and should seek independence and self-fulfilment in a career.

What Friedan (nee: Betty Naomi Goldstein) didn't say is that she had been a Communist propagandist since her student days at Smith College (1938-1942) and that the destruction of the family has always been central to the Communist Jewish plan for world tyranny. 

Friedan dropped out of grad school to become a reporter for a Communist news service. From 1946 -1952 she worked for the newspaper of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, (UE) "the largest Communist-led institution of any kind in the United States." In 1947, Congress targeted the UE as a Communist front and its membership began a steady decline.


Daniel Horowitz, a History Professor at Smith with impeccable Liberal and Feminist credentials documents all this in his book, Betty Friedan and the Making of the Feminine Mystique: The American Left, the Cold War and Modern Feminism (University of Massachusetts Press 1999). Horowitz cites a union member who described how a Communist minority "seized control of the UE national office, the executive board, the paid-staff, the union newspaper and some district councils and locals."

Betty Frieden doesn't want anyone to know her radical antecedents. Throughout her career, she said she had no interest in the condition of women before her "revelation." She refused to cooperate with Professor Horowitz and accused him of "Red-baiting."

Why? Because her book "The Feminist Mystique" (1963) would not have sold over five million copies if her subversive background were known. 

Communists operate by subterfuge -- pretending to be just like us. This is the "Popular Front" strategy that consisted of starting idealistic movements in order to ensnare well-meaning people, usually students, workers, women, artists or intellectuals. The membership was ignorant that their organization was funded and controlled by people with a totally different agenda. This is also the principle behind Freemasonry, Zionism and Communism itself. Essentially the adherents are dupes.

Willi Munzenberg, an early confidante of Lenin, organized the Popular Fronts in the 1920's and 1930's and referred to them as "my innocents' clubs". He pioneered the protest march, the demonstration, the radical bookstore and publication, the arts festival, and the recruitment of celebrities ("fellow travellers," "useful idiots")


In the words of historian Stephen Koch, Munzenberg, left, "was amazingly successful at mobilizing the intelligentsia of the West on behalf of a moralistic set of political attitudes responsive to Soviet needs. In the process, he organized and defined the 'enlightened' moral agenda of his era." (Double Lives: Spies and Writers in the Secret Soviet War of Ideas Against the West, New York, 1994, p.14.)

In a 1989 interview, Babette Gross, the wife of Willy Munstenberg, described the Popular Front modus operandi:

"You do not endorse Stalin. You do not call yourself a Communist. You do not call upon people to support the Soviets. Never. You claim to be an independent-minded idealist. You don't really understand politics but you claim the little guy is getting a lousy break." (Koch, p. 220)

Friedan observed this principle when she helped start second-wave Feminism, which is a classic "Popular Front." The very name, "the woman's movement" and claim to be for "equality" are but a smokescreen for a diabolical crusade to destroy the institution of the family. For example, feminist professor Alison Jagger calls the nuclear family "a cornerstone of women's oppression: it enforces women's dependence on men, it enforces heterosexuality and it imposes the prevailing masculine and feminine character structures on the next generation." ("Feminist Politics and Human Nature," 1988)

The "Congress of American Women," a Popular Front organization founded in 1946 reached a membership of 250,000. It was disbanded in 1950 after being required to register as a "foreign agent" by the U.S. Government. Feminist historian Ruth Rosen writes that the "CAW's agenda prefigured much of the modern women's movement that emerged in the sixties." (Ruth Rosen, The World Split Open: How the Modern Women's Movement Changed America, New York, 2000, p.28.)

The FBI kept tabs on the "Women's movement" but found no direct connection with Soviet subversion. Ruth Rosen, herself a veteran, finds this ironic.


(Husband-Carl revealed that Betty was never a real housewife but a pill-popping psychopath.)

"Ironically, the FBI searched for signs of subversion in the Women's movement but couldn't recognize what was truly dangerous. While they looked for Communists and bombs, the women's movement was shattering traditional ideas about work, customs, education, sexuality, and the family. Ultimately the movement would prove far more revolutionary than the FBI could ever imagine. Feminism would leave a legacy of disorientation, debate and disagreement, create cultural chaos and social change for millions of men and women, and, in the process, help ignite the culture wars that would polarize American society. But at the time these ideas were not what the FBI considered subversive." (260)

By attacking the social fabric, feminists inflicted more damage to Western society than Communists ever dreamed. Domestic violence hysteria has driven a wedge between men and women. Women have been psychologically neutered. They are encouraged to pursue sex and career, not family. The US birth rate has plummeted from 3.9 children per woman in 1960 to 1.9 today, the lowest level in history. [Replacement is 2.1] The marriage rate has declined by 1/3 while the divorce rate has doubled since 1960. Forty per cent of all first-born US children are conceived or born out of wedlock. 

The feminist Trojan Horse has proven extremely effective. The question is why? How could a sick subversive philosophy that openly pits women against men have been able to succeed?

The disconcerting answer is that monopoly capitalists are behind both Communism and Feminism and use them to undermine the political and cultural institutions of Western Civilization.

Rockefeller-Rothschild cartels own most of the world and naturally assume they should control it too. They own most of our politicians, media and educators. Their goal is a "new world order" (a.k.a. "globalization") in which they remake mankind to fit their nefarious ends.

Betty Friedan, take a bow.


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Makow-  Betty Friedan- How Jewish Dysfunction Became Universal

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Betty Friedan: "Mommy" was a Commie"

Bert (2) said (November 19, 2018):

In its original meaning, gaslighting was when a normal sane person was tricked into thinking they are now insane. (The original movie ...)

In this new use, we keep the meaning but we reverse the flow ... the communist form of gaslighting means tricking a population that is now morally insane, into thinking that they are the new definition of normal ... they might even be tricked into thinking they are morally superior. (ANTIFA for example.)

Leave the word "mind control" with its usual meaning, i.e. tricking an entire population into becoming morally insane. For example, abortion and divorce become the new definition of normal. (Both are abuse of women -- another topic.)

We get the one-two punch.

First the Illuminati uses "mind control" to trick our youth populations into becoming morally insane. Let's leave that meaning as it is. It's important to have a word for that specific form of treachery..

Then we use the word "gaslighting" in its fullest meaning. It now also means a form of treachery, more evil than mind control, whereby a morally insane population is tricked into thinking that they are the new definition of sane, safe and normal.

Mind control has been used successfully by the Illuminati to make our populations morally insane, especially our youth populations.

Our youth populations are now being gaslighted into thinking that they are now the new definition of sane, safe and normal.

We need a word that describes exactly this new form of treachery.

Bert said (November 19, 2018):

re. Left Con Games

One of the most outrageous efforts by the left, to gaslight humanity, is their use of the term "gun control."

In our innocence, when the left talks about "gun control," we think that is what they actually talking about.

It's not. They want us to think they want gun control. They allow the right to push back with the standard line that, "... guns don't kill people, people do."

So the right is gaslighted into pushing an argument, that the police
need a nationwide psychological database on who can buy a gun.

The left is actually crooning for the creation of a fascist police state, based on a national database of the political and psychological profile of every citizen.

Otherwise, the theory that "guns don't kill people, but people do" won't amount to a hill of beans.

We are being gaslighted. The term "gun control." It's really referring to the creation of a fascist police state, that will eventually have to be based on psychological profiles of every citizen.

Peter said (February 13, 2016):

I have so many cherished friends who cannot accept the truth of this.

There is nowt so blind as doesn't want to see.

Dan said (February 12, 2016):

The ghost of Munzenberg lives on at liberal arts college campuses everywhere. When you know his history, it's creepy to know he was a psychopath with a 1960's American sit com comedic face. One of his routine jobs was fingering 'fellow travelers' he'd recruited if they became 'disloyal'. He ended out of favor himself and was found hung in a forest in France by hunters in 1940. Probably killed by an NKVD assassin.

With a face like that, though, if he'd stayed in Hollywood he would have ended up a producer, making mainstream movies. Of course that wouldn't have lasted either -what with the 'witch hunt' of The House Un-American Activities Committee, and the Hollywood Blacklist of 1947. But these days he'd be a billionaire media mogul.

JG said (February 11, 2016):

Political Idealism is what divides family, starts wars, and leads the masses astray.

This large wave of support that is coming from young voters for Bernie Sanders don't have a clue who he really is and they don't care to know either.They also don't understand that this "revolution" he is talking about is aimed at them.
Yes, a lot of your Communist leaders were also duped themselves into believing this rouge ideology only to find out that they were being used as shills for a bigger picture and plan that they were not privy to. I think Martin Luther King may have figured that one out before he was murdered.

No one ever said that the Communist Jews were stupid on the ways of this world and how to play the vulnerable who are in it.

From Marcos- The Cuban "Doctor" Scam

November 16, 2018

From Marcos- The Cuban "Doctor" Scam 

Fake doctors from Cuba working in Brazil, invited by Lula to spread communist ideology,  had to give 75% of their salaries to the Cuban government. Their families stayed on the island as hostages. Cuba made billions of dollars from Brazil. Most can't prescribe aspirin. Don't know the medicines, the exams, nothing. Many medical errors.
Bolsonaro demanded they got the full salary and possibility of bringing family. Cuba refused, so they will leave next month, except those who accept asylum offer and have no families to pay the cost of retribution that will come.

Cuba wants to create a problem for Bolsonaro, so they gave the doctors only 10 days to return.
There are 8,000 of them here. 2,000 are in relationships with Brazilians and are not expected to go back. I would say more.
Brazil graduates 28,000 new doctors every year, but the Workers Party made sure to not give them any support, in order to fabricate an artificial crisis. Meanwhile, people in Cuba are dying like flies for lack of medical assistance and diseases like dengue fever.
Castro made almost 2 Billion dollars from the program since 2013. For a fraction of this money, Brazilian doctors can be hired to go anywhere. 
Cuba is using the situation also as an excuse to not pay $700 MM in debt for the construction of Muriel Harbour it owes Brazil. 
Lula was nothing but a traitor of Brazil.

Aangirfan has Been Suppressed by Brabantian

November 11, 2018

Aangirfan has Been Suppressed  

by Brabantian

Just to share with you, that the long-running blog of the noble UK lady truther Aangirfan, seems to have been totally censored and shut down today - it had been hosted by the CIA's Google monster
Aangirfan - a self-described 'convent girl' in her youth, based in Britain, who also spent time living in Indonesia, often linked to, and discussed, Henry Makow articles on her site
Aangirfan has been perhaps the most courageous truthing female on the internet, blogging for 14 years since 2004
Very spiritual and uplifting and religious-inspirational at times, she also covered with immense courage, the abuse and violation of children in Britain and around the world; the actions of Zionist and other mafias; and the corruption of elites in general ... Aangirfan was a great complement to Henry Makow in the variety of significant material that she covered
There had apparently been some problem in 2014, where her earlier blog was 'frozen', and Aangirfan had to start a new blog for herself. It is the newer, current blog of hers, that was taken down, with four years of postings numbering a few thousand, vapourised
For the moment, Aangirfan's former 'frozen' blog - with 10 years of articles 2004-14, and it seems about 7,117 postings by Aangirfan herself - is still showing here:
God bless the noble lady Aangirfan ... and all those who have been struggling to bring truth to a world infested with satanic oligarchs in positions of power
With the censorship Nazis getting more and more brazen, it may not be long that we can still read, the rest of our internet courageous voices, who remain. God be with you, Henry Makow, as well.

ADHD as a Scientific Barbarism

October 22, 2018

ADHD as a Scientific Barbarism  

ADHD has spawned a scientific barbarism. Children are seized by Children's Aid from families who don't want their child drugged. Children suffering from drug side effects are locked up for 28 days in psychiatric centers for children - a concentration camp for kids and often those kids are denied their rightful advocates.
Schools get up to $28,000 in grants for an ADHD child. The child may get extra time to complete tests. Parents get tax write-offs for an ADHD child. The list goes on to entrap families.

Knowledge of this scientific barbarism could put an end to the drugging of children.

by KJ

     "Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 - Use by Normal Humans" is the 1971 book that documents the development of the pseudo-scientific condition, ADHD.

     It references the earlier 1965 book, "Ictal and Subictal Neurosis, Diagnosis and Treatment" by A. D. Jonas, M.D. as the foundation for the administration of amphetamines to active children.

     ICTAL refers to an event such as a seizure, stroke or a headache. Dr. Jonas wanted to create an identification for hyperactivity as an "abortive form of epilepsy".

     Dr. Jonas, funded by a grant from the drug company, Parke, Davis and Company which eventually became Pfizer, used the experience of pediatrician, Charles Bradley, to develop the use of amphetamines in children.

     In the 1930s, pre WWII, Bradley became director of his parents' Connecticut estate which they transformed into the first children's psychiatric hospital in the United States. Bradley performed pneumoencephalography on these children - an X-ray of the brain that requires the removal by lumbar puncture of the cerebrospinal fluid and its replacement with air or oxygen. This test was immortalized in the movie, "The Exorcist" - a real test done by a real Standford technician.

     The side effect of this test is excruciating headaches for weeks. To treat these headaches, Dr. Bradley gave the children Benzedrine, or "Bennies", which soon became known as "Arithmetic Pills" as they improved concentration. Benzedrine was the first drug containing amphetamine.

     After WWII, Dr. Jonas seized upon this experience with the grant from Parke, Davis and Company and for 12 years developed the tradition of treating behaviour with amphetamines.

     The treatment of children in the book, "Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 - Use by Normal Humans", is covered in Chapter 8 - "The Use of Psychotropic Drugs with Criminals" written by the psychiatric researcher, Oscar Resnick.

      Child and adolescent psychiatrists, Leon Eisenberg and Keith Connors, are quoted in this chapter recommending dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) and methylphenidate (Ritalin). Here is a revealing statement: ": "...the amphetamines have been shown to possess anticonvulsant properties". (page 115)

     Leon Eisenberg developed the tradition of drugging active children during his 40 years at work and Connors is famous for inventing the tests used today by psychologists.