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Klaus Schwab: Humans Will be Replaced by Cyborgs

December 4, 2020

Klaus Schwab, 82, dreams of a "new normal" based on the Chinese model - a totalitarian "system management of human existence". Unfortunately, he does not dream this dream alone.

"Just as we humans have separated from our chimpanzee cousins, cyborgs will also separate from humans. Those that remain human are likely to become a subspecies. They will be the chimpanzees of the future. "

by Aya Velasquez
(excerpt by

 One of the most powerful friends of China in the west is Klaus Schwab, who has been chairman and founder of the annual elite coffee party "World Economic Forum" (WEF) in Davos for more than 30 years, and which has had close ties with the communist central government in Beijing and Chinese for more than 30 years 

 Schwab is an avowed transhumanist and China fanboy. Chinese officials have been attending the forum since 2009: then Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in 2009, Li Keqiang as Deputy Prime Minister in 2010, and Prime Minister in 2015. ...

Klaus Schwab also has close personal ties with China. His son Olivier Schwab is married to a Chinese woman and has headed the WEF office in Beijing since 2011. The West can learn just as much from China today as China does from the West, Schwab Junior enthused about the trade newspaper (28). Schwab Senior told the Chinese news magazine "New China TV" that China is on the right track technologically, and that the widespread acceptance and "absorption" of these new technologies, such as drone technology, also in the West, are decisive (29).

Schwab also advocates a move away from neoliberalism towards a kind of communist supernanny state in a green cloak as bait for good citizens. (30) Every citizen is transparent and unfree but is well supported by the state through digital diversion, in exchange for data, the oil of the future.

Klaus Schwab's dream is to set up a biometric, technocratic surveillance state based on the Chinese model. He is the author of several books and co-author of "Covid 19 - The Great Reset" / "The Great Reset" (31). In it, he describes the corona crisis as an unprecedented opportunity to completely restructure the world economy and all aspects of social coexistence. 

For the transhumanist Schwab, artificial intelligence represents the next evolutionary stage of consciousness; he regards the vulgar human with all his weaknesses and passions as a kind of "obsolete model" of evolution. In the transhumanist bible "I, Cyborg" the transhumanism visionary Kevin Warwock puts it this way: "Just as we humans have separated from our chimpanzee cousins, cyborgs will also separate from humans. Those that remain human are likely to become a subspecies. They will be the chimpanzees of the future "(32).

Interestingly, Schwab knows very well that Corona is one of the mildest pandemics in the last 2,000 years (33) - made possible anyway only by changing the WHO pandemic definition in 2009. Nonetheless, he sees it as a welcome catalyst towards a fully digital one Transformation of society in his image, which in his eyes is long overdue. What was missing so far was a global shock event, freely based on Naomi Klein's "shock doctrine" (34). Schwab can hardly hide his enthusiasm for this "unique opportunity":

"It is our defining moment" "Many things will change forever". "A new world will arise". "The social upheaval triggered by COVID-19 will take years and possibly generations." "Many of us are wondering when things will go back to normal. The short answer is: never. "(35)

Quotes from: Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret: COVID-19 - The Great Reset

Schwab explains:

"In one form or another, social and physical distancing measures are likely to remain in place after the pandemic itself subsides, which justifies the decision of many companies in different industries to accelerate automation. (...) In fact, automation technologies are particularly well suited to a world in which people cannot get too close to one another or are willing to reduce their interactions. Our possibly lingering fear of becoming infected with a virus (COVID-19 or another) will therefore hasten the relentless march of automation, especially in the areas most vulnerable to automation. "(36)

Klaus Schwab, a true Dr. Postmodern Mabuse, who likes to pose in a Darth Vader costume, fantasizes about the upcoming age of artificial intelligence: the merging of man and machine, designer babies, designer organisms, geoengineering, digital homeschooling, smart homes and cities in which everything is on an omniscient super AI is connected - a completely safe world thanks to total surveillance. 

For Schwab, who says sentences like: "A world full of drones offers a world full of possibilities" (37), people represent a faceless administrative mass. He speaks of the "system management of human existence ", made possible by 'built-in' smartphones' or 'smart tattoos', which can transmit sensor data from the human body to the' Internet of Things' (IoT) or generate artificial impressions (38). Or, why not ' Smart Dust', intelligent dust that, provided with microsensors, can nestle in the human intestine, as Schwab is delighted to report:

"Smart dust, microcomputers with antennas, each smaller than a grain of sand, can now organize itself in the human intestine" (39).

What sounds like the megalomaniac feverish dreams of a psychopath is the real vision of one of the most powerful players in the world economy, the so-called "4th Industrial Revolution "(4IR). The partners in this project include big banks, Big Pharma, the vaccination alliance GAVI, insurance companies, oil companies, consulting companies like McKinsey, digital companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Netflix - and last but not least, the Chinese technology giant Huawei (40).

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Comments for "Klaus Schwab: Humans Will be Replaced by Cyborgs "

JG said (December 4, 2020):

As someone once said of this Corona 19 sci-fi episode, " there will be no end to this one", and I think he may be right.

If you want misinformation these days tune into the ABC, NBC, CBS, or PBS evening news where truth and reality are no longer a part of their agenda. They are still doing a poor job of selling the public on the idea of taking this vaccine or vaccines to return to the life they once had. Instead, it will be a rollercoaster of scandal and social interruptions for a long time to come.
Like the countless cases of voter fraud and irregularities this last election, they NO LONGER ACCEPT EVIDENCE AS EVIDENCE OR FACTS AS FACTS. And, this includes Codons 19. Their only objective now is to peddle a fixed partisan political agenda with hopes to get the public on board with their way of thinking.

It won't be long before God thwarts their plan to reinvent humanity. Like the Tower of Babel and the legend of Atlantis, they will be defeated.

Amber said (December 4, 2020):

How does anyone propose we stop this whole MONSTROCITY?

BELOW- Aussie Cop Challenges Police Repression (SCROLL DOWN)

Alex Newman -- "Great Reset" Turns Man Into Machine to Serve Elite

December 3, 2020

One area that has not received nearly as much attention is the plan to fuse human beings with technology under the guise of "improving" mankind. Mankind will be transformed into drones who serve the one percent. 

Under the new world order envisioned by the proponents of the United Nations-backed "Great Reset," humans will be merged with machines and technology. Literally. Perhaps most incredibly, the Deep State globalists behind the efforts are coming out of the closet. These days, they are openly and literally proclaiming their intention to abolish private ownership of property and even fuse microchips into people's brains that will be able to read and manipulate individuals' thoughts.

Transhumanism - Merging Man and Machines 

by Alex Newman 

(abridged by 

Just last year, the schemes peddled under the "Great Reset" banner would have been dismissed as "crazy conspiracy theories." Today, top globalists such as World Economic Forum boss Klaus Schwab, UN chief (and socialist leader) Antonio Guterres, IMF leader Kristalina Georgieva, and others are trumpeting their agenda from the rooftops. World leaders such as far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are doing it too, despite frantic efforts by the fake media to downplay the significance.

As The New American reported this summer, shortly after the "Great Reset" agenda was unveiled, there are many elements to the plot. Everything must change, from education and business to the global economy and governance, Great Reset advocates declared during the summit announcing the scheme. However, one area that has not received nearly as much attention is the plan to fuse human beings with technology under the guise of "improving" mankind.

WEF chief Schwab, the chief marketer of the Great Reset who recently released a book with that title, has proclaimed that a key element of the "reset" will be the so-called "Fourth Industrial Revolution." And in very public statements, he has explained what this means: merging man with machines. 

"What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity," Schwab explained in a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


Schwab, whose accent and demeanor make him appear to be almost a caricature of some evil cartoon villain, even wrote a book on the subject in 2016 entitled Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution. In it, the globalist schemer explains how looming technological changes will allow governments to "intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior."

"Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will not stop at becoming part of the physical world around us -- they will become part of us," continued Schwab. "Indeed, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today's external devices -- from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets -- will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains."

Among those technologies are "active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies," Schwab explained. These "implantable devices," Schwab continued, "will likely also help to communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a 'built-in' smartphone, and potentially unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brain waves and other signals."

Even more creepy, perhaps, is that Schwab suggested these technologies would be used by governments to determine who may travel and even for "pre-crime" purposes. "As capabilities in this area improve, the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people's brains will increase," he explained, adding that authorities might require "a detailed brain scan to assess an individual's security risk."

In a post on the WEF website by Danish Parliamentarian Ida Auken, the direction and goals of all this transhumanism become more clear. "Welcome to the year 2030," Auken writes. "I don't own anything," including a home, and "I have no real privacy. No where I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded." But her biggest concern is those who refuse to participate.


"My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city," Auken explains, noting that some stubborn individuals refused to merge with machines. "Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it."

The push toward transhumanism and merging with computers is becoming especially obvious in the "education" system amid the hysteria surrounding COVID. From moving everything online and sidelining teachers to bringing in Artificial Intelligence and algorithms, the technology is getting downright creepy. Huge totalitarian firms such as Google, which brazenly discriminates against Christians and conservatives, are key players as they gather enormous amounts of sensitive data on children and blatantly manipulate the public.

The WEF, which is leading the push with help from the UN and the IMF, is a powerhouse. Every year, it brings together billionaires and even mass-murdering dictators from around the world to promote globalism and technocracy under the guise of "helping" humanity. Naturally, all of the major tech companies -- Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft, and so on -- are intimately involved. Fringe billionaire totalitarians such as George Soros are key players, too.


The push for the "Great Reset" is hardly the first time the elites have peddled the trans-humanist agenda. At the 2018 "World Government Summit" in the United Arab Emirates, top globalists and "world leaders" gathered to push, among other key themes, the normalization and glorification of "cyborgs." Indeed, the confab, which brings together top leaders of government and business, offered a prominent role to a self-proclaimed "cyborg" named Neil Harbisson, who argued that governments must facilitate the transition to at least some people becoming "part-technology, part-human."

"I have an antenna that is implanted inside my head, which allows me to extend my perception of reality beyond the visual spectrum," said Harbisson, co-founder of the Cyborg Society and the Transpecies Society which fight for people who "identify" as non-human. "I can sense infrared and ultraviolet, and I also have an internet connection in my head that allows me to receive colors from other parts of the world, or connect to satellites so I can send colors from space."


The year before that, globalists at the World Government Summit gathered under a replica of the "Arch of Baal," a monument to the demon god of the Canaanites frequently referred to in the Bible. More than a few commentators saw it as an ominous sign.

Aside from the fusion with machines and technology, globalist elites are also pushing for genetic modification of everything -- including humans. In fact, Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates has openly pushed for such schemes. In 2018, he touted gene-editing technology in Foreign Affairs, the mouthpiece of the globalist Deep State organ known as the Council on Foreign Relations. More recently, he has celebrated vaccines that literally alter the genetic code of those receiving them.

The transhumanist movement has been on the fringes, under the radar, for decades. In the late 1990s, Swedish economist Nick Bostrom of Oxford and British "philosopher" David Pearce founded the World Transhumanist Association. And more recently, in his book Homo Deus, Israeli author and historian Yuval Noah Harari has also been peddling the idea that mankind is on the verge of evolving to god-like status through technology. Ultimately, humans would be re-designed using genetic modification and technological "upgrades."


"It is very likely, within a century or two, Homo sapiens, as we have known it for thousands of years, will disappear," Harari said at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs recently. "We will use technology to upgrade ourselves -- or at least some of us -- into something different; something which is far more different from us than we are different from Neanderthals." The establishment media has been breathlessly parroting his propaganda...

If the comments under its videos on YouTube are any indication, the globalist Great Reset is less popular than cockroaches and head lice. However, that does not mean the Deep State will give up on trying to advance its agenda under the slogan, which fits nicely with the UN and Biden, "Build Back Better" and the schemes outlined in UN Agenda 2030. It is basically the same old "New World Order" agenda, complete with the elimination of private property, privacy, self-government, and nation-states, now fused with transhumanism. Those who value truth, liberty, and humanity must resist.

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"Be Happy! That's An Order!"

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Comments for "Alex Newman -- "Great Reset" Turns Man Into Machine to Serve Elite "

Robert K said (December 3, 2020):

The fact that people like Klaus Schwab can say they are concerned about equality doesn't have the entire population of the world rolling on the ground in fits of laughter proves that decades of instilling cognitive dissonance has succeeded. Equality, which is observed nowhere in nature, is an impossible ideal, so aspiring tyrants like Schwab know that all they have to do to create mental chaos is inject the magic word into any debate. No sane person wants equality but rather desires personal security, prosperity, and the opportunity to pursue his/her unique interests.

Tony B said (December 3, 2020):

These myrmidons of Satan may be able to install some of their straight-out-of-hell agenda for a time, not according to whether or not mankind allows itself to be robotized, but according to how long God allows such disruption of His purpose in the creation of the earth and mankind.

The whole of mankind is built around FREE WILL, the human freedom to obey or disobey God's rules in this life, leading to final judgment.

To attempt to terminate this crux of creation is as gross an effrontery to God as can be imagined and it will not be allowed to stand, although it possibly may be allowed to exist for a time as a general comeuppance for our massive disobedience to Him, worldwide, in the last several centuries.

However, it is a safe bet that those who willfully perpetrate this crime of crimes against God's mankind, if they persist in that error, will suffer His anger, possibly through His world's upheaval of the natural elements, possibly through the natural refusal of mankind to be so mistreated, possibly through both those avenues or even by a means totally unknown, unconsidered, by any human at this time. But, like the Lucifer for which they act, their unhappy demise is certain.

Below- Makow- The Social Contract is Broken (scroll down)

Aussie Cop Challenges Police Repression

December 2, 2020


 Kevin Dawson: "If there is truly no conspiracy here, why aren't we having the conversation? Why are we being silenced? Why are we being ostracised for having a differing view? Aren't these issues the very cornerstone of our democracy?"

Facebook, November 29, 2020 

To: Michael Fuller Police Commissioner of New South Wales 

RE: Open Letter Concerning the use of Police in the discriminatory targeting of certain groups during the current "Pandemic" 

As a Senior Member of the New South Wales Police Force Public Order & Riot Squad (PORS), I have been involved in many large-scale events and protests since 2009. Until 2016, PORS Commander Chief Superintendent Steve Cullen ran the unit in a manner that approached each mission, with consistency and without prejudice. 

Since his departure, the unit appears to have been overrun by bureaucrats and we find ourselves in a situation where a once cohesive unit, has been replaced with uncertainty, division, and conflicts, driven by increased red-tape and competitiveness, causing the demise of good judgement in policing. 

This situation has intensified during the declared National State of Emergency, as Police are asked to enforce arbitrary rules against the population, without any verifiable and objective scientific basis, in the name of public health and safety, often infringing upon basic human rights in the process. 

Excessive force is being deployed with increasing regularity, causing harm when it is apparently meant for good and the public is losing respect, trust and faith in us. I was shocked when I learned that New South Wales is NOT operating under a declared a State of Emergency. Yet the police are being compelled to enforce directions on the basis they do when it is clearly without these additional powers. 

This is contemptible and I have serious concerns over the legality of the infringement notices we are being asked to enforce and issue. 

The response to COVID-19 and our directions are often confusing, so I make the point that if the enforcers are unclear, how can we expect the public to be. This has come from what appears to be a rushed response that is perplexing, and its aftereffects are harmful on many levels. 

I have read and researched the contents of the open letter sent by officer Alexander Cooney, dated October 26, 2020 [1] and I agree with its contents and echo its sentiments wholeheartedly and strongly support the motion to investigate these assertions and start questioning what is demanded of us, instead of yielding to demands, because they are clearly infringing upon human rights and coming from a place of bias and from those who are not representative or accountable to the people.

 For example, we were instructed to assist with the BLM and Armenian protests, yet more recently we have been told to "make an example" of people protesting anything deemed to be anti-government, with a "get them quick" attitude. Use of terms like "anti-everything hippies" to describe these protestors, is indicative of the ever-increasing prejudice coming from above. 

To further illustrate this concerning prejudice and unprofessional conduct, an Inspector of PORS, in a recent debrief about one of the "Anti Lockdown" protests, has made obscenely derogatory remarks about a child with her mother, who were peacefully protesting. 

This raises serious moral and ethical questions about the present state of the force and the potential dangers it poses to our State and country. 

Furthermore, I have been involved in protests where directives given on the ground, have clearly put peaceful protestors and innocent bystanders in harm's way and in direct conflict with the police. 

I am sure you would agree that having the support of the community is in our best interest. When the NRL grand final was packed with a 40,000 strong presence and permissions granted to the pub across the road to have its liquor licence extended to accept double patronage with over 1,000 people drinking. 

A constant flow of people heading into the precinct from the nearby train station, PORS were instructed to focus their attention on a small protest held in between those events that had to be broken up for alleged "safety reasons". 

Anyone can see the blatant hypocrisy in such double standards and that there is another agenda at play and that it has nothing to do with public health and safety. 

3 It appears that the medical establishment has taken over the decision making through unelected Chief Health Officers. Their decisions corner us into relenting to their demands, so questioning the factual basis of these decisions should be encouraged. If there is truly no conspiracy here, why aren't we having the conversation? Why are we being silenced? Why are we being ostracised for having a differing view? Aren't these issues the very cornerstone of our democracy? 

When we assume a person has committed a crime, we conduct an investigation, yet when a citizen assumes wrongdoing by its government, it's called a conspiracy theory. If this is not covert social conditioning, then I put it to you that we need to be openly discussing the points raised in Alexander Cooney's letter. 

In the Oath of Office, I swore that peace would be protected to the best of my power and all offences against that peace, defended faithfully to the law. I am aligned to this and the NSW Police Force statement of values which is about integrity, lawfulness, preserving human rights, improving community quality of life, striving for civil and personal satisfaction, capitalising on the wealth of human resources, while making efficient and economical use of public resources, and ensuring authority is exercised responsibly. 

Infringements of peace are occurring right now and we must act to defend this and uphold our values, so as a self-respecting and proud officer of the NSW Police, I cannot flout them by allowing this conduct to continue unchallenged.

 And as weeks have passed since Alexander Cooney's open letter was received and clearly, no further probing of its contents done, I have accepted his challenge to write a similar letter and show my solidarity, in the hope that our requests will be taken seriously, so we can persuade positive change and restore community trust in our otherwise honourable police force. 

Regards, Kevin Dawson Senior Constable, 42923 New South Wales Police Force Public Order & Riot Squad 1 Edwin Flack Drive Sydney Olympic Park NSW


Thanks to Katherine!

First Comment from JG

My respect for Officer Dawson here. What has happened is that the uncertified and unauthorized Antifa/Covid International Cartel has hijacked the police departments of the Free World. 

They are trying to instill in the minds of the people who work in local, state, and national law enforcement that the law-abiding patriots (nationalists) are the enemy that must be stopped. It won't work for too much longer because policemen like Officer Dawson have figured out this scenario very well. And, they are law-abiding patriots themselves. 

They are now threatening the Free World Nations (America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe) with a UN ran law enforcement agency to overthrow their Constitutional Republics once and for all. This is a bluff that won't work either. They don't have a sufficient number of soldiers and traitors in high-level government and military positions to go along with it. With the exceptions of the shameful Antifa-occupied cities like New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland the police departments of America are still alive and well and are continuing to defend their citizens and their constitution. The people of the Free World are finally beginning to really realize that freedom isn't free and that it has to be fought for.

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Comments for "Aussie Cop Challenges Police Repression"

Peter G said (December 3, 2020):

They were criminals when we sent them there
And they have been criminals ever since.
Any tv documentary from Australia never fails to reveal the sub soul of the crims in Australia.
As soon as they put on any kind of a uniform it's like a Masonic masked ball.

Maskless BC Man Appeals to Human Rights Tribunal

December 3, 2020

IMG_0013.jpgLeft, Gordon S Watson Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians 

Maskless BC Man Appeals to Human Rights Tribunal 

This is my complaint that on November 30th, 2020  employees of the Fountain Diner restaurant in Langford British Columbia unreasonably denied me a service normally available to the public, contrary to the BC Human Rights Code.

Since June, I have been paying attention to the issue of the imposition of regulations under the Emergency Program Act and also the Public Health Act. In August 2020,   I received from the office of the Ombudsman a copy of his report   "Extraordinary Times Extraordinary Measures".  That report is available at the URL on the internet website URL

Simplified, the opinion of lawyer Jay Chalke, is:  the administration which had been in power prior to the election of 2020, exceeded its authority, so that powers it presumed to enshrine in law, are un-constitutional ab initio. 

 UN-learned in the law as I am, I say that > Orders predicated in those Acts, made consequent to illegal amendments to them, are each invalid.     Particularly:  the diktat of Commissar Farnsworth re compulsory wearing of face coverings = Ministerial Order M425 made November 24 2020 =   is of no force nor effect. A copy of that order is enclosed as Item  ONE  of Materials to be relied-upon

On Monday November 30th 2020 I went up to the door of the Fountain Diner at  102- 2800 Goldstream Avenue Langford British Columbia.  I went inside the door and spoke to a waitress.  I gave her my name to put on the list of customers waiting to get in.  The look she gave me conveyed that she was unhappy that I was not wearing a muzzle.   About 10 minutes later, she came out and called my name. When I stepped up as though I would enter, she impeded me.  She said  "you have to wear a mask".  I had in my left hand quite obviously, the exemption card.  Politely,  I put it closer to her face so she could get a good look.  She glanced at it but did not read it.  She said something like 'it isn't from a government office'.  I said to her  'read it.  The Human Rights Commission is a government body.'  She turned away saying she would get the manager.

A few minutes later, another woman walked up to me saying she was the manager.  She spoke but it was hard to understand what she said through the cloth diaper she was wearing over her mouth.    After another try, I gathered her name was "Crystal".  She told me she was refusing me entry because I did not have on a face mask.   I held out the exemption card for her to inspect. She sneered at it.  I pointed to the explanation on the back. She refused to read it. In short order, it became perfectly clear that she was not going to let me in.

I warned her that if she was refusing to acknowledge the declaration on the card as excuse to deny me service normally available to the public,  I would make a complaint to the BC Human Rights Commission.   She said  "that's your choice".  I responded "no, that's your choice.  You chose not to serve me contrary to the law"    I left

I hereby entreat the Human Rights Commission to haul the Fountain Diner folks into line .... educate them, as well as all citizens, as to their duty to obey the law

Gordon S Watson

Post Office box  47034   Langford P O British Columbia V9B 5T2

Kevin Boyle Arrested for Exceeding Group Limit (of Two)

December 2, 2020

Kevin Boyle arrested:

"You are gathered in a group of more than two. This is against the law." 

by Kevin Boyle

Here is the symbol for the new World Communism called Communitarianism. As you say, we are already trapped within this system. When all the governments of the world react as one to the mild flu we can know this. Communitarianism operates under two key principles: 

1) EVERYBODY is within this system. Nobody is allowed to be outside it (see logo)

2) "THE COMMON GOOD", as a concept, has been redefined. It now works like this: "Whatever your masters define as the 'common good' IS the common good."

The system is not yet fully established. However, courts in the UK already tend to have adopted this principle. I will find out shortly how thoroughly the new rules have been installed (yes, you're right, it's Bolshevism and the "terror" is surely coming ... to deal with the likes of you and me and millions like us who recognize genuine principle and its Divine source). 

ARREST I arrived early for a demo in King's Cross, Central London, last Saturday. Already one man was under arrest sitting on the pavement. This guy:

I would turn out to be arrest number two. I crossed the street thinking I'd turned up at the wrong place. There were very few people around but lots of police. I spoke to a woman on the far pavement asking her if she had turned up for a demo. 

"No," she replied, "I'm a lawyer and I'm interested in watching how the police behave today." 

Then a 7th Day Adventist old lady approached saying, "Rejoice! Rejoice! Jesus will be here soon." 

An Irishwoman (accompanied by two daughters) nearby laughed at her in a friendly slightly mocking manner. 

I said, "No. The lady is quite right." A Christian Minister and his wife joined the group. We were all puzzled as to what was going on. Standing in a wide circle we were asking, "Where is the protest?" A group of about 5/7 policemen approached from behind my back.

 They said sharply, "Please disperse." We were all like ... "Pardon?... Why?" They "explained" for about 30 seconds.

"You are gathered in a group of more than two. This is against the law." None of us had heard of this new "law". We argued the toss. "We're standing on the sidewalk.

One of the policemen grabbed my lapel and said, "You are under arrest". Another pounced, "Put your hands behind your back." I was handcuffed while laughing. I couldn't believe what was going on, neither could anyone else. I looked at the group, now retreating, jaws hanging in disbelief.

I was put in a van and driven to a holding pen. Many others were arriving. A Father Christmas had been arrested before me, which made a comical sight though from the effs coming out of him, he'd by this time lost his Christmas spirit.

I can't even find anything about this UK "rule of two" at protests on the internet. This cannot be a law in any meaningful sense (i.e. something passed by parliament). It must be a "regulation" which does not carry the force of Law (I think, but am not sure) I will refuse to pay and see where the process ends. If the courts support this kind of gratuitous tyranny they have totally fallen into the Communitarianism camp.

My guess is that the appalling and monstrous Coronavirus Act will be cited as justification for Ministers and police chiefs to rule, whimsically, by diktat during this 'major crisis'.

The encouraging thing was how well I got on with the police in the van. 

A policeman knocked on the door of our stationery, queueing van. "Do you want a cup of tea?". 

The two coppers said yes and asked me if I wanted one too. "Yes please", I replied. The cuffs came off. They ordered 3 cups and it duly arrived along with biscuits which led to the most unlikely statement of the entire day, A PC leaned forward and asked,

" Do you want digestives or custard creams?"

After Rigged Vote, Serbians See the US Following Serbian Path to National Disintegration

November 29, 2020

George Soros has been Stealing Elections for a Long Time 

Serbians See the US Following Serbian Path to National Disintegration 

A Serbian site has more information about our elections than we do. But, as explained in the article, they've been through the same Dominion-Globalist-styled schemes for many more years, so they know about the people running it and their modus operandi.


"Everything that the US is dealing with now, we the Serbs have been through, twice. We are familiar with Soros's global criminal network better than anyone else due to the fact that we are victims of it for the last more than 30 years. The American people should look carefully at our experience because they are in great danger. The plan is clear and simple.

The deep state will try to steal the election and if that doesn't work, they will try to overthrow Trump in the streets. If that also doesn't work out and they can't install their own government, the next step in the plan will be the dissolution of the United States. Some federal states will declare their independence from the country. It's going to take a lot of courage, wisdom, and trust in Trump and in themselves for the American people to avoid the fate that befell the Serbian people in the 90s...

Instructors from Canvas trained activists of these terrorist organizations and they are in charge of organizing and coordinating actions in the US, all with a goal of staging a coup and overthrowing the legally and legitimately elected executive branch of government. 

The method is always the same. They take part in the elections and then they do not acknowledge the election results. They claim that the government that was elected is a dictatorship and then they try to overthrow it in the street. This is their modus operandi. ------- 

"However, the most interesting thing about Malloch Brown is the fact that he is one of more important officials of Soros's network. Cooperation between these two goes way back, even since the war in the former Yugoslav Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1993-1994). Malloch Brown was the Vice-President of the most important Soros's organizations - the Quantum Fund and the Open Society Foundations and now he is a member of the Global Board. He is also one of the people most responsible for the creating of the infamous International Crisis Group and he is a member of its Executive Committee and Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Thanks to Soros, Dominion's voting machines are being used in the elections to the European Parliament since 2014. Dominion's servers in which all of the data are stored are located in Frankfurt, wherein is also the head office of the European Central Bank. Dominion shares an office floor in Toronto with the Tides Foundation which is connected to George Soros.

Next to its associations with George Soros, Dominion Voting Systems has numerous connections to the Democratic Party in the USA. The company hired Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP, a lobbying firm. 

One of the directors of this lobbying firm is Nadeem Elshami, former chief of staff to Democratic Leader and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. Elshami is officially registered as a lobbyist for Dominion. 

The worst part of this all is that Serbia is working against Trump. Trump is fighting against our primordial enemies, against the people who have killed us, banished us from our homes; against the ones who have robbed, destroyed, and occupied us. And our government is helping our enemies in their fight against Trump."

27 November 2020 at 05:01 Flanders said... What shows below is only a small excerpt of what's contained and documented in the post.

"As we know the new COVID-19 disease appeared in China towards the end of 2019. Therefore it was named COVID-19 which is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019.

•In 2015 a 'System and Method for Testing for COVID-19' was patented (US20200279585A1) by Richard A. Rothschild, with a Dutch government organization. 

•Did you catch that? 

In 2015 - four (4) years before the disease even existed - a testing method for COVID-19 was developed. 
•In 2017 and 2018 - two years before COVID-19 - hundreds of millions of test kits for COVID-19 were distributed worldwide. 
•The World Bank shows that COVID-19 is a project that is planned to continue until... end of March 2025! 
•According To The Rockefeller Foundation A Global Pandemic Must Result In Increased Control, Where People Gladly Surrender Their Freedom, In Order To Feel Safe Again."