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Cabalist Bankers Funded Hitler Via Wehrmacht

September 16, 2019

Hitler4.jpg Hitler was a puppet

put in power by the bankers 

he pretended to oppose

to lead Germany 

to destruction. 

Wars are Cabalist central banker 

pogroms against the goyim.

In the Controversy of Zion, Douglas Reed writes that Hitler was taken prisoner in 1919 as a Communist serving as an emissary from Moscow. 

"In these days when the infiltration of all parties, classes, and governments by agents of the revolution is a known and proven thing, it is of interest that the mass of literature about Hitler ignores his early associations and the strong evidence of his Communist background."

"Hitler did not set foot in the extreme right-wing camp until he had been rejected by left-wing groups." --- Lothar Machtan. 

Illuminati Hired Hitler to Start WW2

Revised from March 2, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D

The ink wasn't dry on the Versailles Peace Treaty before the Illuminati started work on World War Two by building up Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Before 1919, Hitler had been a political "gun for hire" who had many Jewish friends and had flirted with both Communism and Socialism. Overnight he became a virulent anti-Communist and antisemite. What happened? 

He had become an army intelligence officer. Throughout the 1920's the Reichswehr secretly funded his party and trained his SA "Brownshirts."

max-warburg.jpgI suspect General Kurt Von Schleicher was the point man for Illuminati bankers like German Intelligence Chief Max Warburg, left, whose Frankfurt I.G. Farben HQ was spared by Allied bombers, and whose Jewish mother lived in comfort in Hamburg throughout the war. Von Schleicher, who briefly served as German Chancellor, was murdered during the 1934 purge because he knew too much. 


In his book "The Inside Story of the Peace Conference," (1920) 
Dr. E. J. Dillon of the London Daily Telegraph wrote:  Many delegates deduced that "henceforth the world will be governed by the Anglo-Saxon people, who in turn are swayed by their Jewish elements..." p. 497. 

Germany was the major obstacle to using England and the U.S. to impose Illuminati rule upon the world. Thus, onerous reparations were imposed to prompt another much more devastating world war. Once it began, the British vetoed attempts to assassinate or replace Hitler, and insisted on "unconditional surrender."

Hitler didn't come to power until 1933 but Germany started rearming in 1919 in contravention of Versailles provisions. The Allies turned a blind eye to a program that saw Communist and German soldiers train in Russia with the latest weaponry, including whole bases devoted to airforce, armor and chemical warfare. When Hitler came to power in 1933, Germany already had an advanced air force.


Another way to evade Versailles was for the Reichswehr to fund and train paramilitary organizations like the Nazi SA which later could be incorporated into the regular army.  General Kurt Von Schleicher and Captains Karl Mayr and Ernst Roehm were in charge of this "Black Wehrmacht" program.


Sefton Delmer, left, who was the Daily Express correspondent in Berlin, describes all this in his autobiography "Trail Sinister" (1961). He cites documents showing that Hitler was "acting under Mayr's orders when he joined the tiny German Workers Party and began to build it up..." (64) 

Delmer says Mayr also funded mass meetings and pamphlets in which Hitler railed against the Jews. "This anti-Jewish campaign ...was being promoted by no less a power than the Staff Officers of the Reichswehr." (63)

The Reichwehr's purpose was to create popular political support for WW2. According to Delmer, "Schleicher paid out no less than two million pounds from the Reichswehr's secret funds for the Nazi storm troopers..." (120) They were also funded by Illuminati industrialists and bankers.

(Born and raised in Berlin, Sefton Delmer knew Hitler personally and had a wide range of confidential sources. During the war, he took charge of British "black propaganda" running a range of radio stations aimed at German soldiers.)


Communism, Nazism, and Zionism are movements conceived and nurtured by the Illuminati to dupe and manipulate humanity.

smiling-hitler.jpgIn his book "The Hidden Hitler" Lothar Machtan, a Professor of History at Bremen University says Hitler almost joined the Communists in 1918. He demanded a senior party post that would have exempted him from work but they refused.

 "Hitler did not set foot in the extreme right-wing camp until he had been rejected by left-wing groups," Machtan writes. (71) 

Hitler may not have been "rejected." He may have become their deep cover agent like Martin Bormann. 

Machtan's book asserts that Hitler was an active homosexual with a thick police file of molestation complaints both in Vienna and Munich.

According to Ian Kershaw, Hitler took part in pro-Socialist and Communist demonstrations in 1918-1919 and served as a Socialist Soldiers' Council representative. ("Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris, p 118-120.) 

In the Controversy of Zion, Douglas Reed writes that Hitler was taken prisoner in 1919 as a Communist serving as an emissary from Moscow. 

"In these days when the infiltration of all parties, classes, and governments by agents of the revolution is a known and proven thing, it is of interest that the mass of literature about Hitler ignores his early associations and the strong evidence of his Communist background."

Hitler described himself as "the executor of Marxism" at the time and modeled the Nazis on the Communists. He wanted to call the Nazis the "Socialist Revolutionary Party." Reed who met Hitler and studied him at close quarters wrote in 1955 that the truth about Hitler has not yet been written. p. 395.


According to Brigitte Hamann, Hitler's best friends in pre-war Vienna were Jewish. He benefited from Jewish charities and hospitality. Jews bought most of his artwork. For this reason, real antisemites shunned him. ("Hitler's Vienna: A Dictator's Apprenticeship, pp.347-352)

Hamann suggests that Hitler's ideas of Aryan racial purity and superiority were based on the Jews. She quotes Hitler:

"Through Moses the Jewish people received a rule for life and living one's life that was elevated to a religion which was entirely tailored toward the essence of one's race, and simply and clearly without dogmas and dubious rules of faith...contains what served the ...well being of one's people, nothing toward consideration of others." (351)


In the Protocols of Zion, the author, an Illuminati banker, boasts they create or sanction anti-Semitism when it serves their purpose. "Anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren...this matter has been the subject of repeated discussions amongst us." (Protocol 9). Hitler is an example of how anti-Semitism was created. The author continues: 

"It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds. We have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines, monarchists, demagogues, socialists, communists and utopian dreamers of every kind...striving to overthrow all established forms of order. All states are in torture... but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super government..." 

There, in black and white, is the blueprint behind the NWO, UN, the EU and NAU, and every war until today. But the bankers have made us think it "racist" to pay heed. As if more than 10% of Jews were/are a conscious part of their heinous, diabolical conspiracy. 

Modern history consists of this long-term plan to foment needless wars in order to enslave mankind by destroying a nation, religion, race and family.  Most historians are paid to obscure the horrible fact that the people ultimately responsible for Auschwitz, the Gulag, Hiroshima, and Verdun, still run the world. They are responsible for 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. 

There is nostalgia for Hitler, in the belief that he represented resistance to the New World Order. In fact, he was created by the Illuminati to start another war, kill millions of goyim, discredit anti-Semitism, race, and nationalism, and provide a rationale for Israel. 



Some sources in this article were suggested by Jim Condit's fine documentary "The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler"

"Zionism was willing to sacrifice the whole of European Jewry for a Zionist State. Everything was done to create a state of Israel and that was only possible through a world war. Wall Street and Jewish large bankers aided the war effort on both sides. Zionists are also to blame for provoking the growing hatred for Jews in 1988." (Joseph Burg, The Toronto Star, March 31, 1988)."


Major Robert H. Williams reported in his "Williams Intelligence Summary" for February 1950 about James P. Warburg's part in the plot against Christendom. He said: "Last November, the widow of the late General Ludendorff, on trial at Nuremberg, explained why her husband broke with Hiter, confirmed the reports in convincing detail.

She stated that ' early as the summer of 1929 James P. Warburg had undertaken an assignment from financial circles in America, which desired to exercise solitary influence on Germany in the unleashing of a national revolution. Warburg's task was to find the suitable man in Germany, and he entered into contract with Adolph Hitler who subsequently received sums of money amounting to 27 million dollars up to January 30, 1932, and still another seven million thereafter, enabling him to finance his movement.'"

 See also Ted Lang "The Hitler Project"

Anthony Sutton "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler"

and my Hitler and Bormann Were Traitors

--------"Was Hitler an Illuminati Agent?"

------------- Mass Murder on the Somme

---- "I was Hitler's Boss" 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Cabalist Bankers Funded Hitler Via Wehrmacht "

James C said (September 16, 2019):

Were Hitler and the Germans the real warmongers?

The strangest fact about World War II is that the Axis countries were fighting Communism while the Allied countries were fighting to save Communism. Even after the war, we gave Eastern Europe to the Communists, along with China to the Chicoms. The atrocities committed by the Communists make the Nazis look like choirboys, yet we've had nothing but 70+ years of completely one-sided, completely non-stop propaganda about “the evil warmongering Nazis.” But were the Nazis the real warmongers, as is commonly believed?

How many people are aware that Neville Chamberlain was burnt in effigy in Moscow as soon as it was known that he had secured peace, showing very clearly who wanted war? It wasn’t the Germans.

In his book What The World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933-1940, Dr. Friedrich Stieve lists all of Hitler’s peace offers in detail, starting with his first offer of May 17, 1933, his second offer of December 18, 1933, his third offer of May 21, 1935, his fourth offer of March 31, 1936, his fifth offer of September 30, 1938, his sixth offer of December 6, 1938, his seventh offer of late 1939 to Poland to settle the Danzig Corridor issue peacefully, and finally, his offer of world peace on October 6, 1939.

Likewise, how many people are aware that it was actually the Jews who declared war on Germany in 1933 by imposing a global boycott on all German-made goods? Since Germany was absolutely dependent on trade in order to feed its population, this was actually an attempt to starve the German people to death. Global sanctions like the one the Jews imposed on Germany in 1933 are a blatant act of war. This act clearly revealed the real warmongers, and it wasn’t the Germans.

BF said (January 24, 2018):

I have to disagree that Germany was the major obstacle to the Illuminati goal of creating a One World Government. Germany was just a convenient tool.

The Illuminati had a chief obstacle, namely Russia. Both Napoleon and Hitler invaded Russia, and both were financed by private bankers.

Germany was unified in 1871, and without banker money industrialization would have been impossible, nor the army and navy buildups. How much did the two world wars cost Germany and where did Germany find the money ? It did not. It was given to it.

In 1917 the bankers financed the Bolshevik revolution. Both Lenin and Trotsky were Illuminati agents. Lenin dies in 1924 from syphilis, and Stalin takes over. Stalin was not an Illuminati agent. Proof of this lies in the fact that Hitler in 1925 tried that foolish coup d'etat in Germany, which fails. Hitler was being prepared for a new war against Russia, which he attacks in 1941. The US was brought into the war in December of 1941, only because Stalin brought more than one million men from Manchuria, and the Illuminati bankers were terrified that the German Army would suffer the same fate as Napoleon, with the Russians arriving in Paris in 1814.

When it comes to Hitler, was Hitler from the First World War the same Hitler from the Second World War, or a double, somebodies agent? He showed a remarkable talent for politics, international relations, economics and military matters. Strange, bearing in mind he never finished high school and never went to university. Would international bankers support such a low, uneducated person, a former artist, or did they send into Germany one of their highly trained agents, who impersonated the original Hitler? In 1918 Hitler ended up in hospital. Was the man who left the hospital the same person, or a double ?

James C said (January 23, 2018):

For over 70 years every branch of the Jewish controlled media has portrayed Hitler as a rabid warmonger. The truth of the matter is that FDR, Churchill and Stalin were the actual warmongers.

For example, when the communists in Moscow learned of the Munich Agreement in 1938, they burned Neville Chamberlain in effigy. Likewise, FDR's role in provoking the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is well known. And Churchill is on record as "loving war." Churchill was a bloodthirsty, warmongering psychopath, as his firebombing of Dresden proves.

But the book that gives the lie to the Hitler-the-warmonger propaganda is What The World Rejected: Hitler's Peace Offers 1933-1940 by Dr. Friedrich Stieve. Written by Germany's foremost diplomatic historian of the early twentieth century, this work maps out all the numerous times that Adolph Hitler made unconditional offers of peace to all the nations of Europe--and how the major anti-German belligerents, France and Britain, turned down these offers each and every time.

I take issue with Christ's statement that "blessed are the peacemakers" (Matthew 5:9). In the world to come, certainly; but NOT in this present world. In this present world, peacemakers are routinely slandered, vilified, persecuted and murdered.

In conclusion, I'm having trouble with your Hitler-the-warmonger thesis. It's contrary to the documented facts of history.

NK said (January 23, 2018):

Of all of your 'conspiracy theories' the one I like most is the one with Hitler. Yes, you are right, he could fool the entire German nation with his false patriotism, fiery rhetoric, and help from Satan. Doesn't it sound very much like somebody you already know.

I believe the function of the 'megalomaniac' is to do the same as Hitler. Fool a whole nation under the banner of patriotism and then destroy it.

I am just waiting for the Hitlerian transformation after the modern version of the Reichstag's fire.

Matt said (January 23, 2018):

Firstly, I agree with you entirely that the Nazis were controlled opposition. I came to this conclusion a while ago. The on the ground realities of our day expose the real agenda behind Nazism. Now no one in the West is allowed to be patriotic without being condemned as a Nazi. Even otherwise intelligent people, like the Shoebat's, have fallen for this bullsh*t hook, line, and sinker.

I still think that the Nazis remain controlled opposition to this day to deceive folks like the Shoebat's who have found factual evidence of their existence. They simply exist in a more subtle form. Nazis and Nazism remain a factor throughout the world among the elitists, including in Germany.

But again, it's obvious that Communism is the real end game because the Antichrist is a universalist who seeks to unite mankind under the false light of Lucifer (Satan). I expect the Antichrist's government to be a merger of Communism and Nazism or put another way, Communism and New Ageism

Ray said (March 6, 2007):

I sit here thinking that I sense a difference in the style of the Russian leadership. Is it not true that they have paid off just about all of their foreign debt? Is it not true that they are buying gold to back their currency? Is it not true that they have kicked many of the oligarchs, if not all, out of the Russia? And prior to that is it not true that a great many zionists fled mother Russia -- or were kicked out -- for more tolerant areas around the world, such as Israel and the United States, Canada, who welcomed them with open arms.

I am thinking that the Russian people themselves have established control of the Armed Forces and have had for some time now, and that this has led to the eventual control of the leadership of the country as in a man of such caliber as Mr. Putin.

Maybe I just want to believe that the Romanovs will give the Habsburgs and the Rothschilds a run for their money. it is such an enticing thought.

Just the fact that they have slowly and meticulously paid off their debt alone, is of great importance, as this is a huge blow to the bansters and parasites. This just insn't typical of the MO.


I hope you are right but it may all be a charade.
Leo Zagami pointed me to this article by Greg Szymanski which is relevant if you believe the Vatican is a NWO center:

Putin to meet with Pope (2/24/2007)

Putin To Meet With Pope aka "The Grand Inquisitor" The Pope to give his evil blessings to another world leader on March 13, giving Putin as he has Bush the foolish justification to participate in the upcomeing Pope's crusade and genocide. 24 Feb 2007

By Greg Szymanski

The dirty hands of the Vatican continue to manipulate world politics as Pope Benedict XVI and President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, are planning to have a good ole' Mafia 'sit down' March 13 in Rome.

This is Putin's first visit with the Pope and critics who really and truly know the Vatican's hidden New World agenda claim Putin is arriving in the City of the Seven Mountains to get his "satanic blessings" and his marching orders from the evil empire.

And it should be noted Putin won't be the first or the last high-level New World Order leader to kiss the "Inquisitor's Ring of evil," as the list is longer than a giant's arm, including Daddy Bush, Baby Bush, Clinton, the rulers of the Middle East, the ruler of Israel, Blair, Chavez of Venezuela and many, many more of the Pope's minions bringing destruction, war and genocide upon the earth.

Although critics claim Putin is getting his "evil
blessing" in order to justify mass killings on his
behalf in the Pope's on-going world wide New World
Order Crusade, their meeting is further sign that the separation of church and state had become a laughing matter in today's world-wide political setting.

"All the leaders are working together to bring about the Vatican's final crusade and one world fascist government," said Leo Zagami, a former high-level Vatican and Illuminati member of the powerful Monte Carlo P2 Lodge.

Furthermore, Zagami had revealed the innermost secrets of the Vatican-led New World Order after he came forward on U.S. radio, saying the true spiritual leaders and controllers of the New World Order include the Vatican hierarchy and their henchmen, the evil Jesuit Order.

In March Putin visits the Pope and submits to the
Vatican Luciferian powers on the 13th!

Erol in Turkey said (March 5, 2007):

The solutions brought by the Illuminati always come bundled with the problems planned for the future. I'm sure the World War II was planned long before the first World War ended. Adolf Hitler with a strong tendency to ideological leadership happened to be an easy puppet. I believe that the global financiers always created and controlled their anti-thesis. Hitler's ideology, Aryanism was anti-Judaist, Jesus was anti-Pharisee, Karl Marx was anti-capitalist, Chavez is anti-imperialist, Ahmedinejad is anti-Zionist, Communist Party of China is anti-democratic. The control of the anti-thesis allowed them to launch controlled conflicts with which they kept increasing their wealth to mind-boggling levels.

Bob said (March 5, 2007):

Your views on the power and machinations of the Illuminati are more complete than those of any other source I have encountered.

I find it chilling, though, to think that they are closing in on a monopoly of power worldwide, especially, since they are killing so many of us.

You said two things on your current website I found rather curious. One, the illuminati sponsor/fund both sides in major wars. The other was that at one point there was competition between English freemasons and French freemasons.

Got me wondering. Is their another group, say the Communist chinese, who truly oppose the illuminati?

Are you aware of the two books by authors hoping to build local power sources to combat the New World order?

Escaping the matrix by Richard Moore and the Great Turning by David Korten

Reminds me of the Lord of the Rings first book: Darkness settling in as evil spreads worldwide. Wonder if Tolkein knew of the illuminati?

I doubt if China represents resistance to the Illuminati. Billions are being invested there by them. Thanks for the book tips.


Below - Martin Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati (scroll down)

Disgrace - Canada's Theft of Iranian Assets

September 15, 2019


"It gets more and more embarrassing to call myself a Canadian..." a reader responds to this tweet.

The recipients of the compensations include the family of Marla Bennett, a US exchange student killed in the bombing of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem back in 2002, as well as Edward Tracy and Joseph Cicippio, who were held hostage in Lebanon from 1986 to 1991. These attacks have been blamed either on Hezbollah or Hamas, two organizations allegedly supported by Iran.

-- Among other things, the law paved the way for last year's Ontario Court of Appeal ruling that upheld the seizure of $1.7 billion US in private Iranian assets by a group of American plaintiffs whose loved ones were killed in terrorist attacks allegedly sponsored by the Iranian regime.

Tony Hall: "Trudeau's half-hearted attempt to resume diplomatic relations with Muslim-majority country ran into the concerted opposition of his handlers in Canada's Israel Lobby."

Justin Trudeau's Subordination to Israel, USA and Saudi in Joining the Attack on Iran and China 

By Tony Hall
(Abridged by 

The US and Israeli governors of occupied Canada have authorized their current puppet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to complete an anti-Iranian initiative commenced by former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Trudeau government completed the process of selling off about $28 million in property seized from the government from which the Harper government withdrew the Canadian embassy in 2012.

The seizure and redistribution of Iranian assets in Canada has beneath it a ruling by Judge Glenn Hainey of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Judge Hainey's heavily politicized ruling in this case in 2016 has been deemed "an embarrassment both to Canada and the legal profession."

The enactment that helped set in motion this fiasco is Canada's Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act passed into law in 2012 (JVTA).  This legislation of the Harper government together with the ruling by Judge Hainey have imported into Canada the results of a series of US court rulings. These US rulings gave a green light to sue Iran on the basis of the Foreign Sovereign immunities Act. 

By following the US lead in the treatment of Iran Canada became the second state in the world to proclaim predatory jurisdictions against states that it lists on the basis of ideological criteria, contrary to the established international-law principles of state sovereignty, state immunity, and equality of states. Canada's list contains solely Iran and Syria, two states opposing the ongoing US geopolitical machination for "regime change" by a covertly supported mercenary war against Syria.

Ottawa's Prof. Denis Rancourt has explained that the 2012 legislation, including amendments to Canada's own Sovereign Immunity Act, has been used as a pretext to enforce the US rulings, while additionally making absurd interpretations of the text of the JVTA in order to enforce rulings that have nothing to do with Canada and that are limitation barred. There was not even a civil cause of action for "terrorism" in Canada at the distant time when the claimed acts occurred. Judge Hainey did not consider and misrepresented valid legal arguments of Iran.

Dr. Rancourt goes further, pointing out the joint Canada-US initiative in mounting economic warfare against Iran violated a UN Convention in a fashion that has become tragically common in the era of the Global War on Terror. Dr. Rancourt indicates, "Canada's new laws are explicit violations of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (ICSFT)." The UN Convention was ratified by Canada in 2002. The Conventiondelimits the conditions under which domestic-court jurisdiction can be established, defines the types of funds that can be seized, and constrains the state parties to carry out their obligations "in a manner consistent with the principles of sovereign equality and territorial integrity of States and that of non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other States"


Canada is currently in the midst of a federal election campaign with a vote to take place on October 21st. How many will remind Justin Trudeau in this season of vote chasing that in his last election campaign he promised to re-establish normal diplomatic relations with the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

What is the worth of Prime Minister Trudeau's political promises? In September of 2016 Stefan Dion, Canada's first Foreign Affairs Minister under the new Justin Trudeau government, initiated a move to return to normal diplomatic relations with Iran. Trudeau's half-hearted attempt to resume diplomatic relations with Muslim-majority country ran into the concerted opposition of his handlers in Canada's Israel Lobby.

Prof. Rancourt observed. "The Israel lobby has made it clear to Dion and to the Liberal Party that there will be a heavy price to pay for détente with Iran... The Israeli lobby's wishes against Iran are bad for Canada and bad for the world." As often happens with Justin Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau's son chose to serve the war-mongering agenda of the Israel government over a peace agenda for Canada and the world. Trudeau has adopted from the previous Harper government the main outlines of the pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian platforms that have prevailed in Canada especially since the Harper neoconservatives took over in 2006.


When it comes to allowing the Israeli and US governments to prevail in determining Canada's foreign policy, Prime Minister Trudeau is turning out to be a major liability. The failure to sort out a more productive relationship with Iran is not an isolated phenomenon. Trudeau has also carelessly sabotaged the health of Canada-China relations by agreeing to the US request to arrest in Vancouver Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Office of Huawei electronics.

Much like the politics underlying the federal government's unilateral seizure of Iranian properties in Canada, the arrest of Meng Wanzhou came about based on an accusation that one of the Huawei family of companies had somehow violated US sanctions by doing business with an Iranian entity. Why did the government of Justin Trudeau order the arrest at the Vancouver airport of the high-profile Chinese businesswoman? Why did Canadian officials apprehend Meng Wanzhou based on US accusations she violated a US sanctions enactment never approved by Canadian parliamentarians as far as I know?

Trudeau's decision to allow himself to become one of President Trump's and John Bolton's main enforcers on Iranian sanctions has had major implications for Canadian farmers and manufacturers. The products that these Canadians produce are gradually being shut out of larger and larger portions of the Chinese market. Trudeau's responsibility for this commercial mess forms a marker of his political ineptitude when it comes to the highest order of international relations. To describe his police action as some sort of requirement of "the rule of Law" is very deceptive to put in kindly.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Disgrace - Canada's Theft of Iranian Assets "

Lorraine Day said (September 15, 2019):

Indeed, Canada’s theft of Iranian assets is disgraceful, but why do you say that Israel and the U.S. are the ones controlling the puppet, Justin Trudeau. Both Netanyahu and Trump are puppets, just like Justin Trudeau. ALL three are puppets of the Jewish Rothschilds, as you well know.

Why don’t you say that in your article?

You are very forthright with exposing many things about the Jews, and I applaud you for that. But I’m wondering why you hedge on other things.

Also, you talk a lot about how the rank and file Jews are going to be victims of the backlash against the elitist Jews, but many, many of the rank and file Jews are not only sayanim, but they also believe that 1) they are better than Gentiles, and 2) the Jews have the right to rule the world and control all the Gentiles.

Jews control the medical profession in the U.S. Jews control the legal profession in the U.S. and Jews control the banking/finance in the U.S. These Jews are much lower on the totem pole than the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Kissingers, Soros, Adelson, etc., yet they are a huge part of the conspiracy to control the world.


 ALL three are puppets of the Jewish Rothschilds, as you well know.

Why don’t you say that in your article?

First, Tony Hall wrote this. I do say this often but I can't put words in his mouth.

"Many of the rank and file Jews are not only sayanim, but they also believe that 1) they are better than Gentiles, and 2) the Jews have the right to rule the world and control all the Gentiles.

"Jews control the medical profession in the U.S.  Jews control the legal profession in the U.S. and Jews control the banking/finance in the U.S.  These Jews are much lower on the totem pole than the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Kissingers, Soros, Adelson, etc., yet they are a huge part of the conspiracy to control the world."

I agree but most Jews are dupes or don't feel this way. I prefer to focus on the puppeteers rather than puppets. 
Conbflating the evil-doers with the dupes just protects the evil-doers.


Below-CEOs are Rothschild Go-fers" (scroll down)

Martin Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati

September 14, 2019


(Bormann, with Hitler)

Nazi Party Secretary Martin Bormann was at the heart of the Nazi apparatus.

He signed Hitler's paycheck.

Louis Kilzer examined the wire traffic between the spy known

as "Werther" and Moscow and determined that only Bormann 

had access to this information.

"The Soviets were able to ask very detailed questions about Nazi defenses and intentions. 

The result was the decisive Nazis defeats at Stalingrad and Kursk. 

Louis Kilzer writes, "Bormann had been as useful to Russia as fifty Red Army divisions." 

(From June 2007)

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

The second most powerful man in
Nazi Germany, Martin Bormann, was a "Soviet" (i.e. Illuminati) agent who ensured the destruction of both Germany and European Jewry.

Thus, he advanced two of the Illuminati's main goals: integrate Germany into a world government by annihilating its national, cultural and racial pretensions, and establish Israel as the Masonic banker's world capital by threatening European Jews with extermination.

The Illuminati are a loose alliance of Jewish finance and the British/America/European aristocracy joined by marriage, money, and belief in the occult (Freemasonry). Winston Churchill, a Freemason whose mother was Jewish, fits this description perfectly.

They own vast interlocking cartels (banking, oil, pharmaceuticals, war, chemicals, minerals, media, etc.) and control society and government through corporate and professional groups, the media, education, secret societies, think tanks, foundations and intelligence agencies. Their goal is "to absorb the world's wealth" (in Cecil Rhodes' words) and control its citizens using war, propaganda, "education" and social engineering.

Nations (Britain, US, Israel) movements (Zionism, Socialism, Nazism, Communism) and people (Americans, Germans, Jews) are their pawns to be sacrificed to their demented megalomaniac scheme for global dictatorship. Bormann's career illustrates how they plant sleeper agents and orchestrate wars to advance this long-term objective.


Martin Bormann (1900-?) was the organizer, treasurer and paymaster of the Nazi Party and controlled its powerful machine. He was the contact with Illuminati bankers and industrialists who financed the Nazi Party and donated millions to Hitler. As Deputy Fuhrer and Hitler's Secretary, Bormann signed Hitler's paycheck and managed his accounts. He determined whom and what Hitler saw, and acted in his name.

Goering said, "Bormann stayed with Hitler day and night and gradually brought him so much under his will that he ruled Hitler's whole existence." ("Martin Bormann" by James McGovern, p.160)

Hitler made Bormann the executor of his will. Bormann, not Hitler, owned the Berghof. "The entire complex on the Obersalzberg, consisting of 87 buildings and worth over one and a half million marks, was legally registered in Bormann's name." (McGovern, p.128)

smiling-hitler.jpg(Goebbels & Hitler, the joke's on you) 

In 1972 Gen. Reinhard Gehlen (head of West German intelligence, the BND) revealed that Bormann had been a Soviet spy, a view shared by many top Nazi generals and officials including Gottlob Berger, a SS Lieutenant General who knew Bormann well. "Bormann did the greatest harm of anyone," Berger testified at Nuremberg. (McGovern, 181) 

The implications are staggering. Remember what Winston Churchill said. "This war is not against Hitler or National Socialism but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest." (Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace p. 145)

The Nazi Party was created, and the Second World War staged in order to lead the German people into a diabolical trap, after fatally compromising them morally.

In "The Bormann Brotherhood" (1972) William Stevenson says Bormann "gave the lowest priority to the fate of Germany...He was concerned instead with a future based on Nazi philosophy, financed by Nazi loot, supported by a personally loyal Brotherhood..." (62) Is this the Illuminati? 

It is possible that the next world war also will be staged, this time to undermine the United States. 


It is unlikely that Bormann perished in war-torn Berlin, as the Illuminati would like us to believe. A man who carefully prepared for the survival of the Reich by setting up 750 corporations in neutral countries would have provided for his own escape. There have been reports that the Russians rescued Bormann and set him up in Moscow. Other reports placed him in South America. Adolph Eichmann's eldest son, Horst claimed he had many conversations with him in Argentina. (McGovern, p.194)

Obviously, Bormann was working for both the Soviets and the Nazis, i.e. he was working for the Illuminati.

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Louis Kilzer makes the case that Bormann was a "Soviet" spy in his book "Hitler's Traitor" (2000). He examined the wire traffic between the spy known as "Werther" and Moscow and determined that only Bormann had access to this information. Bormann told Hitler he wanted a record for posterity and had stenographers transcribe Hitler's war conferences.

The Soviets were able to ask very detailed questions about Nazi defenses and intentions. The result was the decisive Nazis defeats at Stalingrad and Kursk. "Bormann had been as useful to Russia as fifty Red Army divisions," Kilzer writes. (61)

"His value to Stalin began early. In 1941, when Germany could have used millions of Ukrainian nationalists to defeat Soviet rule, Bormann decided that they deserved only, "enslavement and depopulation. ...Faced with ... genocide by the Germans or political domination by the Soviets, the Ukrainians chose to live and by so doing ruined German hopes for an easy conquest." (261)

Borman used the Nazi defeat at Stalingrad as an excuse to begin the extermination of Jews, the second Illuminati goal.

In the words of the Nuremberg prosecutor, Bormann was a "prime mover in the program of starvation, degradation, spoliation and extermination." He shielded Hitler from the grisly details, forbidding Himmler from discussing the subject with Hitler and filing Himmler's reports. (261)

"Bormann's role with the Ukrainians and the Jews was only part of his devastating effect on the Third Reich," Kilzer writes. He blocked Albert Speer's attempt to move the economy to a "total war" footing until it was too late. "Bormann's influence," Speer concluded, "was a national disaster." (263)

Kilzer goes into great detail about Bormann's contacts with the Soviet espionage system, profiling many of his handlers. Even one of Bormann's mistresses, Marie Rubach Spangenberg, was active in the German Communist underground. (264) 

Bormann encouraged Hitler to ignore the threat of encirclement at Stalingrad. Hitler's decisions "ceased to have anything in common with the principles of strategy and operations," General Halder noted in his diary. (McGovern, 82) 

Bormann won Hitler's total allegiance by pretending to be his ruthlessly efficient instrument. When Bormann was criticized, Hitler replied, "Everybody has failed me but Bormann...whoever is against Bormann is also against the State! I'll shoot the lot of them..."(McGovern, 101.) And, "Bormann's proposals are so exactly worked out that I need only say yes or no..." (98)

Bormann subtly influenced Hitler to fire competent generals and did nothing to interfere with the gradual poisoning of the Fuhrer by his personal physician, Morrell. 

In general, Bormann ensured that Germany did not make common cause with the Ukrainians and Russians suffering under the Bolshevik yolk. More than 3 million Russian POWS died in Nazi detention. They wanted to fight for the Nazis. 

The question remains, "Was Hitler himself a traitor?" Did he also serve the Illuminati? Kilzer remarks that Hitler was surprisingly lenient to dissent within the ranks and cultivated a "culture of treason." (Kilzer, 6) Was Hitler aware of Bormann's role and played along? Hitler protected Bormann from suspicion. Hitler was an Illuminati agent. Nazism was a trap. 


William Stevenson provides a suitable conclusion: "Bormann represented secret power; and in our disheveled human condition, we suspect that the trappings of democracy are more of a dangerous camouflage...that real power begins where secrecy begins. Martin Bormann ... possessed that secret such a degree that he was able to escape the gallows." (9). 

Bormann's example suggests that the Illuminati modus operandi is to empower someone who is predisposed or even brainwashed  to do what they want. While he still has personal volition, they subtly manipulate him. 

The lesson of this story is that the "news" upholds the "camouflage of democracy." Don't pay too much attention or invest your best energies. History is a play. The Illuminati control all the politicians who stand a chance.They control the mass media.   

We live in a world where the dominant elite has organized into a sinister secret society to plot against humanity. It is creating a "New World Order" symbolized by the unfinished capstone on the pyramid on the US Great Seal.

Its symbols are everywhere but we are not allowed to protest them. Success depends on our willingness to betray our fellow citizens, nation and civilization and to allow this malignant power to grow in our midst. 


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Bormann Rescued by the British?

Benjamin Freedman's Warning to Americans (1961)`

First Comment from James Perloff

I read Kilzer's book nearly two decades ago. He demonstrated by process of elimination that only Bormann could have been the spy code-named "Werther," who betrayed Germany's military secrets to Stalin through the radio transmitters of the "Red Orchestra" espionage network in neutral Switzerland. Data included: exact strength and movements of German units; who commanded them; how many soldiers were held in reserve; where flanks were unprotected, etc. The reports even stated the exact times Hitler entered and left his war room.

 Bormann had devised an ingenious method of collecting this information. In 1942, he convinced Hitler that stenographers should record each military staff meeting. Thus Bormann had, at his disposal, every word said at these talks.

 More than any other factor, this is why the Germany military's fate in the Soviet Union changed from complete success to bitter failure. Beginning in 1942, Stalin and his generals were playing with a marked deck every day.

 All this was confirmed independently of Kilzer by intelligence specialist Pierre de Villemarest (one of France's best writers on the New World Order) in his out-of-print book UNTOUCHABLE: WHO PROTECTED BORMANN AND GESTAPO MULLER AFTER 1945? De Villemarest actually saw Bormann after the war and fleetingly spoke to him. Subsequently, he reported that Bormann was alive and in Argentina to the CIA, Mossad, and even the KGB. They all gave him the same answer: they knew about Bormann, but he was classified as "untouchable." Hence the title of de Villemarest's book.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Comments for "Martin Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati "

Brian said (May 7, 2009):

That which hovers above the pinnacle of the Great Pyramid, referred to as the Luciferian Consciousness, is where the real Masons dwell. The symbolism of the 'bricks' they use goes beyond it signifying the construction of a prison on the Planet. The prison is the Planet itself, as it has been consensually perceived to be! The actual masonic construct has to do with the containment of Life in matter. Our Truth embodies that which Christ told mankind who and what it really is-expressions of the Divine, with an inherent capability of mastering physical reality. Justifying death perpetuates a monumental lie, and ultimately represents a shirking of our responsibility to Life. That we consider this to be 'mystical', or 'occult' nonsense, simply indicates to what extent we have been duped. In fact, that which makes us 'dupes' carries a definition that is truly astounding, given how we are conditioned to experience Life in our sleeping states. What has been referred to as a 'celestial error' constitutes that Great Lie, under what's auspices Life has been experienced. This experience is characterized by the inhibiting of free-will expression. As unbelievable as it seems, who we really are has been coerced into a superimposed state of Being, resulting in our having been duplicated. A manufactured deception has put us in a place where we misperceive the Truth of our existence, demonstrated by our containment in matter; where matter is perceived to be authentic, and having authority.

Mastering physical reality can mean existing in that reality, if you were to so choose. It would all depend on what you intend to do. This is our ultimate empowerment, and comprises what is being awakened to.

This is knowledge 'they' are desperate to withhold from mankind. The irony is, who 'they' are have the same potential within them. By not choosing to match the Divine Intent, thus rejecting Love, 'they' opted for developing the power to rule over a 'death culture'' so to speak, which characterizes Life as we've known it.

Harry said (May 7, 2009): at it again? Boy you just can't give it up can you! Anything to short change the greatest statesman of the 20th century.

Of course mixing a little fact with lots of circumstantial evidence, half truths and other Jewish inspired claptrap, you seek to make a point where there is no point to be made other than your pitiful attempts to push your Illuminati barrow at the expense of Uncle Adolf.

Just for the record, it is common knowledge that Hitler didn't draw his salary. It is also an acknowledged fact that Bormann did not survive. Eyewitness accounts and all that....or are you saying that they (just as in the case of the gas chambers) can't be trusted Now that's not to say Bormann wasn't a key player in the NS regime however to say he was controlled by Jews.....notably NY Jews passing themselves off as revolutionaries is infantile. Please bear in mind that Germany had one if not the best intelligence services in the world at the time and such a high ranking official would never have been able to hide his duplicity......

As usual, an Alice in Wonderland piece for your easily led Jewish and Goy audience. Really Henry, you'll have to do better if you want to be taken seriously.


Thanks Harry,

The Abhwehr (under Canaris) was part of the conspiracy. No wonder they didn't expose Bormann even if they did know.


Russell said (May 7, 2009):

Very interesting article on Bormann. I recently read a book kind of in that vein, "Hitler was a British Agent" by Greg Hallett, published by FNZ Inc in New Zealand (see ). The book offers two proofs: Hitler's sister-in-law wrote a book in the 1940s about his coming to stay with her and his brother, Alois Jr., in England in 1912-1913. The book alleges that both brothers attended the British Military School of
Psychological Operations at Tavistock. The second proof is that Hitler was captured by the British in WWI, amongst a trenchline of Germans. The rest of the prisoners were shot, but Hitler was released to German lines. When Chamberlain returned from Munich, he brought with him a letter from Hitler to a former Lance Corporal of the Royal Green Jackets, based at Winchester.
This letter was proudly displayed in the officers'mess until the 1970s when
it disappeared. I'm sure you know that one of Hitler's grandfathers was a Rothschild. The book also has a lot of underground information about the royals. If you haven't already read it, I strongly recommend this book.

Omar said (May 7, 2009):

My family ancestry is from this region and I know quite a bit about the religious and tribal complexities.

The sad truth is, the Taliban and “militant islam” is now a very real social phenomena. Its just as sick and if not worse than what the NWO media make it out to be.

But what isn’t discussed, is this extremist form of Islam was created, nurtured, and promoted by the British and later what I would surmise are international financiers since the 1800’s. Most of these rigid groups can be traced back to the “brotherhood of islam” and other groups.

Its just sad for most of the civilians who get caught up in the crossfire. The NWO people are smart bastards. They create real enemies. They create enemies that everyone wants to hate, because they are deplorable. But one gets so caught up in that, they forget the big picture.

Sad sad story.

Joanne said (May 7, 2009):

I am rather new at this craziness...this world where nothing is as it seems... having in the past year or so stumbled upon too many pieces that didnt fit. I just want to thank you for what you are doing on your website, and for your wonderful informative slant on things. Dang! you just makes sense! Your site is one of the ones I have come to click on every time I sign on..I want to know what is your latest. I have linked a lot of my friends to your site to help wake them up...but most are not 'asking the right questions'.

I appreciate the lead you are taking. If you ever come thru Western Montana, there is a bunk for you and your family.

Bruno said (May 6, 2009):

Reading your Bormann story just like an earlier Lucifer story is about as good as it gets. You must be the first one who ever cracked the wall of silence. Maybe ever figured it out. Maybe they were afraid to print it. Whatever. But I must say: good for you, Henry. The power behind Hitler's Germany were exactly those forces that you described in your Lucifer story.

It is well known that the inner circle of the Nazis did not give a damn about the fate of Germany. In fact, Hitler himself said many times that if the German race did not win against the Untermenschen in the east, then they deserved to be utterly defeated. Well it was prophetic of sorts.

But the devil loves utter destruction or utter perverseness. In Germany and Russia at the time he got both until the whole scenario shifted to America. Now he got perversion and utter destruction in North America.

Sorry, Henry, I count Canada right in with the rest of this sorry bunch over here. And we still refuse to believe it. Hello America! Time to wake up. The movie is over. Reality will set in when this once great country looks like Berlin in 1945 or Hiroshima. They played the same Satanic game with you as they did with Germany and Russia with all their wars from since when I know not. All good patriotic wars of course. And the rest of you indulged in all those fun games and getting rich schemes and you couldn't keep a dime because you never owned anything. The banks did.

All make-believe illusions of grandeur. They owned you forever. Now your own collapse is immanent. Now what you're gonna do? Do you think they treat you any differently than the Germans or Russians? Even you are only pawns all the while you believed in your scam system of democracy. Pipe dreamers!

A well done story, Henry. And it is the truth. And finally, at least somebody has penetrated to the depth of it all: it isn't about the reign of Hitler or Stalin or Busch or etc etc - it is all about Lucifer. Even the big boys with the money bags are only lofers and bus boys and street cleaners. In the end, they will all end just like the likes of Hitlers et al. What a hell to live a wasted life. Yeah, Henry, now we have finally arrived at the ultimate truth.

Drew said (May 5, 2009):

Both of the books you cite use Gehlen's "Memoirs" as a source for Bormann allegedly being a Soviet asset. While Kilzer attempts to corroborate this assertion using Soviet intercepts, his conclusions are hardly more than conjecture. Nothing in Bormann's background would suggest that he would be sympathetic to the Soviet or Zionist agendas, unlike KGB and Mossad asset Kim Philby.

Hugh Trevor-Roper, the renowned British historian, Nuremberg-appointed investigator into Bormann's disappearance, and author of "The Last Days Of Hitler", stated the following concerning Gehlen's allegation that Bormann was a KGB agent: "For this story there is neither evidence nor probability. Had it been true, it was Gehlen's duty to report it long ago; and his belated 'revelation' has only damaged his own credibility."


Whether its Jews, Zionists, Nazis, Liberals, Freemasons or Communists, no one likes to hear they've been had.

Kilzer's evidence is certainly more than "conjecture." The seat of the Illuminati is the City of London and Hugh Trevor Roper was probably
MI-6, i.e. an Illuminati asset. According to Wikipedia, during World War II, Trevor-Roper served as "an officer in the Radio Security Service of the Secret Intelligence Service."

Judy said (May 5, 2009):

Hi Henry: Interesting article on Bormann and the Illuminati use of fronts. This ties in nicely with Victor Rothschild as the Fifth Man. As you once pointed out, he was not spying for Russia or for England but for the Illuminati. I have always found him a fascinating historical personage: highly intelligent, handsome(I'm a woman) very involved in the social and political scene of his day. An interesting sidenote: he was an authority on sperm. Could he have been involved in genetic experimentation? I became somewhat suspicious of his bona fides when I read repeatedly in bios on him and the period that his mother had hired Guy Burgess "to help in her financial decisions." ABSURD. That the highly cultured and intelligent woman who had the entire Rothschild network at her disposal would hire a man uniformly described as personally unkempt, even dirty, blatantly homosexual, crude, etc. No, this was merely a front to explain his close connection to Victor. It seems apparent that Victor ran that group of Cambridge spies.

Another giveaway was that Heath in a letter to Victor says that it was a pleasure to serve in his administration. This remark has been interpreted as a rather clumsy attempt at wit but it was actually true. Here I would like to make an important point: I do not mean here to impugn Jews in general. This is a trap that must be avoided. The Rothschilds are only part, evidently an important part, of the "powers that be" and to get sidetracked by blaming the "Jews" as some otherwise excellent students of the era are doing albeit in carefully structured academic terms is to very much go down the wrong road.

I had an excellent professor of Classical Studies who pointed out that whenever the slaves or serfs rebelled, they failed largely because they didn't have the larger picture or know how to handle it. That situation remains true for today's slaves. Herein lies, I believe, the crux of the matter. Most of us slaves are incapable of comprehending the immensity of the reality behind the media show. As I recall Machiavelli commented to the effect that people prefer the facade to the reality and we Americans are very good at preferring facades.

Bankers' Children's Climate Crusade (from Andrew)

September 9, 2019

This image from Friday protest, Sydney, Australia, November 2018

Bankers' Children's Climate Crusade  (from Andrew) 

THE INTERCEPT INVITES you to watch a special event 6:00pm in New York City this evening, hosted by Intercept senior correspondent Naomi Klein, author of the forthcoming book "On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal," and headlined by trailblazing climate activist Greta Thunberg, author of "No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference."

We're supposed to believe that an autistic 16-year-old, Greta Thunberg, single-handedly created The Global Climate Strike a year ago when she started skipping school on Fridays to protest Climate Change outside Sweden's parliament. Purportedly like magic and without any outside funding or organizational support, kids around the world began to follow her example skipping school on Fridays to demand action on climate change.

Why would the Global Elite like Soros select an autistic, clinically depressed teenager with learning disabilities like Greta Thunberg? To begin with, it's harder to criticize a handicapped person. And of course a teenage alarmist must behave as simple-mindedly as her supporters so they can think they are as smart as her.  And children are traditionally gullible and easily misled, so Greta is perfect for this hoax...

I learned about The Global Climate Strike firsthand last May 10 (which was a Friday) in Rome when on tour with a private guide at Piazza del Popolo (People's Square). It began with 300 or 400 young girls (13-16 years of age) marching in with whistles blowing and began to chant in Italian. I couldn't hear my guide, so she suggested we take a cab to The Pantheon to escape the noise.

In the cab, my guide explained that these were children's climate protests and that they had been getting worse. The cab driver understood English and chimed in that there were several other children's climate protests in progress in Rome that afternoon. They weren't protesting at the Pantheon so there we continued my tour, but worldwide The Global Climate Strike is huge.

Feminism isn't New---Aristophanes - Assembly of Women

August 21, 2019

41yoIQNTEnL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgFeminism isn't new
A specter is haunting Athens, the specter of communism. This premise animates the plot of Aristophanes' comedy "Ecclesiazusae" (or "Assembly of Women"), wherein the heroine Praxagora leads a conspiracy of hags dressed as men to vote themselves into power. Fresh from her victory, Praxagora unveils her plan for a brave, new world where all property, children, and sex are held in common. What follows is an uproariously funny, shockingly vulgar, tremendously insightful satire of communists and the logical consequences of their ideology. Mayhew's translation and introduction would make for a perfect adjunct to any discussion of Plato's *Republic*, especially in an introductory Greek Lit & Civ course. 

First, Aristophanes has arguably innovated aspects of communism that would later influence Plato. Second, the play contains so many allusions to contemporary events (helpfully explained by Mayhew), that it provides a useful introduction to ancient history, political philosophy, and dramatic literature. Last, the comedy is funny enough for anyone (particularly sophomores!) to enjoy, and if it's the only play they actually read, they'll know something important about ancient Athens, thanks to the guidance of Robert Mayhew. (Amazon Review)

A Few Random facts about the LGBTQ "Community"

July 19, 2019