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Internet is Infrastructure for the Police State

December 14, 2017

(left, Mark Zuckerborg)

Thanks to the Internet,
they know where you are,
and what you are thinking 
every moment of the day. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D

The Illuminati agenda is to enslave humanity mentally, spiritually and ultimately physically. The Internet is the ideal tool to identify and monitor every individual. They have begun to punish people who resist subjugation. According to GAB, "Twitter's strict new enforcement rules will be going live on December 18th. Twitter will be judging user behavior both on and OFF of their website. Meaning if you visit another website that they don't like or show "support" for groups they don't like, you can get banned. This unprecedented level of censorship and blacklisting of groups from the public square is unlike anything in history."
650 people were arrested in the UK in 2017 for posting something to the Internet that was deemed by the government to be 'offensive'. The homes of 36 people in Germany were raided for the same reason. People are losing their jobs, the hallmark of Communist tyranny.

Once cash is obsolete, it will be easy to cut off the digital bank accounts of recalcitrant individuals.

As Edward Snowden says below, mass surveillance isn't about terrorism, which is usually state sponsored. It is abut social control. The West is already under Communist control. We have entered the era of thought crimes. The way to resist is civil disobedience. Force them to prosecute hundreds of thousands of people. Do not take your loss of freedom lying down.

by Edward Snowden
(Excerpt by 

This is the reason mass surveillance doesn't work. You don't have to take my word for it, particularly in the context of public communication. You can cite the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board's review on section 21513, and their specific quotes, this is their words, "We are aware of no instance in which the [mass surveillance] program directly contributed to the discovery of a previously unknown terrorist plot or the disruption of a terrorist attack."

These programs were never about terrorism. They are not effective for terrorism. But they are useful for a lot of other things, like espionage, diplomatic manipulation, and ultimately social control.

Imagine yourself sitting at a desk, and you have a little box that lets you search anybody's email in the world; it lets you pull up their entire web history, anything they've ever typed into a search engine; you can read the message they are typing on Facebook as they do it; you can turn on the webcam on any private home; you can follow where anyone goes through their cell phone at any time. This is obviously an extraordinarily valuable mechanism of influence, of power, of capability.

What it doesn't do, though, is stop terrorist attacks.

And this is one of the fundamental problems of the public debate. The officials who are promoting and desire these capabilities recognize this -- 'Look, it'll give us an advantage in foreign intelligence collection. It'll allow us to compete on a stronger basis in the global economic market.' These are arguments they still might win because people may be OK with that bargain: 'That's fine. I don't care if you spy on foreigners. I don't care if you commit economic espionage as long as it benefits us. I don't care if you are monitoring protestors because I don't agree with protestors.'

But that is a very different argument, and one that is more difficult to win, than saying this will save lives, this will stop terrorism, and this is the solution to our problems.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Hanukkah Celebrates Victory Over Liberal Jews -- says Zionist (scroll down)

The Unspoken Epidemic -- Immaturity

December 13, 2017

The epidemic has a name.

Arrested development.

Failure to mature in a timely fashion. 

Why did it take me 68 years

to achieve maturity?

I welcome your thoughts on arrested development and how maturation works. [email protected]

"This world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing."  Winston Churchill 1920

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When I reflect back over my life, my overwhelming sense is one of WASTE due to a case of arrested development.  

Simply stated, I took too long to grow up and now I am old. I expended my precious time, money and energy on specious causes and chimeras. Yes, I accomplished a few things, but much time was squandered.

I am not alone. George Bernard Shaw said, "Youth is wasted on the young." My youth was wasted because I didn't believe in myself, my own ability, instincts and perception. I believed what other people wanted me to believe. I was depressed much of the time.

Society has been subverted by a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Freemasonry.) One of its goals is to infantilize humans. The Protocols of Zion (15) states that the superior intelligence of the Chosen People proves "nature herself has intended us to guide and rule the world." It describes a paternalistic despotism. The peoples of the world and even their governments are "only children under age." 

Society suffers from arrested development. Grown men expose themselves to horrified women. Adults play childish video games. They date and pursue sex until advanced age. Movies are based on comic books. Schools are dumbed down and used to indoctrinate. Standards are abolished. There is no spiritual education; no serious attempt to educate or uplift society. Humanity is trapped in a perpetual adolescence.

In 1975, 57% of young adults aged 18-34 lived with a spouse, while just 26% of adults lived with parents. In 2016, only 27% of young adults lived with a spouse, while 31% lived with parents. (Source)

However, I came of age before the worst of this. Why was I such an extreme case? I was extremely idealistic by nature and took society at its own estimation. I respected my elders, worshipped "great men". I imbibed the liberal media and thought society was benevolent.

I didn't discover that we are run by a satanic cult until I was 50, which coincided with my current marriage. If you don't understand the world, and yet take your cues from it, you will not grow up. 


My immaturity was partly due to my failure to win a suitable wife at a young age. I had inculcated the media brainwashing men receive in Western society.  Women are put on a pedestal and seen as unattainable Goddesses. Sex is detached from love and is an end in itself.  Women are sex objects. 

To be complete, to mature, a man needs to possess a woman. For this to happen, a woman needs to give herself to a man.  A man matures when a woman loves him, believes in him and depends on him. 

All the social engineering was geared to making women unapproachable in a man's mind. The assumption that male-female relations are even natural was being questioned.  

Hence, arrested development. When women and sex are idealized, the man is really looking for himself in the wrong place. The male-female dynamic is sabotaged. 


This is how I described it in "How I Became a Mensch," my very first internet article in 2001.

I grew up in an era that bought the feminist lie that men and women are identical. In our culture, women are encouraged to be "equal" -- do everything men do, and vice versa.  "Equal" became "identical."  This retarded my personal development by 25 years. I doubt if I am alone.

"Identical" made me look for for myself in a mate. I was literally attracted to lithe young women with cropped boyish haircuts: my own persona.

I put a woman on a pedestal because she had my identity. She could give it back to me. Some women were immediately repelled. Others enjoyed the adulation for a while, but eventually lost respect.

What I needed was someone quite different from me, my feminine complement...

The breakdown in the traditional family caused by feminism is the main reason for our social, personal and existential problems. People have always derived meaning and purpose from familial roles (e.g. daughter, wife, and mother) and from life-cycle rituals, (marriage, birth and death). Indeed, marriage and family are a God-given path to achieve love and personal fulfilment.

We do not find wholeness by incorporating masculine and feminine in ourselves but by uniting with our opposite. Heterosexual love is the attraction of opposites. Indeed, as heterosexuals we define ourselves in terms of these differences. If we are male, we are not female, and vice-versa, like dark and light. Because I denied these differences, I didn't know who I was. I didn't understand women, and I didn't know how to approach them.


I was looking for myself instead of a woman who would help me achieve my goals. Instead of perfecting myself, I made her my god. That will never work. Women are not perfect. They were not intended to be worshipped as sex goddesses are in the movies. Women are natural facilitators. They were intended to help a man achieve mutually agreed goals, and to be loved for doing that.

Brainwashing that inflates the importance of sex is the reason for the arrested development exhibited by many prominent men who lately are being called to account. Their behavior is due to the breakdown in heterosexual relations contrived by Illuminati social engineers.

We inherit the good and the bad from our historical times. I dodged war but not mind control. My arrested development was partly due to subversion by an occult cabal that sabotages society by pitting male and female against each other. 

The conspiracy is cosmic. Luciferians have hijacked humanity. They want us to miss our Divine rendezvous. They are determined to arrest human development and enslave mankind in the Communist and Satanist NWO. This is the larger meaning of arrested development.


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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The Unspoken Epidemic -- Immaturity "

Kurt said (December 14, 2017):

Yea, I can relate to what you wrote.

I’m 74 and didn’t grow up until my mid 30’s. In my 20’s life was a party of drinking, racing motorcycles and wreaking cars. I put the hot girls on a pedestal and took advantage of an endless parade of dog’s to be used and discarded. The only redeeming factors were that I always showed up for work, learned a trade and didn’t do drugs (why make yourself stupid?).

I quit all the crazy stuff, started working out to improve my health and began to look at women as the daughters and sisters of people I knew and who were just as lost and confused by the current culture as I was.
I married a wonderful woman with two grown children and we enjoy each other’s company.

Wouldn’t trade it for my former life if you offered me a million dollars.

Dr. Jim said (December 14, 2017):

Satan, according to the Bible, is the greatest of all liars. The Bible says is the “father of lies.”

Unfortunately, the teachings and lessons of the Bible are banned in many places in Western society, including some churches.

Sad it is because the truth of the matter is unknown to most men in our culture.

Someone was once quoted as saying “It is what it is.” The “IT” is the truth of the matter. Women are different from men. They have been since we humans have been here on earth. It is what it is. It’s true no matter
what some humans say to the contrary. Liars will never agree with truth. Liars just don’t tell the truth. It is what it is.
Some of us are aware of the ongoing distractions of the culture in which we live in. Too many men and women believe the lies and accept them as the truth of the matter.
The truth is women are just girls that wear big clothes. They are not goddesses, nor are they designed to function, feel, and act like males.
Sure some want to, but that doesn’t make it so. They are just girls. Normal women don’t think, act, or feel like men. It is what it is.
Some are truly great women, because they think, act, and feel like real feminine women. I feel sorry for those who have thrown their femininely aside for feminism.

Sad to witness so many young women who have bought into this big lie trying to be someone who they were not created to be.

They’ve been conned by the greatest con artist in history since he got the ear of Eve in the Garden of Eden.
And so have men, conned into spending so much of their time, money, and energy on sex. So sad to waste so much of their lives on so little.
It is what it is.

RL said (December 14, 2017):

What's mature? What's grown up? Is that good? Haven't met ones worth honoring. All I see is brainwashed, stuck in their ways, unreasonable, overconfident idiots. Obama and Hillary seem like the pinnacles of maturity.
What is bad about being childlike? Jesus said His kingdom belongs to the childlike.
I had a bad childhood, yet they were my best years till about 13.
The only bad is being being spoiled or brought up by insane (ordinary) parents.
People today don't suffer from "immaturity". They suffer from being spoiled causing an overinflated self worth caused by being given power they didn't earn and sex and other pleasures they don't deserve. Sex is "free" now. And the psychopathic dogs in power think they have "sexual access" to every woman.
When power is taken away from the father and given to "authorities" the children become your oppressors and women rule over you.

MA said (December 13, 2017):

I will jump right to a major relation with AD which is the EGO, imho. Anyone can easily compare AD to childish, selfishness and temper/anger issues (narcissism). The opposite I understand, from Gina Lake who is a master of this theory, is a personal relation to the NOW present time and a spiritual Essence which guides us with intuition, instead of “me/my/I reference or power. The ego always starts its programming self-dialog with me/my/I words, and I believe this is at the core of arrested development. This results in seeing both ourselves, and the world falsely.

It often starts with refusal to accept reality/truth or what is in the moment, leading to seeing the past and future falsely also. The benefits of “acceptance” are discussed often in some translations (Carol K Anthony, a Guide to the I Ching) of the I Ching (Chinese Book of Changes). Indeed, “Inner Truth” is the translation of Chung Fu, hexagram #61. This is perhaps the worlds oldest (around 3,000 years) and most popular book of all time! But largely hidden or disregarded (occulted) in todays world.

You are correct Henry, we are dropped into an intentionally fucked-up world to outgrow it, and to better it. To learn that we are not more important than other life in some significant ways. The agenda here is to trouble, curse, challenge and nearly overcome us to eventually evolve us to a higher or brighter level. Trying to understand why we must go through such seeming darkness and sheer madness is why we need, and eventually find acceptance, and improvement, if we are LUCKY! No matter if it takes us until old age to get it, final wisdom and truth are parts of the plan. This is why the young almost always have no ears to hear it. They are programmed & designed to be oblivious to the truth by the masters of this world. We can only hope we dont have to repeat such a compromised existence again and again, as we are led to believe.

Garry said (December 13, 2017):

Henry thanks for the upstanding honesty.

Can say at the ripened age of 66....." been there and done that".

Jesus through the leading of the Holy Spirit has helped pull me" out of Egypt" for the last 20 years or so.

One of the primary roots of the vestige responsible for my arrested development was spiritual.

This is in the domain of the sins of the fathers.

Once I could grasp this concept that there were generational strings so to speak that had access to arrest me I began to seek Jesus deeper.

One of the first roots he led me to pull up was the ones that had bee planted by my ancestors. One of the lines ran back to the name of Jordon who came from what I was told was a long line of rabbi's.

The first root was hooked to the Masonic web. This falls into the ammonite curse domain which can go up to ten generations.

Except that the enemy of our souls uses these ten-year windows of time as a renewal period to get us to sin in the last couple of years of the ten-year window in order to renew the access for another ten years.

This can in effect create hundreds and thousands of years of bondage aka arrested development.

The first root pulled out through the leading of the Holy Spirit came about via this ministry
If led to pray this we( wife and I are ready to pray this with you... if so led?

The prayer of release from the Masonic pulled out the initial root which enabled me to begin to experience a cascade of other sources of freedom prayers.

One of the last more significant ones was after Jesus awoke me to whisper the word Gershon to me over and over. I finally researched this to discover that these were the links back to my ancestry.

This one ran back through all of the stuff the Levites had done against God and even Jesus while he was on the earth.

Still learning and walking out this life of following Jesus and the Holy Spirit but do not have to look back very often to see how my development is now more than ever unlimited.

Pete said (December 13, 2017):

Thanks for being brave enough to write this article Henry, I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

I have looked back over my life many times and am saddened and disappointed that it took me so long to mature. I wondered, what was I thinking!

But I have come to see and understand that we have all been influenced by family, friends, circumstances ..the list goes on. I have also come to see that this is God’s grace in action, that allows me to fumble and bumble through this life and hopefully overcome all of Satan’s deceptions and distractions. Along the way, hopefully, I will influence others in such a way to help them to mature. I believe though, that it is hard to mature without seeking for truth.

Serge said (December 13, 2017):

Your text is very relevant in that it shows that the making of immaturity is a very effective means of castration of humanity.
However, it contains a recurring error, which consists in admitting that the finality of human life is the perfection of man.
The end (aim) of human acts can not reside in man, ie man can not be his own end. For that to be so, it would be necessary for man to exist by himself and to be indebted in no way to anyone, that he has aseity, which is of course not the case. Only God, his Creator possesses it, and the end of human acts can only be a return to God.
I add that God has given all means to man after original sin so that he can reach his end (first mosaic law, Jesus, then his Church).
I can testify that the (rare) families who follow the Tradition of the Church do not generally fall into feminism and other traps set by the devil.
In conclusion, I would say that immaturity consists in ignoring the finality of human acts (or not take into account it), which is the return to God. From then on, the gentleman who devotes his life to, for example, perfect knowledge of a discipline or art, is just as immature as the one who spends his time in sex or play. When the man has fallen into this state, it "does anything" and is therefore the easy prey of its mortal enemies.

Patrick said (December 13, 2017):

Dear Henry.......excellent article. I am 68 y/o and also part of the 'Worst Generation'. ...Clintons, Bush, Weinstein et al. ad infinitum.

Your points are well taken. I believe that the idealization of youth phenomena which started in the early 60's with the JFK election also played a large part in this arrested development taking hold in western society. The societal pressure to look and act youthful contributed to the pychological conditioning and subsequent behavior of our's and subsequent generations.

Below- Trump's Bully Roy Cohn (scroll down)

Hanukkah Celebrates Victory Over Liberal Jews -- says Zionist

December 12, 2017

(Cabalist Jews celebrate their latest acquisition, the White House.)

Today is the first day of Hanukka. 

"The Hasmonean War was primarily directed against Jews and not against Greeks... meaning the Hellenistic Jews"

An Israeli writer interprets the Hasmonean War as a Jewish victory over assimilated Jews whom he associates with George Soros and the Communist wing of the Masonic Jewish conspiracy. He is an example of a growing 
rift between Israelis and diaspora Jews.

Jerusalem Post  Opinion
(CEO of Im Tirtzu 

Hanukka is a joyful holiday that commemorates a great Jewish victory over foreign forces. Young and old alike are familiar with the tale of the outnumbered Maccabees who fought against the heavily armed Greek forces, and the miracle of the rededication of the Temple, where sacred oil that should have lasted only for one day instead lasted for eight days.

Less well known is the back-story, so to speak, to the struggle that Hanukka actually depicts: the struggle of the Maccabees not only against the Greeks, but against the Hellenized Jews of Israel. These not only culturally identified with the Greeks, but actually encouraged them to strike at the institutions and the essence of traditional Jewish practice.

In other words, as painful as it is to acknowledge, Hanukka represents the reality of a semi-civil war among the Jews. How did this civil war play out? The Jewish aristocracy had increasingly become enamored with Greek culture, with its emphasis on physical beauty, sport, different dress, and a world view at odds with that of traditional Judaism.

Thanks to their wealth and influence, they succeeded in securing the permission of Antiochus, the Greek ruler of the Levant, in building a gymnasium in Jerusalem. This in turn became the wedge for the attempt to attack and to supplant traditional Jewish practice, such as the Temple ritual, study, and commandments, including the commandment of circumcision.

While this was destructive in and of itself, the Hellenistic Jewish elite committed the great sin and error of actually encouraging the Greeks to impose sanctions on the traditional Jews. In his seminal work, The Land of Israel during the Second Temple Period," Prof. Ze'ev Safrai writes: "From the standpoint of the Greek-Seleucid regime, the decision to impose religious decrees is out of the ordinary. Their goal is to see their vision of what Israel should be like take hold, regardless of whether it is the vision of a majority of Israelis themselves. Bereft of popular support among the Israeli public, these groups turn to sympathetic foreign sources for financial and political support."

Today we see such domestically discredited groups as Breaking the Silence, B'Tselem, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Rabbis for Human Rights and dozens more that secure enormous sums from the US-based New Israel Fund, European governments and government-affiliated NGOs.

These small NGOs reflect and mirror the agendas of these foreign entities, each frustrated by their inability to have the Israeli government do their bidding.

Unfortunately, the Hanukka story has an additional very troubling aspect to it, one that should send shivers down the spine of all of us who care deeply about Israel. The fact is that the Hellenists opened a Pandora's box that ultimately turned against them.

As Josephus recounts, Antiochus first invaded Jerusalem (after he withdrew from Egypt for fear of encountering a Roman force). He did so at the invitation of the Hellenists and "he took the city without fighting, those of his own party opening the gates to him." Having plundered and slain many of the traditional opposition, Antiochus then withdrew from Jerusalem back to Antioch (in modern day Syria).

However, as Josephus notes, Antiochus returned on his own terms. "Now it came to pass, after two years... that the king came up to Jerusalem, and, pretending peace, he got possession of the city by treachery; at which time he spared not so much as those that admitted him into it...led by his covetous inclination... and in order to plunder its wealth, he ventured to break the league he had made in order to plunder the Temple."

In this second invasion, Antiochus turned against Hellenist and traditional Jew alike and for the first time plundered the Temple.This of course prompted the uprising of Mattathias and his sons, led by Judah.

The historic lesson of Hanukka is simply that once foreign forces are drawn in to domestic disputes, there is a great danger that all can be lost. By making the proverbial deal with the devil, the Hellenists were complicit in their own destruction, because they had no control over the agenda or motives of the foreigners whose help they sought.

It is no different today. Anti-Zionist Israeli NGOs are happy to share the policies and attitudes of foreign entities, and are happy to get the financial and operational support of these European governments and their related NGOs, as well as the New Israel Fund. In doing so, they are playing with fire, for their patrons have their own agendas, which could be even more threatening to Israel's welfare than those of the NGOs themselves.

Regardless, it behooves those of us who believe in the Zionist enterprise both to call out the actions of the Israeli NGOs and their foreign enablers. In doing so, we will have internalized the history and hidden significance of Hanukka.

On this Hanukka, let us not only appreciate the great deeds of the Maccabees, but also understand that what the Maccabees opposed we also face today in our midst.

May we be blessed to have their clarity in perceiving our dangers, their courage to confront their foes, and their success in protecting the Israel and all who cherish her.


You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Hanukkah Celebrates Victory Over Liberal Jews -- says Zionist"

CG said (December 13, 2017):

Hanukkah Celebrates Victory Over Liberal Jews -- says Zionist?
If that's the case Matan Peleg must think "the Holocaust" was a victory.
Hanukkah was a Pogrom by Jews against other Jews that only differed by opinion.

When Alexander visited Jerusalem many Jews volunteered to accompany him on his campaigns. If anything the Hasmonean Jews were just
jealous of the more educated and physically fit Hellenized ones. Just as the insane Bolsheviks murdered Christian girls and boys for being too attractive, the Hasmonean Jews must have murdered Hellenized Jews
for taking too much care of the real temple of God(their bodies).

Hanukkah being celebrated clearly demonstrates how truly insane the Jewish community really is.

Peter said (December 13, 2017):

Those NGO's are surely funded by George Soros, Rothschilds agent. So if the Animal Farm Boss decides that the Israeli experiment is getting in the way of his NWO, then that is the way it will be. Jews of Israel should know to whom their contract is signed for and how expendable they are past their used by date. They could test that by setting up a non Rothschild central bank, making a success of it, and promoting other countries, called Democracies to do the same. This would give a regular 40% boost to government spending and get the world out of the ridiculous debt and derivative Death Star threat. Then the banksters might have to get real jobs, say the second oldest profession, Religion.

Indirectly relevant, in terms of different interests amongst the Jews of the world, and the Labour Zionists who were a part of Team Nazi to get Israel established, is Lenni Brenner's Zionism in the Age of Dictators. Available for free here

Jake said (December 12, 2017):

These two paragraphs are particularly interesting -

"By making the proverbial deal with the devil, the Hellenists were complicit in their own destruction, because they had no control over the agenda or motives of the foreigners whose help they sought.

It is no different today. Anti-Zionist Israeli NGOs are happy to share the policies and attitudes of foreign entities, and are happy to get the financial and operational support of these European governments and their related NGOs, as well as the New Israel Fund. In doing so, they are playing with fire, for their patrons have their own agendas, which could be even more threatening to Israel's welfare than those of the NGOs themselves."

Of course Jesus Christ, Son of God, also described the pharisees as being literally "anti-Christ" as they actively rejected Christ - the Son of God.

The pharisees were also, of course, condemned by Christ as "the Synagogue of Satan".

Nevertheless - despite being rejected by the Pharisees (and most judaic peoples) - Jesus Christ did and always will offer them the chance to belong to the New Covenant by being baptised into Christ.

Maybe this is one of the main reasons the Pharisees and most judaic peoples rejected Christ, because his message was one of universal love....the "Chosen people" are no longer to exclusively be the Pharisees and judaics/israelites etc of the Old Testament covenant...instead, Christ says that all who follow Him and believe in Him as the Son of God, will be the Chosen people...the new Israel....whether they are jew or gentile or greek or whoever else.

Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad

December 5, 2017


Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad Kindle Edition

(This is the book jacket copy.)

Americans are shocked by ongoing news reports chronicling growing chaos in Europe, where massive Muslim migration is wreaking havoc on the continent - including horrendous acts of mass terrorism, an epidemic of rape and sexual assault against European women, and large, jihadist-rich enclaves where even police are hesitant to enter.

Yet, few realize that America is heading down the same suicidal path.

As veteran investigative journalist Leo Hohmann documents in Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad, an international network of mostly Muslim Brotherhood-linked activists has been building its ranks within the United States for more than three decades, aided by a U.S. immigration system seemingly obsessed with welcoming as many unassimilable migrants with anti-Western values as possible. As a result, largely secret plans for major population changes in hundreds of U.S. cities and towns are already being implemented.

As Stealth Invasion reveals, the Muslim Brotherhood has a well-defined strategy for conquering America, not necessarily with violent jihadist attacks - although we should expect those to increase - but through more subtle means collectively called "civilization jihad."

Very simply, civilization jihad calls for changing a nation by changing its people and its values - gradually, over time.

Stealth Invasion connects the dots between the problems of growing violence and unrest that have plagued Europe and what is now unfolding across America. The terror attacks on Chattanooga, Orlando, San Bernardino, St. Cloud, Minnesota, and the Chelsea area of Manhattan were all carried out by Muslim immigrants, or, in the case of San Bernardino and Orlando, by sons of Muslim immigrants. A surprising number of foiled attacks have also been plotted since 9/11 by Muslim refugees and immigrants.

Stealth Invasion blows the lid off a corrupt, fraudulent program that has been secretly dumping Third World refugees, many of them radical, on American cities for three decades. Readers will meet the people and groups behind this shadowy resettlement network, which starts at the United Nations and includes the White House, the U.S. State Department, some surprising church groups, and corporate honchos involved in everything from investment banking and meatpacking, to Florida vacations and yogurt manufacturing.

Americans have been kept largely in the dark about the radical plans to permanently transform their nation. Until now.

Stealth Invasion uncovers how various cities have become refugee hot spots and examines grassroots uprisings where citizens have challenged this secret cabal and won. Armed with knowledge of the government's methods for dealing with local resettlement backlash, Hohmann provides details on how concerned Americans can most effectively respond.

Jamaica withers under masonic Exploitation- Montego Bay has Highest Murder Rate in the World by CR

November 25, 2017


Jamaica withers under masonic Exploitation- Montego Bay has Highest Murder Rate in the World   by CR

Today the Jamaica Observer published this article:

"Jamaica was well represented at the culmination of the United Grand Lodge of England's (UGLE's) Tercentenary celebrations held at Royal Albert Hall in London on October 31 which was attended by more than 3,900 Freemasons from provinces, districts and other grand lodges around the world."

However, masons from the Western world previously met in Montego Bay, Jamaica for the Caribbean and Western Atlantic Regional Tercentenary celebrations, as stated in a previous article:

Interesting that they would choose Jamaica, and Montego Bay in particular. Jamaican masonry, which includes the majority of politician, lawyers, judges, and high ranking police and military officials, must be doing something right. However, Jamaica is at an all-time low in terms of crime, violence, and economic growth. Montego Bay in particular is a rather unsavoury place these days:

"Ja's murder figures tell of a state of emergency"

"The parish of St James has a population of 186,000 residents, 111,000 of whom live in the parish capital Montego Bay, which reported 255 murders year to date at a staggering rate of 230 murders per 100,000 of population. At this rate Montego Bay is unquestionably the deadliest city in the entire world and tracks at 38 times above the global murder rate. If we express the murders against the parish's population of 186,000, the parish of St James reports a murder rate of 137 per 100,000 of the population and is still the deadliest place in the world for countries not at war." (emphasis mine)

Response to Putin Deception 2 - by Lynda

putin-kiss (1).jpg
Putin and the Protocols- Response to Putin Deception 2 - by Lynda

"By all these means we shall so wear down the Goyim that they will be compelled to offer us international power of a nature that by its position will enable us without any violence gradually to be able to absorb all the state forces of the world and to form a super-government. In place of the rulers of today, we will set up a bogey which will be called the Super-Government Administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions like nippers and its organization will be of such colossal dimension that it can not fail to subdue all the nations of the world." 
Protocols of the Elders of Zion 5.11.

by Lynda

 I think Andy Sloan is definitely on the right track with Putin Deception I and II.
Today, I think we are in under that Super Government Administration - which is a bogey. Through their central banks, the banking cartel of the Jewish dynasts has indeed gotten control of all nations, except those who targeted for regime change by ZOGusa in the "Seven Nations in Five Years" war explained by General Wesley Clark after 9-11. Also nations with a strong Christian culture and heritage that are proving resistant to the Western ZOG hegemon - they are getting worked over by ZOG - like in Bosnia. European nations resisting the new soviet , the EUSSR are currently being worked over.

In contradiction to Protocol 5.11, violence was the MO to force a central bank on once sovereign nations. Those banks, controlled by a single Apex, utilized those nations as assets in the formation of the modern power blocks we see today on ZBig's Grand Chessboard -again with violence - namely two world wars which formed the Western ZOGs, including the new soviet the EUSSR, as well as more than a century of Marxist revolutions by many names: Indian, African and Latin American wars of liberation from European colonial powers, the Bolshevik and Maoist Revolutions for state monopoly socialism - now transitioned as post soviet BRICs and finally the Wahabist revolutions on the footprint of the former Ottoman Empire for a ME Caliphate - all under a central bank. 

Today, Protocol 5.11 is realized. The central bank controlled by the Jewish Money Power is the super government administration controlling "all the state forces". The Gentile Social Masonry working through the institutions of each nation held as asset and collateral constitutes the basis of social order and configures it with the super government administration (SGA).

Protocol 5.11 is one of the key points in the entire Precis because it reveals that the SGA was to be set up as a "bogey". The power blocks of the SGA are created in order to create conflicts among the blocks and finally the 'blockbuster' - now in production. What remains after this (probably WWIII) will be the NWO proper - the global Zionist state. 

Clearly the ZOGs - doxxed and obviously controlled by the Jewish Money Power - have the bad guy script in this terrible movie. But the national populations of the Western ZOGs are supposed to think that their nation is identified with the present SGA- and the evil empire.. They are supposed to be for or against the ZOG wars - even WWIII as a ZOG war for global Zionist state - in terms of this identification. 

But the global Zionist state comes out of WWIII - not out of ZOG wars for the SGA - although these could morph into WWIII. In this bad movie, it looks like Russia - which now has the good guy script - is cast as the savior and liberator from the SGA bogey.

However, the Bank of Russia, is a central bank and it will be linked up to the Jewish Money Power. They are controlled by the same Apex as the ZOGs. They just have a different script.

All the blocks now being lined up for the blockbuster are controlled by the single Apex. Their Gentile social Masonry manages the facade that remains, pulling all the social levers in every nation with a central bank in order to facilitate the present role of the SGA (covert in all nations except the ZOGs) : "reaching out in all directions like nippers...and subduing all the nations of the world". 

Increasingly, however, the Gentile social Masonry is being phased out and 'brother Jews' are taking all the top positions of influence in the Masonic social order. In ZOGusa we first saw this under the Clinton administration. I think this is because the Apex wants their ZOG nations to be seen as ZOGs by the population as a whole. 

Because their Masonry no longer supplies the Gentile interface, the Jews as a population are being positioned for the SHTF event/s which the Jewish Money Power will stage through its instruments and power blocks of 'subdued' nations.
This is, of course, not good because the Jewish Money Power is at present untouchable.

In the ZOGs, of course, the mad plan is to render the entire social order as corrupt and evil and totalitarian as possible so in the final war for the global Zionist state will be welcomed as a war of liberation from the Jews. The Big Schmucks are not without a sense of humour and they will be the money behind the efforts of the Gentile population to organize in its own interests along racial lines. In this conflict, it will be a big mistake for Gentiles enter into conflict with the Jews on the ground chosen for them by the Jews.

As long as we have the internet, we have to keep pegging away at it. And we dare not abandon our institutions to corruption and now outright Satanism.
On that cheerful note