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Below-- Ukraine War -- Chabad's Strategy for Slavic Genocide

August 19 - Vaccinated Die Off Continues

August 18, 2022

 Covid-Vaccine-Injured.jpg(Not only are the vaccinated being killed or maimed, their stories are being suppressed by the Lamestream Media)

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Mike Adams -Covid vaccines are currently killing an estimated 10,000 people a day worldwide, with total fatalities likely in the 5 - 12 million range. These numbers come from rigorous analysis of mortality data (excess deaths) following the introduction of covid vaccines in early 2021.

Importantly, we know that post-vaccine deaths are distributed over time. While a few people die in the first 48 hours, many deaths are taking place many months or even a year or two after the vaccine injections.

Importantly, it appears that these clots take many months or even a year or two to grow to sufficient size to fully block blood vessels and arteries.

This means the deaths observed so far are only a fraction of the deaths yet to come.


Gab turns over member who threatened to kill FBI agents


Screen-Shot-2022-08-17-at-12.07.24-PM-1200x630.pngGerman fireman incapacitated by vaccine

After receiving his second experimental Pfizer injection, the 22-year-old was afflicted with Guillain-Barré syndrome and Myetitis, which caused massive paralysis and almost killed him. The formerly healthy young man is now in a wheelchair. "I was lucky that my doctor, from the beginning, said it was a vaccine injury," reveals Janke.

Despite Germany's Largest Health Insurer recently revealing that one in twenty-five clients had to undergo medical treatment in 2021 for Covid vaccine side effects, the country's embattled Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach, continues to push the dangerous injections and his vaccine agenda.

The Minister just recently announced an infection protection law that will go into effect in October. Under the new law, only people in Germany who were vaccinated less than three months ago will be recognized as "vaccinated."


Clearly most doctors are agents of the devil

Doctors asking three year olds if they are boys or girls


This Virgin Atlantic advert is so woke it has to be satire

You're not chic unless you are mentally ill


Sana_Marin_1120-3697151172.jpg(Graduate of Klaws Swab's school of globalist traitors)

Partying Finnish PM responds to drug allegations

Leaked videos of Sanna Marin on a night out have exposed the 36-year-old leader to criticism


Mother Heroine': Putin restores award for women with 10 or more children

The award was established by Stalin in 1944 to encourage Soviet women to have more children to reverse a demographic crisis after the deaths of millions


francois-legault-vaccination.jpgQuebec Premier still lives in cloud-cucko-land

Quebec will offer 5th dose of COVID-19 vaccine to all adults as of Aug. 29

In his first appearance at a COVID-19 news conference in six months, Premier François Legault said life is almost back to normal thanks to the vaccine. He's urging people who have not had a dose in the past five months or more to get another shot.

"More people will be inside, there will be more contagion," Legault said. "So it's a really good time to be launching a massive vaccination campaign."

Clearly the military in the West is being deliberately destroyed

British Royal Air Force: White Men Need Not Apply for Pilot Jobs (Only Women and Ethnic Minorities)

Tension in Ottawa as group associated with convoy protest attempts to set up headquarter

An Ottawa-based group with suspected ties to the "Freedom Convoy" says it has been threatened with eviction and is ready to take its cause to court in an attempt to set up headquarters in the country's capital. The organization calls itself the United People of Canada, and set up shop in a deconsecrated church in downtown Ottawa this summer as part of a conditional offer to buy the space.

William Komer, who sits on the group's board, says members called police Wednesday evening after the landlord's agent showed up and unsuccessfully attempted to kick them out of the building.

Under Communism, non Communists are not allowed to organize or speak.


bug-king.jpg(left, Bugger King)

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Shocking Testimonies From the Covid Jab Injured

A common thread in these stories is the consistent dismissal by the medical community. Even in cases where the doctors do suspect a COVID jab injury, they still have no idea how the symptoms are caused or how to treat them, so they just send the victims home. Successful treatments appear to be extremely rare, which adds insult to injury
The COVID shot is the most dangerous drug in the history of modern medicine, and these dangers were foreseen and predicted by many respected and well-educated doctors and scientists, whose voices were censored
Russ Winter

The Hidden World of Benjamin Disraeli, a Made Man and Opportunist

    lt is useless to deny ... a great part of Europe, the whole of Italy and France, and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries, are covered with a network of these secret societies, just as the superficies of the earth is now being covered with railroads. And what are their objects? They do not attempt to conceal them.

    They do not want constitutional government. They do not want ameliorated institutions; they do not want provincial councils nor the recording of votes; they want ... an end to ecclesiastical establishments ... "

Putin lashes out at West's 'vanishing' hegemony, outlines Russia's goals
    Russia will "take other steps to build a more democratic world"
   The US and its vassals are grossly interfering in the domestic affairs of sovereign states. They organize provocations, state coups and civil wars. Using threats, blackmail and pressure, they attempt to force independent states to bend to their will and live according to rules that are alien to them."

The West's goal is to "hold on to its domination, using this model that enables it to feed off the entire world as it has done for centuries and such a model can only be sustained by force."

    Heartbreak as young American footballer Luke Knox dies suddenly aged 22

    Florida International University officials said that Luke Knox died suddenly late on Wednesday, August 17. The university, where Luke studied business, said police did not suspect foul play, although no cause of death has been revealed.
    pfizer-ad.jpgBASKETBALL coach Tyler Edwards died unexpectedly on Monday, August 15 of suspected cardiac arrest at the age of 27.
I Regret Being A Slut
"The lie I told myself for decades was: I'm not in pain--I'm empowered."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- August 18 -- Doctor Vaccine Death Pandemic (scroll down)

Ukraine War -- Chabad's Strategy for Slavic Genocide

1994 article by Chabad leader Mendel Schneerson:

"Slav, Russian, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, at first, a sharp reduction in their numbers."

"The Ukrainians would think that they are fighting against the expansionist Russia and struggling for their independence. They will think that they have finally gained their freedom, while they become fully subdued by us. The same will be thought by Russians, as though they defend their national interests to return their lands, "illegally" taken away from them, and so on."

Rus Vs. Khazar Jews (Ukraine) - An Ancient Enmity

The Khazars bought the "Jewish" franchise in the 8th Century to distinguish themselves from their Christian and Muslim neighbors.

 Ashkenazi Jews (Israelis) have no connection to the ancient Hebrews. They are Khazars.The Bolshevik Revolution was revenge for the Kievan Rus destruction of the Khazar Empire in 965 AD. The Russian - Ukrainian war continues this millennia-long hate.The NWO is a rebirth of the old Khazar empire, extended to the whole planet. NATO is Khazaria in Drag (literally)

A 1994 speech by Chabad leader Mendel Schneerson suggests that the Ukraine war might be a part of a larger plan for Slavic Genocide.
However, although many Ukrainians soldiers have died, Russian reluctance to target civilians would belie this analysis.

NATO is Khazaria in Drag
Revised from April 4, 2022
by Edward Menez

Was the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict planned by Chabad?

Eduard Hodos was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1945 to an Orthodox Jewish family. In 1990, he was recruited by Chabad Lubavitcher Rabbi Schneerson but resigned once he realized that Chabad aimed to destroy the Ukraine. Since then, Hodos has been an outspoken critic of Chabad, warning the public about their agenda -- and the political figures and oligarchs who do their bidding. Hodos has since converted to Ukraine's Orthodox Christian church

In his trilogy called "The Jewish Syndrome,"  Eduard Hodos explains that we are in the midst of "The Third Khazaria".

    The First Khazaria: The Great Khazar Empire (VII-X Centuries);
    The Second Khazaria: Bolshevik Rule (1917-end of the 1920's);
    The Third Khazaria: The C.I.S. (1991-?)

hodos.jpg(left, Eduard Hodos)

In the First Khazaria, the native people in the Ukraine were taken over by Jews and converted to Judaism.  From this beginning in the 7th to 10th centuries, a battle-line had been drawn with Russia:

"Forts were located from 10 to 20 km. apart, creating what was in effect an unbroken line of military fortifications along the border of modern Ukraine and Russia: Voronezh - Stary Oskol - Belgorod - Kharkov. Further, from the southwest of Kharkov: Krasnograd - Dnepropetrovsk - Krivoj Rog. To the northwest: Kiev - Chernigov."

So from the beginning, the conquering Jews of present-day Ukraine were at war with their neighbors, the Russians.  This article is from an interview with a Ukrainian General who bitterly describes how Ukraine was prepped for Chabad takeover.

In a 1994 speech published in the Vologda newspaper Slavyanin, Chabad leader, Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson outlined his plans for destroying both Ukraine and Russia.

schneerson1.jpgChabad leader, Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902-1994)

"Slavs, and among them Russians - are the most unbending people in the world. Slavs are unbending as a result of their psychological and intellectual abilities, created by many generations of ancestors. It is impossible to alter these genes. Slav, Russian, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, at first, a sharp reduction in their numbers."

"First of all, we will divide the Slavic nations (of 300 million, half of them Russians) into the small countries with weak and severed connections. For this, we will use our old method: Divide and conquer. We will try to pit these countries against each other, and suck them into civil wars for the sake of mutual destruction."

"The Ukrainians would think that they are fighting against the expansionist Russia and struggling for their independence. They will think that they have finally gained their freedom, while they become fully subdued by us. The same will be thought by Russians, as though they defend their national interests to return their lands, "illegally" taken away from them, and so on."

Left, 540,000 square foot Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community Center is world's largest JCC. Dnepropetrovsk is 250 miles SE of Kiev.

"Looking back in history, it must be admitted that these lands are the ancient ancestral lands of the Jewish Khazaria, that is Israel, captured by Kiev's Rus' (the ancient state of Russia with the capital in Kiev) in the tenth century. The Slavs are temporary guests on these lands and are subject to eviction. We will return this territory, and build the Great Khazaria - the Jewish state -on these fertile lands the same way as, 50 years ago, we created Israel, squeezing the Palestinians out. Israelis will partially relocate here, and we will drive Slavic cattle out far to the north, beyond Moscow. There will be a small Northern Territory, a reservation with a compact population -- a reservation, like Indian reservations in America."

In "The Jewish Trilogy" Hudos identfied the origin of this long-festering hatred between the Khazarians and the Russians: "The Great Khazarian Empire existed for several centuries, until the Russian Prince Svyatoslav, "in the 965th year took both their City and their White Temple".

"The Third Power was wiped off the face of the earth, its population scattered in all directions. Most asked for Svyatoslav's protection, while the Jewish elite moved to the Khazar District in Kiev...."

Related - Ukraine is the Real Jewish National Home

Ukraine will become a "'big Israel' with its own face," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared on Tuesday, indicating that his country intends to emulate the Israeli security state in the wake of Russia's invasion.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Comments for "Ukraine War -- Chabad's Strategy for Slavic Genocide"

Tim said (April 3, 2022):

The Khazarian Jews are real Jews. They were converted by the Rabbis (vipers) and became real Jews, and still are.

There are some goofballs who say the Khazarians are not Jews, because they do not have the right pedigree. There is really nothing to say against that, since the assertion is so weak. Not smart to argue with cranks. But if they are also making some good points, then they should be heard.

There is always a Jewish Messiah I am told, one candidate for each generation. They are always hoping this current one will smite all the Goyim and take over the world. Not sure who the present candidate for Moshiach is. I am sure Trump knows, and is itching to help.

Putin pissed them off royally by defeating the planned American seizure of Crimea in 2014. It was slated to be the center of the second Jewish State.

This Putin, a mere half Jew, is turning out like Stalin, another half Jew, turned out. Stalin turned agains the Jews. Putin seems to be edging in that direction.

The war has just gotten started. The top Jews who control America have said consistently, this will be a very long war. They have everything for a long insurgency already in place.

Chabad indeed built a large and effective Nazi army. These people are nothing if not ironical. And you are about the only one willing to post the truth about this war, that it is a religious war between the Rabbis and the Slavic bishops, contending over land they both see as their own.

Below- Yuval Harari - The "Future" Doesn't Need So Many People

August 18 -- Doctor Vaccine Death Pandemic

August 17, 2022

ryan.jpgNeurosurgery resident Dr. Ryan Buyting, 26 is the seventh Canadian doctor to die in the past two weeks. Thirteen have died in total.

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Dr. William Makis MD, cancer researcher at the University of Alberta and Nuclear Medicine Physician employed at the Cross Cancer Institute (CCI.) Alberta Health Services (AHS) said that Canadian medical schools require all students and residents to be fully vaccinated.

Dr. Makis is also the author of 100+ peer-reviewed medical publications.

"I've just been informed that Dr. Ryan Buyting, age 26, who was a promising medical student from Dalhousie and had just started Neurosurgery residency at Alberta Health Services in Edmonton, Alberta, has "died suddenly," he wrote.

"Canadian medical schools require ALL medical students and residents to be fully vaccinated (triple vaccinated) to be able to continue their education. I've stated before that those responsible (including Deans of Faculty of Medicine) should face criminal charges and long prison sentences," he added.

On July 18, AHS published a news release saying they will no longer require COVID-19 immunization as condition of employment.

"Alberta Health Services (AHS) is rescinding its Immunization of Workers for COVID-19 Policy, effective July 18, meaning AHS healthcare workers will no longer be required to be immunized for COVID-19 as a condition of employment," AHS announced.



Political prisoner of Capitol protest Andrew Taake

We are going to win this. People are waking up. The vaccine injuries and deaths will totally discredit the system. However the only way to reform it to regain control of credit and currency creation.

Treasure-trove of Vax information

How Bad is My Batch Are some batches more toxic than others?

Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines


IRSS is their own law enforcement

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a law enforcement agency. So is the Internal Revenue Service. Most people already think of the FBI as an elite policing agency. But the IRS also investigates crime beyond tax evasion and fraud."


PJW - British homeless sleep under bridges while migrants find hotel accommodation and free board inadequate

"BIGGEST Disaster in Medical History!" ~ Dr Charles Hoffe Gives Riveting Speech In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Lord Palmerston: Britain's Black Operations Prime Minister

Palmerston's long experience of Freemason privilege, wealth and running in Zionist-dispensationalist circles allowed him to quickly ascend the ladder of political power. He was a Cecil Rhodes clone and British exceptionalist who believed he had been tasked with furthering the Illuminist model of intelligence.


"Funny how lizards/reptiles are the ones who naturally eat insects...."



How Britain Fueled Ukraine's War Machine and Invited Direct Conflict with Russia


Was Anne Heche Murdered?

Drone footage catches her trying to get up and being restrained.


Miles Mathis thinks Heche Death was faked

ANNE HECHE--The Miles Mathis paper. you don't even have to read it at this point. They have the same playbook and keep doing the same things.


The Russia-Israel Alliance Is Cracking Amidst the Ever-Shifting Geopolitics Chessboard

As a Russian ally, Israel was initially slow to condemn Moscow's special military operation in Ukraine. But it ultimately folded, giving its full loyalty to fellow Jew Zelensky and the West's team of suicidal losers (per elite design of course), to further dampen, if not permanently sour and freeze, the previous decade's ultra-cozy Israeli-Russian relations.

How the Trudeaus destroyed Canada

Brad Salzberg

Is Trudeau Systemically Seducing Canada With Communism?
To believe that Canada had the greatest of potentials as a western democracy is an under-statement. Then came the Trudeau family.

How Australia's Scott Morrison Trashed Democratic Governance, With Help From On High

Australia lost its freedom in the blink of an eye
Here is what happened and how to get it back: The Universal Pledge will help us all turn the corner on tyranny and corruption by providing a roadmap for the initial fixes

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

below- August 17 -- Jared Kushner - The Clown Prince of Pennsylvania Avenue

Yuval Harari - The "Future" Doesn't Need So Many People


It's the Cabalists, not the "future" that doesn't need people.

By "people" he means the goyim and non-Satanist Jews. This Satanist homosexual has got things backward.
Society should be designed to enable the greatest number of people to fulfill their divine potential.
But for Harari, only Cabalists are divine. The rest are "hack-able animals."

And we're supposed to trust these people to inject experimental "vaccines" into our children? 

WEF Adviser Yuval Harari: 'We Just Don't Need the Vast Majority of the Population' in Today's World

Source Breitbart

Yuval Noah Harari, historian, futurist, and World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser, said, "We just don't need the vast majority of the population" in the early 21st century given modern technologies' rendering human labor economically and militarily "redundant."

Harari's remarks were made in an interview with Chris Anderson, the head of TED, published on Tuesday. He assessed widespread contemporary disillusionment among "common people" as being rooted in a fear of being "left behind" in a future run by "smart people."

Such fears are justified, he added, given his projection that emerging technologies will displace economic needs to many categories of existing work:

A lot of people sense that they are being left behind and left out of the story, even if their material conditions are still relatively good.

In the 20th century, what was common to all the stories -- the liberal, the fascist, the communist -- is that the big heroes of the story were the common people, not necessarily all people, but if you lived, say, in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, life was very grim, but when you looked at the propaganda posters on the walls that depicted the glorious future, you were there. You looked at the posters which showed steel workers and farmers in heroic poses, and it was obvious that this is the future.

Now, when people look at the posters on the walls, or listen to TED talks, they hear a lot of these these big ideas and big words about machine learning and genetic engineering and blockchain and globalization, and they are not there. They are no longer part of the story of the future, and I think that -- again, this is a hypothesis -- if I try to understand and to connect to the deep resentment of people, in many places around the world, part of what might be going there is people realize -- and they're correct in thinking that -- that, 'The future doesn't need me. You have all these smart people in California and in New York and in Beijing, and they are planning this amazing future with artificial intelligence and bio-engineering and in global connectivity and whatnot, and they don't need me. Maybe if they are nice, they will throw some crumbs my way like universal basic income,' but it's much worse psychologically to feel that you are useless than to feel that you are exploited.

Harari contrasted the 20th century with the 21st while forecasting what he said is the current century's and future economies progressively diminishing need for human beings. He said:

If you go back to the middle of the 20th century -- and it doesn't matter if you're in the United States with Roosevelt, or if you're in Germany with Hitler, or even in the USSR with Stalin -- and you think about building the future, then your building materials are those millions of people who are working hard in the factories, in the farms, the soldiers. You need them. You don't have any kind of future without them.

"Now, fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don't need the vast majority of the population," he concluded, "because because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bio-engineering, Most people don't contribute anything to that, except perhaps for their data, and whatever people are still doing which is useful, these technologies increasingly will make redundant and will make it possible to replace the people."


First comment from TL

Absolutely awesome piece on Yuval Harare.
What a piece of Satanic shit!  Who does this ugly faggot think he is?  It's almost hilarious if I didn't cry every day for the cruelest world we live in.  That skinny butt pirate will get his.  Evil reeks off of him.
But I want to see it!  I do!  I want to see these worthless scum bags get it big time!  Do you actually think this worthless scumbag looks in the mirror every day and thinks he's good looking! That he is better than the rest of us? I want him to give us an example of how we don't need as many people and he should kill himself. I am fed up with these evil satanic pieces of crap. How much longer are we gonna put up with these disgusting worms. I can hardly wait until he gets his!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Chutzpah! Jews Celebrated Duplicity in Oscar Pic "Chicago"

August 17 -- Jared Kushner - The Clown Prince of Pennsylvania Avenue

August 16, 2022

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"Jared Kushner did more damage to the presidency and the Trump agenda during his four year reign of error at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue than anyone" by Peter Navarro

"In the cold light of a January West Wing day, there was simply no other explanation than nepotism to account for how this decidedly unqualified Clown Prince wound up sitting as a modern-day Rasputin at the right hand of Trump."

You have to ask why Ivanka and Jared were in the WH in the first place. It wasn't nepotism. They blackmailed Trump for diddling her when she was a child. They could destroy Donald in ten seconds.

Trump has made a lot of under aged girls rich by paying for their silence.

Wake Up Trump Tards --He's a Pedo!

Jews are also target of Death Jabs

Report: Baltimore Jewish community injection campaign administered by George Soros

" and its social media channels were created by the Baltimore Equitable Vaccine Initiative (BEVI) to help share accurate, engaging messaging to encourage all eligible Baltimore City residents to get vaccinated," says's website. "BEVI is a collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation and Baltimore-based stakeholders anchored by OSI-Baltimore to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines in Baltimore City."

The organization's email address is hosted by George Soros' foundation: [email protected]
With the money granted by George Soros and the Rockefeller Center, Kurcfeld was able to create aggressive campaigns designed to persuade as many Jews as possible, including Jewish children, to submit to the experimental biological agent.

Floyd, Covid, Vaccines, Ukraine - It's one Cabalist hoax after another

Ukraine for the West is George Floyd on a national scale

Looks like the West will have to deal with ULM (Ukrainian Lives Matter) in addition to the BLM movement

The Ukrainians have gained so powerful lobbyists in the Western elites, that they can force even serious and supposedly independent international organizations like Amnesty International to back down.

It will be recalled that a barrage of criticism from Ukrainian politicians, led by Zelensky, was levelled at the report, which pointed out the facts that the Ukrainian military had deliberately equipped its combat positions in residential areas, schools, kindergartens and maternity hospitals, putting the civilian population at risk. And used them as human shields.

who-dat.jpg(Trump didn't even try to hide it)

Chile Has One of The Highest Covid Vaccination Rates in The World; It Also Has 95% ICU Bed Occupancy

A nurse is explaining what these clot shots are doing to the immune system! Listen Closely!!!

Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm 82-97% of COVID Vaccinated Pregnant Women sadly lost their Baby during Trial

cheney-trump.jpgLiz Cheney defeated in Wyoming - I am hoping some sanity will be restored in November

Mark Trozzi MD

Dan Hartman does not want other parents to suffer the loss of their children.His son, 17, died one mos after receiving vax.  Dan has a passionate message for the many doctors and others who continue silent and complicit with the covid agenda: repent, speak up, and stop the injections!  Here is Dan's intense heart felt 5 minute presentation from the July 5th event where he spoke along with myself and other Canadian covid truth physicians and activists:

There is also a link to the entire event with each speaker time-stamped for easy reference. This includes Canadian doctors Hoffe, Luchkiw, Malthouse, Shoemaker, Trozzi, Killian, and Fourchalk; Dr Eric Feintuch of the Inalienable Rights Alliance USA, Chris Vandenbos of Police on Gaurd; and these victims of the bioweapon injection: Bri Dressen, Dianne Spaulding, Dan Hartman, Mona Hasegawa, Glenn Chan, and Leah Gene.


Reader--"Will you please listen to at least 4 mins (17mins to 21mins) of this video?"

It which given in 1991 by a very knowledgeable, plain speaking Australian Farmer with South African roots. It is about how the Australian Government, involving both major parties, (controlled opposition tactic!) began yielding its sovereignty to the United Nations in around 1970, by agreeing to dismantle its industrial base. This is what other independent countries were doing too . Jeremy points out that 400 Soviet officials worked in the United Nations and that it was Lenin who conceived the plan of a new world order back in 1920. Lenin as some may know was supported in his task of neutralizing the industrial power of Germany and the resource power of Russia, by the British Aristocracy and their Banker, Rothschild, someone who made fortunes by funding both sides of any war.


low-test-libs.jpgStudy Reveals Administering Testosterone to Democrat Males Induces a Red Shift to Conservatism


PJW--The Satanist Crap that passes for modern art


Naomi Wolfe

American Massacre. Steve Kirsch Claims "Hundreds of Thousands" of mRNA-Vaccine-related Deaths, "Millions" of Injuries. Is He Right?
I am inclined to say "Yes." Here is why.

 Wayne Root had pointed out that of 200 guests at his wedding eight months earlier, 26 of those had been seriously ill or injured, and seven had died; all of these were vaccinated. Root also had said that among his friends and family who had been at his wedding who were unvaccinated, none to his knowledge had gotten sick or died.
 Steve Kirsch

 Do you know how many people have been killed worldwide by their governments from the COVID shots?
It's around 12M. That is 40X the number of Americans who were killed in World War II. It's more than double the number killed by COVID.

We are approaching the 6M Jews killed in the Holocaust over a period of 12 years. But we are killing people worldwide at a rate at least 6X faster than the Germans did. We are killing nearly close to 10,000 people every single day (the latest rate was roughly 8.46 million doses a day).

Why would whites pay taxes and send their children to a racist school?

White Teachers Would Be Laid Off First at Minneapolis Schools

The new contract, which goes into effect this school year, makes Minneapolis one of the only school districts in the country with this blatant discrimination towards white teachers

It's never about "equality." That's just a pretext Satanists use to displace white heterosexuals.


lisa-laflamme-269534884.jpg(left, Lisa Laflamme was CTV News anchor for eleven years)

Long time Canadian news anchor, a white female is replaced by man of color. Well at least it wasn't a woman of color.


Numerous accounts of premature deaths among the vaccinated

omar-s.jpg(New CTV news anchor, Omar Sachedina)

Texas CPS Worker Caught on Video Telling Foster Care Child to Become a Prostitute if She Wants to Eat

The underage girl recorded the footage herself after informing her mother that CPS staff had repeatedly encouraged her to engage in prostitution.

The girl's mother, Keisha Bazley, told local Texas media that she has nine children and had originally turned to CPS for help with her 14-year-old daughter, who was experiencing behavioral issues.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below - "I witnessed someone's health decline right after receiving a COVID booster" (scroll down)

Chutzpah! Jews Celebrated Duplicity in Oscar Pic "Chicago"


"Don't shoot, I am alone," a husband pleads after his wife catches him in bed with two naked women in the movie Chicago. "Believe what I tell you, not what you see." 

Jewish Cabalism is based on the premise that truth is defined by their vanity, perversity, and self-interest. There is no objective Truth. They are GodIncreasingly, due to their dominance over news/ entertainment, our world reflects this Cabalist Jewish (Communist) solipsism.  Thus they are putting menstrual products in men's bathrooms.

Cabalism is Satanism and Satanism inverts truth and falsehood (as well as good and evil, beautiful and ugly, healthy and sick.)

The 2002 Best Picture Chicago was an inside joke where Jews celebrated their own chutzpah and chicanery over the dimwitted goyim. 

(First posted Feb 2003 & last posted July 18, 2018)

By Henry Makow PhD

"Don't shoot, I am alone," a husband pleads with his wife after she catches him in bed with two naked women.

"But I can see two women," she objects.

"Don't believe what you see," he instructs her. "Believe what I tell you."

The wife shoots her husband in this scene from the 2002 movie musical "Chicago". But the show is dedicated to the cynical premise that the public is not so astute.

"Chicago" was written by the author of "Cabaret", Fred Ebb. Where the mantra of "Cabaret" is "money makes the world go round," the sequel proclaims power turns on deception, connections and media control.

It is significant that when many Americans suspect Zionists of doing 9-11, a movie that celebrates Jewish duplicity received 13 Oscar nominations and won "Best Picture" and six other Oscars.

"Chicago" epitomizes the bogus Cabalist religion of secular humanism (Satanism) that morality and truth are man-made and relative, rather than Divine and absolute. This is the cause of our cultural and moral malaise.

It raises questions about the relationship of organized Jewry to the elite, and Jews to their own religion. According to Irving Kristol, Jews in America "proudly identify themselves as Jews but their religion, for the most part, is only Jewish in its externals. At the core, it is secular humanist." (The Future of American Jewry)


"Chicago" is set on Death Row in Chicago's Women's Jail, where women who killed cheating husbands brazenly proclaim, "He had it coming."

"Roxie Hart," wife of Amos, murdered her lover because he promised to advance her singing career but dumped her instead.


"Irish" lawyer Billy Flynn is the only person who can save Roxie's neck. He has never lost a case. Luckily, Flynn is money-minded and accepts a reduced fee from Roxie's devoted cuckold husband. Richard Gere, aged for this role and actually made to look Jewish, plays Flynn. By calling him"Irish" the play's creators pass off Jewish experience as the American experience.

Flynn's practice is to invent a crowd-pleasing story about his client and create media hysteria. There is an eerie scene where Flynn is a giant puppeteer controlling dozens of puppet-reporters. Another evocative scene shows him as a ventriloquist voicing Roxie Hart's words. (Imagine Hillary on his lap.) Finally, there are the winks and Masonic hand signals he gives the judge suggesting corruption.

Flynn tells Roxie: "You got nothing to worry about. It's all a circus, kid. A three-ring circus. This trial, the whole world all show business. But kid you're working with a star, the biggest!

Give 'em the old razzle-dazzle...
What if your hinges are all rusting?
What if, in fact, you're just disgusting?
Razzle dazzle 'em.
And they'll never catch wise!
How can they hear the truth above the roar?
Throw 'em a fake and a finagle
They'll never know you're just a bagel...
They let ya get away with murder..."

To drive home the point, another inmate, a devout Hungarian Catholic woman does not have the money or the "smarts" to hire Billy Flynn. We see her praying to Jesus Christ but Jesus does not help her. She goes to the gallows. We see her swing. We see them take her coffin away. The Christian is a loser.

 The Jury is out. The newspapers have printed two batches with headlines GUILTY and INNOCENT. The audience knows Roxie is guilty. She killed a man with a wife and five small children just because he had her without paying the price.

If Hollywood were doing what it should, Roxie would be found guilty. The world would be portrayed as a place where Billy Flynn's chicanery does not prevail, where you can't "get away with murder."

But Roxie is found innocent, of course. In Cabalism, this is the way the world works. Anything else would be preachy. But, isn't this preaching too? Doesn't religion create the world we live in? This movie preaches that moral corruption (Satanism) is trendy, fun and sexy.


Roxie Hart and her partner, Velma Kelly, another of Flynn's satisfied clients, take to the stage. "Thank you for your belief in our innocence," they say in the Finale. "You know, a lot of people have lost faith in America. And for what America stands for. But we are the living examples of what a wonderful country this is."

Brazen, n'est ce pas? It's as if, in their view, corruption and exploitation are what America is "great" for. 

It's both logical and frightening that the mass media is controlled by people who believe in creating a false and perverted reality. 

Is the world "a three-ring circus" because the Jewish God is Lucifer?


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Chutzpah! Jews Celebrated Duplicity in Oscar Pic "Chicago" "

WILLIAM B said (July 18, 2018):

We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” (Ron Suskind, NYTimes Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004). Said by Karl Rove.

David S said (July 18, 2018):

Nice article: "Chicago."

Re: "We see her praying to Jesus Christ but Jesus does not help her. " (Maybe he did...)

I wonder if the powers that be (e.g., the Israeli 8200 program) leave you alone because in the world of cyberwarfare and control, your email activity acts as a honeypot in identifying people with certain opinions.

I am too old to care. I was a philosemite (e.g., I was an ardent ROFTER) that became a little red-pilled, that's all. I simply gave up my naivete--mainly because of the animosity that workplace Jews had for me--much to my shock.

I have no hatred of Jews. They need their ethnostate and so do Europeans--and so does everyone else, actually. If some really want to persecute me in the future for this reason (and I do not know that that is the case)--so be it. More Heaven for me. I have enough on my plate learning how to deal with the "persecution" for being a government whistleblower.

JJ said (December 6, 2016):

Even though I've never seen it, and don't plan to, everything is spot on, but I do take exception to this:
The God of the Old Testament is capricious, xenophobic and often barbaric. He demands human sacrifices and promises to slaughter Israel's enemies. He is sometimes mystical and good but often mysterious and unknowable.

That's what I used to think as a "baby Christian," early in my walk, but after growing in faith and the reading of God's word, especially the OT, the narrative becomes more clear. There are two forces at work, and God wants us to search and know Him above all; he grew tired of sacrifices early on. Satan created entire races of people that had to be destroyed. His own people turned against Him. His New Covenant seems a given, but it's a fulfillment of the old. Same God, always.

OK, but on the topic of the Hollywood narrative, another series from HBO summed it up so well that I had to stop watching it in the 3rd or 4th season, "Boardwalk Empire." The villain is a white male Christian fed who murders a Jew fed by drowning him while baptizing in the river while a black congregation watches. They later identify him as the culprit. The bootleggers and corrupt politicians are the good guys, except for one who is seen reading a copy of "The International Jew" Henry Ford magazine (played by Dabney Coleman).

I really liked some aspects of the show, but there's only so much I could take.

The Wisdom of Socrates by Douglas H. Plumb

July 26, 2022

Approach Blue Pill People

by using the Socratic Method--

ask questions

by Douglas H. Plumb

Socrates has often said to have been the wisest man that ever lived.

The reason for this is that he admitted he knew nothing. He started political debates by asking questions, and he continued to ask questions until the end when his final question won the debate.

This method is known as the Socratic Method. If you went to school, you answered questions in every class. It forces the "learn by doing" idea. No one would remember or learn anything if the teacher just told them facts. Not only are they hard to remember, but facts are often misleading if they are given in the form of a statistic.

There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics. Most people misinterpret statistics. You need a statistics course not to. Most of us are not doctors so any facts we give will be written off as opinion or miss-interpretation.

No one wants to debate facts, the facts are available to everyone. No one wants to check your facts. Everyone already has an opinion.

Questions make people think and that is exactly what we want, if they do so they will arrive at their own conclusions. If they are objective, they will learn the truth and believe that. I have a few questions that I have come up with.

Some are rhetorical. Hopefully readers can contribute. Why do you think they would censor lies? Isn't the WHO a privately owned organization?
Doesn't  Pfizer sponsor the news you watch? Has there ever been a government in the history of mankind that actually worked for the people?How much does Bill Gates or Justin Trudeau make off these vaccines?

Satanist Insider Declares, "You're Better Off Dead"

June 29, 2022

quote-satanism-is-not-a-white-light-religion-it-is-a-religion-of-the-flesh-the-mundane-the-anton-szandor-lavey-72-51-12-1546050893.jpgSatanist Insider Declares, "You're Better Off Dead"
"Aloysious (sic) Fozdyke said almost nothing new except for the little that's stale news and the rest of his missive is fudge or conjecture."
" Well, as we're claiming victory, I guess that leaves you with death. 'The Lord is my shepherd' - 'like lambs to the slaughter'. The expendable masses are a living travesty of and to themselves. Deep down, at least your subconscious knows you'd be better off dead. Satanists know how to play the game, because everyone else is a willing rube. "

Death or Victory: Carnival Showman, Devil Worshipers and Immortality

Dedicated to Oswald Spengler 

by Aloysius Fozdyke

Anton La Vey was big on dualism, as well as fetishes and sadomasochism. These three elements permeate his philosophy and works, but dualism is his central theme. And dualism is the basis of all manifestations of Satanism: self and not self, you and them, reality and conditioned response, non-conformity or the collective. From this, the politically incorrect self-differentiation between Satanists and their marks becomes increasingly and painfully clear.   

 "The Earth's energy grid was altered on Friday the 9th of December, 2011 by magicians working at energy points around the globe: Ayers Rock, the Flinders Ranges, Osaka, some megaliths in Wiltshire and other locations. This subtle, yet powerful, shifting will increase in effect, with time."Summer Valentine from a Satanist - 26th of June 2013.

 I remember how I was mocked, but anyone now prepared to doubt my statement? Or the fact that I knew the restructuring of society in a way which was unbelievable just those few short years ago? I told you "prison planet", hierarchical and technology-based feudalism, population reduction and so much more (which you missed, for now).

 In a more recent article I stated, "Bank branches everywhere are closing, because convenient, digital currency is coming quickly..." Anyone pick up on that word "quickly"?

I've given it to your readers - chapter and verse; good and hard - including that gold will be confiscated. I 'explained' the legal, political and economic basis of China's acquisition of Australia, New Zealand and Canada. No one else has. That's underway - big time. I told you we use Paradigm Magick, ritual and I named names no one else did.  

My Work is done. The future of the English-speaking western world is Chinese. And assuming you have any, your descendants will be just like you; that's deeply reassuring.  

I don't care what others opine.   



Insider warns that by fall 2022 food supply will be extremely reduced and prices will be insane.

June 26, 2022

Insider warns that by fall 2022 supply will be extremely reduced and prices will be insane.


Alfie Oakes who created the phenomenal Florida vertically integrated 'Seed to Table' started out at 18 running a road-side stand. He tells the story of his trials, tribulations, disasters and karmic luck in becoming one of the best loved Floridian 'pure food operations. He realized at a young age and through contacts he made that food security, both pure-ness and availability at affordable prices was paramount to sucess.

He built his operation up to 300,000 acres and being 'only pure foods' they did incredibly well. During the start of COVID he kept all his stores open and all employees working, none getting sick due to his bio-foods they ingested. They all drank his 'juice' concoction daily, that kept them healthy.

Last year 2021 he saw the writing on the wall, that not only had Mexico taken over 80% of the USA fruit-veggie supply chain (due to it being controlled by the drug cartels) but raw material costs that were going up each year, would sky rocket.

They had no choice due to a potential 17 million $ loss from cost increases of 40% to cut their operation from 300,000 to 100,000 acres, allowing him to keep all his employees working.

He gives the history, details and makes it clear; by fall 2022 supply will be extremely reduced and prices will be insane...he loves the concept of 'home glory gardens' everyone had in the old days....

Watch, learn the details on food from someone who knows, and understand to be ready for the 'storm' that is coming.....