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Below- Ezra -- Expect C19 Vaccines to Kill 60-70% of World Population (scroll down)

Altiyan Childs-- Humanity is Held Hostage by a Satanic Cult (Freemasonry)

May 4, 2021

In a five-hour video, Australian rock star Altiyan Childs, 45, has broken his Masonic vows and risked his life to prove beyond any doubt that Freemasonry is Satanism, and Freemasons control the world.  This is an essential reality check. 

by Henry Makow PhD

I have been warning people about Freemasonry for twenty years but still am surprised to see my warnings thoroughly confirmed by Altiyan Childs. 

Over an hour is dedicated to showing how practically all politicians and entertainers are Freemasons. They proudly declare their allegiance to Satan by making the classic Masonic signs of recognition: one-eyed covered; the hidden hand, the sign of Baphomet and the triangle hand sign. 

Freemasonry is the instrument of the Cabalist Jewish central banking cartel. You literally must join to succeed in the public realm: politics, entertainment, business, religion, military, education, media. This secret network of opportunistic devil-worshippers & traitors is how they pull off the covid hoax and world depopulation, dispossession and slavery, i.e. UN Agenda 2030. 

Frankly I am surprised this video is still available on YouTube, although it only has 5,000 views. If it is removed, it can also be seen here.

If you doubt that we are the playthings of psychopaths, I urge you to watch this video. Here are a few highlights:

- Freemasonry is a sex cult. It worships the sex act. The Masonic apron covers the genitals. It celebrates and seeks to normalize debauchery, sodomy, incest and bestiality. The Masonic emblem -- square and compass -- symbolizes the sex act. (So does the "Star of David.")

- Freemasonry and witchcraft are practically identical. Tom Brady is a Freemason. His wife is a witch. Hillary Clinton doubtlessly is a witch.

- In Masonic rituals, animals and children may be sacrificed and their blood consumed. Eight million children go missing worldwide annually. (3.19)

- Hitler, Stalin and Churchill were all Freemasons. The Dalai Lama, Alex Jones and David icke are Freemasons. (4.15)

- Masonic literature prophecies that "the whole world must be bathed in blood." (4.20)

-- The Noahide Laws, which have been resigned every year by US Presidents stipulate the Christ worship is blasphemy and blasphemers will be decapitated. A Freemason, Joseph Ignace Guillotin, (1738-1814) designed the guillotine. The perfume maker Chanel has actually produced a "smart guillotine."  

-- All funeral homes are run by Freemasons.

-- They hate Jesus above all things because Jesus represents the truth they are trying to bury forever. Jesus is all-powerful and will defeat them.

Altiyan Childs had a conversion to Christianity after he narrowly escaped death in a car accident. People are going to say he is still a Freemason but what would they accomplish by totally exposing themselves? We will never have leaders if we keep stabbing them in the back. I believe he is sincere. We must rally behind this courageous defender or deserve a wretched fate.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Steven Fishman - Who Will Survive the Vaccine Holocaust? (Scroll down)

Ezra -- Expect C19 Vaccines to Kill 60-70% of World Population


"The role of underground cities is to serve as a refuge for them when billions of people drop dead. By escaping to their subterranean lairs, they can shield themselves from the ghastly unfolding horrors on the surface. They'll emerge from hiding after the decomposition or disposal of the billions of corpses."

Disclaimer- This is either fear mongering or prescience. You decide. If the latter, there is still time to avert the catastrophe, or prepare for it. 

Ezra "was working on a PhD thesis in a physical science but dropped out due to spiritual reasons - the gains accrued in the mystical sense far outweigh anything I would've acquired by sticking to scientific research. I have no regrets about truncating my academic career. Mystical experiences have shown me via direct perception the deeper layers of existence far exceeding what science knows or will ever know about the reality."

by Ezra

Non-m-RNA vaccines are just as deadly as the mRNA ones.

Whatever be the type of the C19 vax, it should be noted that the primary mechanism is synthetic spike protein generation. 

This leads to cytokine storms with the concomitant horrific end result - maiming and death. The vaxxed population serves as "super spreaders" of spike proteins and/or toxins through their skin, breath, perspiration and touch. They infect and kill non-vaxxed people.

In 2014, Bill Gates spoke about the urgent need to reduce population worldwide notably in the  developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America. He said there should be a reduction of the world's population by 15% with meticulous reproductive healthcare products. Obviously, Gates was lying because it is most likely that the C19 vaccines should knock out at least 60% - 70% people in the world.

I won't be surprised if the non-m-RNA vaccines in use in the developing nations turn out deadlier than the mRNA vaccines because most of the "useless eaters" (Globalistspeak) live in the undeveloped and developing nations.

I have a strong suspicion that lethal pathogens and deadly toxins are being or will be aerosol sprayed on populations to augment the adverse effects of the vax. 

Some say it's started in India in the nation's most populous and backward state, Uttar Pradesh, where eyewitness accounts say that in every house, in the densely populated North Indian state with a population of a whopping 231 millions around 20% to 22% of who are Muslims, 2 or 3 family members are down with fever, cold, cough and breathing disorders which is unprecedented for the state.

India's death toll should be much higher than the official stats.

A vigorous C19 vax drive is underway there. Shedding is to be expected.  If anecdotal evidence is true, the recent health problems in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi are aggravated by spraying pathogens/toxins on the people.

Some prominent conspiracy theorists hypothesize that the elites will reap the consequences when they and their families pick up the poisonous substances floating everywhere around the. But this reasoning is naive because the elites and their shills definitely have the antidote that they must be consuming on a daily basis.

The role of underground cities is to serve as a refuge for them when billions of people drop dead. By escaping to their subterranean lairs, they can shield themselves from the ghastly unfolding horrors on the surface. They'll emerge from hiding post the decomposition or disposal of the billions of corpses.

The underground genetic or seed bank (pic below) will be used to restart agricultural activities on the surface of the earth on a limited and hi tech scale using say stack farming operated by robots to feed survivors in a highly depopulated world.

Hardly any animals, birds or fish will survive and it'll be used as an excuse to switch to a predominantly vegetarian diet with lab grown meat and some sturdy insect species added to the New Age menu.

Besides, the C19 vaccines are designed to kill certain ethnic types namely the Non-White populations of the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, South East Asia and Hispanics and indigenous peoples in the Americas.

Reports from the UK suggest that Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Blacks and Jews are the most vulnerable to C19 and so it stands to reason that the C19 vaccines are primarily aimed at these genotypes/ethnicities/religious communities to wipe out most of them.

(Svalbard doomsday seed bank in Norway)

Caucasians or Whites, too, will be targeted by the vax to eliminate at least 50% of them since the aim is to bring the world's population down to half a billion or so. Orientals (Koreans, Chinese and Japanese) stand the highest chance of surviving the vax apocalypse because of their high IQ, dedication to work and regimented behavior that's servile and unquestioning of authority.

The final ethnic profile of survivors post the global apocalypse via vax, economic collapse, cyberpandemic, starvation, live germ and toxin warfare, weather modification and world war  should look like - 50% Orientals  (Japanese, Chinese and Koreans), 40% Whites and 10% others.


First Comment by Steven Fishman on Blood Transfusions

All blood must be labeled 'VACCINATED BLOOD" OR "UNVACCINATED BLOOD!"  

Do you remember back in the early 1980's when so many people caught AIDS through the unlabeled blood supply?  This is a trillion times worse.  Donated blood containing all of the lethal spike proteins and prions from the Walking Dead [Vaccinated People] will geometrically increase the amount of death and destruction on the human race.  As of right now, there is absolutely no protocol in place to distinguish safe blood from Walking Dead Blood.  This is a calamity with implications that will take Frequency Transmissibility Shedding to an entirely new level!  Hospitals must NEVER allow tainted blood to be used in any medical procedure until it has been identified, otherwise a blood drive is nothing more than a Death Drive!

The Experimental Eugenics Depopulation Gene Therapy converts Messenger RNA into hybrid DNA, so gain of function properties and HIV can only augment the anaphylactic shock, paralysis, and blood clotting.  Hospitals that have willful knowledge and avoid blood screening are unquestionably criminally negligent.  Hospitals must be placed on constructive notice that they will be sued into oblivion and shut down permanently if they don't screen for vaccinated blood.  But we can't depend upon federal agencies to do what is against their interests to vaccinate and kill the population, unfortunately.

TP writes- Avoid Hospitals -They will Kill you.

India indeed has a mass outbreak of a new and severe strain of Covid.  Presumably it will be coming here.

My hope for those of you that get it is you won't give up and you won't go in.  If you yield to the agony and go into the hospital you will die.

Looking at my computer, I see it was 3/31 I asked time off from work.  I had been coughing severely almost nonstop for several days.  I was in agony.

I went to a hotel for a week, it was the worst week of my life.  By 4/10 I went back to work part time.  By 4/17 I was working full time.

It is 5/4 and I am completely well.  Only a month in all,  really.

The worst thought to me is, looking back, on 4/6 I told my wife I am dying, I will call for an ambulance.  She said no, they will kill you.

So I gathered my strength, was able to because of that ornery woman, and now I am fine.

Don't give up.  Don't go in.  It will pass.

Now I am taking vitamins A, B complex, C, D3 and K2, and walking outside an hour a day.

They are very proud of their laboratory creation they call Covid.  Some people say it isn't real.

I have a distant relation in Wales.  She was very proud to take the vaccine six months ago.  Enabled her to continue to work in the old folks home.  I heard yesterday she is in the hospital.   Her condition is severe, but seemingly undiagnosed.  She is 48.

I have another cousin who had Covid, he listened to his wife who said go in.  He went in, they hooked him to a ventilator, and he died two days later   it was Good Friday,  only a month ago   Five children, the oldest 17.    He was an executive in commercial Real Estate, very successful, about 50 years old.

Don't go in.  They will kill you. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Ezra -- Expect C19 Vaccines to Kill 60-70% of World Population "

IN said (May 5, 2021):

I can see where TP is coming from. Not all hospitals are evil. A relative of mine in Canada got COVID and ended up in a hospital. They saved his life. The nurses were okay on the whole. Some were good...some bad. But if my relative had not gone he would have died at home.

So if you really have to...take a chance with a hospital with yourself or a loved one, but only as a last resort.

John S said (May 5, 2021):

The problem I have with this idea that the vaccine will be used for depopulation is that it would kill off the most compliant people (those willing to take the vaccine) while keeping those skeptics who question and resist authority alive. They would be killing off the very people who will easily submit to their authority.

Jesse said (May 5, 2021):

The depopulation plan may be 95%, but they will only achieve 25%, according to the book of Revelation chapter 6.

Not yet 25% have received a shot.

There's something however which is worrying, Israel has now reached a plateau at ~63% who received a dose. Zechariah 13:8 tell us the modern state of Israel will be depopulated by 66% during the end times. If this is not coincidence, then this vax may be responsible for it.

Below- Agenda 2030: No Property, Privacy, Cash, Freedom, Meat or Pets (scroll down)

Steven Fishman - Who Will Survive the Vaccine Holocaust?

May 3, 2021

(Illustrator David Dees was an inspired visionary. Note the Biden 2020 button on zombie.)

Within 5 years, 80% or more of those who have been vaccinated, either by choice or by coercion, will at worst be dead, and at best, will be deathly injured due to prions, spike proteins, Messenger RNA converted into transhumanist DNA; anaphylactic shock, paralysis of the lungs, fatal blood clotting, and a cocktail of aborted fetal and animal tissue containing viruses which include AIDS.  Same curtain call, just more pain.

Disclaimer-  Naturally I hope Steven Fishman is wrong. But I am posting this because I am afraid he isn't. My philosophy is pray for the best but prepare for the worst. 

by Steven Fishman

In his 1859 book, "The Origin of the Species," Charles Darwin stated that only the strongest will survive.  

But in times of our Vaccine Holocaust, strength comes from researching the issues, becoming thoroughly informed, following real science, and knowing how to overcome an onslaught of demons in Government and in the media.

Politics have little to do with this issue anymore.  Both the 45th and 46th Presidents are in a pissing contest - seeing which one will amass the most credit for "Operation Warp Death."  Not helpful.

Face reality here:  Within 5 years, 80% or more of those who have been vaccinated, either by choice or by coercion, will at worst be dead, and at best, will be deathly injured due to prions, spike proteins, Messenger RNA converted into transhumanist DNA; anaphylactic shock, paralysis of the lungs, fatal blood clotting, and a cocktail of aborted fetal and animal tissue containing viruses which include AIDS.  Same curtain call, just more pain.

But I am not talking to the "vaccinated."  They are the Walking Dead.  There is no cure for the "vaccine," because it is not a "vaccine," but rather Experimental Eugenics Depopulation Gene Therapy by Bill Gates and Big Pharma exported under the guise of an "Emergency Use Authorization."  

It has been craftily designed to make people want something "appealing" that will kill them.  And the end [for them] is very near.  Life Insurance companies are already talking about not paying the Vaccinated.  No compensation for insanity, stupidity, or gullibility!

It is we, the unvaccinated that need protection from the Walking Dead.  I am an older guy that admires beautiful women.  But if a Victoria's Secret Model or a James Bond Girl told me she was "vaccinated,"  I would run like hell!  

The persecuted "Unvaccinated" are waking up.  Heroes and heroines like Health Ranger Mike Adams, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Simone Gold, Henry Makow and others are beacons of light and who will some day soon be heralded into the realm of "Vaccine Holocaust Sainthood" for saving the lives of people willing to listen and follow the real science, not the madness of Dr. Phony Fauci and his ilk of mass murderers.

Why am I writing this paper?  Because we, the "unvaccinated," need protection from THEM ‼!  And by "THEM," I mean all of those who are now spreading their Messenger RNA contagion through a form of Frequency Transmissibility called "Shedding."  Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has done incredible research on this issue.  "Contagious" doesn't even mildly describe what it is. 
Thousands of couples are headed for divorce over this problem.  Families are splitting apart.  We are in a civil war of the mind, which we will ultimately win, because we won't be the ones who all wind up dead, because we KNOW what is happening around us and they don't!

I hope someone designs a T-shirt that reads: "If you have been vaccinated, then stay the f--- away from me!"  We need at least a hundred million of those right now ‼!

For those who have been vaccinated, there is nothing we can do.  There is no cure.  They are deathly sick, and they will die.  Most do not know it yet, but it will hit them all like a ton of bricks.  

Our society as we know it will collapse.  Our monetary system, the "great reset," as the Globalists call it, will be in full swing.  Federal Reserve Notes are worthless anyway, because they are debt notes, and you can never repay debt with debt.  Real Estate values will plummet and fall into the largest housing crash ever, because dead people won't be selling their houses and demand from unvaccinated survivors will drop to nothing!  

After all, would you buy a Vaccine Death House?  So, what's a good business to get into?  I guess the funeral business: lots of demand there; but make sure you get paid in gold or silver, not even in sh-tcoins, because the banking system will collapse.

So why is this "Darwinian Natural Selection?"  Because none of us, the "unvaccinated," will ever want to be within a feather's throw of the dead and the dying.  

Ever wonder why the TV series "The Walking Dead" was produced?  Creative minds wanted to test-market the idea of a caste society where only those humans who are sane, capable or discernment, students of truth, and those capable of evaluating genuine data buried within a quagmire of lies, Governmentally-false narratives, and media quicksand will emerge as "Darwinian Survivors."  

The only way to "win the human race" is to avoid the "vaccine" like the plague [because that's what it is]!  Anyone who has ever had faith in a "vaccine" instead of a higher power probably deserves to sacrifice his or her brain, heart, and lungs to Bill Gates at the bottomless pit of the Georgia Guidestones, which he worships, mandating human population at 500 million or less, which is why he wants the rest of the 7 billion to die!

I am writing this not to scare you [although being aware of the impending terror is undoubtedly a good thing], but to rather to keep you safe and alive!  Even if means never getting on a plane or going to a sporting event or a store on Black Friday, stay the hell away from vaccinated people - unless you are a psychic and can tell the sane ones from the inoculated "sheeple."
I hate to sound heartless, but let natural selection take its course and after five years of seeing funeral pyres on every block, we sane ones may have a fighting chance to inherit the earth.

The good news is that the Walking Dead eventually will die.  Sorry if it's a loved one.  There was grief and heartbreak in the TV series too.

And I hope that we, the unvaccinated and "never-will-be-vaccinated" flourish and prosper long enough to see true justice prevail, where Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and the Globalists at "[mRNA]" Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Nazi-Zeneca get tried and convicted in Nuremberg-style proceedings, and then get slowly lowered into a boiling vat of hydro-sulfuric acid to compensate for the deaths of billions of people.  And I wish that for them happily and without the slightest bit of anger, I say in subtle sarcasm.

Stay safe, healthy, and far away from the Walking Dead!

First Comment from David C

I can't disagree with Mr. Fishman about his prognosis of humanity's future, during the post mRNA biowarfare (not "vaccine") injection period we are in.  Obviously satan's cabal (Jesuits-Freemasons-Jews-etc.) wants as many people as possible to get injected, with as many injections as possible.  My father had two of the injections a month or two ago, and subsequently died weeks later, also testing "positive" with the PCR test. My step-mother's mother also got two of the mRNA injections, and she too was rushed to the emergency hospital about the same time as my father, then put into the covid ward (tested positive with symptoms), where she died.  My mother is old (also 94), and she too got the injections, so I'm hoping it won't effect her the same way, but concerned that's going to happen.  The so-called "Spanish Flu" was likely caused by the many vaccines forced on people at the end of WW-I, and wasn't contagious.  People during the 1918-1920 pandemic were forced to wear masks too, which likely weakened their health, as masks are doing now.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Steven Fishman - Who Will Survive the Vaccine Holocaust?"

Ken Adachi said (May 5, 2021):

It's easy for a newbie anti-vaccine commentator to put together a synopsis like this in May 2021 since all of the research has already been laid out for him on dozens of websites and in hundreds of videos that have flooded the internet since April 2020. However, it's morally, ethically, and intellectually inappropriate - AND inacccurate - to label people who already got tthe Covid Jab as "the Walking Dead" (yes, I know how it's been characterized by those who are the better known whistle-blowers on this topic)

But how would the author feel if HE had already gotten the Covid injection and then read those words at Not too good, I bet. So how do you think a younger person of 25 or 35 or 40, still in the first half of their lifespan, is going to react when he reads something like that? It's going to scare the Living B'Jeezus out of them and put them into a steep depression and panic, since they may not be smart enough to know that Mr Fishman (the former Chief Information Officer for the Howard Hughes Pension Trust), DOESN'T KNOW either. It's only conjecture, speculation ,and guesswork. And nothing more.

And since one's internal attitude and inner spirit towards life itself is the BIGGEST determining factor in maintaining a strong, healthy immune system, it's the last thing you want to deflate with such reckless statements. We are in uncharted waters with these Demon injections and nothing is set in stone about what may or may not unfold in the future for all who got the injection. Yes, it looks grim, based on CURRENT information known to the general public, but New information and New antidotes and New therapies have a way of popping up -- just when we need them the most.

Doug P said (May 4, 2021):

I don't believe the "shedding" theory and do believe it to further divide the vaxxers and non vaxxers, "divide and conquer" is a constant in this entire agenda. Misinformation gets to both sides and we must be skeptical of everything we hear from both sides. The reason for this is that I do not believe that one can catch a cold or flu from someone else. Contagion is an old myth that has never been backed by science. If it was backed by science there would be many published controlled experiments to gather data to establish transmission rate models. The transmission rate models do not work, cannot be made to work and only serve the purpose of creating propoganda under the auspice of science. I do believe the Alex Jones SPARs 2025 Emergency Broadcast in which Jones and crew state that the vaccine will create prion diseases leading to an array of problems. (I have the Jones Emergency Broadcast 2025 if you don't have it)

We must remember in all of this that after world war two, the allies fenced in a few million German people and let them starve and die in the elements over a few week period. They rape and torture children. They get away with it because they print the money. Everyone is for sale. Its hard to believe that an apparent sniveling little money grubbing weasel plays a key role in all of this. Evil comes in many forms, usually with the appearance of harmlessness. The devil is going to be someone you will like. The details are not so important as knowing this.

Christine said (May 4, 2021):

People must learn to think rationally about vaccines in light of scripture, particularly if they say the jab is satanically inspired. Satan wants souls, living souls. So rather than causing death, the vaccines will cause weakness, corruption, dilapidation.

This is the “change” we are supposed to believe in: that we can be like gods, living forever in this less than exalted state. The vaccines, in combination with the mark of the beast, which will probably be a coveted golden seal of some sort, will conform the injected bearer to the Image of the Beast, ostensibly, immediately.

If the vaccine were the mark of the beast, no one would be talking about it as such. The fear of the jab will drive people to take the mark later on. Just think about it.

James C said (May 4, 2021):

To answer Steven Fishman's question: "Who will survive the vaccine holocaust?" The Covid kill shot looks like a doomsday bioweapon to me. I don't see how the unvaccinated can possibly avoid the vaccinated. It's just not humanly possible, IMO.

3 points of interest that might be relevant: 1. The Protocols of Zion call for "the inoculation of diseases." 2. Harry Vox recently said that the CEOs of several of the leading drug companies were Jewish. 3. The original Hebrew of the Babylonian Talmud as quoted by the 1907 Jewish Encyclopedia says that "Even the best of the Goyim should be killed."


Thanks James

Looks like they're killing Jews too (in Israel)


Lee said (May 4, 2021):

Loved the article by Steven Fishman “Who will survive the vaccine holocaust” my sentiments exactly. Clear, articulate and completely with thought. I think about the people I know who have been injected, a choice made unfortunately with self interest. I feel compelled to stay away from them as Steven says, he is correct. I am not sure about the transmission, as it would be very difficult not to come into contact with the injected at some stage, so I guess that scenario is yet to be played.

Jacques Atalli Predicted Scamdemic & Genocide in 1981

April 27, 2021

Globalist Planner Jacques Atalli Predicted Scamdemic & Genocide in 1981
"Euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our  future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get  rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good. 

"We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. 
The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their  own." 


For those who still doubt that the fraudulent, genocidal, Communist-style tyranny of Covid 1984 was planned long ago, prepare to have your illusions shattered. 

The following statements made in 1981 by Jewish globalist Jacques Attali are taken from Interviews with Michel Salomon - The  Faces of the Future, Seghers edition when Attali was  a senior adviser to French President, Francoise Mitterand: 

"In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with  the old, because as soon as it exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than he produces and costs  society dearly, then the weak and then the useless who do nothing for society because there  will be more and more of them, and especially the stupid ones. 

"Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our  future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get  rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good...

"We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic  crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn't matter, the weak will succumb  to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. 

"We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. 
The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their  own." 

Finally (and perhaps especially), since no war can be won unless the peoples waging it believe  it just and necessary, and unless the loyalty of citizens and their belief in its values are  maintained, the chief weapons of the future will be the instruments of propaganda,  communication, and intimidation." 
Jacques Attali (born 1 November 1943) is a French economic and social theorist, writer, political  adviser and senior civil servant, who served as a counselor to President François Mitterrand from  1981 to 1991 and was the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in  1991-1993.   In 2009, Foreign Policy recognized him as one of the top 100 "global thinkers" in the world.

Israel and its citizens will meet a horrific end over the coming 2 or 3 years by JI

April 25, 2021

Israel and its citizens will meet a horrific end over the coming 2 or 3 years.
5 million Israelis or 55% of the population has been vaccinated. 

Israel is now the biggest hell on earth for precisely two reasons:

JI is a reader who claims visionary powers. We hope he is mistaken.

by JI

1) With around 53 % of the Israeli population vaccinated with 2 shots of the mRNA vaccines and with Israeli kids (10 to 15 age group), too, set to be vaxxed over the coming 3 to 4 months, we should see millions of deaths in Eretz Yisroel (Land of Israel) over the next 9 to 14 months or so as the killer C19 vaccine manifests its deadly autoimmune and blood clotting effects resulting in Israelis dying 24 x 7 everywhere - at home, on the roads, in hospitals, in malls, in schools, on the beaches, in bars and offices. 

The phenomenon of virus/vaccination shedding, will, in addition, spread serious diseases to unvaxxed people in contact with those vaxxed. Shedding of harmful pathogens and toxins occurs via exhaled breath, perspiration, physical touch, coughing, talking, body waste and the like.

2) From the spiritual perspective, it's clearly visible through the mystical vision that the forces of suffering and death are steadily gathering as a thickening sheet of life force-sucking vibrations in the aura of Israel and Palestine. 

This pervasive field of black energy can be perceived hanging all over Israel covering and penetrating all the people and objects. 

Israel and its citizens will meet a horrific end over the coming 2 or 3 years. I can't look at any recent video or recently typed page coming from Israel because the life force sucking black colored vibes are so very disturbing and harmful. I've unsubscribed from almost all Israeli YT Hebrew/English channels and print media and have stopped communicating with Israeli relatives/friends as the energy exchange with them is damaging and then it takes me at least 45 minutes to detox my body, clothes, carpets, bedding, furniture and walls in my apartment of the coating of black energy coming from these Israeli contacts. 

HaShem wants to destroy Israel and almost all its people and is using the evil spirit entities like Baal, Molech and Baphomet among others and their human shills on earth to execute the genocidal job. 

With the fall of Israel and the decimation of almost all its 9 million or so population via vax and a concomitant Globalist scripted regional war, the rest of the world, too, enters a massive depopulation phase. 

Be prepared. A spiritual Israel should arise from the ashes with remnants of Jewry from around the world post apocalypse.

Now, I understand why Globalist chief spokesperson, Dr Henry Kissinger, remarked to the New York Post in 2012 that "there won't be an Israel in 10 years.." (i.e. by 2022).


The C19 vax will destroy Israel within a year or two by late 2022 end or thereabouts.

Not surprised the Israeli government (obviously working under orders from the Globalists) has lifted lockdown and done away with masks outdoors so that those vaxxed become "super spreaders" of new infections that their collapsing immune systems won't be capable of neutralising resulting in their own deaths and destruction of those who catch the infections from them. Add to this the adverse effects of virus/vaccine shedding and a mammoth horror show is unfolding in Israel.

Both mystical vision and science arrive at the same conclusion regarding the fate of Israel in coming days...

Renowned microbiologist Dr Sucharit Bhakdi said to journalist Alex Newman that C19 vaccination has turned Israel into "hell on earth". He's right.

As expected of a nationalistic newspaper Haretz ran a counter article to Dr Kissinger's shocking 2012 prediction of Israel disappearing in 10 years (i.e. by 2022) and Dr Kissinger was forced to recant saying he was misquoted post the the huge outcry from blinkered fellow Jews who don't understand ethics, Torah or mysticism but are arrogantly claiming Jews are G-d's treasure without living up to the exceptionally high moral, intellectual and spiritual standards expected of us by HaShem.

Dr Henry Kissinger made another accurate observations saying Jews have been persecuted down the ages because many if not most Jews misbehave.. doing something wrong to ruffle the feathers of Gentiles.

Pogroms, forced conversions, expulsions, Holocaust and now vaccination leading to genocide.

Well, we Jews have been given a long rope to hang ourselves and now after 2000 years since the destruction of the 2nd Temple and the scattering of the "stiff necked" Levantine Jews to other places the time of another G-d created mass destruction of Jews (and of course Non-Jews too) has arrived.

"Is there any evil in a place and I have not done it," said HaShem to the prophet Amos in Amos 3.6 in the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible.

This statement succinctly  lays out the strict meaning of monotheism on which Judaism is based.

The One creates everything and is responsible for everything. Without His consent nothing can happen. The causal law He lays out is inviolable. In Judaism, even Satan is a dutiful servant of G-d not a rival battling G-d and His angels.

G-d is the creator and controller of everything good, evil and transcendant, while His true innate nature is ineffable.

No wonder the Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson of blessed memory did not once step foot in Israel nor condone aliyah because through his spiritual vision he knew that the modern state of Israel was founded on Illuminati demonology (thanks to Albert Pike!) and would as such be destroyed after which a spiritual Israel would arise during the expected Messianic Age.

The Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson had superlative mystical powers following in the footsteps of pioneering medieval Jewish mystic-sages like tzaddik Baal Shem Tov and his own father-in-law, the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Be prepared - the horror is unfolding and results should be visible soon.

Aside from vax, other methods of mass destruction lined up by the Globalists for humanity are world war, cyberpandemic, weather modification, tectonic weapons, starvation, live germ/chemical warfare and others.

South Africa has an Alcoholism/ Drunk Driver Problem by DB

April 21, 2021

South Africa has an Alcoholism/ Drunk Driver Problem

Reader recounts family tragedy. 

by DB

The reason I send this email to you is mostly due to a traumatic experience of my father being involved in a head on collision with a drunken  driver ( a young white male ) on Sunday the 20th of April at 15:30. 

He lost his fiance who he got engaged to the night before ( a fantastic and Godly woman who had so much life in her ). My father is a Christian and is a rock for God, he has even been called by some to be like Peter from the Bible (not trying to idolize him, but his hardcore and even childish faith earned this nickname). 

This rock is quite broken now. Just last week a fellow colleague of mine lost her brother to a car accident, again, alcohol was involved. I drive weekly in and out of town to my work which is roughly 70 km (40 miles) and rarely does a trip go by without seeing some sort of disaster on the road (sometimes even more that one in one trip). 

I am not a sensitive nor an emotional person, but since experiencing the foul taste of bitter loss this has changed. While waiting in a Government hospital of which I had to literally fight off security to go gain entrance due to this Covid crap and give my deaf father support ( I kid you not, I explained to all of the security that this man just witnessed his fiance get killed and he also is deaf; he probably is in a state of confusion and panic and cannot understand anything that he is being told, the one guard looked at me coldy and told me simply to "Go away", thank the Lord that I had contacts in the hospital). 

(My father and his deceased fiance)

I struck up a conversation with a young 24 year old ambulance driver, he revealed to me that he alone on average sees 10 alcohol related deaths a week and that is not even his job!! This is a private ambulance, they don't really deal with this sort of casualty. 

I don't know what things are like in the States but the roads in South Africa at the moment are a death trap, people (especially in the Eastern Cape) just do not care how they drive anymore and it has definitely become worse in these lockdowns. 

How ironic, our Government banned the sale of booze only for people to end abusing it more. Our country has problems and we as SA citizens unfortunately hold a lot of bitterness in our hearts for many reasons, but this country continues to retard itself by drowning in liquor. This country desperately needs God back in it but we continue to try follow the mold of "Western Society" which wants to throw away everything that past generations worked so hard to achieve. My grandfather would turn in his grave if he saw his beloved South Africa in the state that it is in now.